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  1. Thats it, if we didnt have Stewards, either capacities are limited OR clubs have to spend a fortune on the police.. thats if there is the numbers there. Its a simple thing of respect, we want nice things like football, then we respect those helping us achieve it. Club or country, final or end of season dead rubber.
  2. Ivan Toney, thats the wildcard. He will notch 38 this year, but Brentford still go down. Makes his England debut in some sort of game, hits a treble. In the following summer signs for Chelsea, 74.5m. Is it what 10-12 games before Qatar? He scores 12, with the Blues likening him to a young Mark Stein.
  3. Well run @Sons FC I tactically chose not to enter the Final, as every other time I predicted an England game.. they succeeded. So my abstaining ensured Italys win
  4. I think thats fair, I dont think Holland are far off and id expect Germany to have a rebuild ready to go again though im not sure what state those coming through are in. Flick may get a tune from the squad though.
  5. Ive only been to Dubai 3 times and one of those was October and I love the heat dont get me wrong, but it was humid and horrible But thats a small sample size, so if its normally cooler then should be alot better for the European teams.
  6. Qatar wont be about quality, it will be about attrition. Who can cope in silly heat, fancy stadiums or not. Teams who can play slow football like Italy are likely to thrive. England who rely on pace and are unable to dictate the ball in big games may struggle.
  7. Not sure if the bloke in the other thread got banned for posting this, but might be worth removing as im sure it was removed in that thread and the poster got hammered for it.
  8. 16 teams was fine, it kept it elite... 24 dilutes it but i get it. 32 is a farce
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