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  1. Spelunky Barry Cartman Ackter Wreckfest Merry Miller craigcwwe Ronaldo Beckham
  2. Sitting this month of games out. Not interested in Doom 1993, I'm currently playing through Dirt 5 and near the end so guess that won't count in here? and no interest in Spelunky.
  3. This and if he's got anything about him he'll putting him away in a round or two. Simply stat padding. 0-9 ffs.
  4. Nuketown is a guilty pleasure even after all these years and it being added into several games since the original.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they just pulled the plug on the episode. Fair point on access to games you've bought via the service and what would happen to them if they do can Stadia. I can see a lawsuit there in that case.
  6. Gaming is under regulated. The Anthem debacle was terrible as Obi says above. 10 year plan for the game. Game released at least a year too soon with an end game that wasn't what they said it would be. Then EA start talking up 'Anthem 2.0' and then can it. I never had any faith in Google with Stadia. Never believed they'd support it properly given their track record. Released it too soon. Talked the big talk and fell flat on their faces. The way they go about buying and playing games on there is certainly interesting. Week before they canned first party support the higher ups
  7. It was released too early for a start. The vast majority knew Google would kill it within 2 years or so. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they just canned it full stop sooner rather than later.
  8. Still really enjoying using the XM4. Is the TTK different in this compared to MW? Feel like it takes slightly longer to kill someone whereas in MW you get taken out in .4734 ms. TTK to me feels better in CW.
  9. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/new-halo-infinite-campaign-screens-show-343s-graphical-improvements/ Looks so so good now. My most anticipated game of 2021, so glad they pushed the release back a year.
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