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  1. Well Ive been watching England since I went to Wembley in 1978. That is without exception the worst performance Ive ever seen The players 1-11 we all utterly awful. There was No skill No Movement No passing Nothing, just nothing and they should be ashamed to call themselves international footballers.
  2. Not a single player has played well.
  3. They could stand still and we would still manage to run into them.
  4. No its that theyre ****
  5. Sweet jesus just when you think it cant get any worse!
  6. I didnt know you were from Iceland.
  7. This is perhaps the worst England performance Ive ever seen, and I watched England under Graham Taylor.
  8. Yet again Kane. At what stage do other players say no to him?
  9. Not to bring Drinkwater too.
  10. What a surprise, we get a cross and we have a shot. Get it out wide and get crosses in.
  11. We look as threatening as a puppy barking at his reflection in a mirror.
  12. Good lord we are just awful.
  13. Sterling and Sturidge off, lalana and barkley on. If were gonna go down lets go down fighting rather than falling over.
  14. Kane 0 from 5000 on set pieces.
  15. A little bit?