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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my ex-wife to Bulgaria


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  1. If you were to do that ala Dafuge challenge, I can't remember if you can just have a save at say 1st April and holiday to refresh date and get new promotions or if you would need to run a holiday from start to refresh?? But I do know you can run it a few times and the teams will vary enough for getting your selection....and if you want to do that.....then Gosport Borough are my pick.....but only due to them being my hometown
  2. Havant and Waterlooville are a decent youth only shout from National League South or Slough with a loose link to The Office I always enjoy my saves in Bulgaria too
  3. Been a pleasure to watch this one....hopefully a great one to come in the FM21 release
  4. A season late, but Europe beckons Who were fa cup winners btw?
  5. I think I would prefer to do the 90% zoom than that sadly
  6. on normal zoom the last 2 are below the rest, but if I go to 90% zoom it all fits perfectly
  7. Just caught this. So on yours, the FA Winner is not said to qualify for Europe like my screenshot shows? Also just had to go back to page 2 for your first foray into the FA Cup and see that the person that made this database you are using also rebuilt the FA Cup, so very possible they messed something up there.
  8. Looking at an English League save I have thats a few years in it should be the following. England can have a maximum of 7 teams in European competition. 1st - 4th in PL will qualify for Champions League 5th will Qualify for Europa League FA Cup Winner will qualify for the Europa League. If winner have already qualified via league placement then 6th place in PL will get Europa League place. Carabao Cup winner will qualify for European Conference Cup. If winner has already qualified via league placement then 7th place in PL will get the spot. If an English team win
  9. That would not make a difference as even if Arsenal finished 5th and won the Champions League, the 4th placed team would drop to Europa League.
  10. Check this part of the FA Cup and make sure to click on Final to see if it shows the details correctly
  11. Are they the final European qualifiers? What are under the rules for the FA Cup for European Qualification?
  12. Never. Even under the new rules coming out this season, the FA Cup winner will go into the Europa Cup unless they already qualified via League placement to the Champions League. And in that instance, the next best placed league team not qualified already gets in. The Carabao Cup winner goes into the Euro II Cup thingy. Sounds bugged to me
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