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  1. For those who listen to the Around the NFL podcast, Chris Wesseling has died. Obviously he’d been very ill but the others had remained positive and he was last on it for their championship round up show. Only just got married and had a baby too.
  2. Such.....a bad idea. Can’t the Union make putting Manfred into a rocket and firing him towards the sun one of their bargaining positions?
  3. It’s a real head scratcher that’s for sure. Can only think they’ll perhaps tell the Red Sox who to draft in the 3rd round or something like that.
  4. I do feel like my excitement is very much tempered by the fact that Springer was one of the biggest users of the banging scheme. Probably the same for many Jays fans, even though this move is an enormous upgrade. I’d say the Mets still did better business getting Lindor (assuming he signs an extension) and Carrasco, even if it did cost good prospects. Especially when someone like JBJ should now fall into their laps pretty much. Lucchesi is a nice pick up, as was Quintana for the Angels.
  5. That contract will likely hurt in the last two years or so of that deal but for now it’s a massive upgrade and a very big step in the right direction, especially with Kirby Yates also signing yesterday. Will be interesting to see if we dip into our fairly deep prospect pool to try and grab a starter before Spring Training. Can see one of Gurriel Jr, Teo Hernandez or Grichuk being moved too. Gurriel Jr would hurt the most but his deal is so team friendly that the prospect cost along with him wouldn’t be much at all compared to the others.
  6. If this is all true then the Yankees and Astros are probably about to have the financial flexibility to enter the Free Agent market (although obviously they’ll be down star pitchers).
  7. What’s a good, casual local multiplayer game on the switch that my gf and I can play together? She’s not heavily into gaming but enjoys Mario Kart and Smash Bros. She claims to not be competitive at all but her history with MK suggests otherwise.
  8. Vaguely remember him endorsing some sort of Flying computer game in the 90s. My friend had it and we played it once or twice.
  9. I want to say it’s something like Bow Coxswain but the people you work with would have to be really, really into rowing and the picture of the girls would somehow have to be the Cox bit. Which only works if it was a group of guys.
  10. Rays can absolutely do one if they lose this series. Just relocate the franchise with immediate effect and pretend they never existed.
  11. Haven’t actually had a look at Japan yet but this game is so good generally. Still doing the Balkans bush trip but it’s just so relaxing and they’ve made it so fun to do vfr flying anywhere in the world.
  12. I wouldn’t worry too much about a mummy of someone who died in c. 500BC, their curses by then we’re probably a lot less heavy hitting and tbh Egypt was a mere vassal of Persia at that point rather than a cultural and political powerhouse. A mummy from c.2500 - 1150BC on the other hand......leave well alone.
  13. Not really sure if I can be bothered to continue watching what is going to be the Jays last game of the year. Ryu really bombed out today.
  14. So the Jays shat the bed vs the Orioles yesterday even though the Yankees were comfortably beaten by the Marlins, meaning we get the 8th seed and have to travel to our place of eternal doom, The Little Trop of Horrow, to face the Rays in the WC round. I mean, we’re in the playoffs so I should be happy but it’s been such a ludicrous season with the playoff format is a joke. Losing record teams making the playoffs ffs. **** off Manfred you utter joke for a human.
  15. It’s ok, we’ve been pretty good this year at losing from winning positions. Luckily we’ve also been good at winning from losing positions.
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