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  1. I'm no expert on the Editor and such, but would the fact you are using a defunct nation to create Isle of Man be a reason behind transfers and regens not working as intended? Maybe a hard coded effect that you can't change?
  2. Not to dissuade @AhMostyn and @Andrew Price from the good work you are doing with finding badges, but so as not to clog up Dans thread, could you keep this in DM's or via email.
  3. Dan doesn't use the advanced editor so is limited by the league setups at game start. Sadly this means things like season starts carry forwards after the first season. Little annoying but acceptable compromise for the work Dan does.
  4. I would say with you European exploits being a seasonal thing now, you can at least try for 2 bumps and still not take too much of a hit. The benefits with the intakes might be what takes you to the next level of winning the league and cups.
  5. Have you been asking for the Youth Facilities to get upgrade? You have the cash and it will help with your intakes
  6. Do you think with that league win now, you might be getting close to your time in Sweden and looking at Norway next?
  7. I see SI staff getting in the game is still a thing @Neil Dejyothin
  8. Congratulations on CL qualification....is that direct to the Group Stage or do you have to do a few hoops first? I hate you don't have a real names fix in place as I was confused as to who Real San Sebastian were
  9. Having a "decent" league position will give only small increments as opposed to actually winning trophies. That's why you are now expected 10th and not last.
  10. Do you have the in game editor handy? If so, might be worth sneaking a peek under the hood at reputations of the Scottish Prem sides. Might explain why you are expected to battle relegation despite your European exploits. The European ranking are based purely on your progression whereas home reputation takes other things into account and as you have not won a Major Scottish trophy yet, you will be suffering on that side of things.
  11. Do all people involved have the same files installed? Might be if not, that one persons version of FM is not able to recognise the file and hence the crash
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