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  1. I'd counter that with the popular youth only saves that start in the lower leagues. Initially the quality of the players coming through the club's academy will be worse than the existing players and the other teams in the league will be buying players to strengthen their squads.
  2. If I was to put my tuppence in about this testing, I did have this issue last year with Knap in his environment about making it a very sterile environment. i.e Injuries eliminated and fitness and match sharpness kept to maximums plus no transfers, Is this your plan too? I understand using a sterile environment will allow for a more level playing field, but it also takes away the human element and unpredictability. But with that aside, in my opinion, the best way to get the best results from the testing would be with 5 teams and ideally the 5 weakest teams(as in the ones predicted to finish botoms) from the top 5 league in England over 100 games. Using this method, you can see how tactics work at different levels. Just cause a tactic makes Arsenal unstoppable, does not mean it will make Harrogate Town
  3. Girl doing editor work in Football Manager and of a high quality......Damn!!! Marry Me
  4. Look at his posting historty All he does is complain and demand.
  5. Or maybe, Claasen has hit the editor bug thats preventing him from working on the files and is just waiting for that to be fixed and in the meantime is doing groundwork to be ready when it is fixed. Read about Dans english file to get an idea. But also, maybe Claasen is so fed up with people like you being so up their own behinds that he's decided to jack it in as the stress and pressure put on him are not worth the effort. All the file makers do this out of their own time and do not have any obligation to you or anyone to produce them. Claasen is one of the top makers and has been for many years, but I bet he gets fed up with people making demands on him when they have no rights to do so.
  6. I'll have a looksie and report back
  7. It does work perfectly with the Base Skin Dark on 95% dezoom, as I had to revert to that to get to watch match highlights
  8. it is the 1.3 normal version at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Tried it at 95% and 85% dezoom and neither worked. Also tried the 1.3 Low Res and that had the same issue.
  9. Just tried this and match highlights don't show just a blank screen
  10. Southampton because I Support Portsmouth Leeds Utd, because I live in Leeds Rangers because my dad supports Celtic Man Utd becuase I like Liverpool
  11. What reputation did you set your manager as? That would also effect it
  12. Thats how recent the winners are for the Bristol and Avon League
  13. Is that for this season? As Dans work is for last and the Pyramid gets shifted each year
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