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  1. Always loved the music in Mass effect games.
  2. Well they have to offer a repair, replacement or refund, so they can offer to repair or replace the item before a refund. Technically store credit can fall under to the replace part.
  3. I suspect if on finance than they may be able to get away with the offering of store credit.
  4. I would quite like to see Chandler vs Connor.
  5. Ah what i got to lose? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07MGDRBBF?pf_rd_r=31J4AJZQNXQP81MDPBHQ&pf_rd_p=6e878984-68d5-4fd2-b7b3-7bc79d9c8b60&pd_rd_r=cfeec8e5-d697-48a1-909f-a8233e15b1bc&pd_rd_w=w1Jbu&pd_rd_wg=1d98j&ref_=pd_gw_unk
  6. Yeah I played a bit of the Alpha yesterday more of the same which for me is a good thing.
  7. My copy of cyberpunk turned up today!
  8. Prison Architect free on Gog https://www.gog.com/game/prison_architect
  9. So I live in Southend I ordered a copy of cyberpunk back when it was supposed to be released originally. It got dispatched on the 8th on my Royal Mail tracker it was ordered from Berkshire went to Birmingham mail centre then Tyneside mail centre where that was the last update so every update it seems to get further away from me then closer.
  10. It is the complete opposite for me the thought of having to work in the office again would make me depressed.
  11. I just have the good youth prospects in the first team squad and make the available to the relevant team usually u23s
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