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  1. Whenever you have to sub a player off due to injury you can't use the widget to give shouts etc and you lose the match timeline at the top.
  2. Don't worry, there will be a community release for the 3rd tier and below soon after the full release.
  3. craigcwwe

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    6.94 rating from 18 games.
  4. craigcwwe


    First season we (Dresden) faced Bayern Munich at home, we lost the game 1-0 to a second half penalty. Second season we got to the 3rd round but lost 5-2 at Hoffenheim.
  5. It seems to happen only when you have to sub a player off due to injury.
  6. craigcwwe

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    Most notable signings were Weston McKennie on loan for the season, Franck Evina from Bayern on a season's loan and Julian Schieber also on loan for the season and then permanent signings was a 22yo German CB for £1.3m (potentially rising to £1.9m) from Ingoldstadt and then a 25yo CM from Aue for £1.1m. Then I needed a GK so I signed Raphael Wolf from Dusseldorf for £125k, picked up a yoof from Bayern on a free, 15yo FB that I'm retraining as a CB and a couple of loans. All transfer business included we had a net spend of just £1.7m.
  7. Yep, into my second season now.
  8. Sometimes during a game the widget to make subs or change tactics is greyed out. I had an injury in the 53rd minute where the player had to go off, I made the change and then the widget was greyed out for the rest of the game.
  9. There will be a 3rd tier and below release by the community around the full release.
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    Dynamo Dresden.