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  1. Might be the issue there as I was using @Mr U Rosler schedules from the training forum
  2. There is a caveat to using this. Mikey and Dan are working in conjunction, so any teams that Dan adds to the database that SI did not already include, will have a unique ID that will only match in Dan's database. Those same teams that have been added in this database will most likely have different unique ID's. So you do run the risk of there being some mismatches. However, if you feel confident enough with a little xml editing, it is easy enough to fix.
  3. This is not working for me on the latest build. I am using a custom DB with a Semi Pro team so don't know if that's effecting it. ***********Update*********** Done a little test with the custom DB and I can do this successfully with a Professional Team but not with a Semi Pro team. Should this not work with both or is it specifically designed for Pro teams only?
  4. Unless you have a severe beast of a machine, it will be. All the extra leagues and cups and players will tax the processing. If you are still in the first season, it gets much worse after the youth intake date.
  5. Such a shame you couldn't finish off the B's before mothballing this. Hopefully you might jump back later on to push a bit further into it. Whatever your next venture is, you know I'll be there every step of the way.
  6. Are all those level 13 leagues connected upwards to head towards the football League or are some locked of with no promotion?? They are some super leagues to play
  7. Good Luck in the Purva Liga. Levski and CSKA are always a thorn in my side.
  8. What promotion have you put in for the West Yorkshire and West Riding leagues at level 11? Real life, there should be none as it is invitational only up to the Northern Counties East League
  9. To be fair, that would not be entirely unexpected as from my experience playing in Bulgaria, Ludogorets, CSKA and Levski Sofia are money rich while other teams struggle without decent transfer income
  10. You said before that the huge money was down to TV revenue. Has this been only in the leagues you created or in the ones that come with the game too?
  11. Looks like they had a brief yo-yo spell between the top league and second league in 2116-2122
  12. Yay \o/ Bulgaria here we come Футболът се прибира у дома (Football's coming home) Ние се качваме нагоре, казвам, че вървим нагоре!(We are going up, I say we are going up!)
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