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  1. Yeah, always play this way. Someone has probably said it, text leaves you use of your imagination... the sprites dont and when they look a bit iffy and do silly things, you then remember its just a game. With text, you can lose yourself in the moment and you dont see how poor at times the match engine really is. When I see clips of things that look stupid, im glad i have never touched any other mode than commentary only. PLUS and its a big plus, you can hammer through games and seasons
  2. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    I posted it in GD. Fill your boots before its patched.
  3. Transfers - There is no limit!

    Personally I find it fun messing around with this, so its not supposed to show anything.. but im told I should report it and as such have. The finance screen itself shows one of the bugs occurring because of this... im passing FFP with a 2.6 BILLION loss.... why thats happening, idk,but something is letting that pass. As for what happens, ive not gone further on this save.. other saves i have had silly sponsorship deals resolve the problem, ie 1 BILLION with Everton. Others like Rangers on this years game, I had a 15pt admin deduction. If its not a bug and it dosent need fixing then thats fine, im sharing a technique to improve your squad at a 'risk'. Like I say, you could put together a team in a more sensible fashion and get away with it. As for Leverkusen, id also question why I could get Ederson from City in the first year... then add Sane, Jesus and all the others in year 2 without even being German Champions! Still thats for another topic.
  4. **This isnt new, it changes version to version, but its been about in the game over the past few versions in one form or another** WARNING - You can ruin your clubs finances by doing this, however it depends on the extremes you wish to go to NOTE - It may be considered a bug or glitch, but the game can and will punish you with admin/FFP bans etc The transfer system in FM18 is essentially worthless, you do not need a transfer budget to buy any player, yes any player, that wants to join your club. The only limitation you have is your wage budget. FIRST THINGS FIRST As mentioned you do not need a transfer budget, so push all you have into your wage budget (Every chance you get to do so, ensure you do this... the board will generally go with you). I would also advise asking for at least 2 of the 3 financial increases to transfer budget, wage budget and transfer revenue every chance you get... push them, it may not work, but occassionally you get the odd increase that will help. 2 other big factors to increase your budget come in the form of EXPECTATIONS and TEAM BONUSES. For EXPECTATIONS, promise the board the world... it will not matter, ive said i will win the Champions League with a team that have no hope, there is very little chance you will get punished. TEAM BONUS, put them to low for all competitions... again it will not factor in to player performance, ive won it all by paying out as little as I can. What these 2 will do, is increase your budgets and thats what we are all about... INCREASE THE WAGE BUDGET. SO YOU HAVE YOUR BUDGET... HOW DO I SIGN WHO I WANT? Well first off it depends if a player wants to join, thats something we cant change... however by the 2nd season, players will begin to swarm around your money pot (assuming you are relatively successful). Do your search however you do so, use scouts or dont. I dont personally but I want my list of players to be as extensive as it gets. You can go team to team making bids... play it how you would. But once we have a player in mind, this is how we should structure our deal: Offer the club £0 upfront Offer the club 'x' amount over 12 months on a 1 instalment basis... you will notice that £0 will come out of your transfer budget. Now this 'x' is generally double the players value in game, fiddle with it, but suggest double and the club usually accepts... top players will go for more, but if it costs you nothing upfront, go ham! The one caveat to this is transfer listed players, they are the money players... whatever they are listed for, is what you can get them for... so same approach to making a deal, but your 'x' is going to be the transfer listed players value. CONVINCING THE PLAYER This is a bit harder but you have to be strict on one hand and a bit careless on the other. The most important part is to ensure that the player signing on fee and agent fee are set to £0 and locked, no negotiating, they will come from a transfer budget... you dont have that, you cant afford that. To counter that you will have to offer: a) bigger wages, play about with it, but i either go max or at least 20,000 more... depending on my team/level b) 50% yearly wage rise c) 50% sell on percentage d) the is not always needed, but max out the appearance fee especially if you are going for a player who wants more money than you can offer If you can convince the player, then its job done, you have a signing that will cost you nothing from your budget... you have 12 months before it affects your finances. THE OUTCOME Well its up to you, you can be as crazy as I have been, spending 3.5 BILLION in 2 seasons with Bayer Leverkusen (falling foul of FFP and going into admin!) or you can do it for one or two players just to get you over the line. Im sure people have used this or similar techniques before, call it a bug or glitch... call it clever negotiating I dont mind. People exploit the match engine itself to make winning tactics... people use the editor to find out which players are wonderkids before loading a save... people download shortlists of players ready made for them to buy... the game isnt perfect and people will play it differently, this gives you a chance to make a difference to your team. Im sharing this because it needs fixing, but at the same time, it can be fun, silly fun, but fun as for all the crazy deals you can make, you are still limited by the game in terms of players decisions, FFP and other financial outcomes. You may be lucky and have huge sponsorship deals save you... I had almost 1 BILLION given to me in an Everton save in FM17, but with a weekly wage of £24 MILLION, you could say it was needed Enjoy it, i hope its fixed come the transfer window patch... my latest Leverkusen save will be uploaded to SI to look at. But in reality you can load up any game and spend BILLIONS within minutes, so im sure they can fix it as they see fit. ***If someone can point me where to upload this save for SI, I will do so*** LEVERKUSEN SCREENSHOTS Before people scream editor...
  5. Bagged him for $120M with Leverkusen in the 2nd season. Doing alright in the middle, 4 goals and assists from 20apps. 7.54 AVG
  6. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Rangers are back! Did the Cup double, would have won the league without the admin hit, scored 124 goals but just failed to come up with the goods with a small squad. Still back in the Champions League and im hoping with a bit of wiggle room, I can rebuild the mighty Gers once more New Sponsors save the Gers
  7. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Yeah fair enough. I dont share it for selfish reasons... basically I dont want it 'fixed'if thats how people view it. I like that fact that the option is there to play the game like this, I hate being forced into a box, when in reality plenty of teams go for broke... FM without this, dosent allow for that, it tells you how to play and thats it. I dont always play FM in this way, sometimes a save is more interesting if you go off the normal track. Look at it like this, I know how to manipulate the transfer market.... I dont 'cheat or trick' the match engine (infact I use a default SI tactic with no tweaks)... some people use guides to find the best players, look at their CA/PA etc... download shortlists ready made with all the wonderkids... downlaod tactics and make tactics exploiting full backs or whatever is wrong with the game each year. I dont do those, SI dont fix them (well they try to fix the match engine)... I just play the transfer market and live with any consequence, which I am doing so with Rangers.
  8. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    It will ruin the game for you, its easy enough to find out and I cant believe others dont do the same (maybe not to the extremes that i do).
  9. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Is it a bug though? Ive been punished, surely you should be allowed to do what you want with your finances as long as you accept the consequences? Its like a car racing game having licences and because of them, crashes do not inflict visual damage to the car model. You dont have to be wreckless in FM, I choose to be and I should be allowed to choose to do so.... the punishment system is there in game, its crippled me... 15pts deducted, forced to sell 144m worth of players, banned from Europe for at least 1 year (a 2nd is likely)... A bug would be letting me spend and having no payback for doing so. This isnt a bug to me, maybe the extremities are, but then the transfer system in FM is flawed on the whole anyway... overpaying for players, the AI offering peanuts... decent players not getting bid on etc etc When im bored with this years FM, ill chuck SI the save to ruin the game. At that point im done with it anyway. But as of now... spending 1.5 BILLION in the first month with Man City is pretty fun
  10. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Season 1 - Treble Season 2 - Treble and Champs League Quarters inc smashing PSG 4-0 in the 16s Those are memories that the fans will never forget. Felipe Anderson gracing the turf at Ibrox... or Josh Windass.... I know who sold more shirts
  11. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    The plan is not to go bust.... but Scottish football has little money to play with. I did have a successful Livi' save last year but we didnt reach the spending levels that I did with Rangers.
  12. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    As ive said, transfer budgets are irrelevant
  13. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    You use the features available to you in game
  14. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Nope, already stated I dont use the editor. Engage your brain, if i used the editor why would i let myself slip into admin? Its all done with the in game features as advertised by SI. No editor, no database changes... plain game, any team, any time, you can buy who you want as long as they want to sign and you have the wage budget.
  15. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Transfer budgets are irrelevant. Wage thats the key and yes as you can see ive been able to push it to 1m per week but the board have stopped there due to debts. For example in FM17 with Everton i was paying some players 2.4m per week individually.... totalling a club weekly wage bill of 24m