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  1. I expect we'll get KO'd in the first KO round by one of France, Germany or Portugal.
  2. On further reflection, going to drop out of this.
  3. Bloody hell, quality that.
  4. Hard to feel any sympathy for him when he retired and only came out of said retirement after they'd qualified.
  5. Unless you've otherwise stated @GunmaN1905 what's the official line on picking defeated players' players?
  6. I remember seeing that at the time and thinking 'oh no, what if this bites us in the ass' Love a bit of past football tournament nostalgia. Completely forgot about this.
  7. Further to my previous post there's nothing stopping you from picking inside that window btw, just that the clock isn't ticking on you to make a pick.
  8. In these things there's usually a window, maybe 8 hours but during the night (UK) the timer isn't ticking. But of course, up to Gunman to decide, just that's how it usually works.
  9. Was thinking about this yesterday actually, never seen it happen no but it must be in the game for their to be a rule for it, right?
  10. BustTheNet @Rashidi's very own YT. Informative and interesting at the same time. FoxInTheBox. YouTube and Twitch. More guides on YT and playthroughs on Twitch. Had some epic long term saves on Twitch the last couple of FMs and recently started a new one for FM21.
  11. Very nice goal and I'm seeing this sort of thing in my save too. F9 dropping deep, receiving the ball, turning and playing in the IF to finish the move off.
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