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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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  1. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    Ah the legend returns But what has happened to the Polyglot challenge?
  2. A one club Journeyman...huh?

    Maybe the projection takes into account all the possible additional bonus that could be paid out and not just the base wage.
  3. How come the Youth Facilities go from Basic -> Poor -> Below Average But the Training Facilities go from Poor -> Basic -> Below Average
  4. Have you been keeping the other teams progress on the YR?? If they have moved up a couple of notches while you have stayed still, might be an allowable time to bump
  5. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    he'll most likely do that for FM18 and not before
  6. He will be gone before you get to use him
  7. send them on training courses...that should help
  8. Do Dinamo await you in the next round
  9. They are the Faroese Premier League Champions
  10. Glad you are back on this again as I did enjoy you sammarinese save. I am glad about using point 1 as I did wander if not signing players might have had an impact on the lack of progress with the youth recruitment.
  11. Play up Pompey!

    He's only a 3* player too.... £120m would have been a steal
  12. Could you not have used the In Game Editor to up the level by one to see if it kick starts it in?
  13. They've turned up a round too early