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  1. I don't yet have FM21 but one way to see your own sides ratings is through looking within the 'schedule' and selecting the game you wish to look at.
  2. Thanks again for all your hard work mate, it's appreciated every year!
  3. Really lovely gesture and also fair play to the OP for highlighting this, things like this really do mean more to people than some think.
  4. Being asked in a press conference how I feel about my former player losing his managerial job when he made two sub appearances for me before being released.
  5. Only just found this mate so catching up from the beginning this evening and will be following, looks like you've worked wonders!
  6. I always end up regretting turning down the Wednesday job as they very rarely go anywhere with the usual names they turn to, I can't bring myself to manage them though as I'm no better.
  7. Being asked in every press conference my relationship with the opposing manager of the club I've just played.
  8. Yeah I'll buy it, buy it every year and would do so even if they doubled the price as bizarre as it sounds to those with issues with the match engine etc.
  9. I take every manager of the year award I win as a huge honour, I'm sad like that though.
  10. I gather that one might be because SI created him with the latest update with him joining a playable league.
  11. Charlie Kelman is a very good loan signing from Southend for the top end North/South sides.
  12. Davin's file at the top of the page is absolutely fine and doesn't contain any duplicates, is this the one you are using?
  13. I'm two seasons in and no players look to have been duplicated.
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