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  1. Henri Saivet is missing an appearance and goal recordl for Newcastle in 17/18. He played once in the league and scored against West Ham before joining Sivasspor on loan later that year.
  2. Top effort on the file. However noticed a few things wrong in England, the northern cites seem to have the language set as east Anglia rather than northern British ? same with northern cities such as Manchester are set as southern British and London as Midlands
  3. A few data issues iv noticed in the Newcastle squad not sure if it effects other players elsewhere. Days to gain nationality in England is 1825 (continuously) Deandre Yedlin, joined spurs in 14/15 has been in England ever since days completed 1629 Ki sung yeung joined Swansea 12/13 has been in England ever since days completed 358 Federico Fernandez joined Swansea 14/15 has been in England ever since Days completed 319 Both Ki and Fernandez have clearly been in England more than the days stated.
  4. Not 100% on this one but worth a mention. Asked to submit premier league squad list twice. Once when the premier league window shuts on the ~ 8th Aug , then once more on the 3rd Sept after the international window closes. I cant remove anyone but can add players if there is space. E.g. I initially submitted a 25 man squad, leaving out Player X. In between the deadlines I sold Player Y, then could add player X to the squad at the 3rd sept deadline.
  5. When arranging friendlies you currently have the option for a range of teams based on reputation. A option to choose affiliate clubs and those you have agreed to play as part of a transfer from this menu, would save time. Arrange friendly> choose affiliate club Arrange friendly>choose other>your club>affiliates
  6. I was using the base skin by michaeltmurrayuk with a few additional panel and colour changes. I can no longer select the skin in the menu but my changes I made are still active.
  7. Hello, we seem to be having a problem of losing control of our teams whilst managing during games.
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