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  1. Sorry to keep posting, happy to PM if you dont want this clogging up your thread! I am not getting the usual end of season awards cut scene. Season has ended, in the transfer window and even got to the point where it shows the leaderboard at the end of the season. so no idea why it seems to be missing this. Appreciate you won’t know either! Just confused that using the same link as you it isn’t working the same
  2. So I have done a season with this link above, best eleven still not showing for my team after first season.... but other teams I view it shows data. So now I am even more confused. Does your Best Eleven history show every season?
  3. Hi mate, do you have issues with your best eleven information on this save? I am 5 seasons in on one of my own and it seems to miss some seasons data. As you can see below, it as only tracked 3 out of the 5 seasons I have completed If yours is okay, any chance you can link from where you got the original save from?
  4. Love to see a screenshot of your managers history, games played, win ratio etc. Also, your overall best eleven. Please. If it isn't too much trouble
  5. Would be interesting to see if it had the same affects, using the same tactic and same goal keeper up front, but at a lower prem team.
  6. I am going to try this out myself. The perseverance you've shown is astonishing. Not sure I've ever seen anyone get near to 100 seasons, let alone 200 seasons. I cannot wait to see where some teams have fallen down the league? How many leagues in England are still active?
  7. I did make it home, but completely forgot about this at the time!
  8. I managed to sign Esposito in my third season at Derby (Promoted first season) He took about 12 games before finally scoring, but since then has not looked back. I shall post screenshots when I am home, but he has been sensational for me.
  9. Well... looks like I am on board then!! The thing I like about a plug and play tactic, is then focusing on training players to fit that tactic. I get a lot of joy out of identifying young players whose attributes could be suited elsewhere on the pitch and honing them to potentially excel. But no experience of this type of save really... so 20 years down the line I may be faced with having to adapt a tactic anyway!
  10. Impressive he has come through the youth intake though!! Assume this is a youth only save? Incredible progress though! Enjoying your updates
  11. Thanks for the updates everyone. I just like the idea of implementing the youth only aspect of a save. Honestly, not too fussed with the 'challenge' aspect in regards to completing it and being on a leader board of some kind. More than happy to still update my progress in here though
  12. Thanks for the response, @XaW could you let me know where I stand on this please?
  13. Some very inspiring stories in here! Would love to get going with this challenge. Could someone answer the following questions so I know what I am doing 1. Holiday 2 years? 2. I am wanting to do this in England... so I assume once holiday is complete, I take over a newly promoted team in VNN/VNS? 3. I can play the players already within the team? 4. Can I use instant result? 5. Where do people stand on plug and play tactics? I really enjoy the squad building process with FM, no interest in the tactical or watching games. Hence why I am happy to import a tactic and use IR button. Appreciate if these are outlawed for this challenge! Also, what database size would you recommend loading for this? I usually run the top 5 leagues in Europe and down to their lowest playable league. I have seen some guys in here over 100 years into a career (which I love the idea of emulating) anyone know if the game will still process okay that far into the future with my limited database set up?
  14. Rooney was sensational for two seasons tbf to him. Was definitely a step above the championship in my first season, played him in midfield and he assisted so many. Was good enough for my first season in the prem too. But he deteriorated quite soon after that. Think he retired after that.
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