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  1. They were, but it made a hilarious exit even better.
  2. That was fantastic. VAR was obviously designed to knock out Germany.
  3. It's been so so. Spain V Portugal was probably the most entertaining game so far but my god there's so much awful and blatant diving going unpunished that it's really turning me off the whole thing.
  4. Pedwar Pump

    Brazil vs Costa Rica, Friday, 1pm BST

    No balls ref, still no yellow for Neymar.
  5. It's weird because the Italia '90 squad was very very good and wasn't full of players approaching the end. I can't remember why we were missing so many class players in '92 apart from Graham Taylor and injuries maybe.
  6. Pedwar Pump

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    I suppose it could be viewed as frustrating but when we just don't have any reliable, intelligent passers that are good enough at this level it shouldn't be surprising. The theory is we'll do better against teams we can counter and use the pace of Lingard/Sterling/ Trippier/ Vardy and the movement of Alli to exploit space. It certainly looked like that at the start when Tunisia were a bit shaky and weren't sitting as far back. Just how well it'll work in practice against teams that feature really good technical players waits to be seen. I'm not convinced personally, Kane seems to be the only composed attacker and he didn't look like he was fitting into the system that well yesterday. Could have been he was marked out of it but I wasn't really watching that closely.
  7. Pedwar Pump

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    We looked good in the opening 20 because Tunisia were nervous, pushed a bit higher up and lacked a bit of cohesion. When our pacey players have room they do look good. Sadly once an opponents sits back Sterling and Lingard look a bit headless and panicky and there's zero penetration. Kane didn't look like he fitted in the first 20 either, ball wasn't sticking and he was making poor choices and he was so anonymous in that second half I genuinely thought i'd missed him being subbed, but I don't think any other player we've got would have finished that chance at the death as well or with as much composure as he did.
  8. Pedwar Pump

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    We did have an extra man though, one of the CB's was pushed up into the midfield when in possession, so it was much of a muchness to be honest.
  9. Pedwar Pump

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Kane was awful apart from the goals to be fair. Looked to be a performance pretty much at the level you'd expect from England.
  10. I don't think they've even played that great, they've just done the basics well and that's been too much for this awful cliquey overpaid overblown England team.
  11. Pedwar Pump

    The Alfie Evans case

    This is all so Black Mirror, it's really unsettling
  12. Pedwar Pump

    The Alfie Evans case

    Do these people have, you know, jobs and stuff they should be doing?
  13. I think it's fair to point out that every team ball tampers to some extent, it's pretty much accepted and brushed under the carpet, so Lehmann could have been referring to that.
  14. Smith comes across as a bit of a smug and arrogant git sometimes but he lives and breathes cricket, he's a total cricket nerd and all this will be really devastating for him. No sympathy for Warner at all, he's always been a twit.
  15. Pedwar Pump

    How to ruin your Twitch career and have the world hate you

    Yeah, unintentional necro, hadn't had enough coffee