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  1. You can get 14yo's through the youth intake in Germany.
  2. ME is king for me. It's why I've gone back to FM17 this week and started a new save there. Sure, the DB is out of date by a few years but I can live with that seeing as I'm playing lower league anyway. The ME is night and day to what we have in 20 (And 19 tbf). It's actually fun and enjoyable to watch and play which I can't say the same for FM20 with the current state of that ME which makes playing and watching games a complete chore and drag as it's so one dimensional, lack of variety and as someone mentioned above, feels like you're fighting against the ME to get what you want from it, in terms of results and play style.
  3. You can carry on your current save yeah but it's been advised to make sure you create a copy of your save as it is now just to be sure.
  4. FM17 was the best ME, then 18 which was a slight notch down and then 19 and now 20 are very similar and not a patch on 17. Like you say, I can't understand how the ME can regress?
  5. Noticed that too. It seems that when you have the ball in the centre of the pitch, as soon as your players come under any pressure they just revert to spraying the ball out wide. I'm not sure obviously what's causing this but it was an issue in FM19 and it's still an issue now. I've literally had games on this public beta for FM20 where I've asked my team to play through the middle and after the game I've checked the analysis and found that just 5% of our play was through the middle. Even as low as 4% for one game. Yeah that's another issue in the ME, was the same last year as well. The crossing. As you mention there, the ball is out on the wings far too much that it is very unbalanced and to try and keep that in check there are far too many blocked crosses and players who receive the ball and have several yards on their marker and an easy cross to put in simply hold the ball up and wait to be closed down. Pretty much back to FM19 ME yeah. I think at this point it's clear the issues in the current ME they have can't be fixed. Hopefully they are working on or have plans to build a completely new ME. Maybe that'll help?
  6. Likewise had a top scorer on 11 goals from 30-ish games from CM, he was also good at long shots. Meanwhile my world class striker looks like a L2 player playing in a top European league. Sad.
  7. I think the next full update to the game, probably in March will build upon this public beta build. Still an alarming lack of central play on the newer ME I've found after playing through a full season. Too few goals from both players and teams overall when compared to the previous season on the older ME build. Toning down the pinpoint 60 yard balls from CB to CF was nice to see however. Still can't beat FM17/18 ME for me and that's the most important part of the game imo.
  8. When you get a penalty why is it that sometimes you get the option to change the taker and sometimes the box doesn't even come up?
  9. Lack of central play is even more evident on the public beta. 70% of my games see us try and play down the flanks when I'm not wanting my attacks to be so wing heavy.
  10. Doesn't seem to be many goals about on the public beta? Just looked at the Bundesliga 1/2/3 and the top scorers are on 66, 45 and 49 goals after 27 games. Seems low to me. By comparison, from a quick search the top scorers overall in real life last season from these divisions finished on 88, 84 and 71.
  11. Open steam, library, FM20 and right click, select properties, select beta on the menu and simply opt in. No need to download the whole game again, just the small update. Yes you can. Although as mentioned already in this thread, best to create a copy of your current save file just to be on the safe side.
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