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  1. @Timo61 Can you check player registration rules in Moldova? there's max 6 non EU players, but Moldova is not in the EU so I can register max 6 domestic players
  2. @gurkburk Moldova is broken, there's a league rule about max 6 players from EU but Moldova is not in the EU so I can't register domestic players
  3. Good job My friend, I suggest that next time you update Austria, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Romania, Sweden & Wales as they are the only nations that don't have an update file done by anyone yet (at least I wasn't able to find any)
  4. @CVFerdinand also Albania, Bosnia, Cyprus, Austria, Macedonia, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Ireland, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and Wales. Still a bit to go through to full Europe
  5. @Timo61 My friend, can you firstly activate all Europe leagues that are already in game, but are locked? I don't know much about editing, but I guess activating is easier than creating
  6. welcome back Timo if I may, I really suggest you should do Asia next
  7. @Timo61 My friend, I suggest that you finish AFC before doing other continents, because you lack only 10 countries (Indonesie, Coree du Sud and Malaisie are already developed in game): Afghanistan (APL), Australie (8 federations of NPL), Brunei (BSL), Cambodge (CPL), Inde (I-League 2nd division and ISL), Irak (IPL), Japon (J1, J2 and J3), Laos (LPL), Maldives (DPL) and Palestine (GSPL and WBPL) In brackets i've written the leagues i suggest need to be done I know that is a lot of work, but since Claassen gave up on the Leaguepack you are the only one doing good quality job my friend If you need any help let me know
  8. Can we expect Europe by the end of this month? Big respect for you, still working even with this very terrible editor
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