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  1. Ispoa

    Face glitch in FM17

    Yh thanks, it works now. Perhaps it was my windows
  2. Ispoa

    Face glitch in FM17

    I've deleted both cache and preferences
  3. Ispoa

    Face glitch in FM17

    I'm having this same issue, how did you solve it
  4. So i recently booted up a new windows installation, loaded up fm 17 and I noticed my manager isn't rendering properly. I've attached how he looks to this post. The players all have black bodies and no faces on the 3d screen.
  5. Ispoa

    World cup teams

    true. Only gets harder with half a slot barring an island hosting the mundial
  6. Cheers, I'm in an fm 17 long term save. Took over Girona when they gained promotion, finished 4th the past two years, having a terrible season at the moment though. Encouraging story
  7. Ispoa

    World cup teams

    Gonna be hard making new zealand or Tonga a powerhouse.
  8. Wouldn't hard coding the number make no sense. If you're building a dynasty in Oceania for example.
  9. A quick question though, the world cup do changing reputation and achievements of nations change the number of teams from each confederation that get spots at the mundial.
  10. Are the number of slots per confederation for the World cup dynamic?
  11. Ispoa

    Wonderkids from England

    Surprising how many of this turned out good
  12. Ispoa

    Awesome Regen Names

    To be fair, he is a wonderboy
  13. Ispoa

    Awesome Regen Names

    This guy here. Malians are usually Muslim