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  1. Germany over 9.5 tournament goals at 10/11 on bet365 seems massive to me. Wish I had more money than 50 quid to put on it!
  2. Backed Suarez at 25/1 and just had a score on Muller at 33/1. Is Muller a definate starter?
  3. With the group they have Suarez sounds decent to me at 25/1. I know his best days are behind him but he could easily get 4/5 in that group.
  4. The noise you are talking about was a missunderstanding made 10x worse by the home fans. When the announcement was made about the minutes silence it did not come out in the concourse under the stand and some fans were singing at the bar and as they walked up the stairs. All of these immediately fell silent when they realised the silence was taking place. One west ham idiot shouted something about going mental and was then shut up. The home fans under the scoreboard then all got what they wanted which was an excuse to react. 95% of the noise was your lot. Di danios right. We should have had 5 by the end.
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