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  1. welcome back Timo if I may, I really suggest you should do Asia next
  2. @Timo61 My friend, I suggest that you finish AFC before doing other continents, because you lack only 10 countries (Indonesie, Coree du Sud and Malaisie are already developed in game): Afghanistan (APL), Australie (8 federations of NPL), Brunei (BSL), Cambodge (CPL), Inde (I-League 2nd division and ISL), Irak (IPL), Japon (J1, J2 and J3), Laos (LPL), Maldives (DPL) and Palestine (GSPL and WBPL) In brackets i've written the leagues i suggest need to be done I know that is a lot of work, but since Claassen gave up on the Leaguepack you are the only one doing good quality job my friend If you need any help let me know
  3. Can we expect Europe by the end of this month? Big respect for you, still working even with this very terrible editor
  4. Good luck in getting a response from any SI employee, literally every question about the editor is ignored
  5. Mon ami! we are always here to help with your incredible work! If i may suggest, i think you should update AFC after finishing Europe
  6. If you get any response from them it would be a miracle, either they are trying really hard to fix that terribly done editor or they just don't care because it's """working""". Still having the same random errors as you do btw. It's absurd
  7. they literally ignore any question and/or error message about the editor, "great" customer service
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