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  1. Changes to 20/08/2018: - 8 new competitions: International: ABCS Tournament, Commonwealth of Independent States Cup, Windward Islands Tournament Continental: Caribbean Club Shield, Copa ABC, Livonia Cup, Mapinduzi Cup, SAFF Club Championship - Suruga Bank Championship: remove from Japan and put in continental competition (it's more logical) - CFU Championship: divided into 2 parts as in reality: Caribbean Club Championship & Caribbean Club Shield - Bolivia: new format for Apertura Stage, from season 2018 - Colors more legible on certain competitions
  2. Changes to 13/07/2018: - 7 new competitions: International: Concacaf Nations Leagues A, B, C ; World Cup 2018 with real groups, South American Games, WAFU U-20 Championship, Baltic Cup U19 and Arabian Gulf Cup U19. Continental: Campeones Cup - Fix El Salvador for compatibility with new update - Fix AFF-U19: Australia don't participate
  3. claassen

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    France-England in final and France win Pogba and Kanté will make the difference in midfield
  4. I didn't do Austrian lower divisions.
  5. Changes to 20/05/2018: LAST update! - New format for the CFU Championship: in 2 tiers like IRL from 2018. - Addition: Copa Paraguay (new from 2018) and Uzbekistan 3rd division - Updated many other competition formats that changed in 2018 (continuation and end): Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Venezuela D2, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Zambia, New-Caledonia and 4-5 other minors..
  6. And I will try to create the new Carribean club Championship, which is now divided into 2 parts : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Caribbean_Club_Championship
  7. @lo.simon : No but tomorrow, I will release a last update with the update of other competitions for 2018 (Latvia, Uzbekistan, India and 3-4 other minors) @kandersson and @Mushtaq : No I tested and it work very well but you must have all Oceania files (except if you want Micronesia, Tuvalu, Wallis and Kiribati) in the folder "editor data" and select them here: Same thing for the files "Concacaf league" and "Concacaf Champion's leagues"; it work very welll but you must have the updates: "Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize and CFU Championship" in the folder "editor data" and select them. But, it's not mandatory to play with this leagues! If not, it doesn't work and it's normal. This 3 competitions works with this leagues.
  8. Hi, The link has been updated in the 1st post. - All updates are compatible with patch 18.3.3 - Updated many competition formats that changed in 2018. - Removal of duplicates on African clubs (which were created with database 18.3)
  9. Lack of time and motivation for the moment, for compatibility with the patch 18.3 Perhaps next week..
  10. Hi, Yes, it's normal, like every year. I will update all this weekend and next week.
  11. For information, the Liberian League cup exist IRL, but they are not clubs which participate but provinces. It's impossible to do Provinces in FM, so I prefered not to include it! Keep up your good works, it also allows me to fix little things for the final version, after the patch 18.3
  12. I didn't create Concacaf League on FM17. Only on FM18.
  13. To my knowledge, there is only that one, but I have not tested. https://community.sigames.com/topic/383130-fm18-japanese-football-pyramid-updated-2411/