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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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  1. After the real life finish to League 2 this year where Pompey went in to the final game third and unlikely to win the title and walked away with it, never say never
  2. Is that Stanley, Accrington or another team?
  3. Are Vaduz eligible to enter the Champions League? I thought that they couldn't represent Switzerland in European Competition as they are a Liechtenstein team
  4. Maybe you have found a bug in the game. How can teams accumulate that much money and not be successful down that low?
  5. I am assuming from the fact there is no data for the seasons out of the Conference that you are not using a edited English db? I had an issue where I had a small team with a large stadium get too high gates for home FA Cup games and it meant I made too much money. But that was with DanBH's edited league
  6. Just as a matter of interest while you are down in the lower reaches, whats happened to my hometown team, Gosport Borough over the years?
  7. Hereford I can sort of see as I believe they still have the large ground so can accumulate a decent revenue over the year, but the others seem very odd.
  8. You can use FMGenie which is free.....but it obviously then gives you access to much more which would be too tempting
  9. any way you can check the other promoted teams current wage and transfer budgets?
  10. Just caught up and Linfield . Just Andorra to be broken now. And I am amazed at you going to Leatherhead... £440k transfer budget in the Conference South
  11. Who the hell is this John Kennedy clown and what has he done that you haven't?
  12. You need to see out at least 1 season in the CL to try and see how competitive you will be Maybe try and hit a big games managed milestone like 300 or 400 games with Lyoon
  13. More Penalties in a Makato Euro final..... But less of the drama
  14. 7-1 win against Barca