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  1. I think a better title would be "all time Löw" That was terrible, start of a new era for Germany now though.
  2. One of those games, if Germany concede, reckon they can get an equaliser, if Germany score, don't know England will get one. Can also see someone getting a red card in this game
  3. Müller likely out for next game and possibly longer! Damn shame that, he was showing exactly why he should never have been excluded.
  4. Some of those goals in the Swiss Turkey game, awesome, surprised how poor Turkey where though all tournament
  5. I think he just moved too early, but now with the cameras off him in France he has had the chance to establish himself, been great for Lille this season
  6. Ginter really needs to be dropped, especially when Can or Süle are much better options, the guy shouldn't even be near the NT, even Gladbach want to move him on (leverkusen interested), he just is not near the top level you require.
  7. Hats off to Portugal, they have been trying to get back into this, not sitting back with 11 men like the French did.
  8. Gosens was great in the first game, really like him as a player, seems like a decent lad too (saw an interview with him and his family about his move to Bergamo). Müller being Müller too, hate him or love him, you cannot ignore him
  9. German commentator said "Havertz is tearing everything down which is a CB"
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