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  1. I don't know it is is too easy. I've certainly found this years easier, but I've played it more seriously too and put more effort and thought into it
  2. Not showing released players though I do play with a high turnover of players, but managed to stay with budget, just, each season
  3. This is my entrant to the question of is the game too easy With my yearly transfers Hardly the best players, but played them correctly and rotated to manage injuries well.
  4. From what I can tell, and I might be well off here, if you sign a player that fails to get a work permit but given an ESC place, if you play them for the necessary amount of games during the 1 year ESC period, then when you apply for a work permit, there is a higher chance they will get the work permit and free up that ESC place. Had a player from Jordan come into my Harrogate team and he had to have an ESC, but after a year he got the work permit. Did help he was also getting picked for the Jordanian national team, but they are not a top 50 nation so don't think that helped much. Also, the higher the league, the more ESC places you get. Sure I had 2 in League 2 and now have 4 in the Championship.
  5. Based off of the FM23 results the difference between the R7 5800X, which I run, and the R7 5800X3D, the difference was not worth the extra cost, if FM is your main reason for the new PC build. The X3D bit makes more sense if you were to be playing more graphically based games as it helps with an FPS boost rather than a data processing boost and if I recall correctly, the X3D is locked down so can't be OC while the standard X can be OC
  6. 4231 TH P95 Is absolutely amazing. Taken my Harrogate Town team from League 2 to Championship in back to back promotions with the title in League 1 and my squad is not that great either
  7. Type: Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: Ryzen R7 5800X CPU Base Frequency: 3.8 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.70 GHz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200Mhz GPU: RTX 3070 Graphics Level in 3D: High Benchmark 1 FM23: 00 min 56 Sec Benchmark 1 FM24: 00 min 45 Sec Benchmark 2 FM23: 02 min 03 Sec Benchmark 2 FM24: 01 min 53 Sec Benchmark 3 FM23: 06 min 31 Sec Benchmark 3 FM24: 03 min 38 Sec Benchmark 4 FM23: xx min xx Sec Benchmark 4 FM24: xx min xx Sec
  8. Also shows that even doing patches throughout the year, the game gets faster.
  9. Type: Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU Base Frequency: 3.80 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.70 GHz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200Mhz GPU: RTX 3070 Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Benchmark 1: FM23 - (Original run 0m 57s) (new run 0m 55s) FM24 - 0m 45s Benchmark 2: FM23 - (Original run 2m 11s) (new run 2m 08s) FM24 - 1m 56s Benchmark 3: FM23 - (Original run 7m 35s) (new run 6m 47s) FM24 - 3m 44s
  10. Possible way to test this is importing the FM23 tests to FM24 and compare
  11. One of your infamous double promotions after suffering near misses for years maybe
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