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  1. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Man Utd supposedly officially open negotiations with Mourinho, with the aim of him taking over at the end of the season... http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35508280
  2. Well this was the original which is slightly different, but has similar text style: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7300000/Lost-Season-6-Poster-Shown-at-Comic-Con-lost-7322919-977-549.jpg
  3. No idea - but it's definitely legit, as it was first shown during Comic Con in July...
  4. Damon commented on the poster, so I imagine it's legitimate.
  5. You know what - I've heard people mentioning a "runway" before when Ajira landed / crashed, and I never even twigged that Sawyer and Kate were all helping to build a runway back in S3. Talk about arriving to the party late... I shall go back and watch that with extra interest now
  6. I'm sure there WILL be a reason she wasn't taken however - we just don't know it yet. Some people have alluded it's because only the ones touched by Jacob went back. Others have said it's because Locke never actually asked Sun to go back before he died. Maybe we'll find out next season...
  7. Yes, but Razzler is (correctly) stating, that there really isn't any known reason why Sun wasn't taken back also? Sun could have easily gone back and featured in that photo - just in the same way as Hurley didn't really need to be there...
  8. Richard said Ben wouldn't remember the events leading up to him being "saved", but all your other points remain true
  9. I'm with Hexham. I'll happily put my balls on the block and bet the "reset" doesn't happen. That would put it on par with an "all being a dream" ending, which would seriously suck. I'm expecting time to be screwed for a handful of episodes (as stated by Matthew Fox), and then for the whole story to converge to this final "War that is coming".
  10. Well Jack (can't remember his real name) said in interviews the other month that it will take a few episodes of confusion (for the viewer) before they settle into a set timeline - so it's possible they jump around a bit again, which would explain the pilot, etc...
  11. No problem - I obviously wasn't thinking of all the contributing factors either I do agree that the teasers are trying to make us think they never crashed - but doubt that is the direction that the show will take. They're just messing with us IMO
  12. Actually Nucampe, you have a valid point there. Just because the hatch / pocket of energy may have got destroyed by a nuke - doesn't necessarily mean the numbers would've never been transmitted, and received by Leonard in the listening post.
  13. Please don't say "I am right", if you ignore half of the facts. As Jon said - if the hatch was blown up, then Leonard would've never heard the numbers when stationed in the Pacific, which then sent him to the mental institution, where Hurley learnt of them. Hurley would never have won the lottery. Sure, these clips might be teases - but they're just to get us thinking (as we are now).
  14. How could Hurley own Mr Clucks and have won the lottery if everything was reset?
  15. Matthew Fox gave an interview last month where he says he knows how Lost ends, etc.... This doesn't give away the ending by the way - I'm just being careful so not to offend anyone