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  1. Has the tactics option been removed from analysis on the tactics screen? Disappointing I used that all the time in fm19?
  2. More likely migs starts the season tbh karius likely to be at the olympics with germany.
  3. Ojo impressing again, thought Randall improved as the half went on.
  4. A last min skrtel og is going to cost us the win here today!
  5. Thats a shame on origi was looking dangerous today made some good runs in behind
  6. To be honest way the season has gone id worry less about any other team and just concentrate on what we can do.
  7. Why is it we can never see which scouts are not on assignments I believe its something which shouldnt be too difficult to implement. even if its just filtering within the scouting info.
  8. I thought it would be lucas, henderson and milner personally when all fit. Lots of games tho so CAn would still get plenty of games.
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