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  1. I finished my save about a week ago now and had been waiting for this patch to drop before starting a new one. I've read through the thread since the patch was confirmed and it feels like there is some ambiguity over whether there will be further updates. When I look at the Football Manager Twitter announcement it says that this is the second and final part of the winter update so that feels a little bit more like saying it's done (even if it is still left open). This is normally the final update in the FM calendar so it would be good to know if there is an intention to release another patch a
  2. Yeah I'm on Catalina 10.15.2. I didn't have to grant FM any permissions or anything like that afaik although if it ever prompted me I would have done (other than targeted advertising haha). @JordanMillward_1 all good.
  3. Hello mate, I just tried this again to check for you and mine is an ogv file which YT allowed me to upload. Look it's uploading to YouTube for me now. For reference my file is a 7 seconds highlight and it's 93MB. In FM you need to add the highlight so it should look like this. It brings up a loading screen whilst it's creating the file. I've got a 2016 MacBook and it took a couple of minutes.
  4. With the IGE you could put yourself in the favoured personnel of the players he played with, add your own favoured personnel and put the new Roy Keane where he rightfully belongs, in the Legends list at Man Utd (SI have him in the Icons).
  5. So when they are in your B team you should be able to go to the top right corner and under the filters add your B squad. Then you should just be able to select the players but if they play a set number of first team league games (I believe ten) then they will be registered for the first team and unavailable for the B team. I spent six years with Atletico Madrid on a journeyman on FM19, my B team being a major focus, and this was how it worked for me then. If it's not working like that then it could be bugged, I've not managed in Spain on FM20.
  6. So you go to the relevant game, go to Review and Share Highlight Video and then select the goal highlights you want on the video. Then rather than clicking upload package, click the arrow next to it and select export package. It will then come up and tell you the name of the file and the file path to find it. I use a Mac so the file was hidden but when I searched for it I found the folder, I'm pretty sure this should be easier on PC than Mac as well but not sure of the exact file path. Then you just log in to your YT account and in the top right you should be able to see a
  7. I tried a bunch of workarounds and checked online for ages to find a way to get in that way but never could find the answer. When you say link it directly, do you mean on here? If you export the video, upload it to your YT channel (you have one if you have an account) and then just post the link in here. The only difference that logging in to YT in game and uploading it outside of the game is you won't get a Steam achievement.
  8. I couldn't get it to work. If you export the video you can then upload it manually to YT.
  9. Winning the CL from Scotland is doable and fun plus as long as you keep hold of your players and keep that Anglo-British tinge to the squad, it won't be too easy. I am not a fan of Scottish football (not saying I hate it, just not an active fan) but I have had an absolute blast there in the past. One thing that is fun is even when you get to the point where the league is brilliant there are always three or four terrible teams in the league so your U18s can easily get first team exposure straight away and the reputation of the competition is still very high. On my really long term Dundee U
  10. To be fair to you, you did provide me with a screenshot so it was right there for me! Haha
  11. Oh yeah! I hadn't realised you'd meant they actually had a positive indicator on their player profile. Bit of a weird one. Either the one on the player profile uses a different time frame to the one on the tactical page or it's a bug. Very strange though!
  12. @rootcoors Right I am 99.9% sure that this just relates to their performances whilst on the pitch together. I don't tend to implement the advice from that news item but it definitely looks like it is saying what I thought, just that they've not performed well together in the team, and it is listed as tactical advice as well.
  13. Is this piece of information appearing at the bottom of your tactics screen when there is an orange or dotted line between the players? If it is then I personally would ignore it, although if the game is telling you about other things going on then I'd check their information to see if it says they are struggling to connect. If so, get the one with a weaker personality mentored and that may improve things but it will be slow. I am confident if it's just the tactic thing then so long as you were getting good ratings with them in those positions then they would be fine.
  14. I am pretty sure this advice is based solely off the ratings they have got whilst in the team together in those positions.
  15. I definitely get mine when they go on holiday for the season (way ahead of 24th June), normally the day after the CL final or whatever my last game is. The Team of the Year I get after the final game in that competition, so the PL I get Team of the Year the day after the final PL game. Yeah, I clearly can't read as I'm talking about the end of season awards.
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