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  1. Under the scouting responsibilities option for providing own team and opposition analysis. I only get the option to either select my head performance analyst or a recruitment analyst, when I have 3 other performance analysts employed.
  2. But he's not eligible to play in the EFL trophy..so the suspension shouldn't count in that game
  3. Jamaal Lascelles was sent off for two yellow cards against Manchester United 4/10/20 but available to play in the next game against Liverpool 17/10/20. The only games between the two fixtures would have been the EFL trophy and a u23 league game but they shouldn't count as he's not eligible .
  4. Noticed in the English Prem clubs are signing an additional assistant manager, not sure this should be possible
  5. The rules state: Max of eight foreign based players over the age of 22 allowed out on loan at one time Max of eight players over the age of 22 allowed out on loan to a foreign club at one time. I am Newcastle trying to loan my goalkeeper Isak Pettersson to Arminia Bielefeld or Benevento but it keeps failing due "the squad must not have no more than 8 players over the age of 22 on loan to a foreign club" If I am reading the wording correct that should only affect Bielefeld loaning players out of their squad not into it. save game uploaded azmundo-issak pettersson
  6. Under the current chairmans profile there is board and fan confidence
  7. Set Board confidence to 1
  8. Okay thanks 😊 Anything else you'd recommend at that pricepoint?
  9. Whats everyone's thoughts on either the honor magicbook pro ( ryzen 5 4600h, 16gb ram ) or the huwawei matebook ( ryzen 7h 16gb ram ) More the capable of running fm to a decent standard right?
  10. Top effort on the file. However noticed a few things wrong in England, the northern cites seem to have the language set as east Anglia rather than northern British ? same with northern cities such as Manchester are set as southern British and London as Midlands
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