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  1. Slovakian anthem clearly ripped from Phantom Menace.
  2. Snooky

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    There's a car stereo joke in there somewhere but it would be criminal to make such a jibe.
  3. Snooky

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Very good, but the local time thing is wrong, it's still 1984 in Liverpool.
  4. Snooky

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Break his legs and count the rings.
  5. Snooky

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Surely just reflects that he switched wings when Bellamy came on.
  6. McInnes has been terrific for St Johnstone, a better manager than Coyle was in my opinion. Coyle would stick by 'his' players even if it was clear they were gash, McInnes will cut his losses and get rid if it isn't working out. He also signed far more hits than misses, and pulled some names out of the hat that were bigger than a club of our standing had a right to expect. He has made mistakes, but he tends to learn from them. I hope he gets the time to make a go of it at City. His assistant Tony Docherty is also very highly thought of. This leaves a big hole for us to fill, I think we've got a team that is capable of finishing 4th in the SPL, but we'll need another excellent manager to pull it off.
  7. Snooky

    Howard Webb to ref the final

    And had he done so the same people criticising him now would be criticising him for that.
  8. Snooky

    Howard Webb to ref the final

    The only booking he got wrong was Ramos, and Robben stayed on his feet, got his shot away, then wanted a free kick because he missed.
  9. Snooky

    Robbie Earle sacked by ITV

    'The Legend of Robbie Earle and His Merrie Ambush Marketers'?
  10. Snooky

    Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    RIP Jim. An asset to the forum for as long as I can remember. Will be sorely missed.