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  1. The link is the same. On mediafire, you can replace the old file by the new with the same link
  2. @kajetanor: thanks for the report. Changes to 01/04/2017: - Fix various bugs with the OFC Champions League - Fix French Cup for the 7 DOM-TOM leagues (Tahiti, Reunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New-Caledonia, Mayotte, French Guiana) - Fix manager's historic when you win the Tahiti league - Fix squad rules for Melanesian Super Cup - Fix rules for FYR Macedonia league
  3. Yes, no limit. You can select the 225 countries playable in the same time if you want, but this may be slow. But, by selecting all the updates and putting some into non-playable, this doesn't affect the speed. So, you can see all the results of the whole world and to be very fast by selecting for example 25 countries in playable and 200 in non playable! Everything depends on the power of your computer, you adjust. And you can later, add-delete countries leagues in playable or non-playable, a dream for a Globe-trotter game
  4. @TheWednesday: I advise you redownload the pack. All work well. View large image
  5. Japanese file is just competition. With the Foss database Japanese players&staff, I tested and it work well. Australian NPLs and USA NALS and USL, I do not because it's impossible of all well to configure with the different rules of draft, squad rules etc ... and because there is no system of promotion-relegation with the 1st divisions.
  6. @marcolmo: no, sorry @Bashar: Thanks, I fixed. (See changelist below) Changes to 11/03/2017 (FINAL Pack!) - New International competition: Central American & Caribbean Games (for U21) - Updating all countries in Africa and adding Egypt 2nd division. - Update France (with only French Cup rebuilding): for winners of specific competitions on updates of Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Tahiti, New-Caledonia... are qualified for the 7th round of the French Cup, like IRL! - Fix minors bugs to Taiwan and Canada - Adjustment of Georgian leagues with the 2017 teams and formats and update Georgia Cup format. - Transfer window updated for Africa...etc This is the final pack for FM17. I will not change this updates (except if a big bug is reported) and I will not do other updates! Cheers
  7. Thanks Yes, for Africa, it's reported in the thread Africa Data Issues. They have created some, except unfortunately for small countries (Comoros, Madagascar among others ..) So I will have to remove all the clubs that I created to replace them with the same ones that are now in the official 17.3 database, there is work..
  8. Changes to 07/03/2017 - New International competition: Central American Games (for U20) - Updating all countries in Asia and International competitions with: - New format for Tajikistan 1st and 2nd division (from 2017 season), Nepal 2nd division - Add Bangladesh 2nd division, Cambodia 2nd division and Mongolia 2nd division - Fix bug to East Timor and Adjustement for Thailand 3rd division, Philippines league.. - Improvement fixtures for all International competitions - Transfer window updated, remove duplicate historics..etc Remains just Africa and my work will be finished.
  9. Thank you for your feedback @steff13: OK, yes, I will do for Tajikistan for the final release. @igorferreira118: I don't know dates for the final release. There is more work than expected. Surely end of next week. @a.panda: I looked and I think that the Japanese clubs are already enough rich with the money that I put. I will not change that. @Mardels: OK, I'll see and I will add perhaps New release with all Oceania and North America updated with: - New format for Haiti 1st division (18 clubs in 2016 then 16 clubs from 2017) - Add Honduras Super Cup, Panama Cup, El Salvador Cup - Transfer window updated, remove duplicate historics..etc Remains Asia, Africa (the longest to do) and International and my work will be finished
  10. @Chewy2006: There is no league in the real life to Liechtenstein (it's with the Switzerland) and for Niue, the country doesn't exist and there is no clubs in the database! Changes to 03/03/2017: - ALL the updates are compatible with the 17.3 Patch!! - Updating all countries in Europe and South America: New formats of competition for Kazakhstan 2nd division, Georgia (from season 2017), Venezuela 2nd division, fix transfers windows, points deduction, deleting duplicates historics, ... and many others various changes! - 7 new competitions: *Countries: Micronesia and Wallis&Futuna, so ALL countries in the game are playable with a league! * Continental: Supercopa EuroAmericana * International: Francophony Games, Islamic Solidarity Games, Lusophony Games, Pan-Arab Games. - Improved fixtures for international competitions (work in progress) This is the before-last release for FM17. For the last release, I will update several countries of North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and there will be other competitions!
  11. @EU SOU O DOUGRAS: yes, I will fix it. A little patience please, I work on it to make all the updates compatible with the 17.3 patch. Also, many African clubs were created with the 17.3 database and this is duplicate with the ones I created because they were not in the 17.0 database. Also, there is a lot of work. @Chewy2006: No plans for to add Luxembourg leagues. Only 1st and 2nd division. @Mr_Demus: Yes, it's preferable to tick the "add players to playable teams" at the beginning of the game.
  12. As expected, there are several updates that are not compatible with the new database 17.3. I'm working on it, and all the updates will be compatible by Sunday, with several changes on other updates (updating competition formats, 15 new competitions, transfer periods...etc)
  13. This is already put in the update from the season 2017 but I will improve it (with the relegation play-off) in the final release of the megapack, after the 17.3 patch.
  14. @Kleyo : OK I will do, for the last release, after the 17.3 patch. With the new database 17.3, there are surely many changes for these release!! I will add also Egyptian 2nd division and Iran 3rd division, and there will be an improvement for the calendars of the International competitions @kandersson : Yes, I Know that Comunicaciones B team participate at the 2nd division and I have already tried to put them in the update. But with the very complicated format of the 2nd division of Guatemala, Comunicaciones B was often in position to be promoted in 1st division... And this created a bug in the game. The calendar didn't appear for the following seasons. I have already tried several things but with this kind of format, it's very hard to operate well the B teams. Also, I preferred to replace them with another team, like that, there are no bugs. Communicaciones B participating at the Reserve League with the other B Teams..
  15. @sherwinriga: OK, I will see for Philippines and for all competition which begin between January and April For the AFC Champions League, yes, It's a known bug for years, but that Sigames never corrected. It's a general bug, not due to updates ( In this case in the @Makoto Nakamura part, it's a bug with a Chinese club and the AFC Champions League that I didn't edit) To avoid this bug, the only solution is to select all Asian countries at the beginning of the game (even in non-playable, which will not slow down your game)