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  1. The fix was in in that shootout.
  2. Jeez ITV's coverage is just terrible.
  3. lol, youre funny.
  4. It seems to be working
  5. bdcuk

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    I agree unless we have someone else on left who can over lap. A right footer on the left will always cut in, if however he has someone overlapping then that opens up space for him and allows more options. That said I wouldnt have young in the squad in any position.
  6. bdcuk

    World Cup Songs

    Clearly the greatest world cup song of ALL time.
  7. bdcuk

    Sugar tax

  8. Always hated The Smiths, always thought Morrissey was an utter bellend.
  9. A better analogy might be they're in a deep hole of s**t and they're keeping on digging. Of course they could climb the rope back up, but apparently that's not "the will of the people".
  10. While Channel 4's reporting could be described as "not complete" the overall reporting was fair, Tommy "convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon" Robinson doesn't have a leg to stand on there and yet again he provokes in order to get arrested. His actions are contemptable to the extreme and I have no problem with either the polices actions or Channel 4s reporting of it. He is constantly complaining of being persecuted, and he to an extent he is right, he is being persecuted, but rightly so based entirely on his actions.
  11. Evidence please. Morrissey is just bandwagon jumping on the latest right wing bigot-go-round. The sooner everyone ignores him the better.
  12. mmmmmmm the Torygraph, a truly independent sourse on The witch.
  13. lol, clearly a troll with either no knowledge or memory of the period.