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  1. Not read this yet, only skimmed some of it but I must say, it looks like you've gone into some real detail here. Will have a proper look through now.
  2. 27 ish years at Salford on FM18 before my file was lost. Had a great young team ready to take over, narrowly missed out on the PL a couple of times, got as far as the CL QFs and won both domestic cups.
  3. I've had one penalty for me and none against in my last 20 games.
  4. Strikers are utterly useless on this, lack of movement and awful finishing. Not had a striker get more than 9 goals in 5.5 seasons yet. Doesn't even make a difference by switching to a 4312, poor finishing 1v1 and too many blocked shots. Of course the AI don't have these issues, regularly scoring with their first shot or two on target whilst your forwards huff and puff every game. Two recent games saw us have 32 shots vs 5 and draw 1-1 and before that 22 shots to 8 and lose 1-0. Throw ins were good on the beta but are back to FM18 standards now of the ball being thrown anywhere but to your player. The FBs dwell on the ball far too much, their positioning when they're open to the pass is poor, often with their back to goal and having to pass the ball straight back but even when they have acres of space they just wait to be closed down before getting tackled, passing the ball back or drilling it into the shins of the defender in a best impression of Antonio Valencia. And it's not the tactics as everything else is going to plan apart from the lack of goals which doesn't make sense considering the formation. I feel like I'm watching the same game every single match.
  5. 11th in my second season, spent just £4.9m in the transfer windows.
  6. Managed 13th in my first season in the Bundesliga with Dresden after a net spend of just £1.6m in the transfer market.
  7. Love the inbox items you get regarding finances, wages to turnover etc from across the whole league.
  8. Whenever you have to sub a player off due to injury you can't use the widget to give shouts etc and you lose the match timeline at the top.
  9. Don't worry, there will be a community release for the 3rd tier and below soon after the full release.
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