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  1. Anybody done a sweepstake on when the German manager joachim Low will scratch his balls and sniff them 😂
  2. In previous games I’m sure there wasn’t this amount of players that had their attributes hidden. I looked at the Liverpool team and even they were hidden you would think I would know how good them players are 😀 game is so in-depth which I like but I think will take weeks to finish a season especially if I have to scout all the players etc lol
  3. I have not played the game for about 6 years as I no longer have laptop or pc but bought myself google stadia but only started playing the game over the weekend. a lot has changed its so in-depth it’s like being in a football world so much news around the world etc. I want to start from the bottom and work my way up but hidden attributes seem to much as even the well known players attributes are hidden. I chose to start with no badges and semi pro footballer but only job I been offered so far is Belgium under 21s and Spain under 19s just curious did you guys start unemployed, do you
  4. How much is the game on stadia? I'm not sure how many people received theirs and if they did many have not received the code. Mine comes next week hopefully
  5. Yes 5pm I think in UK but not sure many will have their stadia today
  6. Thank you. I would like to play as many leagues as possible and start from the bottom working my way to a top job although might try out liverpool first as I have not played the game for years and it’s team I support
  7. How many leagues and nations can I play via the stadia? what size database can I play the game at? I presume I can connect the stadia to 4K monitor and non 4K monitor via the chrome cast usb device? i want to play maximum database, full leagues from top tier to bottom in Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Spain, Scotland and France thanks in advance for your help
  8. Thank you. Sounds great can’t wait for its release. Google premier edition is same as founders edition just different colour controller because founders edition is sold out. Free version of google stadia is out next year sometime but no release date yet and I don’t think you get controller or chromecast adapter or the 3 free months service
  9. How many leagues can we play on the stadia and what size database? I like to play with all the leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Holland and France with highest database I don’t have a pc or laptop so pre ordered google stadia for football manager
  10. Only nation that I know smashes up ambulances attacks ambulance men, jumps on other people's cars and fight with their own fans Media write off the opposition thinking England should win Regarding what did Gerrard achieve well they beat Germany in their won back yard 5 1 and beat Germany in World Cup first time in a long time and other year lampard hit an amazing shot agaisnt the bar which had var been around would have given a goal and good chance of England progressing If Scotland were celebrating wins agaisnt Tunisia and Panama and defeats agaisnt Belgium and Croatia the E
  11. Taylor lost to Holland a great free kick by koeman who should have been sent off prior to that. My point is the headlines that hounded him and other managers out of a job but praising the current players and manager when they did what was expected and nothing more if the media and fans had praised previous managers and players and said we was really unlucky we took them to penalties or lost to a freak goal rather than criticise them then I wouldn’t be writing this but some people are saying this is best England team for years and calling them heroes that’s what my issue is and causing me
  12. Not gloating just don’t understand why Fabio capello, Sven Goran Eriksson and glen hoddle even graham Taylor were mocked by the media for losing to better teams and very unfortunate to do so and why players like scholes, lampard, gerrard etc are also criticised why can’t they play as well as they do for their clubs are they really that good etc and this lot with harry Kane 6 goals 3 of which are penalties and 1 goal in knock out stage via a penalty are all praised how great they were I’m not gloating I’m just putting things into perspective but if you want to congratulate the team and th
  13. England played Tunisia, Panama, Belgium, sweden, Colombia and Croatia kept an amazing 1 clean sheet in them 6 games games and won 3 of the 6 games during 90 mins Tunisia, Panama and Sweden well done guys that’s amazing much better than 86 team losing to Argentina via a handball or against Germany in 90 losing on penalties or losing to a freak goal in quarter finals against Brazil 2002 wilkins, robson, walker, gerrard, scholes, ince, butcher, Shilton, seaman, shearer, linekear, lampard etc are not even close to this lot of players Kyle Walker £50 million full back playing centre half
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