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  1. Could have passed once or twice, but apart from that, he's been the best player on the pitch, running circles round them.
  2. What a different player Neymar is when he isnt constantly falling to the ground.......non-existant when he stays on his feet,
  3. Just missing the yellow for diving
  4. Cracking game, Brazil with a couple of great chances and Belgium go and do that
  6. Goldy

    Quarter Final: France vs Uruguay

    Very positive start from Uru's
  7. They learned well from Neymar, the "best simulation" award has got a few front runners this WC
  8. Goldy

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Once a icelandic pony leaves Iceland, it is not allowed back, ever.
  9. Goldy

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Going to have to start making the same rule for the women as they have for the horses @Icelander83
  10. Absolutely shocking, they played just as bad as they did in the first game, as soon as I saw Özil and Khedira in the starting 11 i knew it wasnt going to go well, Goretzka out wide, what the hell? Löw was definately out of ideas, he needed to bring changes and he went straight back to his favourites, disappointed that they are out but geez, on those performances, deserved nothing, that was terrible, the team needs a big change and I think it has shown that Löw cannot provide it, the team needs the young fresh players pushed into the team and need to stop trying to carry the ball in the net and just have a fricking shot instead of trying to play it around a hundred times. Hoping for change but I feel that Löw will still be there for the Euros with the same players.
  11. Goldy

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Most goals England have ever scored in one game at a World Cup, great stuff, history making Panama! The ref is pretty good, im glad someone finally notices the wrestling in the box
  12. Goldy

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    come on, Stones to take!!
  13. Goldy

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Sterling not to score this WC