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  1. I wondered why I had a notification Yeah good luck with this, its tough running multiple managers... I play the game quicker than most, so it probably didnt impact me as much as others who watch the games in 3d etc. But its fun and hopefully you will enjoy a good run here
  2. Of course its possible, rare, but there will be examples irl of it happening. Here we go, i remember Palermo missing 3... but Colombia had 2 as well, missing one July 4, 1999 Argentina 0–3 Colombia Zanetti 69' Córdoba 10' (pen.) Congo 79' Montaño 87' Estadio Feliciano Cáceres, Luque Referee: Ubaldo Aquino (Paraguay) In this match Martín Palermo missed 3 penalties, one was saved by Miguel Calero. Colombia were also awarded two penalties, they scored one and missed one. So from a total of 5 penalties in this game, 4 were missed. Thats in the 1999 Copa America group stage, so 5 penalties in a game. So rare, but very possible.
  3. Yeah the 1.9bn came from a North American Financial company, why they thought it would be a good investment idk It helped me pass FFP, I did go into Admin at one point and the PFA had to pay the player wages.... but we still won the league with a 9pt deduction!
  4. I think this is the latest wage shot, i might have advanced another season
  5. Here is a screenshot from a couple seasons back
  6. Part transfer fees, part big contracts... as I say in the end i was paying out 27m per week on player wages. I also had a fair few players where by part of the transfer deal saw me pay 200m once they had reached 50 league games.
  7. I have a little experience in this, so if im reading it right: Transfer debt is basically the money you owe clubs on deals you have packaged up over 'x' months. I dont believe the club automatically shift any incoming to instantly pay it off (they may do if you are mega-rich) but normally it just goes down month by month until you finish paying said deals. In a save i had, I put Everton into debt by 2,000,000,000 .. yes 2 billion £. My wage bill going off the top of my head at the last check was £27m per week... with some players earning 2.5m per week alone No editor used at all. Not sure how your transfer debt has gone up, unless you are actually spending in that area though. At 2 billion, the finances go a bit weird as the 64 bit thing dosent work (or so im told), but you are well below that so dont see any reason why it would go that way.
  8. With regards to qualifying for the Copa Libertadores etc .. I ran some test saves and it worked correctly and since playing various saves in full, ive never seen an issue. However ive not won the Copa as a 2nd Division team, so maybe that produced an issue? The thing is and its confusing with Argentina, is that the Libertadores starts in January, which is essentially the middle of the season for Argentina. Further complications come with the Copa Argentina running in the same format as the Libertadores, in the sense you start it in one season and finish it in another (based on the league dates). Good to read all these stories.. agree about the Mexican teams, they have some sort of fetish to spend money on Argentinians
  9. Everton are loaded compared to the 1.9Bn debt ive got the club into
  10. Yeah the next calender year, it runs Feb to Nov roughly. In Argentina that means you start the competition mid way through one season... then finish it (assuming you are still involved) as you are in the opening weeks of the following season.
  11. Yeah as much as I feel sorry for you, when using a mod, its always best to soak test it yourself even if others have had no problems. Chalk it up to experience.
  12. Just joined the laptop brigade as i got mine in the end. FM installing now, looking forward to seeing how she runs. Got to install all the bits and bobs alongside it now.
  13. I fancy France as my next stop... just finding a team that grabs my attention.
  14. Having a miserable day, FM woes and now my laptop wont be here to tomorrow.
  15. I like to wheel and deal, no time to develop players