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  1. I find myself re-signing players I've sold years earlier for big money when they're coming to the end of their career, just to have them end their career with me .
  2. As title states, the amount of times I've committed my future to a club whilst I've been on a sun lounger somewhere is unreal. I should be informed of any offers rather than have them agreed for me when I'm holidaying.
  3. TheWednesday

    Santa (Coloma)'s coming to town

    I'd like another save mate, loved my time in Andorra so anytime anybody else fancies a save there I'm all for it.
  4. TheWednesday

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    Got a class CB from Guinea-Bissau of all places in my Celtic save.
  5. TheWednesday

    Can't get a career going

    Whenever I get frustrated at not winning every game and being fairly successful I tend to turn it into a little story and laugh at how bad my manager must appear to be, if you get sacked just take another job potentially at a lower level and build yourself up from there. If you find you're just getting bored whichever save you load up you probably need a break and time to think of what you really want to do - your suggestion of TNS was a good shout based on my past experience, it's a really easy domestic league but its a decent challenge strengthening for a European campaign.
  6. Updated it and its back to normal, thanks for your quick response mate.
  7. Here you go mate. DxDiag.txt
  8. Similar problem to what I had before, the game crashed and I had to end programme using task manager. Since then everything seems fine until I get to a game, where it's unbearably slow despite been on the fastest speed. I've tried different speeds and have switched between pitch view/only commentary but it's no better, also the camera seems to be jumping around and even when on only commentary this is noticeable in the background. Not sure if related but was met by a message telling me to check my drivers were up to date when starting up the game earlier in the week? From what I can see I've updated my graphics driver so I've the latest version, so not sure what else I need to do sort this out.
  9. Re-installed McAfee and it looks to have sorted itself out, will let you know if anything changes. Thanks guys.
  10. So I've checked Steam and FM are fine by my anti virus software, changed graphics quality in game, re-installed the game and deleted cache and preferences and still the game is so slow and listed as staging. Just to clarify only certain parts of the game are slow (the opening credits, the matches, selecting anything from a drop down box and my avatar on the main page is slightly laggy as he moves about)
  11. Was this through the in game preferences? Did you have to re-install the game after or? I've tried doing the same thing and no change.
  12. Sorry for the late response Neil, I've got McAfee installed and both Steam and FM are listed as exceptions (although FM is listed as it is in my thread title, staging etc) - still having same issues.
  13. Tried deleting cache and preferences and verified files, makes no difference. When the game loads up, If i click the screen the intro skips ahead to the next loading screen. In game, match day's and selecting anything from a drop down box is extremely slow yet flicking through messages or viewing a player's profile is fine. Is there anything I can do to sort this out? It's just unplayable like this.
  14. Playing now and it doesn't seem as bad processing day to day, however the games are still really slow, whether it be commentary only or pitch view.
  15. You need to create your own thread and they'll look into it.