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  1. Fantastic effort guys, 2037, thats absolutely incredible, especially with how close the new game is now. Certainly looks like you guys had a lot of fun :-)
  2. Maybe its with a view that he´ll bring Löw on board again and then takes over ;-)
  3. I got just 1 bet running and that is also under 126 goals, its not much but a win is a win :-)
  4. No surprise there!
  5. Absolutely, shame ward buggered up the cross, that could have been fantastic!
  6. So far think Rooney has done well but he should be playing where Alli is, Alli for me hasnt performed so far as expected, would suit Rooney more too. The full backs have been fantastic in both games, was good that Kane came off, should have been done in the first game too. I think Roy is just not reading the game anymore, how can he just sit back in the final minutes of the game, no passion.
  7. Gone with Romania on this one! Swiss have quality in their team but Id love the Romanians to snatch 3 points here to open the group up for the last game.
  8. Yep, and Ukraine had the lion share of them an all!
  9. How much did you put on for those returns?
  10. great finish! He´s also looking for a new club as HSV want to sell him!
  11. Managed to check all games, most have been 10 or under so far. This current game had 1 corner at half time, which is really low, so ive gone in for over 8 @4.33......we´ve had 7 now, come on!!
  12. Anyone got stats on corners so far in this tournament per game? I have a feeling that these are in general quite low, below 10.
  13. All the games have been pretty tight so far and I think Iceland will hold their own, everyone is talking about Portugal but im hoping Iceland can bring the upset here.
  14. Expected much more from the swiss in the second half, you wouldnt think Albania where down to 10!
  15. There was one just with long curly black hair when the second Albanian sub came on, but was way too short the screen time :-(