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  1. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    😂 really? Coming from an England fan
  2. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Only nation that I know smashes up ambulances attacks ambulance men, jumps on other people's cars and fight with their own fans Media write off the opposition thinking England should win Regarding what did Gerrard achieve well they beat Germany in their won back yard 5 1 and beat Germany in World Cup first time in a long time and other year lampard hit an amazing shot agaisnt the bar which had var been around would have given a goal and good chance of England progressing If Scotland were celebrating wins agaisnt Tunisia and Panama and defeats agaisnt Belgium and Croatia the English would be laughing and mocking at them if media and fans give it they have to be prepared to take it too
  3. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Taylor lost to Holland a great free kick by koeman who should have been sent off prior to that. My point is the headlines that hounded him and other managers out of a job but praising the current players and manager when they did what was expected and nothing more if the media and fans had praised previous managers and players and said we was really unlucky we took them to penalties or lost to a freak goal rather than criticise them then I wouldn’t be writing this but some people are saying this is best England team for years and calling them heroes that’s what my issue is and causing me to rant well hang on previous England sides played better faced tougher opposition and all we heard was it was managers fault why does he play better for club than country and we need winter break and more funding at grass root etc
  4. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Not gloating just don’t understand why Fabio capello, Sven Goran Eriksson and glen hoddle even graham Taylor were mocked by the media for losing to better teams and very unfortunate to do so and why players like scholes, lampard, gerrard etc are also criticised why can’t they play as well as they do for their clubs are they really that good etc and this lot with harry Kane 6 goals 3 of which are penalties and 1 goal in knock out stage via a penalty are all praised how great they were I’m not gloating I’m just putting things into perspective but if you want to congratulate the team and think they were great etc then fair play it’s probably that mentality which has prevented England being winners
  5. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    England played Tunisia, Panama, Belgium, sweden, Colombia and Croatia kept an amazing 1 clean sheet in them 6 games games and won 3 of the 6 games during 90 mins Tunisia, Panama and Sweden well done guys that’s amazing much better than 86 team losing to Argentina via a handball or against Germany in 90 losing on penalties or losing to a freak goal in quarter finals against Brazil 2002 wilkins, robson, walker, gerrard, scholes, ince, butcher, Shilton, seaman, shearer, linekear, lampard etc are not even close to this lot of players Kyle Walker £50 million full back playing centre half ahead of a natural centre half in cahill. Kane who scored 6 goals 3 of which were penalties I think the others were goals from corners and in the 3 knock out games he scored 1 goal which was a penalty. england were negative looking to hit on the counter using the pace of sterling Kane was isolated in most of the games apart from Tunisia and panama and midfield never controlled he game they need to learn to be patient and just keep the ball. Rashford, lingard and loftus cheek did ok. Henderson, pickford, maguire and trippier were excellent the rest were poor. But well done boys you done 5e nation proud beating panama, Tunisia and Columbia on penalties when is the parade?
  6. Tony7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    I can’t belive how one of the worst England teams in recent times is getting so much praise from the media and many of the fans 😂
  7. I wasn’t hoping that was a new star fox game. I loved star fox and lylat wars completed them both which is saying something 😂
  8. New Wolfeinstein has rrp of £25, I think it’s out next year. Xbox is really great value with Xbox pass. I can’t wait for forza horizon 4
  9. Tony7

    Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom

    I have only seen 2 films in imax and loved it. I think I prefer it to 4DX to be honest although both are quite pricey but luckily cineworld card helps me a little bit. i will go see it next week. I’m pleased people here enjoyed it as review scores didn’t seem very good last time I looked which was putting me off a little
  10. Tony7

    Nintendo Switch Thread - Lets catch them Pokemon

    Do you think it’s important what shot you play such as drop shot slice etc and when you play it? I need to use my special move shots more and I not usd slow time attribute yet, how do you do that?
  11. Tony7

    Nintendo Switch Thread - Lets catch them Pokemon

    I was easily winning one match and had 3 match points but lost because I broke my racquet on trying to return a special shot. I enjoyed the demo but last 2 matches I played I experienced lag. I enjoy playing the drop shots
  12. Anybody here playing crew 2 beta? I didn’t like the first one but really enjoying this version. I would say its a cross of burnout and forza horizon only the added ability to fly planes
  13. Tony7

    Android Phone

    I thought they would need lots but one of the twins says 1gb is plenty as they have WiFi at his school and he uses WiFi at home. I think he likes the razer
  14. Tony7

    Android Phone

    My girlfriends 18 year old sons are now due an upgrade and have a limit of £20 per month each. What phone would you guys recommend in that tarif range? They are currently on Tesco’s mobile but think they will leave and join a new provider
  15. Tony7

    Nintendo Switch Thread - Lets catch them Pokemon

    I use yoshi 😀 I’m starting to use special shot but feels like I’m cheating using it although they do it to me lol. I don’t know how some people seem to do a special shot so soon after playing special shot before hand