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  1. dudester


    ctbill is usually porn tbh.
  2. So in theory if you paid via a debit or credit card you are covered through chargeback rules as it would be non receipt or goods or services.
  3. So with a credit card you are potentially covered by section 75 of the consumer credit act. Your card provider would need certainly ask for an independant report, you would need to make the goods available for collection from the retailer and you most likely have to provide a detailed explanation of the steps you have to taken to resolve. In this instance if goods are supposed to last at least 5 years and have only lasted 2 you could get that portain back from what you orginally paid.
  4. Did you pay on a credit card? No way you can do this without having it independtly verified.
  5. Was about to sat who ate prince naseem?
  6. dudester

    Quick Survey: Your internet

    How much do you pay for your internet (including line rental)? 25 quid How fast is it? 17 mps Who supplies it? bt Would you recommend it (do you think you get value)? meh its ok fastest I could find with no fibre option at this property.
  7. dudester


    £559.20 Thankyou!
  8. dudester

    Surely some of you have been to Magaluf?

    Was free sangria at pirates but pay if you want other drinks probably changed now
  9. dudester

    Surely some of you have been to Magaluf?

    I been to pirates really fun show sangria ahoy if you wish too! was quite a while ago tho
  10. dudester

    cancelling direct debits

    This basically from the banks point of view they are not stopping your ability to the pay gym just a particular method of payment. Get this all the time with things like payday loans where people are invariably getting themselves into a worse situation but have to do as the customer requests.
  11. With Jaime off to riverrun and Briene off to riverrun could we see the lady stoneheart introduced?
  12. dudester

    Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    More likely migs starts the season tbh karius likely to be at the olympics with germany.
  13. dudester

    Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    Ward? yeah he's injured