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  1. Which league file is everyone using? Want to jump in on the challenge but with the best file possible
  2. Thank you for this, have you also removed the Premier League's foreign player ruling as it doesn't look to be there?
  3. Hey bud do you include managerial changes? I've noticed Darren Moore is still at Doncaster rather than Sheff Wed and Chris Wilder still at Sheff Utd etc. Thanks for the hard work, much appreciated.
  4. I've tried adding Neath back into the Welsh Premier however can't seem to change the number of games to be played without affecting the league split that happens after 20 or so games - would anybody be able to put me something together that adds Neath but keeps the league split in place? It would be much appreciated.
  5. Started a save with this file (which is very good by the way) however have encountered the same issue above with teams not registering their 'better' players for the first part of the season. Is there an update/fix for this?
  6. I always berate the lads when we go a goal down, works a treat.
  7. Maybe downloading a data update will give you real time vacancies not available at the start of the base game?
  8. No problem thank you for your help! If it helps you the player in question was Pablo Moreno and I'd played him 14 times in total (Not sure if his lack of games played whilst on loan with me played a part in him not getting a new permit!) The year was 2023.
  9. Hi Tony, unfortunately the only other save I have before the managers complaints is two years prior when I was at another club - will this be too far back? (Guessing ideally you'd need a save file where I have the loan player?).
  10. One thing I've noticed is when a club approaches you for an interview the choice of wording every time makes it sound like you have taken it upon yourself to apply for the job ."You're looking to make the jump to a bigger club, what is the reasoning behind your decision?" Well actually I wasn't looking to move on until you approached me for an interview! Just a little grievance of mine I've noticed recently that I hope in future versions is picked up on and modified slightly.
  11. Very good point and I agree, I'm always getting similar complaints from managers - fingers crossed these issues are looked into and resolved!
  12. Apologies if in the wrong section, I thought this would be the best place. I'm managing Doncaster Rovers in my 4th season and have a young player on loan from Manchester City who is Spanish, after featuring a few times earlier in the season he has been unable to get a new work permit meaning I'm unable to select him in any squads.Pep is now questioning why I'm no longer playing him - Surely this is a bug as his parent club would be aware of the situation and would know the reason why he isn't featuring? Please let me know if anymore information is required, just figured I'd make you aware if
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