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    OTF's resident Chievo fan (I like Reading too btw...). Xbox 360 Gamertag: NickGiff1985

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  1. Need a repeat of this next year. Or whenever you're back at work Bliss.
  2. Was about to answer question 3 and find that it's expired already. What is this nonsense Bliss?
  3. John is the most obvious answer therefore I will go with: Gregory
  4. What about the fact she's wearing a coat designed for women?
  5. Think I should get bonus points for pointing out the blindness/ stupidity of some of my fellow players.
  6. Has also managed to change race and gender in an hour
  7. I expected better interest in physical fitness from the tourists and office workers around Charing Cross.
  8. The forecast is appalling but going to say 18 because there will be a few crazy people who need to get somewhere quickly at lunchtime.
  9. Presumably you're sitting down at a desk but one also has to take into account that you'll probably take a fag break in that time. Therefore I'm going to go with 1700.
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