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  1. Re Carroll and Collins not sure why they were missed I did request for them to be removed/added. Lee Kelsey again like you said not 100% sure what his role is the club website still lists him as employed , i know hes working for Leeds in their youth setup too. Youngest Player Andrew Villerman was 17 years and 179 days old when this record was set against Newcastle Blue Star, not 18 years and 186 days. Not sure where the game is pulling his DOB from as hes no longer in the database. On the rivalries, they possibly could all be changed. The Salford rating is fairly low and set as a competitive rival which I feel they were/are .
  2. I need to double check but pretty sure it's 90 because goals in playoffs don't count. Have got the rest of the information already in my list to update thanks. All tho some are already been set so not sure why they aren't showing already.
  3. No afraid not, earliest one I had, was the one I uploaded.
  4. Yeah, thats the correct save. He had the National A and soon as he became a eligible for a staff role it went to having no badges.
  5. Uploaded a save azmundo-rileynoqualifactions from Feb 19. if you go into Martin Rileys milestones you will see he has completed his National A coaching license. I simply offered him a new contract as a player/coach and it wiped them out. Think the news item about starting for a national c again. popped up around a month or so after him accepting the new contract
  6. Martin Riley had been studying for his coaching badges prior to me offering him a new contract as player/coach in March 19. Upon accepting the contract his coaching badges reset to zero.
  7. Has lee Kelsey taken on a new role with you? Halifax are recruiting for a new youth gk coach which Lee did along with working for the Leeds youth set up
  8. Brighouse Town It's now the Yorkshire payments stadium rather than dual seal or revert it back to St Giles Road, if you want a sponsor less one
  9. Injury is set to the 26/12/17. For whatever reason we haven't entered a u21s team into the west Riding floodlight league like last year, so I have ticked "club has no reserve fixtures box" Do you agree with this @Jake Laskowski? The new injury system should see him pick up several small knocks I think hes a fan favorite, could probably list Gardner too. Re his left foot, its pretty strong, if i increase it much more it has a knock on effect on his other attributes. Re the transferring listing of players its not something a researcher can set.
  10. Known issues: I'm aware that several of this year's youth team players are missing.
  11. When arranging friendlies you currently have the option for a range of teams based on reputation. A option to choose affiliate clubs and those you have agreed to play as part of a transfer from this menu, would save time. Arrange friendly> choose affiliate club Arrange friendly>choose other>your club>affiliates
  12. I was using the base skin by michaeltmurrayuk with a few additional panel and colour changes. I can no longer select the skin in the menu but my changes I made are still active.
  13. Hello, we seem to be having a problem of losing control of our teams whilst managing during games.
  14. azmundo

    OTF FM13 - Premiership FMO

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324243-*Official*-Football-Manager-2013-Constructive-Feedback-Thread/page41 post #4055 is where i got it from.
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    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"