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  1. Yeah Makoto has mentioned before he uses Instant result... i do too. Definitely cuts down on a lot of playtime!
  2. Juventus in 14th.... how long have they been this poor for?
  3. Will there be an update due now the english transfer window is closed? Are you awaiting for the rest of the european window to close?
  4. Apologies if this is a stupid question. I use the instant result skin.... does this interfere with that?
  5. Apologies if this has already been asked. I am going to try this for the first time. Would people recommend only loading the English leagues? Obviously with the aim of a long term save... will this run super slow if I add the usual top 5 nations and leagues also?
  6. Hi all, no idea if I have been searching wrong. But couldn't find a thread for it. Anyone found a really upto date database with all transfer changes and promotions and relegations? perhaps even some ca/pa changes that are accurate rather than absurd?
  7. I thought Natural Fitness was around the idea of reconditioning. So more naturally fit they are, the quicker they regain fitness to play more games each season? What the OP has suggested sounds like a very good idea (assuming it isn't already a factor) Regens do all seem to max out their potential at the same rate and alarmingly quick too.... would be good to see some variation with players peaking at certain ages.
  8. The game is as difficult as you want it to be. If you want something difficult, then go manage a club in tier 6 with no aids and attribute masking on. Create your own tactics. Of course it is easy to take over a big 6 team, have full knowledge of players, download a game breaking tactic and then claim the game is too easy
  9. And you almost quit.... WELL DONE! So, if you get relegated.... you sticking it out another 30 seasons
  10. Most enjoyable thread of yours Ive followed... keep up the mediocre results!! In all honesty it is an enjoyable read.... just wait for the fanfare you'll receive WHEN you finally make it out of here!!
  11. Cannot give up on this now you're this far in. Must have another 100 seasons in you yet...
  12. Thanks! Yet to actually get this save going. Yeah that's a good point.... I wouldn't even know where to look. I use instant result religiously... I would imagine this wouldn't be acceptable for a Guinness World Record.
  13. I would imagine that some players are being affected by other players personalities in the team? Yeah menotoring could help with this. For example, if you have a first team full of positive/determined personalities.... Id think it be quite rare for a player to decline themselves (that's my conclusion) Also, staff/coaches with poor personalities could become a factor? I'd need an expert to clear this up... but this the rule I play by.
  14. Wannachup... just do a quick google search and you'll find links for a download
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