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  1. Well you can't add them in as part of the base game but if you did the second thing I said about advanced db then that would probably help you going forward. Alternatively, if you ease off tactically and slow the game down then you will not see such high scorelines. This is what would happen irl when facing a minnow so would be the most realistic way to play.
  2. One of the mods the other day was saying that unlike PL (where number of passes = poss) on the game it is time with the ball. I might be old fashioned but I thought everyone went by time on ball.
  3. I have a lot of patience with SI, particularly when it comes to the ME and anything new in the game, but they do sell £30m worth of Football Manager every year, it's hardly two brothers in their garage anymore. Stuff like B teams in Spain being broken and not being able to disable the first transfer window are pretty glaring errors. Since they introduced the beta period for early buyers, it feels like testing has taken a nose dive and there are more basic errors within the game that don't even come from new features. An example of this in FM20 is that when I go to the schedule page, it has reverted to highlighting my first fixture of the season rather than the next one. This has been an issue since release and still not fixed. This is a small thing but would be found almost instantly by any testing team with experience of the game. I also don't think this testing has anything to do with the size of SI, it's just attention to detail, and remember we got this patch earlier than expected which was their decision.
  4. Yeah go to Scouting --> Assignments --> Scout Priorities Then find the player you want, select the row and in the bottom right you can prioritise.
  5. Like I say, every other aspect of the game has recorded them as a header (including the match report). I can understand an assist being recorded incorrectly (difference of opinion / harder to define) but can see no reason why a header would be recorded as a shot.
  6. Right click on another influential player, interact with them and choose 'team mate happiness.' If you mean that you've done this and the player is still unhappy, he just wants to leave.
  7. Yeah even the match report showing header. To be completely honest this just looks like SI fudging the figures which if it is would be very disappointing. If anyone has an alternative explanation then I'd love to hear it.
  8. It would be much better if you added those leagues as playable so tbf it's not really the game that is at fault, it's just that in order to increase the level of realism you need to add more playable leagues. Obviously they give us the option of how much we want to balance realism with a slow loading page. One thing you could try doing is going into the advanced db options at the start of a save and selecting that you want to have all players from continental competitions loaded for whichever continents you are planning on managing in. I do this for continental competition and international teams on every save.
  9. So I just checked my last five games (small sample size but I'm not going to sit watching FM goals I've already scored) and yeah the goals analysis is broken. My assists were recorded correctly over the five games as four cross, four through ball, one set piece and one short pass. However, over the five games my team scored five headed goals but it was only recorded as two. These were aerial balls that were finished with the head, so why is the game recording them as a placed or powerful shot? It makes no sense that the game would be doing that. I even took the time to read the match reports and all five goals specifically say they were scored via header so it's not just a visual thing, the game knows full well that they are headers but is telling me otherwise in analysis.
  10. Yeah it's probably just a hangover from previous versions when people say it's still broken.
  11. Yeah I would say this is one of the things people are in most agreement on. It's not as bad as it used to be, like I said I use it myself sometimes, but it used to be a guaranteed balls up from your team. Guaranteed.
  12. Your coach reports will be done by the person you assign them to. Go to Staff --> Responsbilities --> Staff. There is JA/JP but there is also a stat for how well they know your players which I expect must have some impact on the accuracy of the reports. I always just make sure it is someone with 20/20 who has been at the club for a while.
  13. There is a Russian team that use only academy players, not checked if this is implemented in game but they are in a playable league so I'd expect so. Chivas is but they can sign any Mexican.
  14. It's taken me a long time to get a forward this good but my word is he turning it on for me. This was for his third of four in a 10-0 demolition of TP Mazembe in the CWC but that doesn't cheapen the moment for me one little bit. So good I actually found a workaround to upload it!
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