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  1. So, i had the crazy idea of trying something with a story behind it. Cesc is my all time favourite player growing up as an Arsenal fan. I will be loading up all nations across Europe and lower divisions, so this will be a huge database. No idea where I (Cesc) will end up. I am excited to play in divisions and countries I have never tried before as well as see how far Cesc can develop as a manager. Again, no jobs will be applied for unless sacked and of course finding my first job. I also like the idea of Cesc unearthing a real talent somewhere obscure and taking him with him. Would be nice to be in a lower league somewhere and slowly get offered jobs at higher reputable clubs and bring along with me that one star player I can build a connection with.
  2. Chapter I - A New Beginning Having seen his mentor and now best friend Thierry Henry be unceremoniously sacked after no time at all at Monaco, Spaniard Cesc Fabregas decided to join him in leaving the club. The Spaniard not happy with the treatment of his French pal, ripped up his contract and walked. Six months down the road and plenty of time to mull over his next career move, Cesc had piled on the weight. Having spent his winter and spring locked in his basement with his snacks and favourite game Football Manager. He arose one beautiful morning and decided a change was needed. Thierry didn't exactly make the management game look easy or for that matter fun. However, Cesc now saw himself a bit of a maverick from his time on the computer based simulation and thought, 'let's do this for real' So here we are, Cesc Fabregas retired from football and now focusing on the mindful games of football management. With no experience to his name so far, he had no idea what sort of job he could find and apply for. He wanted to do it the correct way though. Not rely on his previous contacts to get him a foot in the door and have unrealistic expectations of dominating the football world in three years. No, this was going to be a journey. No doubt from the obscurities of non league football, but this is what he wanted. To learn the game inside and out. He would wait for a job to become available, at any level. He had a vision in his mind to find a club in disarray and help them. Learn from them and learn with them. Maybe help the players becoming as great as his playing days. A real man manager. He is open to moves all over Europe and isn't afraid to tread into new and undiscovered territories. Where will Cesc end up...?
  3. I will always stick to two players per position and then 3 others who can play across the pitch, so 25 in my first team. I then hoard as many players as I can afford in the U23s. These will all be regens. 5 star potential/wonderkid status. I sign them all to 5 years contracts and 3 year optional extension. Loan them all out and if they become good enough/better than my currect squad player, bring them up. Or continue to loan them out until they have two years contract left and offload for a nice hefty profit. Rinse and repeat.
  4. I would maybe expect that more so in 2422! That is crazy to have a low nation win a big tournament that early on.
  5. I had a regen striker who was refusing any kind of contract extension. I gambled and hoped a solid start to the season would get him happy at the club again. This didn't happen, he still wouldn't enter talks. Put him for his value of 65m in October Managed to sell for 50m plus 50% of next sale I thought this was decent value for a player they could have signed for free 3 months later.
  6. Hi all, reading through the forums I have the understanding that the DOF role was fairly broken in versions up until FM19. So with this in mind, I want to do my very first DOF save, giving all responsibilities to my DOF with transfers and contracts. 1. Is there any downfall to giving all responsibility to the DOF? 2. Should I be doing anything alongside the DOF... suggesting players? or claiming I need this position filled? Will the DOF look into squad depth and understand what is required for the team without any input from myself? 3. Are their any attributes other than the JPA/JPP that a DOF needs to excel in the position? Adaptability? Does hidden attributes have any affects? Is a 'Model Professional' desirable like it is when hunting for the perfect HOYD?
  7. I have always brought up players to the first team that I feel are stars of the future. With the inclination they would develop better with higher quality players to train with. Is this actually a negative affect? Everyone under the age of 18 will improve more in the U18s? Also assuming it is important to get a good coaching base at this level as well as your first team?
  8. So my original idea for this didn't go as planned and I couldn't get into the save trying it without star ratings and attribute numbers! Instead I am going to just try for Journeyman type save across Europe. I am going to be strict on myself and mask attributes and see how I fair. I am going to put one rule in place... the only job I am allowed to apply for is my opening job or as/when I get sacked from a job. So if I find myself in good form and jobs open up, I cannot apply for anything. I can only move jobs if I get approached for an interview. I am going to open this up to several European nations including some more obscure ones (at least for me anyway)!!
  9. PSG wow... not sure I've seen any team on any FM have a start like that. Youre in a fantastic position too!
  10. If I knew how to get the bars on, I wouldn't mind giving this a go. Probably with a more established team so I can get my bearings with how it works and understanding what I need to analyse to make a decision on who plays where and what players I bring in. I am an Arsenal fan... so I might start there with this! What and where can I find this project to read through? I always, always... pick players and a team over their attributes despite past performances. I know I should shy away from this, but it's hard to when it's such a habit!
  11. Great detail as usual... love following your stuff! Good luck with this!!
  12. Apologies, I had a week off work (which gave me plenty of time to update) I was just too immersed in the game and just went deep into it!
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