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  1. Well done Tommy, I think Molly Mae would have done a job on him.
  2. Tommy Fury fighting a guy with a 0-9 record, FFS he might as well be fighting me.
  3. Yeah not the best is it? I was claiming the Benedetto objective card a minute ago and the game froze on me, I noticed my coins had gone up to 205k yet when I restarted the game I had 203k but had successfully sold a few players for around 45k in total - I guess this is the game having taken it's % from the transfers that it hadn't properly done when I'd froze? I was panicking that someone was stealing from me!
  4. Same as me although Panam was my girlfriend, oh how I wish for a girlfriend like Panam in real life..
  5. Just completed this today, obviously it's not as good as it was made out to be before release and there is a few improvements needed here and there but on the whole I actually really enjoyed it. I'd be interested in what endings everybody got?
  6. There's a flashback right at the start of Miles Morales that basically explains what happened in the first game and how you got here so don't worry about buying the first - although the first is a great game in it's own right.
  7. I'm sure I speak for all of us here when I say I hope things get better for you soon mate.
  8. Agree with this 100%, lately I've been sticking Talksport on just for something to listen to and occupy my mind, it's great having something you can engage with and Talksport is pretty good with the debates it comes up with so as a football fan I've constantly got something to focus on/think about.
  9. Looks like it's EA working on a connectivity issue if anybody else gets this message and wonders what it means - should be resolved soon.
  10. Just tried going into a squad battle and got a message saying "sorry match making is temporarily unavailable please try again later" is this just EA working on a patch or something? Never seen it before.
  11. No doubt they'll have him come out on Dynamite and bash WWE like they get every other former WWE star to do
  12. Ah okay, I'll give it a go. The golden goal rule is handy with these objectives but annoying when you run into things like this!
  13. Having an issue playing the friendly matches for Icon Swaps, whenever an opponent quits I get kicked out of UT and receive the standard "leaving games affects your DNF" however it's also not giving me the win and this is happening every game - I've restarted the PS and it's still happening. Is there a fix for this or anybody else experienced it?
  14. Wouldn't really dwell on rumours, it's not like Progress haven't severed ties with other people named and shamed in the movement (Tells me they've investigated somewhat) and even if true, as terrible as that is it shouldn't be the fanbase that are judged for it as we just want to watch a decent wrestling show.
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