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  1. Goldy

    Oh my GOD

    We bbq all year round, we have a gas grill, its brilliant and leaves the kitchen pretty tidy too :-)
  2. We are making real progress with our place and getting to the final works, today is a major milestone, we are getting doors!
  3. What makes this kind of thing even more frustrating is that it gives you absolutely nothing in terms of things you could do better or improve on for next time or with another company. Wishing you best of luck with the next one.
  4. Nope, fraid you didnt, this means you will now be banned from the thread, please don't tee me off in this way again
  5. Maybe it will just need some tweaks with the new patch, i'll still take a copy though Baggies getting over 100 too, really is goals galore! Everyone fighting it out for the top spots, brilliant to see and makes it exciting to play too! kutgw chaps :-)
  6. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit dem neuen Update. Gibt uns eure Rückmeldung zum Update, nur dadurch können wir auch das Spiel noch besser machen!
  7. Das neue Winter Update steht zum Download bereit! Das Hauptupdate für Football Manager 2021 ist Verfügbar, dieser 1 Teil enhält aktualisierte Mannschaften aus der Januar Transferperiode. Ein finales Update wird in einigen Wochen folgen, es wird die Transfers von dem Transferfenster das Ende Februar schließt enthalten, das bedeutet die Ligen aus China, Russland, MLS, ablösefrei in der EFL und noch viel mehr. Mehr als 3.7m Datenbank Änderungen wurden durchgeführt in diesem Update, u.a. Optimierungen zu Spielerdaten, um ihre realen Leistungen dieser Saison wiederzuspiegeln
  8. All in the top 8, great job! 135 goals, crazy!
  9. Got them recommended by a friend of mine, this was never my kind of genre, then I read the King Killer Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, loved it and based on that I was told about these. (Hope Rothfuss brings that 3rd book out!) Don't expect me to post too soon though, my reading times can vary depending on how busy I am (and with corona i'm not on any business trips, which is usually where i could invest hours with reading whilst on my travels)
  10. My first Abercrombie books have arrived, i went directly for the trilogy, the blade itself, hope to start reading this week!
  11. I think the forum restricts our answer in full, we're going to have to open a google doc
  12. cool, though I been getting the newest version from their forum directly, still love this game though.
  13. Goldy


    I would love the Ferrari from CaDa, definitely on my wish list, and much better than what lego is offering
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