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  1. Willigogs

    France VS Peru (4pm KO)

    What's with Evra's bow-tie and a jumper combination?! :\
  2. Lawro is that bad I’ve hit the red button and switched to “Watch Live with 5 Live”. Much better!!!
  3. Willigogs

    I wanna grab your fancy

    I wanna grab your beer
  4. Willigogs

    What aftershave do you use?

    Tom Ford Oud Wood and Tom Ford Extreme both great scents which draw a lot of compliments. Others, although prohibitively expensive, would be Cristian Dior Oud Ispahan or Giorgio Armani Privé Oud Royal 👍🏼
  5. Willigogs

    Any Mortgage advisors on here?

    I’ve always used a local broker who is “all of market”. You should be able to easily google and find one near you. I’ve never directly paid a penny for their services either - as they always take commission from the actual lender. This is all written up in the documents they provide - outlining exactly how much they are getting paid by the lender, etc. They are also always able to offer mortgages which I simply cannot access myself, with much better rates, zero fees, cash back, etc. I’d previously looked at MoneySupermarket and was dead set on proceeding with one I found - but the broker came round and knocked them out of the water. I was going to be paying over a grand in fees, but he found one with a better rate, zero fees, and a grand cash back! So yeah, I would strongly recommend.
  6. Oh God - not another sale!!! I can see me buying SkyRim, Steamworld Heist and Blossom Tales before the weekend is over :/
  7. I restarted this myself last week. Still finding things I missed first time around... Didn’t complete the DLC on my last play through - so things still to do
  8. Willigogs

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    As a consumer, I guess I shouldn’t complain - but sometimes SEGA could do so much more... Selling all those games for £30, when they really should take a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, and make them all available individually. People would pick them up for 5-10 quid each meaning a **** tonne more money. No wonder they got out of the console market. Imagine if they made them individually available on the Switch Store. They’d make a killing.
  9. Sam Nunberg literally having a mental breakdown on live tv. This is insane. Admits he thinks Trump did something illegal, Carter Page collided with the Russians, and refusing to go before a grand jury. Someone get the phone off of Trump now
  10. Depends if you tell the lender you’re going to be renting it out... 😉
  11. Willigogs

    The OTF Homeowners Thread

    Remortgaged my two rental properties this week. Payments have gone up by a total of £300 across both mortgages, but I reduced the terms on both down by 8 year’s each - so should be mortgage free on both of them in 15 years...
  12. Willigogs

    What's the worst business decision you've ever made?

    Not me personally - but one of my previous bosses. Had a falling out with the other co-founder and sold his shares in the company for face value (which was mere pounds). A few weeks later, the company sky rockets, and later floats on the stock exchange for around $5bn. His share would’ve been worth close to $1bn...
  13. I must be the only person who doesn't get what all the fuss is about :\ It's "okay", but really seems to suffer with lag for me. Especially noticeable when playing Golf Story and trying to hit the golf swing meters. When using joycons attached to console, I have no such issues, but Pro controller is always miles behind...