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  1. Lack of time and motivation for the moment, for compatibility with the patch 18.3 Perhaps next week..
  2. Hi, Yes, it's normal, like every year. I will update all this weekend and next week.
  3. For information, the Liberian League cup exist IRL, but they are not clubs which participate but provinces. It's impossible to do Provinces in FM, so I prefered not to include it! Keep up your good works, it also allows me to fix little things for the final version, after the patch 18.3
  4. I didn't create Concacaf League on FM17. Only on FM18.
  5. To my knowledge, there is only that one, but I have not tested. https://community.sigames.com/topic/383130-fm18-japanese-football-pyramid-updated-2411/
  6. Hi, At the beginning of the game, I put 210 nations in "non playable", 15 in "playable" and I click "Add players to playable teams" . But, when creating the save, it adds also players to non-playable teams. So in my save, I have 150.000 players , instead of 40 000 and it slow down the game. On previous FM, there was no this bug and the non playable countries didn't create players.
  7. @Boyle.se and @avto : You must use other updates because, in my test, no crash until 2032 with the 263 updates and the 6 recommended files...
  8. @Spurs_Q8 : Liechtenstein Cup is already included in the game , with Switzerland. For USA, it's complicated, missing the new clubs created in 2017 in the database actually. I will see after the patch 18.3
  9. Yes, with all my African updates, like that, you can select the Arab club championship
  10. Yes, in my test, it stopped in 2023 but recommenced in 2025... It's why I fixed, it was because of B teams in 4th and 5th division..
  11. I hope it's good now. I checked everything, I didn't see any other bugs in my test.. Changes to 15/01/2018 - 1 update: Continental Competitions: Qualifications Place in Africa: 2 clubs (League Winner and Cup Winner) of Malawi, Mauritania and South Sudan are qualified in Africa Champions League and in Africa Confederation Cup instead of Reunion, Djibouti and Cape Verde (these countries never enter teams in these competitions IRL) Improvements: - Name stage "quarter final" fixed. - Canadian Championship season 2017 fixed (LA Galaxy participated, it was an error) - DR Congo: Fix bug history league, from season 18/19 - Georgia: fix bug between 4th and 5th division (the competition fixtures in Georgia could stop, after several seasons) - Sao Tomé: fix minor bug in the history of Principe league
  12. @bramcarella I will fix it, I release a last update in 1/2h, with also a modification for the continental places in Africa
  13. I fixed the last bugs (I hope!) - Canadian Championship for season 2017 where Los Angeles participated: it's fixed. - Georgia 5th division fixed, (in my test no competitions in 2023 and 2024 because of that) - DR Congo: fix for historic Linafoot which did not show up , from season 18/19. Test with the 262 updates and the 6 updates recommended in same time: OK no crash until 2026... @charayos : No, I have AS Poissy in the game..