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  1. I'm sure it's been mentioned, but Lawrenson is making me want to watch this on mute.
  2. Jisntdaman

    The Snooker Thread

    As much as I love 99% of the BBC commentary, I do hate the near constant love-in with The Crucible. It's nauseating. And JV with the "where's the cueball going".
  3. Jisntdaman

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    So I just won a cup. Woop! A tab popped up at the top with the word "Presentation'. I clicked on it, but nothing at all happened. Have I missed something?
  4. Jisntdaman

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Does anyone know how often the 'Golden Generation' message comes through about the new youth intakes? I've just had it in my first season, and I have pretty bad facilities (being in the National League). Is it pure luck, facilities, good youth development coach or something else?
  5. Jisntdaman


    My monthly season ticket has gone up by £7.50, so I'm paying over £2.5k a year commuting. Two days in, I've had one train on time, the other delayed half an hour. And this morning I discovered that the already crowded 10 coach train I used to get, has now been permanently changed to an 8 coach train, following South Eastern's 'timetable review'. This meant that just three stops later, many people couldn't even fit on the train this morning. Wonderful start to the year.
  6. Jisntdaman

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Great thanks. My team actually has the lowest workrate, teamwork, fitness and stamina in the entire league. So I guess I shouldn't find it too odd that I'm conceding late. It's tough winning games with those attributes so poor!
  7. Jisntdaman

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    The amount of late goals I'm conceding is ridiculous. In 9 games so far, I've conceded late on in 6 of them (the 87th, 91st, 92nd, 93rd (twice), and the 94th minute), and 5 of those have been winning goals. And to really rub it in, I've missed what would have been a match-winning penalty in the 93rd minute. Is this a bug, or just my tactics?
  8. Jisntdaman

    Does anyone here use Adobe Premiere to edit videos?

    It's probably the codec, and not the MOV that is an issue. What's the exact problem you're getting?
  9. Jisntdaman

    The Apprentice 2017

    I found that part ridiculous; it was one of the easiest items to get. Just find any sports shop or Sports Direct, and you'll be able to get one, especially in central London
  10. Jisntdaman

    The Apprentice 2017

    Could you not put that final line in spoiler quotes?
  11. Jisntdaman

    Uber down the tuber - banned in London

    Ha, yeah I understand why he wanted the cash. But it just stood out as another reason why Uber is so popular.
  12. Jisntdaman

    Uber down the tuber - banned in London

    I tried to get a black cab last week. I asked if he took card. He said he did, but would really prefer cash. I mean ffs, try and move with the times at least.
  13. Jisntdaman

    U.S. Airlines (wtf is wrong with them?)

    I flew United to the States earlier this year. They were, as I expected, awful. Delayed both ways, food on the return flight was inedible, cabin crew didn't care about anything, and the plane was old and small for a transatlantic flight. Didn't get thrown off the plane though, so every cloud.
  14. Jisntdaman

    F1 2016 OTF PS4 League - Season Two

    Nah. Don't even own a PS4! If I do decide to get one I'll be back.
  15. Jisntdaman

    F1 2016 OTF PS4 League - Season Two

    Good stuff