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  1. It doesn’t matter, he’ll walk back anything he agrees via twitter on the flight back. Book should have been called The Art of Reneging on The Deal.
  2. The interesting part will be finding out where Cohen's consultancy fees ended up. If he'd kept them all he wouldn't have bitched so much about Trump shorting him on the $130k.
  3. Constantly sweeping for wiretaps adds greatly to wear and tear.
  4. Fake news. The visitor log records he was David Dennison on at least 44 of those occassions.
  5. The note they gave the hired goon specifically said 'DO NOT THREATEN', so it can't be true.
  6. Winter turns to Spring. Haiku’s bull**** lingers here like autumn **** leaves
  7. Isn't that what the no voters are asking? I am genuinely sorry for this reply...
  8. It’s all about feelings. It makes them feel safe, it makes them feel too dangerous to mess with. The C&W guy caught up in the Vegas shooting realised how hollow that was.
  9. That’s not what he was there for though. He is required to engage an active shooter. Historically, these shooters overwhelmingly kill themselves or surrender when confronted by armed police.
  10. They are supposed to engage active shooters.
  11. The pro gun lobby will want this guy in front of a firing squad. At least that requires more guns too.
  12. I don’t think there’s any doubt, more people would die from accidental shootings / blue on blue events / pissed off kids grabbing the new guns than the school shooters will kill.
  13. Studies have indicated that around 2% of people are prepared to shoot to kill, and about half of those are psychopathic. The US is really limiting it’s pool for teachers if this is to become a principal requirement.
  14. Snooky

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    I’ve played it on PC a fair bit. Hardcore seasons is the way to go, die and you lose your character and all their gear. User base must be getting down to the bare bones by now though, you can blast through stuff a lot quicker in co-op.