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  1. So much that needs improving in this match engine. Players constantly shooting from distance and poor angles inside the box even if you've told them to work the ball into the box and to shoot less often and when they've got several open passes to a team mate on. Players do the moonwalk and shoot first time from outside the box. What a silly animation, one that I've never seen in real life. Tame shots all the time inside the box from world class players. There are no downward headers in the game, I've never ever seen one. Doesn't matter if they're 2 yards out or further away from goal, never do they head it down. Players making a pass to a team mate that isn't even looking. All this and more just make it so frustrating to watch.
  2. Any reason why I'm not showing on the leaderboards in game? Was working fine on FM17 but hasn't worked at all on 18.
  3. Just started my third season with Salford. Won the VNN title in my first season, finished 2nd in the VNL, missing out on the title by two points in the final minutes of the last game of the season.
  4. craigcwwe

    Your ideal squad size?

    Look to have a first team squad of around 23, this season it's 26 though.
  5. Getting like half a dozen free kicks just outside the box nearly every game, seems a little too many.
  6. Constantly got 5+ players out injured, most for 2-3 months too.
  7. Got the same annoying issue as last year, the latest scores tab not showing.
  8. May have been answered already but how do I take over the training from my assistant manager? It has got him setting the training drills by default, looked everywhere but can't see where to change it...
  9. craigcwwe

    FM17: Who Ya Gonna Ca..Manage?

    Manchester United, Salford and Sassuolo. Maybe start with United to get a feel for the ME and new features. Salford will be a fun save to try and build them up and get to the PL and then Sassuolo is a nice option in Serie A. Berardi.
  10. craigcwwe

    Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    Came into this thread thinking this was about some sort of kebab or something, yeah not really.
  11. craigcwwe

    Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    Also thought this was a new thread having missed it the first time. Not laughed at a thread on here as much as this.
  12. Started a new save with the new patch update and decided to start as Sassuolo. Impressed with the quality of players already at the club, a real basis in which to take the club forwards with the players in the first team squad. Looking forward to getting into this save even more now!