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    Albion Rovers look to Knott to fill managerial role Rob Knott's first managerial job in football has come at Scottish minnows from the North Lanarkshire town of Coatbridge. On a shoestring budget of 2k a week it was going to be a busy summer of in's and outs as knott looked to shape a squad of his own ready for Division two. The team started very well and won 5 out of 5 games and looked to cause a few upsets this season, only to see them start to struggle and morale soon dropped like a lead baloon. The team struggled to score goals and soon found themselves in a relegation battle. The team failed to recover and were relegated to Division 3. Player of the Year: Mick O Bryne Managers Player of the year: Flavio Paixao Average attendance : 329 *Knott has stated hes looking towards the future and getting the club back to where they belong*
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    Derby Appoint Knott Three hours had passed and knott had barely cleared his desk when he was called by a guy asking to meet at a bar to discuss a big job in the championship. It was the Derby Chairman. It seemd knott had a nack of turning clubs around and getting them promoted without really breaking the bank. This kind of job is what has made knott popular with chairman around the country after work at Middlesbrough and Southend. Only this job was the opposite. Knott was offered a 10m Transfer kitty and a wage bill that would give some premiership clubs a run for there money.With the Championship well under way knott knew a play off dash would be at best so the unhappy players were on there way and only a couple of loans deals were agreed. There was no pressure this season to achieve anything so anything higher than where the club was when he took over would be a bonus so a top half finish was welcomed by the board. Knott found himself in a new position with money to spend and some top european players interested. so all eyes were turning to Derby for next season!
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    Knott walks out on Middlesbrough Not many could write this script but it was to be another chapter in the knott management merry go round, with middlesbrough sitting in 8th place in the championship and putting in some great performances life seemed all well and good at the club, the dark days of spiralling out of league one were a thing of the past and they were back hosting the likes of Stoke and blackpool again. But sky sports news reports that knott has asked to have his contract terminated and the board have accepted. Rumours are all ready starting to spread about knott becoming unhappy with the budget at the club with players leaving because the club cant affford new deals and the chairman accepted bids for key players with no money to sign replacements. A key falling out between Chairman and Manager has seen this club back into turmoil! Fans payed respect to the former manager for all he has done for the club and they hit out at the men at the top saying maybe its them who should be handing in a resignation!
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    Middlesbrough show mental strength to go up through play off's Middlesbrough fans, players and directors all come together to celebrate what can only be descibed as 'a job well done' season. The team knew league one was tough to get out of and it was never going to be easy so they had to settle for another play off run. The same players and Staff were there this time round and knott did say the team would learn from there mistakes and the heartache from the season before and they truely did. The steam rolled through the play off final to get back to where they belong. Knott played down the bid celebrations knowing this day would come as this club was way to big for the division, but it was going to be knotts first season in the Championship with pretty muh the same players and a similar budget so the task was massive to establish the club as a championship side again. The only target in Knotts mind was safety
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    Play Off heart Break for Knott The place was buzzing there was a new Look squad assembled and there was about 40 loans standing around waiting for a game of football. The fans were buzzing and so was the new chairman with his decision to install Knott as the Middlesbrough manager. The club made some deals with local companies to secure the future financially of the club and people actually started to believe that this club could pull themselves out of the financial dire and put in some good performances on the pitch. They started brilliantly and teams stood up and took notice of middlesbrough after winning 8 out of the 10 games at start of the season. Knott seemed to get it right this season after the failure of Tamworth the season before. After what was to be a long season the 46 games started to take there toll and middlesbrough started to wobble managing to secure a play off place. Middlesbrough met Crystal Palace in the Semi Final of the play off's , which ended badly with the club falling short and crashing out after 2 legs. Knott said it was a season to build on and next year the team will bounce back stronger mentally.
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    Knott Suprised by job offer! After walking out on recently relegated Tamworth just two days after it was confirmed Knott was hoping for time to regain his thoughts and evaluate what happened at tamworth and put right his errors once he was back into club management. Knott felt a drop to league two would be on the cards as his reputation of relegatingTamworth would be to much of a gamble for clubs to take on since this was his first time in the league and it didnt go to well. Knott was getting bored around the House until a suprise phone call from the Middlesbrough chairman come completely out of the blue. He said 'Knott' has a great way of pulling clubs out of freefall and turning them around and getting them promoted to where they once in. He spoke in great length about the job he had done at Southend and said hes going to give knott 3 years to turn middlesbrough round then he would like to see them in the championship. Knott signed the contract the very next day saying it was a big club and he could never have turned down a job like this. The hard work starts here said a delighted Knott.
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    Risk Pays Off as Knott bounces back with Tamworth A new season and Knott was back on the job hunt this finally ended and he was off the golf course and in charge of league one Minnows Tamworth. October and Tamworth was sat in 10th after some big advice from good friend Fergus Martin not to take the job as the club was a. Tight as a ducks ass and b. lacking ambition and financial power , knott really wished he listened to his good friend, the club spiralled out of control with not really many players to cover positions and morale dropping like a lead baloon Knott knew he had a real struggle on is hands. The club continued to fall from the league one heights, It was even noted that during a very busy schedule knott was spotted on holiday with family and absent from the club for several weeks this lead to press reporting a big bust up between manager and chairman and with january looming doubts were cast to the clubs ambition with the wage budget being slashed, it seemed te club was allready preparing for league two football. Little changed and and the club went on to be relegated on the final day of the season Knott now boasting a very proud relegation on his CV had two words for the chairman 'Up Yours' and walked out of the club with instant resignation. Many thought this was to be knott's last big job in the football league, and he would have to drop a level and prove himself again Knott seeemed unfazed and was confident in his ability he just needs a club that feels right .
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    Southend Play Off heart ache Southend made a great start to life in league two with the same squad that played a key part in promotion from the confrence southend sat in the top 3 at christmas. Knott had a great squad to choose from after landing several key players on loan for 3 months from premiership teams and this gave southend a huge leap towards the promotion charge. Southend struggled to get the players to renew deals and commit to the end of the season and southend started to drag there heels and slip up at vital times in the season. After Christmas they went on slip in and around the play offs and never really excited or picked up the good form that they had in the first 15 games. Few players were chopped and changed with financial restraints on the club still not had his hands tied and had to go with what he got. Injuries to Key players including 15 goal hitman Joshua King , really hit southend hard and anything this season was going to be a bonus after having to call on several under 18's players. They finally made it into the play offs but lost out in the semi final This was the last Southend were to see of Knott as his Ambition and Determination was key in him Stepping down from Manager and looking for a club to manage higher up the football league. Knott stated he enjoyed his time at southend and glad he completed what he was signed to do and that was to get Southend back into the football league, Its just a shame southend couldnt record back to back promotions.
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    Southend Ready to Rumble So the big clear out was well underway 1st july come round and southend had 11 players on the books with a little bit of flex for bringing and shaping the remaining few slots available in the squad. The fans were buzzing boasting a record 2,000 turning up for a open training session and there was an array of players on show. The pitch was looking great and everyone was working hard around the ground to make this a season to remember. Then the news hit Administration the club was in turmoil no more players could be signed and current players was struggling to be paid this was all before a single ball had been kicked. The Recievers had stamped down hard on the Club and stopped any transfer deals going through. That was good News Compared to what come next ....the club was hit with a 10 Point Deducuction and the promotion campaign was about to derail. With loan players being brought in to make up the remaining squad, knott didnt let up and continued to make this a season to remember. Southend Soon made up the 10 point gap and secured a place in the play offs come end of the season. They went on to win the play off final. Knott played down the great achievement especially with a 10 point gap and focussed everyone at the club on what was going to be a hard season back in the football league.
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    Southend Approach Knott for Talks Former Barrow 1st Team Manager 'Robert Knott' had been out of the game for 3 months and enjoying some quality relaxing time when he got a call from southend chairman asking him to rescue the fallen league club and help guide them back into the football league. With a stadium that boasts holding 12,392 passionate fans Knott knew this club was clearly way to big to be rotting in the confrence. The chairman knew it was to little to late to start a promotion push this season, so he gave Knott time to build a side he could call his own and didnt set any objectives but wanted a return to the football league the following season. Knott put pen to paper on a 3 year deal and started to clean out the squad. He handed several deals to some spanish prospects picked up from the lower leagues of spain. Southend Finished 11th that season and the whole club looked forward to building on what they have already achieved in so little time under knott.
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    Barrow Getting Stronger With a full summer of Comings and Goings on the player front Barrow pulled in some big names from Premier League clubs. Players deemed not good enough and not offered terms for the season ahead, Knott took little time in getting on to these players about coming and playing for barrow. The season started brightly for Barrow with Knott confident about the season ahead and the players at his disposal he knew that a top half finish was realistic and play offs would not be to far out of sight. Whilst the team needed time to gel Knott knew that his team on there day could match most teams in terms of football being played ,But he knew with the sizes of clubs now in this division they would never be able to match teams in terms of contracts and finances. Barrow form took a nose dive and Knott and chairman both sat down and came out that the best outcome would be for knott to hand in his resignation with 15 games to go. Barrow Appointed Clarke Carlisle and managed to finish 8th. Knott released a press statement that he was looking to get back into management as soon as possible.
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    Knott Appointed Barrow Manager In what seemed a suprise appointment Rookie manager Robert Knott was given a 2 year deal to avoid relegation with the minnow club, The young manager with no managerial experience on his CV seemed delighted at the chance to show off his skills and help a club really looking towards the wrong end of the league table of expectancy. Knott wasted little time in getting the groundsman to shape the pitch towards his style of play, getting the board to organise a parent club and trial day and getting some friendlies set up. Most of the players kept on the books from the season before were shown the door by Knott to give him free reign with the 5k wage budget to build a side. 50+ players came and went for barrow over the season but the biggest shock of all was when they managed to pull of a transfer coup in the shape of Pablo Couñago. Barrow Huffed and puffed over the season without really every building up much title challenging form and managed to finish the season in 9th. The barrow board were chuffed with Knotts first season in charge.