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  1. @Kleyo : OK I will do, for the last release, after the 17.3 patch. With the new database 17.3, there are surely many changes for these release!! I will add also Egyptian 2nd division and Iran 3rd division, and there will be an improvement for the calendars of the International competitions @kandersson : Yes, I Know that Comunicaciones B team participate at the 2nd division and I have already tried to put them in the update. But with the very complicated format of the 2nd division of Guatemala, Comunicaciones B was often in position to be promoted in 1st division... And this created a bug in the game. The calendar didn't appear for the following seasons. I have already tried several things but with this kind of format, it's very hard to operate well the B teams. Also, I preferred to replace them with another team, like that, there are no bugs. Communicaciones B participating at the Reserve League with the other B Teams..
  2. @sherwinriga: OK, I will see for Philippines and for all competition which begin between January and April For the AFC Champions League, yes, It's a known bug for years, but that Sigames never corrected. It's a general bug, not due to updates ( In this case in the @Makoto Nakamura part, it's a bug with a Chinese club and the AFC Champions League that I didn't edit) To avoid this bug, the only solution is to select all Asian countries at the beginning of the game (even in non-playable, which will not slow down your game)
  3. @Kleyo: I looked the Comoros cities in the editor and the latitude and longitude are correct. So, I don't understand why. In meteo, all Comoros cities are by default "English Coastal" ? @joeys No, there is no possibility to my knowledge. All editor files must be directly in the folder editor data whithout subfolders. The subfolders were working 2-3 years ago, but no now ... @For all: After the release of the last official patch 17.3 in March, I will release 10 news updates (8 International updates + Micronesia and Wallis&Futuna) and I will update several formats of competitions which are played on the calendar year (as the Japan or Thailand for example).
  4. @pug 407 game bought legally? it's maybe this, because I know that pirated versions have this kind of bugs.. @steff13: yes, I will do for after 17.3 patch release.
  5. @Kalou no project for USA. Try it (the best USA update for me): @pug 407: I can't do an individual case a generality. I've never been told that before, and I've never had that in my many tests. And I didn't recreate the AFC Asian cup in my updates.. This is surely an another file that you have that did conflict.
  6. Good job (It also helped me to do the updates). To be complete, I add to this list: (only clubs 1st division!) @Blue Lou: Can you add this clubs, please ? (I did it for my updates...) Benin : Esae FC Central African Republic : Red Star Bangui Chad : AS Mirim Mongo; FC Wadi-Fira; FC Kebbi; AS Lycot Doba; AS Kokaga; Renaissance FC Abéché; AS Coton Tchad Comoros : Belle Lumiere; Ouragan FC; Nouvel Espoir; Galaxi; Asmina FC; FC Chihouzi; FC Mtakudja; Barakani Sport; FC Ouani; AS Patsy; Onze Fusées; Etoile d'or; Miracle; Ziarra club; UJS de Matsumudu; Ngaya club; Jeunesse athlétique et culturelle de Mitsoudjé; Alizé Fort; Enfants des Comores; US Zillmadjou; FC Malé; FC Chouani; Dauphin des Comores Djibouti : Arhiba; Cité stade; Arta/SIHD DR Congo : Groupe Bazano; AC Dibumba Ethiopia : Addis Adeba Kenema; Fasil Kenema; Jimma Ada Bunna Guinea : Wakirya; Renaissance FC; CO Coyah Guinea-Bissau : Futebol clube de Pelundo Lesotho : Butha-Buthe Warriors; Kick4life Madagascar : FC Real Tsihombey; FC Jocker; AS Comato; DCF Fort Dauphin; SFF-FC; FC Black Star; AJS Melaky; FC 3M; FC Otiv; FC Fitama; SOM-Fosa Juniors FC; FC Joel; RTS-Jet Mada; TAM Port Berger; Espoir Manerinerina Mayotte : Foudre 2000; ASC Abeilles; FC Majicavo Koropa; AS Jumeaux; Diables noirs; Etincelles; AS Neige; ASJ Handréma; Miracle du Sud; VCO Vahibé Reunion : RC Saint-Benoit Somalia : Waxool FC; Bariga Dhexe FC South Sudan : Al Merreikh; Al Nil; Black Star; Dream; Nile Eagle; Super Eagles; Tahrir; Young Stars; Zalan Zanzibar : Wawi Star; Al Jazira; Danger Boys; Madungu; African Kivumbi; Maji Maji; Young Islanders; Dogo Moro; Okapi; New Star; Sharp Victor; Shaba
  7. Try to win 5 different 1st division on each continent, the Champion's League on each continent (with at least 3 different clubs each time) and the 6 Continental International competitions + World Cup + Olympic Games
  8. @lo.simon: I don't change this. It's by default in the database... Changes to 06/02/2017 - AFRICA: * Format correct for Sao Tome&Principe and Zanzibar (2 groups then champions play-off) * Adjustement 2017 format for Congo, Mali and Sudan - ASIA: * Adjustement 2017 format for Cambodia and Japan (J2 and J3 League) - EUROPE: * Adjustement 2017 format for Kazakhstan - NORTH AMERICA: * Adjustement 2017 format for Guyana
  9. @TheEarl: No, because It would be necessary to make 2 formats, the current format and the new format from 2026. And in addition to the World Cup, it would be necessary to rebuild all the qualifications of all continents twice (with the current format then the new format from 2026) It's up to SIgames to do this job. Perhaps for the patch 17.3 ? @Stephanie McMahon\'s Secre: Yes thank you, but not quite yet. With the 17.3 patch and the new database, some updates will probably be incompatible and I will have to rework to make them compatible. Moreover, for the leagues that are played during the calendar year, I will look if there are no change of format, and if there are, I will update (as for Kazakhstan)
  10. Thanks for the report. I found and rectified. Also, I did a little fix for Kazakhstan league with new format and new rule from 2017 season.
  11. Winrar and you must put the files directly in the folder "editor data" without the 7 subfolders "Africa, Europe...."
  12. Thank you. Yes, I will go back after the 17.3 patch because with a new database, I will have to rework several updates to make them compatible with the 17.3 patch.
  13. @Wavelberry: I just work with the ones present, no addition. Changes to 29/01/2017: (Final Pack) * 11 News updates: - Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte, South Sudan, Zanzibar: The world is complete !! - International: AFF-U19 Championship, SAFF U-19 Championship, WAFF-U23 Championship, Indian Ocean Islands Games - Continental: Gulf Cup Winners Cup, Indian Ocean Champions Cup Total of 200 updates!! My work is finished.
  14. ah.. I don't know but I think I read somewhere that it takes 150 players minimum... With only 6 teams, it would take 25 players per team
  15. @ashvive: I didn't change the attendances. it's the database by default on this. @cel1234: Yes, normally, Montserrat has no league since 2004 but I created for to complete North America and the CFU championship. It's the teams of 2004 Yes, it's possible to manage the national team I think, by selecting the Montserrat league as playable and by checking the box " Add players to playable teams " in the start of the game.