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  1. Wednesday 16 June Group B: Finland vs Russia (14:00, St Petersburg) 0-0 Group A: Turkey vs Wales (17:00, Baku) 1-1 Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (20:00, Rome) 3-0 Thursday 17 June Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest) 1-0 Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen) 0-2 Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (20:00, Amsterdam) 3-1 Friday 18 June Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (14:00, St Petersburg) 1-1 Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow) 1-1 Group D: England vs Scotland (20:00, London) 3-0 Saturday 19 June Group F: Hungary
  2. 'sake man, thought you were Swedish now?
  3. Thought this was a good game, both teams had some really good chances and both should've scored. A draw is the fair result imo. Spain should still get through the group. Terrible miss from Morata in the first half, can't say I expected him to put it away. If Spain make it to the KOs I think Moreno takes over as the no.9.
  4. Was supposed to be at San Mames in Bilbao but I think there was some backlash to that so it got changed. I think that's what happened anyway.
  5. Someone will be along in a minute to say he's the only player in this tournament that also played in the '94 WC in the States...
  6. That was a fantastic team goal. 1-1. What a start to the half for Poland.
  7. That was just utterly outrageous from Marshall. What on earth was he thinking? There's playing sweeper and then there's being plain daft. 8pm this evening BB. Dunno who that imposter was earlier man but glad to see you're back now.
  8. Great header from Schick to give the Czechs the lead. Scotland doing well down the left, so poor down the right. Would get Che Adams on to support Dykes up top and give McTominay license to get forward. He's got a really good shot on him from range and he's much better B2B.
  9. That's not very BB like! 6-4 3 red cards Tackles flying in everywhere! No mercy. Winner takes all.
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