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  1. She was a child, regardless of age she was a child. No, no it doesn't. Stop with the stupid slippery slope nonsense.
  2. Very much this, Joe Root is hardly a top class spinner and Jack Leach isnt a world class player either yet between them they took India apart in 50 overs. This was clearly a sub par pitch regardless of Atherton's comments.
  3. There appears to be 2 holes on either side above the end hooks. Id use a couple of brown rawlplugs and some decent screws and you should be fine.
  4. From the BBC Anti camber bends can be really dangerous, especially if he was going too fast.
  5. Surrey Hampshire border. Although when I lived in Hull people would be surprised I wasn't from there, in spite of being brought up in the afore mentioned Surrey Hampshire border area.
  6. I wouldnt say he had a sharp tongue
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