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  1. Das liegt an deinen Finanzen, ich glaub Einkommen pro Monat, aber um es genau zu Wissen müsste ich ins Spiel, sollte aber in den Ligaregeln angezeigt werden wie genau das berechnet wird.
  2. Ja das kannst du über deinem Vorstand anfragen, oder du gehst auf deinem Verein, schaust dir deine aktuellen Partner an, hier kannst du auch eine Anfrage erstellen dafür.
  3. Ref is terrible, on German tv they also said it was a handball before the France goal, should not have counted.
  4. That free kick was really clever, shame they didnt tell anyone in their own team about doing it That probably would have been a goal.
  5. Can't see Argentina winning tonight against the Netherlands, Argies have been so open all over the park that I think tonight they will get punished for it like they should have done before, Saudi's have shown they can be beaten and I don't believe Argies have gotten much better since that game.
  6. Morocco to follow Get in Croatia, lovely, had a plan and it worked out.
  7. I think both Brazil and Portugal are in for a surprise, or at least I hope so, especially as they won their games relatively easy, they might go into this one with too much confidence, hope Morocco and Croatia give them a run for their money and give a good account of themselves, alone that can lead to a surprise win for them.
  8. Swiss representing their best product, cheese, with so many gaps in it
  9. Swiss come back ? Shocking how poor they been though so far, usually quite a compact team
  10. Well that was worth resting players against Japan Everyone from that group is now out.
  11. very impressive performance so far from Ecuador, defending brilliantly, and even when they have a misplaced pass, they are pressing right away to get it back, one turnover after another
  12. I thought things would get better with Flick, as he was the tactics guru behind Löw but as things have been with him so far, they have been shockingling poor. Does Germany really not have a better right back than Süle? I mean come on, with 3 such CB's, it is screaming to play 3CB's and wing backs (i know, everyone is the best trainer but it just seems like he's put players out and said "it'll sort itself out").
  13. I watched as much of the game i could, in the build it there was an interview between Schweinsteiger and Flick, and Schweinsteiger showed him an analysis of how the German team typically gets beaten, especially when they lose the ball in midfield, Flick seemed surprised......but Japan seemed to have listened as that what Schweini described is exactly what they did, fantastic performance from Japan, bragging rights in the Bundesliga for quite a few of them too!
  14. the odds are getting better and better, tempting to put a couple of quid on Argentina to turn it around
  15. Well that was another easy bet, the odds were not great but a win is a win, 2 from 2 so far this WC
  16. Geez Grant's team can't stop scoring! Great to see you guys still playing :-)
  17. Kann ich mich nur anschließen, ist bisher nichts aufgefallen. Hast du irgendwelche Veränderungen vorgenommen, z.B. andere Datenbank, Ligen, usw.?
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