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  1. You could say the same about the police... try telling a suspect to social distance or keep a mask on. This is nothing against teachers getting the jab btw, if key workers were to be prioritised. But surely every key worker group would say they should be prioritised? Then you get into the murky world of defining 'key'. It's probably easier just to stick to ages.
  2. The whole Christmas thing was a fiasco and we should never have been allowed to mix. But give them some credit, the vaccine rollout wasn't luck. Kate Bingham (cronyism or not) did a great job.
  3. Isn't there now concrete proof it DOES work on the over 65s? Her and Macron should be ashamed
  4. Oh absolutely, I'm more than happy to take; I've got no issue with the safety or efficaciousness. It's more the 'legality' of taking it before it's approved in the UK, which may lead to it not being seen as legit by foreign countries (for example).
  5. Yeah I'll get in touch with them and see what they say. I imagine they won't have a definitive answer, but I'll see.
  6. So I've got a small dilemma. As I've mentioned a few times in here, I took part in the Novavax trial last October. As more and more people get offered a vaccine through the NHS, they are most likely losing a lot of volunteers who they have to unblind if requested. Today I got an email from the hospital and they've decided to modify the current trial to a 'cross-over': basically I would have the opposite of whatever I had in October and therefore would definitely get the vaccine. In doing so, I would have to decline any licensed vaccine offered to me. And that's what's makin
  7. Macron too. In an already vaccine hesitant nation, he really needs to take a long hard look at himself.
  8. Ronnie imploding here. But still wouldn't be surprised to see him take the next three frames and win.
  9. I think there's data now that confidentally suggests transmission will be reduced. From what I've read, pretty much every vaccine ever has reduced transmission in some way. Hopefully in the next week there will be concrete data that it is doing just that in the uk.
  10. How are POS like him still allowed to be on Twitter?
  11. The R rate could be as low as 0.6 according to new figures https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-r-number-in-the-uk It also appears the uptick/flat lining in cases on the ZOE app may be due to vaccinated people logging their side-effects and the app calculating them as Covid symptoms. This will be fixed next week, so hopefully the trend will continue down (it actually went down today anyway)
  12. From what I've read (and what Matt Hancock has said) it's supply that's the limiting factor at the moment. Come the Spring we will have the Moderna vaccine (already approved), and hopefully Novavax and J&J soon after. Therefore I can't see why we shouldn't be aiming to vaccinate 5 million people a week minimum come then.
  13. I actually weigh myself everyday and then take an average each week. I can easily put on 1-2kg from one day to another if I've eaten a lot the day before.
  14. Sounds it. I assume it will cost the government more though to pay for people to stay home longer, so whether they actually do it though...
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