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  1. I'm sure it's been mentioned, but Lawrenson is making me want to watch this on mute.
  2. Rooney seems to take an age to pass the ball, and makes it blatently obvious where it's going to go.
  3. So if Liverpool win the Europa league, does that mean only the top two in the league getting automatic qualification into the Champions League next year (with Liverpool getting the 3rd automatic spot)? And therefore even 3rd would require a playoff to qualify?
  4. If we assume Leicester win the league, when was the last time we beat the upcoming champions home and away in the league and yet didn't win the league ourselves?
  5. Sanchez not back for three weeks now. Let's hope this doesn't become the usual 2 weeks out becoming 6 months out
  6. I mean ffs, this borders on negligible. Who would have thought that the most injury prone squad for the past for the past five years needed reinforcements. This is entirley on Wenger.
  7. I think it's more that we haven't had a chance to rest any of our key players with squad players recently. Before we equalised our forwards looked knackered.
  8. Problem is, these type of games, followed by multiple players saying "we'll learn from this, we underestimated them" has been the norm for the past 5 years.
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