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  1. That’s probably just opening a side street - you can see people already behind the camera when it turns around.
  2. Is this the leaseholder of the land your house resides on I assume? If so, again, I’m not sure how they’d find out. They never actually visit the homes and check - they just pick up the ground rent every year.
  3. I ordered one of these earlier. It seems dodgy as hell, and I contacted Amazon about it after placing the order - but so far they’ve said it looks genuine. I received a dispatch notification earlier, so looking forward to receiving a £100 empty box or something.
  4. Think he was racing in Formula E that weekend, so couldn’t stand in.
  5. Vandoorne is the reserve driver. Wish they could promote Russel instead :/
  6. It’s unbelievable how deep you can go. Was really happy with the entry level options, then wanted capability to stop it going in certain places, then oooh and now LIDAR?! Definitely need a mop. 4 hours later watching videos on the benefits of additional cameras and AI capabilities. The girlfriend thinks I’m mad. She might have a point.
  7. This caught my eye this morning too. Although I then fell into a hole of robot vacuum research for 6 hours and came out ordering a Deebot T8 AIVI for £600 😳
  8. Ferrari had a bad spell in the late 60’s, and again in the early 80s. Think they finished 10th in the constructors in 1980?
  9. We recently moved into a new build and had a few nail pops scattered around due to shrinkage. Thankfully they’ve been fixed as part of snagging - but they basically sent in a plasterer, who cut out a hole in the plasterboard round the nail pop, then just slapped a small new layer of plaster over the top in one quick swipe. He made it look so simple, but doubt I would’ve been able to achieve the same results.
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