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  1. I did make it home, but completely forgot about this at the time!
  2. I managed to sign Esposito in my third season at Derby (Promoted first season) He took about 12 games before finally scoring, but since then has not looked back. I shall post screenshots when I am home, but he has been sensational for me.
  3. Well... looks like I am on board then!! The thing I like about a plug and play tactic, is then focusing on training players to fit that tactic. I get a lot of joy out of identifying young players whose attributes could be suited elsewhere on the pitch and honing them to potentially excel. But no experience of this type of save really... so 20 years down the line I may be faced with having to adapt a tactic anyway!
  4. Impressive he has come through the youth intake though!! Assume this is a youth only save? Incredible progress though! Enjoying your updates
  5. Thanks for the updates everyone. I just like the idea of implementing the youth only aspect of a save. Honestly, not too fussed with the 'challenge' aspect in regards to completing it and being on a leader board of some kind. More than happy to still update my progress in here though
  6. Thanks for the response, @XaW could you let me know where I stand on this please?
  7. Some very inspiring stories in here! Would love to get going with this challenge. Could someone answer the following questions so I know what I am doing 1. Holiday 2 years? 2. I am wanting to do this in England... so I assume once holiday is complete, I take over a newly promoted team in VNN/VNS? 3. I can play the players already within the team? 4. Can I use instant result? 5. Where do people stand on plug and play tactics? I really enjoy the squad building process with FM, no interest in the tactical or watching games. Hence why I am happy to import a tactic and use IR button. Appreciate if these are outlawed for this challenge! Also, what database size would you recommend loading for this? I usually run the top 5 leagues in Europe and down to their lowest playable league. I have seen some guys in here over 100 years into a career (which I love the idea of emulating) anyone know if the game will still process okay that far into the future with my limited database set up?
  8. Rooney was sensational for two seasons tbf to him. Was definitely a step above the championship in my first season, played him in midfield and he assisted so many. Was good enough for my first season in the prem too. But he deteriorated quite soon after that. Think he retired after that.
  9. I always disable the first transfer window (adds more realism for me) I will always sell a player, before I buy a player for a specific position (I used to have a bad habit of inflating squad sizes and started being very strict on this) Only sign newgens I plan to fit into the first team (will never sign someone to loan out and eventually sell for profit) I guess I just do what I can to make it feel as 'real life' as possible. Any other tips on this would be great!
  10. So I started a Derby save two weeks ago (I am now five seasons deep). I have never managed The Rams before and was attracted to the prospect of managing Rooney (who I believe was still good enough for the PL). I will post screenshots when I am home from work of transfers and progress etc. Off the top of my head (as I am still at work), I will try to update from what I can remember! I disabled the first window as I feel this adds more realism to the save when starting a new career. I had my experience to Sunday league also (first time I have done this) so I was worried if we got off to a bad start. I downloaded a tactic (as this side of the game doesn't interest me, I enjoy squad building) and I use Instant Results (again, more interested in developing players and building a squad). For the life of me cannot remember if I made any transfers in January for the promotion push. I will check the details later on and update in here. Season 01 - Championship (Winners) Season 02 - Premiership (Mid-table) Season 03 - Premiership (3rd) Season 04 - Premiership (5th) Season 05 - Premiership (2nd) Currently in season 06. We should have won the league last season looking back on it, but still very happy with the progress we have made. We have made some absolutely insane transfers, I will note all 'big' players I have signed have all been transfer listed which I have taken advantage of. Again, I will post up transfer history for each season later on, but off the top of my head, here are the bigger signings I have made over the years Fabio Silva, Esposito, Pulisic, Maximin, Bellingham, Eric Garcia, Wan-Bissaka, Tarkowski. I also have a newgen from the first season, who even now is 4 star CA and 5 star PA. Was also labelled a wonder kid. Very excited to continue developing him and I genuinely see myself staying with this career until he retires. Originally a RB turned into a LB due to the arrival of Wan-Bissaka. Also, Archie Brown... anyone used/developed him much? I have only kept him around as a fringe player, but he is now worth over £16m. I had an offer of £30m + 50% of next transfer fee (I accepted, but he turned down the contract) Was shocked when I was able to negotiate this offer. He looks bang average to me. Alluding more to the newgen, Derby are consistently producing decent newgens. Only this wonder kid is a regular starter, but I have two more as fringe players and a few on loan who should make the first team in the future. Also had plenty who have been sold for money+ 50% next transfer fee. Never had such a conveyor belt of talent that regularly get bids on (I never offer them out) Had one 16 year old I sold for at least 8m + 50% transfer fee. Couldn't believe what I was seeing! But yeah, I have had a lot of fun with this save and it is still exciting to continue playing! I will continue to update my progress in here too
  11. That will be an interesting read. I have always wondered if it would be best to just sit your very best youth prospects in the first team to train and play sporadically. And do away with/pay no attention to the U23/U18 teams in terms of signing players to bulk out the squads so that your 'stars' can play in a competitive team for those U23/U18 leagues, hope that makes sense Plus, I like to keep my best prospects in the first team to be influenced very early on by the first team players.
  12. Season 02 Transfers League Table Competitions Best XI Summary PSG took the clean sweep and finally won a Champions League trophy. That is also two seasons undefeated in the League too, wonder how long that run can go on for! In terms of the challenge, the injury Mbappe sustained definitely has put a dent in our ambitions. He was on fire before the injury and he is just two goals short of the century. However we targeted 15 seasons at 60 goals a year, so he needed to be at 120 by now. I didn't consider it is highly unlikely he will be hitting 60 goals a season when he hits his mid 30s. So this is going to be tight if he is going to manage the 1000 goal target. I may be looking for a new target to step up and take part in this challenge earlier than I thought. Sad to say, another injury like that to Kylian and that will be his challenge over I fear. Another £300m transfer budget too... so I shall continue to spend and to just improve the first team as and where I can!
  13. Getting into the meat of season 2 and we get this injury. Mbappe has been storming it so far and was on track for a record breaking season. This will see him out for the rest of the season I feel.
  14. Season 01 Transfers In League Table Best XI Summary This was a fun season, whether or not total domination will continue to be fun as I go on with this save remains to be seen. Mbappe was our top scorer which is what we want, however he is already below the target I have set for each season to have any chance of completing this challenge. PSG won all four domestic trophies, however fell short in the Champions League Quarter Finals to Manchester City. Cups and trophies are not the aim here, although it's always nice to win them! We also completed an invincible season. The Manchester City away loss, was our only loss of the entire season! Mbappe had a few injuries which limited him to 48 games, as you can see from Navas' record, a lot more games were on offer had he stayed fit throughout. Next season I aim to bring in big players. I will basically be upgrading my worst position at a time for the best player available. I have been given £370m transfer budget... so a lot can be done with this. A few older players will be gone too so quite a big change going into season two here.
  15. I completed my first season late last night and concluded all my transfers going into season 2. I am using Instant Result and a downloaded tactic.
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