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  1. I use one of the games default/preset tactics... generally 4-4-2 or a variant. This way I know (or hope) that nothing in the ME is being exploited.
  2. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Ive actually put this on my CV
  3. Board ultimatum

    The Europa league game result will bare no relevance to it all. Just get your points and you will be alright even if you get stuffed 8-0 in the EL. Vice versa, fail to get the points but hammer someone in the EL and you will still get the chop. I had it at Dundee, I made it out of the Champions League groups into the Last 16, yet as I only picked up 9pts from 5 games... I still got the axe. Crazy but its a hard fast rule as far as i can tell.
  4. Yeah i have never lost my job immediately after a takeover, so you might be alright.
  5. FM17: Argentinian League

    Its fine if you start a save now, ie after the last patch. Any save prior seems to have this bug crop up. Ive simmed about a decade and the Libertadores runs fine, thats with all leagues running in South America.
  6. Should I just...quit FM?

    Various teams, most recently its Livingston... straight promotions to the SPL then 4th, 8th, 1st, 1st, 3rd, 1st... plus 5 cup wins and runs to the last 16 in the Champions League iirc. Ill load up the game later to look at the win percentage, but the game (full fat mode) is not dependent on a fancy tactic to win. I just use a default and thats it, sometimes it fails, sometimes it works.
  7. Should I just...quit FM?

    You can. I use a default in game 4-4-2 and dont change a thing no matter who i am playing, home or away. I dont use any instructions etc, just pick an 11 and play.
  8. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Is that from a save started after this newest patch?
  9. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Screenshot to show the competition history upto 2030: Screenshot to show the competition running in 2031 as well:
  10. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Ironically 2028 saw Boca Juniors win! I was at the QF stage on my last post... Boca the only non Brazilians left in the Copa, would end up winning it on Pens! So 2029.... and its running fine, im at the Quarters again, 6 of 8 are Brazilian teams, but still its running. Ill finish 2029 and then 2030 as that gives the game 2 years post a non-Brazilian winner.
  11. FM17: Argentinian League

    Coming back to FM, for some reason when football comes to an end in real life, I get the bug again. Going South America, its a toss up between Argentina and Brazil, probably my last go at a proper save on this years game.... so I got to get it right!
  12. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Working upto 2025, so if anyone was unsure, by the looks of it, starting a save in South America with the newest patch does not appear to have the Libertadores bug. EDIT - Finished simming at 2028 without problems. The only downside... Brazilian teams are dominant in a bad way. In all 12 seasons, a Brazilian team has won the Libertadores.... and 11 of the 12 runners up were also Brazilian! 3 of the years all 8 Quarter Finalists were Brazilian and only 4 non Brazilian teams made the Semi Finals in all 12 years.... 2 of those in 2017 the opening season (All 4 of those teams were Argentine). This sim was run with all the South American leagues set to playable
  13. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Cheers, So far so good it seems, 2016-2021 all completed with no issues in both competitions. 2022 has been scheduled and is currently in progress, so that should be good as well. Ill sim it up to 2025 I think and if there are no problems there, id assume that new saves are not being affected. This is with all South American Leagues loaded (inc Mexico) and all set to playable.
  14. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    No one seems to have answered if this is happening from newly created saves... so as im looking to get back into South America, im doing a long holiday just to check if this crops up. Not far in, but 2017 / 2018 / 2019 all fine in terms of Libertadores and Sudamericana scheduling. I take it there is not a set date for this to occur?
  15. I only ask as all of a sudden (ive not played much since the latest patch) agents appear to be demanding alot of money. For example, Lewis Baker from Chelsea, the Agent has asked for £107,000,000 I take it that behind the scenes there are set percentages that the agent expects depending on transfer fee?