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  1. How come the leagues expanded to 19 teams from 18?? Has that happened before?
  2. Seems like you have a few issues to contend with in this save A few very strong sides that constantly Yo-Yo and are tough to displace Decent youth prospects you can't play till they reach an age Decent youth prospects you can't play as they leave before you can use them. How you will break this one will be interesting to see
  3. Don't check up on you for a few days and find you left one thread and started another Nice to see the typical Makoto success is not happening this time and your struggling to make that push to get out of this league. You really need a decent GK to come through too so you have a backup cause if Roman leaves you could be stuffed like a turkey at Christmas
  4. Wisla beat you and they are lower than Slask. if they won, they would have been in and still not you
  5. realistic would be still at least a couple of months with Dans release schedules so far.
  6. It all depends on how low Dan goes and how much time he has... Be patient
  7. You'll have to forgive me for asking this, but you are using the steam version of the game and not a pirated copy?? If not the steam version, then I believe pirated versions are a bit funny...and plus you shouldn't use them anyway Oh and you are not playing FM touch either
  8. Anything that is created by SI is pretty much locked in. You can change certain things like which teams are in the leagues and money, but the rules of the leagues are locked and unchangeable. Not sure they have ever been changeable outside of a custom league. But if you are using Dan's db, you cannot change anything from level 1 to level 6
  9. Those are hard coded, so cannot be changed unless you completely rewrite the English pyramid from scratch.
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