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  1. Think of the money £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
  2. To me, I feel like it should be included as, like I said, it was a pretty major thing when it was running and if you ask any supporter or team that's won it if they think of themselves as nearly men, you'd probably get a no. Although it will knock some teams off the list, it will add a lot more, to make the challenge more diverse and interesting.
  3. Also Tottenham won the Uefa Cup(Europa League) in 1984 Ignore me Nothing to see here
  4. What's the reasoning behind not including the now defunct Cup Winners Cup in Europe? Is it due to it not being an active tournament? Man City for one did win that when it was active and it was a pretty major trophy before it got swallowed by the Europa League and now essentially the Europa Conference.
  5. Honestly, you most likely won't get too much in terms of better regens coming through from the lower leagues as from a certain point the reputations and youth facilities will be pretty poor. If you are starting at League 2, you are better using the vanilla database down to Vanarama N/S. But if you want a bit more variations in the clubs that could climb through the ranks, then this file will be a godsend as I love seeing clubs from the non-league appearing many years down the line. Now, those clubs that rise through the ranks, will most probably improve their facilities so they might produce
  6. Skenderbeu are Albanian aren't they? They should be pushing all others aside if you are applying I've only just started getting headhunted in my save and have just a 2nd League and national cup win to my name, plus I only have National B licence, so no idea why you shouldn't be getting offered jobs.
  7. As no one has answered for you. If you use this file, it will load in all the teams within it, regardless of which level you have active. However, it shouldn't affect the speed as that's determined by the number of leagues active that need processing. So if you have up to level 9 active, the game should only need to process those 9 levels and any teams below that will not have too much processing needed outside of any Cup matches they might be involved in or transfer activity. The more active leagues you have running i.e the lower the level you go, the slower the processing will b
  8. I have never seen nations join the EU before. Didn't know it was a thing
  9. Maybe. I am only in 2023 so a good 30 odd years behind and Dinamo Tbilisi only have £3m in the bank
  10. Well, I don't know if you will get the same league setup as me as I am using Riddlers files instead of Timo. But down in the third division there is a one up one down and I was really struggling due to being semi pro as well as losing money every month and I could do nothing to change it. Most teams that are relegated from the second division are far better than the teams there already so it makes it very tough. That was with FK Korab Rebar, but after 2 failed attempts, I managed to jump up to second division with FK Renova, which is Pro and has a bit of money, but not long started there so
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