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  1. Elijah Dixon-Bonner, Connor Stanley, Di'Shon Bernard and Armando Broja are all fantastic free's for season two - my regular go to's for lower level sides.
  2. Thanks for your continuous hard work Timo, I'd like to put forward the lower levels in India too as a possible future inclusion but of course there's no rush you've done more than enough for us already!
  3. Really enjoyed catching up on this, had a laugh to myself that a blade has got our recruitment spot on and signed the sort of players all us Wednesday fans have been crying out for for years! Fingers crossed you keep us up, I suppose I'll let you off with a draw when the derby come's around!
  4. Sometimes going down is the best thing to happen to a team, another rebuild might be what you need to go again. Don't give up at the first sign of failure, should make success when it comes all the more sweeter - especially with such a small club.
  5. I'd defo be looking at the loan market, some of the bigger Italian sides will be more than happy to let you have some of their growing stars for a year provided you look after them.
  6. Small request but I want to see English clubs take a chance now and again and employ random foreign managers that we've never heard of, instead of everybody recycling the same English managers at every level below the Prem.
  7. Complete opposite for me, I just can't manage us as losing hurts too much...you'd think I'd be used to it by now!
  8. Will get FM20 for Christmas, gives time for some early issues to be ironed out and also means I can use some of the downloadable content for a long term save.
  9. Who knows, maybe if you start with the latest squad update one day you can bring him back?
  10. Accrington Stanley sacked me only to offer me an interview again 3 years later after some incredible domestic success with Linfield, needles to say I told them where to go.
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