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  1. No, Mali update caused a crash dump with the patch 16.3 but now, it's resolved. The file is OK. By cons, you must restart a game.
  2. Changes to 23/03/2016: FINAL RELEASE - Bug fix with Mali update which caused a crash dump since the patch 16.3 - Bug fix with the CFU Championship and the small Carribean leagues participating (Surinam, Guyana, Guadeloupe..etc) - Bug fix with the goalkeepers to Algeria - Bug minor fix (Myanmar Cup, Lebanon and Peru histories of competitions)
  3. What is the problem with Philippines league ? I updated Mali League in the megapack because the file causes a bug with the patch 16.3. Now it's OK.
  4. For Cameroon and Mali, indeed, I changed the files with the 16.3 patch because BEFORE the patch, the competitions in Mali and Cameroon didn't exist in the database and I had created myself the competitions, and WITH the 16.3 patch, SIgames has created the Mali and Cameroon competitions in the database, so the files use now this competitions.
  5. Redownload the pack. It work very well. The 100 updates are perfectly compatible with the patch 16.3 and the databse 16.3. View large image
  6. It was because of the new patch 16.3 Re-download the pack, replace the files in the editor data folder, and everything work well.
  7. No, it's not possible because of continental qualifications. The leagues which start in winter will begin in January/February/March 2015.
  8. Changes to 05/03/2016: FINAL RELEASE All updates are compatible with the patch 16.3! - Adding: Cameroon 2nd division, Uzbekistan 2nd division (2016 format) and Palestine update (100th and last update!) - Update format of competitions (2016 formats): Japan 3rd division and Emperor's Cup, Venezuela 2nd division, Lituania 1st division, Bolivia 2nd division, Thailand 2nd and 3rd division, Myanmar 2nd division, Philippines 1st division, Zambia Cup and many improvements... - Removing histories in duplicate Edit: Megapack 100 updates in the 1st post and all individual links are also added and updated!
  9. Yes, I am in the process to rectif all this, an update with all leagues compatible with the patch 16.3 and a few improvements, will released tomorrow.
  10. For the competitions that doesn't exist in the database, (particularly in Africa), I have not created new ID so that there is no conflict between my updates or updates of others people. I replaced the competitions that were marked as "extinct" in the database, and which had no history.
  11. 19 new updates in the megapack before the final patch 16.3 ! AFRICA: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe ASIA: Maldives, Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan NORTH AMERICA: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominican Republic, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Suriname VARIOUS: Ligue Antilles, Mediterranean Games, PanAmerican Games Coming Soon: Update of Palestine for the 100th and last update for FM2016! With these updates and the original leagues, there is therefore now playable with a maximum of realism on the format of competitions and rules: - All countries in Europe - All countries in South America (1st and 2nd division) - The 30 best countries in Asia - The 20 best countries in Africa - The 20 best countries in North America (All nations playing CONCACAF Champions League are represented) and the CFU Club Championship qualifiyng for the CONCACAF Champions League (all Carribean Nations are represented). - The 10 best countries in Oceania - Addition of 8 Continental/International Competitions.
  12. Changes to 31/12/2015: - Resolution small bugs on historical. - For the 1st time, correct Continental Qualifications in all leagues of North America, Ecuador and Venezuela. - The 1st, 2nd and 3rd to CFU Championship are directly qualified for the CONCACAF champions league, like IRL - Add 4th division to Malta with new real rules for the country Changes to 15/01/2016: - Add League Cup in Latvia with real format (as always!) - Change format to Haiti (semi-finals and finals after each opening and closing stages) - Update 1st and 2nd division to Venezuela. For the 1st division, 20 clubs in 2015 and 2016 then 18 clubs from 2017, like IRL. Real relegation format between 2nd and 3rd division. Changes to 06/02/2016: - Update deductions points to Albania, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and New-Caledonia - Update 2nd division to Venezuela: 18 clubs in 2015 then 24 clubs from 2016 season - Update format of the league for the 1st (13th in play-off from 2016) and 2nd division to Vietnam (8 clubs in 2015 then 10 clubs from 2016) - Update format of the league to Congo (18 clubs in 2015 without relegation then 20 clubs in 2016 with 4 relegations and 2 play-off 1/2, then 18 clubs from 2017 with 2 relegations) - Update format of the league to Sudan (15 clubs in 2015 with 1 relegation then 18 clubs from 2016 with 1 relegation + 2 play-offs 1/2) - Update cup format to Uzbekistan The last update will be after the release of the patch 16.3... but all competitions formats of the competition and all points deductions are now OK for the seasons 2015 and 2016!
  13. No, not new updates planned due to the limit of 69 updates of countries. Just improvements.
  14. OK, thanks for the report, it's now solved. I also updated 1st and 2nd division to Venezuela. For the 1st division, 20 clubs in 2015 and 2016 then 18 clubs from 2017, like IRL. Real relegation format between 2nd and 3rd division And small update to Saudi Arabia in the rules: no foreign goalkeeper The next and final update for FM16 will be after the patch 16.3