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  1. Channeling Kevin Pressman, who incidentally scored the best penalty i've ever seen in a shootout aginst Wolves
  2. Funnily enough, I posted that before I even knew the result, I went to bed after extra time because I was so pissed off at myself for wasting 3 hours of my life watching such a boring game.
  3. Poor game between two mediocre teams, ruled over by a terrible, inconsistent referee. What a waste of time.
  4. His flaws as a player are there to see because he is constantly involved. Yeah his finishing isn't always great, and he gives the ball away and runs down blind alleys at times but he keeps going and keeps running. Hes like the terminator, just doesn't stop.
  5. It weird isn't it? He was arguably Englands best player, solid defensively and a threat going forward, always looked in control and had a huge part in both goals and he's hardly been mentioned.
  6. Man, I'm a curse, every game I've managed to watch in this tournament has been crap. All the ones I've missed have been great.
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