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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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    In a very dark room somewhere in the depths of Leeds


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  1. What reputation did you set your manager as? That would also effect it
  2. Thats how recent the winners are for the Bristol and Avon League
  3. Is that for this season? As Dans work is for last and the Pyramid gets shifted each year
  4. Yeah , all those values can be changed in the in game editor
  5. Despite your affiliates, I am surprised to not see a regen with one of their nationalities come through yet
  6. how did this happen? Cup winners already in Europe? Change to coefficients?
  7. Green are the Promotion places. As most of the league is made of second string sides that can't get promoted to 2.Bundesliga the non second string sides get the Promotion slots....aside from !st which is champions....But Bayern II won't go up either
  8. Wow Just WOW HOLY MOTHER TRUCKING WOW!!!!! Go away for a few days and you not only get out of tier 4, but then do tier 3 at the first attempt...albeit with a little bit of luck
  9. How are other San Marinese teams doing in Europe? Anyone had a standout season yet aside from you?
  10. about bloody time you did it Now don't go doing something stupid and getting relegated and spending another 30 years down there
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