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  1. to be fair to Lloris his mishap was by trying to use his feet, Karius twice fecked up with the main instruments a goalie uses would be great timing for an own line of gloves actually
  2. France beat us in the semis instead of the final no regrets whatsoever we needed a win vs a team like Brazil to prove ourselves, to the fans as well as to the general public also as a confidence boost for the squad: they did believe they could do it, but never produced when at the tournament, and wanted revenge for the Argentina and Wales matches on previous occasions
  3. Eric Dier ffs wears his kit as if he's in his pyjamas just misses a nightcap, and a candle
  4. well done Lloris, making the Spurs proud as well curious to see whether he'll get best goalie after all
  5. guess they finally understood this in the end hey well spotted
  6. realism my friend *crossing fingers though*
  7. Kompany starts all bets are on to guess the minute he'll be subbed off with injury
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