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    Normally a quiet lad from the south coast of England moved to Yorkshire. But in my spare time I like to appear in FM Documentaries about taking my wife to Bulgaria

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    In a very dark room somewhere in the depths of Leeds


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    Darts, FM, ruling the world

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    Portsmouth and Gosport

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  1. And that is the A Team(s) done and dusted
  2. Don't feel pressured to do anything you do not have the heart to do. Take all the time you need. Hell, I suggest take a break till after xmas so you can have a nice happy holiday time
  3. Pompeyboyz

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    look at the first post
  4. What's the managerial situation been like at Qarabag?? Any chance the job might come up?
  5. And now it's on to Azerbaijan .... Better hope the Qarabag job is free
  6. Pompeyboyz

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Bit strange but least you can get extra spots
  7. Pompeyboyz

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Just seeing that with 4 teams in Europe now. So Kosovo is not hard coded to only get 2 teams after all??
  8. Welcome to Austria, Park your Ski's to the left. Might be a lengthy stay here if the European Competitions are an indicator
  9. Pompeyboyz

    [FM19] Kosovo's Rise

    Euro 2020 draw just made watching this thread more interesting for me
  10. The one about Wakefield is that Wakefield is the largest City to not have had a football league team, but Wakefield is actually a small place of only 75k population, while it's metropolitan area is about 4 times the size as it takes in Featherstone and Ossett.
  11. I had actually heard that it is Wakefield thats the largest town...but hey ho
  12. Mattersburg in the Q/F again with two other Austrian sides Coincidence with the leagues being active in preparation of your arrival there??
  13. Was just about to say that they are having a crash course in life without Nakamura at the helm :P