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  1. Bliss is spot on. That's the best I've seen England play in a tournament in years - since 98 or even 96. We actually looked dangerous going forward and had Italy on the back foot for large parts of the second half - how often have we been able to say that? Would love Woy to stay as manager for four more years even if we don't make it out of the group - makes a massive difference having a boss with large amounts of international experience and so knows how to setup and prepare a team for the uniqueness of tournament football. Anyone would think we were the team who lost to Costa Rica yesterday. Italy are pretty good at this football malarkey lads.
  2. Eh??? The Seahawks were hardly underdogs given that the 49ers - Seahawks game was already considered by many to be the real Super Bowl, even before the event! Denver were very slightly favoured by Vegas at best.
  3. I don't come on here enough anymore (nor do I really speak much with him now) to know what he's been doing to incur your wrath. But it does seem like he should get the ban for a post that is actually abusive or a clear red card rather than something completely harmless (and clearly a joke). Especially as it's a perma-ban. Surely you agree that it comes across as heavy-handed? (People have been making similar comments in the Fifa 14 thread on OTF)
  4. Been shocking for most of the season tbf. Our squad isn't PL standard by any stretch and McDermott worked a bloody miracle to get our very average squad to win the Championship last season.
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