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  1. I honestly think 2 of the 3 groups that finish before, will give us an idea of what is needed. I reckon a win should be enough bar a few upsets
  2. Yeah its nice to be in the position where it comes down to the final game at least. Thing is 3rd with a win could well be enough. Group A - Swiss have to beat Turkey to get 4pts Group B - Finland cant lose vs Belgium Group C - Austria vs Ukraine, where a draw could hurt as they both will be 0 GD Those are the 3 groups where id expect 2 teams to finish in 3rd with less than 3pts.. or worse off. AND, all 3 are decided before our final matchday.
  3. Croatia are there to be beaten though. Its not a team to fear, yes they can be creative... but they can be exposed if you take it to them. We need to just drive at them early, put them on the backfoot and make them react.
  4. Win or bust v Croatia But the good thing is, its the same for them.
  5. World Cup WInners England, led by Jack Peleish, held by minnows Ecosse
  6. Grealish, there we go. Gets breathed on, lays down with his stupid haircut.
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