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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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    In a very dark room somewhere in the depths of Leeds


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  1. It is a matter of opinion. Dan is still working on his and will get down to lvl 22 eventually, so will have more to offer. However, this one AFAIK has more accuracy in the play offs for lvl 7 and 8 so it mirrors real life which Dan's does not.
  2. I wonder if you should break your rule and apply for a higher league role only if you are stuck after 10 years.
  3. Maybe a spot of Eastern European domination.
  4. Being Hampshire born and bred, I shall monitor your progress.....shame you had to start at THAT end of the M27 though
  5. Dan, you know that there are more than enough of us here that appreciate all the hard work you put in and also have your back against these trolls.
  6. If you think you can do a faster job than Dan, who is also managing a full time job, then please feel free to make one.
  7. How long will you keep this thread going for? You seen to be at a bit of a crossroads where you are too good for Cyprus but not good enough in Europe to push that little bit further
  8. This would be my preference as I like options for the lower leagues than just one route upwards
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