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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I have the antithesis of this.
  2. I was watching highlights of the Ecuador Argentina game today and the skin tone of the players on both sides was startling. Both South American nations, but on one side, the Argentine team had no dark skinned players whilst the Ecuadorian team was pretty much made up of dark skinned players. Before I go on, I wanna say I'm sub-Saharan African (seems to buy one a pass on matters like this.). So, i did what a curious person would do, google. I checked up the demographics of both countries on Wikipedia and some articles on the subject. According to Wikipedia, about 7% of Ecuador is or should I say - identifies as being of African origin. The national team itself is 80% black. Argentina its estimated has 150,000 people of African origin, less than 1% of the population. No dark skinned player is on the national team. I'm not concerned about the history of the demographics of these countries here, my concern is how this is represented on Football Manager. My only South American adventure on FM was an FM 15 save holidayed ten years to 2025, where i started managing Santa Fe. I noticed though, that about 40% of the players were dark-skinned, and on the few Copa Sudamericana trips to Ecuador that pretty much all the Ecuadorian players were black. I wonder though, how SI interprets racial diversity of certain nations in-game particularly with regens. France gets a lot of black and Magrebi players, in the case of the Magrebi players, a lot have dual nationality, Netherlands also, Germany in-games seems to have a lot of players with Turkish as a second nationality. I wonder about the situation in South American countries though, not seen any dark skinned Argentine regens though.
  3. Yeah you have to consider the players you have. I haven't personally watched Dem Boers palace but off the top of my heard possession football doesn't seem to suit Mc Arthur and co. Why retain oossesion when you have Townsend and Zaha on the wings. On FM, when possession football and strikerless systems tick, they are bliss, when they don't, its awful to watch. Watching your team aimlessly pass around instead of punting in an easy cross makes me wanna pull my eyes out. What makes it worse are the counters
  4. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    Would like to see who gets relegated when the current premier league teams come up
  5. Having observed Dem Boer's struggles with his coaching outside Ajax, from Inter to Palace. Is beautiful possession football always the answer? Considering that most people opt for possession oriented tactics when starting out their saves, I know I've often done so. It doesn't usually end well, particularly with teams with moderate funds and we all end up blaming the game. At times even with good teams our possession based games might not yield fruit. I've hardly done a tactic that I'd tick 'more direct passing' from the off. Considering De Boers fall from coaching grace, perhaps hooping it upfield isn't a bad idea after all
  6. Wow.been reading this, and since I've got FM 14 and FM 14, I wanna give this a try. How do I post career stats
  7. OK, here's the thing take a club that Reb Bull bought over in Austria or Germany eg SSV Markranstädt which is now Rb Leipzig or SV Austria Salburg in Austria, rise up the divisions while being allowed to coughs *takeover* finances of bigger clubs.Enjoy
  8. @claasen. Thanks for the response. Played with Al nasr wanted the cash, but the league regulations are annoying tho, even in south america with the quota on foreign players and all, even with all the money, game isn't gonna be enjoyable.
  9. I have this same issue with Japan Maldives and Iran, how did you resolve it? Any help @claasen
  10. Hi Claasen, have the FM 15 editor files and all, just got back to playing it. Just noticed the team in UAE doesn't have mind blowing cash. So I'm asking how are the finances for these times like the Arab teams like Saudi n qatar