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    Up to you, but if a zebra and a unicorn ever get into a fight, you won't know who to put your money on.

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    I happened upon a couple of squirls a while back in the act of coitus...


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  1. Bombarded with a van parked outside my workplace booming out Three Lions on a loop with subtitles. Some dude walked past me and asked if they're serious.
  2. So he could sub him off before full time in case it went to penalties? Yep.
  3. Literally just said to a mate "there's gonna be a huge miss before the end of the..." Didn't even finish the sentence
  4. That touch from Benzema ffs give me a chance to appreciate the first goal
  5. I love the overly optimistic "now, there is a check going on!" This is a hard watch.
  6. Just had a though. How eerie would it have been if there were still no fans? You'd be able to hear how distressed everyone on the pitch and pitchside were clearly. Christ :/
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