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  1. Just had a though. How eerie would it have been if there were still no fans? You'd be able to hear how distressed everyone on the pitch and pitchside were clearly. Christ :/
  2. Schmeichel's are just build different. Expected nothing less for a guy who was ready to run into a crashed, burning helicopter to save lives.
  3. At the same time, Chris Bosh didn't seem to understand why the Heat/NBA stopped him from playing after developing bloodclots. He had the decision taken out of his hands and still sought a second opinion until somebody said he'd be okay to play. I had one blasted out of my arteries so I know how dangerous a clot anywhere could be, always ends up affecting the heart.
  4. I imagine it was the same type of thing for the Muamba incident? It's almost as if they'll get some positive footage to reassure viewers before the put the studio peeps in an awkward position.
  5. They showed him on the ground, eyes wide open for a few seconds. You can literally call dump in the operations room to avoid showing things like that.
  6. I missed when it happened as I was watching on my phone as I got a call. I've never seen the Fabrice Muamba incident as I had a cardiac arrest on the same day and refuse to watch it despite knowing he pulled through. I rewound Iplayer because I thought it was an injury from a tackle. Wish I didn't.
  7. Definitely watching Wales games muted from now on. More Savage than usual.
  8. I'm confused... 81 minutes is currently being shown on BBC too. I didn't see the game but I've seen the goal.
  9. I didn't read the match thread and only became aware that there were people adamant that there was no handball at full time in the BBC studio... but I thought it was a clear movement of the hand down towards the ball. I think I might be in the minority, which is baffling. I guess hand moving towards the ball is negated by the distance between the ball and the hand, as Lineker read out in the rules. Maybe that was enough for it to be no pen in most people's eyes?
  10. First half of England v Costa Rica. Chat ****, get banged.
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