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    I sell tweets. And like Villa. Sometimes.

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  1. arenaross

    Quarterfinals: England V Sweden 15:00 BST BBC1

    Someone check on Westy.
  2. arenaross

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    F*cking hell. Imagine how miserable you have to be to not take any pleasure out of last night. Why bother even watching football?
  3. arenaross

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    What just happened.
  4. Think it's been great so far. Enjoying it much more than I expected.
  5. arenaross

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Oh, ignore me, looks like they've put him back in after taking him out the squad earlier today.
  6. arenaross

    World Cup Betting Thread

    I don't think Salah's playing pal.
  7. arenaross

    South Korea vs Mexico - 4pm BST - ITV1

    Not have his arm in the air?
  8. Honestly never thought I'd see the day where someone was willingly requesting MORE Robbie Savage.
  9. I'm sorry if I upset you my darling snowflake
  10. arenaross

    Group B: Portugal v Morocco (KO 1300BST)

    Surely you remembered to block out your diary for each afternoon during the WC....
  11. Can't wait for westy to rock up and explain how this isn't actually racist.
  12. Wait, what? You mean none of you are having a World Cup Pizza Party and a screening of the game...?! *leaves thread*
  13. arenaross

    World Cup Betting Thread

    I'm actually quite tempted by Saudi tomorrow...
  14. arenaross

    Day thread

    Tbf though it's mad how stuff like that can just spread out of nowhere. Obvs Becks is no saint, but still. Getting one of his kids teachers pregnant ffs.
  15. arenaross

    Day thread

    The Beckham **** is absolutely not true. Sorry lads.