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  1. Manchester United, Salford and Sassuolo. Maybe start with United to get a feel for the ME and new features. Salford will be a fun save to try and build them up and get to the PL and then Sassuolo is a nice option in Serie A. Berardi.
  2. Portugal 1-3 France
  3. Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal 1-2 Wales 20:00 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany 1-2 France 20:00
  4. Despite not managing a side for a decade, Hoddle is still the best English candidate for the job which says all you need to know about English managers really.
  5. Good game that, Iceland, despite conceding five goals put in a decent performance, never let their heads drop and kept attacking when they could. Griezmann was superb, one goal and two assists from him I think. Think France will be slight favourites vs Germany on Thursday in the semi final.
  6. Griezmann sensational in that first half.
  7. This is how it's done England.
  8. 1-1 and Germany on pens.
  9. Holy ****. Wales into the semi finals.
  10. Amazing goal from HRK, goal of the tournament I think.
  11. Portugal to win the tournament without winning a game in 90 mins?
  12. Apparently Scolari wants the job, no thanks.
  13. Whilst the FA and the PL are on different wavelengths then not much will change sadly, they are not going to join forces for the betterment of the national side so really the FA are facing a losing battle. As a nation we are always going to be producing good to very good players, one of the issues we have is that we don't produce enough of them. And then when a Kane, Alli or Sterling come along at 18/19/20 the media and fans big them up and then knock them down, big them up and then knock them down again. Then it's this or that player is going to win us the WC or the Euro's. Most PL clubs would rather go out and splash £10-15m on some mid tier Spanish/German/French player instead of giving promising English players the chance. Pochettino is a coach that has given many current England players their chance at both Southampton and Spurs, where would Harry Kane be now if Spurs had appointed a different manager that looked straight at the foreign transfer market for a striker instead of looking into your own clubs youth team? I very much doubt Kane would be playing for England that's for sure. And it's not just Kane either, Shaw, Bertrand, Clyne, Alli, players given a platform to perform by Pochettino. Granted not all of them were already at the club etc but he saw their talent and gave them a chance. Not enough manager's do this because quite frankly they don't want to take a risk on an unproven youngster, they'd rather blow £10-15m+ on a proven foreign player. All the while the talent pool for the English national team manager is decreasing. More needs to be done on the PL's end to ensure the future of English football on the international stage, make it so teams have to field 2-3 English player's in their starting line ups would be a good place to start.
  14. There isn't a standout manager in the world for the job imo that is out of work or that's been in the same job for a while at least, nobody jumps out at you. Gareth Southgate will get it.