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  1. Just started a Liverpool game the touch version and seems only way can buy players is via director of football. Can you not buy players yourself anymore or is this because I am playing the touch version or in charge of Liverpool?
  2. I not played for a few years despite purchasing all the versions. I didn't get the training, can never improve the players like I used to. What duties do you leave for your assistant manager?
  3. I have today off but doesn't seem it will be out before 6pm in fact miles said with all things going well you will be bale to play the beta this time tomorrow in a tweet which was around 8pm.
  4. As the game gets bigger the more bugs will appear in the game as they won't be noticeable at first. People complain when bugs that featured in previous version or issues from previous versions have not been fixed or things like there is a champions league game but there is an international same day so people can't pick the required squad. people more likely to complain about something than praise it's human nature I guess.
  5. We are playing 7th August day after Barcelona yeah so as you say the fringe players won't be at Wembley I imagine. Charity shield is also following day on 7th August.
  6. Haha I got mine this morning to. I paid £40 but think there are only £80 tickets left. Section BK 112 row 20. German keeper won't play and don't think Neymar is either as both in the olympics while coppa America won't long be finished but will still be good though as season starts week later.
  7. Southampton could win the Europa cup. Leicester won the premiership, Greece won the euros not long back as did Denmark so anything is possible.
  8. Sturridge on bench, Toure and Firminho start.
  9. Had enough of mingolet now. I am good shot stopper, poor on crosses and can't command my area so I stick with 5 a side and 7 a side football. I think he should do the same. Today, Sunderland, nowrich and Europa game where he held on to the ball and gave the free kick away leading to the goal are basic errors and cost us. I thought first half we were good and played with confidence but second half we were nervy thanks to mingolet who I also blame for the second although Sturridge gave ball away when being greedy which led to the Newcastle attack. Joe Allen again was great and Moreno and Lovren was good too but mingolet cost us yet again.
  10. His dad didn't confirm this as they are still waiting for the test results. Joe Allen should we keep him as a squad player or sell?
  11. Milner has 3 more assists than any other player in the league. Sturridge third fastest to reaching 50 goals but in terms of minutes on the pitch he is the fastest to reach 50.
  12. Yeah but they waiting for results to see if ligaments are damaged
  13. Since losing to Leicester away we have dropped 5 points. 3 points Southampton and 2 to Spurs.
  14. Atmosphere was brilliant tonight with old school chants being sung at Everton who were awful. I don't know how long we kept the ball for in the second half but must have been around 3-4 minutes. Why do the fans sing don't worry about a thing? I think it sounds great just want to know the reason behind it which started away in Dortmund I think.