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  1. Scrap player interaction, if they can't get it right it's not worth having in at all. It's bordering on game breaking when players are kicking off over the most ridiculous things.
  2. Not a massive one but at the minute it seems to only mention league titles won when reading your managers biography, I've had two promotions through the playoffs that I would expect to be listed here when profiling my successes to date - Something as short as 'League 1 Playoff Final Winner 2025' for example would be a nice touch, same when I've finished runner up.
  3. Great work mate, can you just let me know where to save the trophies once downloaded to get them showing in game, is it just within the graphics folder or is their a sub trophy folder within that?
  4. Very good read this mate! I'd like to sign up to try and help us over the line if not too late? If not I shall wait until the seasons finished and come down with my boots FIRST NAME Kip SURNAME Ellison NICKNAME / USERNAME NATION England
  5. Just read through your progress mate, looks a great save and one I'll follow. Big Gary Hooper fan after his days at Sheff Wed so was pleasing to see him contribute to your initial success
  6. Looks like I've done right in waiting until nearer Christmas time to purchase the game. Bugs and the like are part and parcel of the process, happens every year but this year it's different as it feels like a lot of the promised headline features aren't present at the level they should be.
  7. Could understand it more if it was a case of playing players in completely different positions to what has been agreed in the loan deal but where roles are concerned it's a bit extreme, especially if the player is getting regular game time. Was hoping this would have been looked at for FM24, what's doubly annoying is I holiday between games so often I've returned ahead of a game only to find my loan players have been recalled leaving me scrambling on a match day to find replacements.
  8. The features sound decent but I'm completely fine with the stuff I'm able to do already, for me it's more about the way the AI plays the game that I want to see be made better. Part of the reason it gets so easy later on in the game is because AI teams just don't build teams properly.
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