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  1. Helping people is a lowdown cheap liberal trick to make conservatives look bad.
  2. Brett clearly got confused when he was told to stop thinking out loud.
  3. One career path would be seen as aspirational, the others are not seen that way, so it’s a totally false equivalence.
  4. The train arrived at the station having made several hundred stops along the way, was decommissioned and broken up for scrap and NOW she says she regrets the entire journey despite cheering her way through every town? Come on man...
  5. Nah, Elon would just tweet about how great it would be if he were mayor of NY after secretly buying stock in the city, then all his Twitterbros will pile in and drive the value of NYC through the roof.
  6. Since MTG was one of the organisers I expect her to admit to being an Antifa double agent any day now.
  7. If the Jan6 organisers weren’t Trump supporters why did they attend his rally first?!
  8. They are just the party of “**** you” when they are in power and “**** you” when they’re not. But unity, healing and bipartisanship!
  9. They have to cheat because the other side are cheating bigly. That there’s no evidence of the other side cheating just shows how good they are at it!
  10. I can see Tesla, but which one is GameStop? 🤔
  11. Geppetto tried to make Pinocchio but made Chucky instead. God forbid he ever turns into a real boy.
  12. I used Chillblast and they were great. It took ages due to limited supplies but they communicated well amd the quality is excellent. I’ve used PC Specialist in the past and they were good too. I was looking for someone who’d use the components I wanted so was prepared to shop around as long as the reputation was good.
  13. Go after them as if you were GOP and they were Dems. Force the complicit ones out and drag them through endless committees. The alternative is getting rinsed in ‘22.
  14. Yep, they have the votes for witnesses, drag them all in, make it last until the midterms if you have to. Make it absolutely clear what the GOP are OK with. Throw some red meat to your own base.
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