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  1. Getting like half a dozen free kicks just outside the box nearly every game, seems a little too many.
  2. Constantly got 5+ players out injured, most for 2-3 months too.
  3. Got the same annoying issue as last year, the latest scores tab not showing.
  4. May have been answered already but how do I take over the training from my assistant manager? It has got him setting the training drills by default, looked everywhere but can't see where to change it...
  5. Manchester United, Salford and Sassuolo. Maybe start with United to get a feel for the ME and new features. Salford will be a fun save to try and build them up and get to the PL and then Sassuolo is a nice option in Serie A. Berardi.
  6. Portugal 1-3 France
  7. Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal 1-2 Wales 20:00 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany 1-2 France 20:00
  8. Despite not managing a side for a decade, Hoddle is still the best English candidate for the job which says all you need to know about English managers really.
  9. Good game that, Iceland, despite conceding five goals put in a decent performance, never let their heads drop and kept attacking when they could. Griezmann was superb, one goal and two assists from him I think. Think France will be slight favourites vs Germany on Thursday in the semi final.
  10. Griezmann sensational in that first half.
  11. This is how it's done England.
  12. 1-1 and Germany on pens.
  13. Holy ****. Wales into the semi finals.