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  1. Lost to Leicester, could have done with European football as well
  2. Mazy run to the Cup Semis and now 6 clear of the drop. Big day out at Wembley for the fans who have gone through alot, plus its 2 fingers up to the FA for sticking us into admin.
  3. Yeah i suppose the market is limited and with Football and womans sports coming through... theres probably less appeal to it now.
  4. Ill be honest id have loved furlough as im lazy ... and 80% id tick by nicely on. I mean 80% for doing nothing vs 100% for 60 hours a week (nights). No brainer to me,it would pay the bills and a little change for extras. But i am also grateful i have a job, have that security and dont have a worry of if my job will still be there etc after lockdown and furlough stops. I am jealous of the tought of it though, just because naturally im a lazy human who likes to do as little as i can to get by
  5. Not all old boys in at Leeds either, deadline day sees Lamptey sign 50+50 later, then Billy Gilmour, all good Leeds teams have a Scottish terrier for another 50. Ive done all I can to give this team a chance to stay up, its down to the boys now. Bit of hunger and grit.
  6. January has been about making the team solid again, Lindelof, Ake and Rudiger all in for 20m a piece. Alcacer signs up top for 40 to give us cover. Balancing the books we sold Emi Martinez, signed for 40 in the summer but replaced soon after by Lloris, we cut our losses at 18m. Torreira another 40m buy, never played a game in his 6 months, so the 6m on offer from Parma was seen as viable.
  7. Game is having a wobbly, we are getting a new CVA every few days Whittled down to 25m now.
  8. Some would say being in the Premier League for a 3rd straight season with Leeds is good. Its a process, some signings just dont work out. Admin resolved in record time, CVA in place... but we still have alot of backend debt that may hurt us. World Cup break will do us good.
  9. Admin ffs. Now we are bottom with 0pts after 9 games. Its a long road back, dig in boys, everyone is against us. LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS edit - back on the horse, 1-0 over Blades
  10. Half a billion spent and we are on a 5 game losing skid and face yet another relegation scrap. I mean we are still only 3 years into the project, so survival is clearly success this year, but I was hoping for a comfortable ride and not having to deal with the Chairman whinging every other week.
  11. Stupid Grealish and Ward Prowse, sick of them turning me down because we are not strong enough.
  12. I told them, look, dont worry about money.. worst case scenario the PFA come in and pick up the tab
  13. Sick and tired of players not wanting to play for Leeds because we dont match their ambitions. Well bloody sign and we would meet them ffs. Ive got a net debt of £700,000,000... tell me im not bloody ambitious
  14. This one is my main visit, but when im in a fad ie currently AFL, then im all over AFL stuff for example.. Youtube, BigFooty, Reddit... until I fizzle out and move on to the next sport I also visit Reddit, mainly for the fails, so WCGW, Abrupt Chaos, StreamFails.. stuff like that. Overclockers for PC Games, and I did on the Laptop thread but that wont be as often.
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