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  1. I didn't read the match thread and only became aware that there were people adamant that there was no handball at full time in the BBC studio... but I thought it was a clear movement of the hand down towards the ball. I think I might be in the minority, which is baffling. I guess hand moving towards the ball is negated by the distance between the ball and the hand, as Lineker read out in the rules. Maybe that was enough for it to be no pen in most people's eyes?
  2. First half of England v Costa Rica. Chat ****, get banged.
  3. Worst referee performance I've seen this tournament. Just waiting for Michael Ballack to run out of the stands after him.
  4. No replay of the Pickford save but it deserved to win the game for England, magnificent. ****ing unbelievable, to go from fist pump to face palm in 30 seconds. Feels like I got kicked in the nuts
  5. Mark Lawrenson has had a NIGHTMARE on commentary more than usual. Get the man some Lemsip.
  6. **** off, Maradona And **** off counting how many shots Messi has taken since his last International goal.
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