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  1. Wales overtakes England in FIFA rankings

    shame Giggs isn't 10 years younger though, who knows how far you could get into the tournament
  2. Mitrovic' challenge (wouldn't really call it a tackle) was reckless, but typically one of a striker desperately trying to prove himself, making himself noted, no real malicious intent just clumsy. And he already has his rep against him cause of his previous games.
  3. Mbemba at right back is a bit of a surprise, as he's more of a central player. Janmaat was doing poorly so no real loss anyway, only in offense maybe. Unless they're not going to play with a flat four at the back but rather 3?
  4. over here he was this solid, sturdy, and speedy defensive machine who seemed to need some guidance next to him. Do hope he gets that over there. As for his aerial ability: well, in Belgium he wasn't that tested on that level, was dominant all the time but there aren't that many physical strikers like that over here anyway to compete with.
  5. so when's Mitrovic going to be booked this time :/ what a transfer. how is Mbemba for you guys so far by the way?
  6. Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    yeah well prefer useless stats to useless players any day surely
  7. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    the only way is up :/ damn bad start of the season, then again only one point behind Chelsea
  8. Liverpool thread 2015/16 - Klopptomaniacs

    interesting? yeah I suppose so. In terms of general trends that is. Would love to see such a stat for Premiership history only though.
  9. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    don't worry, there are plenty of games in a season, plenty of different kind of opponents, other players' injuries and suspensions. A fit and good Theo can fit in no doubt, as good players always mix well in general. Then again will we see him at that level? Let's hope so. And hope he's given the time and patience to get there.
  10. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    don't think anyone could ever guess that if you'd ask "guess what happened to me"
  11. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    for all he understands he might think you do want it.
  12. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    how hairy was the guy by the way, Paul? Proper back-carpet?
  13. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    nice afterwards though?
  14. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    as if in a muslim country females can massage a male. PS how much did they charge for a happy ending?
  15. Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    never had one, but seen on touristic tv shows it's something of an experience, painful but nice afterwards, bit rough. Not sure of the name though, thought they weren't allowed ham *extremely lame I know * grabs coat * tumbleweed*