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  1. Really? Fair enough, can't say I've ever come across that option but you learn something new everyday as the saying goes. So I stand corrected.
  2. You can yeah but you can't take a player on trial for longer than four weeks at a time. That image above makes out that the player in question has been taken on a straight 7 week trial which isn't possible in the game without bringing the player in on trial twice.
  3. Loaded up my save earlier, in a game we had 6 clear chances inside the box and failed to score any of them, five of which were on target, clear sight of goal, no defenders in front of them etc. Five of those chances were between my two strikers who have 16 and 17 for finishing, composure and balance.
  4. Finished a season the other day and my team had the highest conversion rate in the league at 14%. Not great is it. It's pretty much impossible to get 16% or above I've noticed. Even for AI teams.
  5. I disagree with the idea that you should never pre-order something. That's silly. Why not pre order a game and try it for yourself instead of relying solely on some random person opinion to base your purchase decision off? However, I won't be pre-ordering FM21 simply based off my experience from the ME in the last two games but that is based on 19>20 and the lack of progress in the attacking third. Yeah the 2D view in FM20 is really poor in comparison to say, FM17 as you show there. Why has this area in the game clearly gone backwards?!
  6. £97m for a Belgian newgen CB. He was immense. Went to PSG which made it even worse. Signed him for £23.5m from Wolves and got a goot 6 seasons out of him, he was still only 23 when he left.
  7. Might be the hardest I've ever seen someone get 'FM'D' either in FM itself or irl.
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