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  1. Is it that time of year again.. Was just reading some FM22 news and videos and thought this thread might have started up by now, I was not disappointed. Let the games begin!
  2. The term 'penalties are a lottery' always bugs me. They aren't. It's not all about luck. It's mostly the mentality of the player taking them, technique and perhaps some good fortune. 75% mentality 15% technique 10% luck Something like that if we break it down. The ability to stay calm under huge pressure is the overriding factor imo. Technically being able to strike the ball well and a little bit of good fortune if the GK goes the right way or you just happen to not catch the ball as well as you'd like etc.
  3. I guess it's only right then that another generation of young England players have a penalty loss on their rap sheet. It's the England way after all.
  4. Didn't this topic come up in 2018 after we reached the SF?
  5. I don't think anyone is wanting Southgate out. Just pointing out who might take over after him as it doesn't sound like he's staying on past next year. He's doing a very good job and I want him to continue fwiw.
  6. Not saying he'd be a great appointment or anything, just that I think he's likely to be in the running.
  7. Yeah I get that, fair point, they did stumble upon Southgate after the Big Sam incident aye. Christ, as grim as losing last night was, and in the manner in which we lost, can you imagine this England squad managed by Sam Allardyce? *Shudders* On a serious note, I can see Frank Lampard being a strong contender when the time comes. Maybe even Steven Gerrard. There's also been talk about Graham Potter whenever this discussion comes up. I'd say those are the three at the forefront atm. The FA of course want to give Southgate an extension to his current contract but it seems Southgate isn't committing to it just yet, he has said that he wants to lead the team to Qatar 2022 but whether he's interested in sticking around after that remains to be seen.
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