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    Also check your firewall and possible router settings too as these may hinder it making a connection.
  2. There is a lot of data going backwards and fowards between you, with one of you as hosts and such a long distance it will eventually come to performance issues, not just the connection but also how good the PC's are will come into play. If your friend has the better PC is might be worth him hosting the game and you joining him, as the PC which is hosting, is not just processing your game but partly his, as he sends data to yours to process and back again. Games like COD etc, are not as hard on your memory as FM is.
  3. Ich würde sagen "Ja", also es gibt ein Mod da kommste bis Oberliga oder Kreisliga runter, musst du aber im Editors Forum gucken, da es immer wieder verbesserungen gibt, um den aktuellen Mod runterzuladen.
  4. Nicht nur FM auf Deutsch, sondern auch noch ein Forum! Ich muss ganz ehrlich sein, ich habs total verpasst, bis jetzt :-) Ich denke viele deutsche Spieler werden immer noch ein bestimmtes DE Forum nutzen, aber ich denke mit der Zeit wird es auch hier mehr Leute geben, da es zum ersten mal in DE auf dem Markt gekommen ist. Im Editors Forum hatte sogar jemand wieder die erweiterten Ligen integriert, diese geht bis zur Oberliga oder sogar noch weiter, gab es immer wieder mal für FM (sowohl auch CM), ist echt klasse, da kann man wirklich dann seine "Dorfmannschaft" nehmen.
  5. Could have passed once or twice, but apart from that, he's been the best player on the pitch, running circles round them.
  6. What a different player Neymar is when he isnt constantly falling to the ground.......non-existant when he stays on his feet,
  7. Just missing the yellow for diving
  8. Cracking game, Brazil with a couple of great chances and Belgium go and do that
  9. They learned well from Neymar, the "best simulation" award has got a few front runners this WC
  10. Once a icelandic pony leaves Iceland, it is not allowed back, ever.
  11. Going to have to start making the same rule for the women as they have for the horses @Icelander83
  12. Absolutely shocking, they played just as bad as they did in the first game, as soon as I saw Özil and Khedira in the starting 11 i knew it wasnt going to go well, Goretzka out wide, what the hell? Löw was definately out of ideas, he needed to bring changes and he went straight back to his favourites, disappointed that they are out but geez, on those performances, deserved nothing, that was terrible, the team needs a big change and I think it has shown that Löw cannot provide it, the team needs the young fresh players pushed into the team and need to stop trying to carry the ball in the net and just have a fricking shot instead of trying to play it around a hundred times. Hoping for change but I feel that Löw will still be there for the Euros with the same players.
  13. Most goals England have ever scored in one game at a World Cup, great stuff, history making Panama! The ref is pretty good, im glad someone finally notices the wrestling in the box
  14. Don't really rate Lingard that highly, but that was a fantastic goal
  15. Panama players running to the centre spot to try and make a quick kick off
  16. Brilliant, all that holding on Maguire and Kane, bang, have it
  17. Absolutely amazing, there have already bee more penalties in this WC than there was in WC 2014 (13) and its only the second group game. VAR is definitely having an impact, but needs to be utilised mored, there have been times when penalties should have been (Kane getting wrestled to the ground) but its also been great to turn decisions around, Neymar falling, being awarded a pen and then overturned upon watching the replays.
  18. Who has the biggest balls.........the ref showing he has, this guy is fantastic
  19. Brilliant, now score Costa Rica to make it absolutely awesome
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