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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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    In a very dark room somewhere in the depths of Leeds


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    Darts, FM, ruling the world

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    Portsmouth and Gosport

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  1. impressed the swear filter is letting it through Wonder if it is Donald Trumps team
  2. I wonder if you can get it -2 trillion % full too
  3. Don't Mayotte French Cup winners or League Winners get to play in the French Cup?
  4. Nice change of pace from Europe. Hope you get 40 years or of this one
  5. Don't make us wait!!!!!!!
  6. Makes me sad thinking this career is winding down. After winning the International cups with England, there is nothing left really.
  7. I still feel you need to knock Lusitans off of their perch
  8. getting close to that 2000 mark then think there are enough games left for it to be this season? maybe even a cup final?
  9. @Makoto Nakamura How many games in total have you been manager for now?
  10. Even sweeter
  11. Nice to see the Scum drop down
  12. I see 2 arse handings by Inter and you getting 2 wins vs Partizan with maybe a split between Getafe nevermind
  13. It was pretty bad but at least you did not make a cows arse of a pun like @Benjoe and @noikeee did. But on another note...I'd put a tanner on you finishing top half at least this year
  14. And just like real life with pompey, never topped the league till the final game of the season was over
  15. After the real life finish to League 2 this year where Pompey went in to the final game third and unlikely to win the title and walked away with it, never say never