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  1. What dictates if they will get a 'could be the next'? Is it just random? I have plenty of wonderkids who never get a 'could be the next' Obviously I do not expect this with ALL young players. But it always a rarity in my games.
  2. I am already 9 seasons deep into this save, but enjoying it so much that I felt I needed to update and show everyone else what a journey we have been on. From back to back promotions, play-off heartache, Premier League relegation, this has been a roller coaster ride! So I will do brief updates of the previous 9 seasons for those who may be interested in transfers and results etc. My only issue is I went crazy and did a custom database with 380K+ players so now my save is slowwwww! If anyone knows of a way to reduce this in game, please let me know (I have reduced nations and leagues already... but I did a custom database rather than a large) We currently find ourselves in an end of season battle with the 'big boys' hoping to push to European Football for the very first time.
  3. If your son was at home, crying alone, on the bedroom floor, because he's hungry? In all seriousness... the Captain never leaves a sinking ship!
  4. Currently have a 19 Year Old GK who is the next Gordon Banks. 9 years into a Scunthorpe United save. Very excited to see how he develops!
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