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  1. Isn't there a "next" option missing in cards? I never understood why there is no option to see the next card without having to use any of the options. Because sometimes ✅ is not available, then you can only cancel or make bid and not see the next cards.
  2. We need the option to avoid at all costs that certain players are selected for set pieces. Tactics purpouse.
  3. This dropdown menu just don't work. It bug sometimes, very slow others, so many click just to check your previous offer. Sliders work better For example in transfer offer we have sliders to previous offer: v45XZJl - Imgur.mp4 On the other hand, the contract offer drop-down menu is very slow, buggy at times or takes too many clicks just to check what your previous offer was: 81AQt6M - Imgur.mp4
  4. There is a exploit about this: you change the package to "World", check all the players you are interested in and then go back to a cheaper package in the same day. You spend no money. So, if the package would only be updated when the month changes, this would not be possible to do. After listing the players I'm interested in scouting, I go back to the cheapest package and save 1M.
  5. Yes, my first division has two champions (but in differents stages) and the history work fine. My second division is exactly like you told, two groups, have two champions per year but the history don't update no more. However, that doesn't matter for me. Be "champion" in lower leagues it's no a big fact. In Argentina there is two champions registred in some competitions but is something "hard-coded" (or pre-set) I guess it is not possible to configure that with the editor So, thanks for your reply and I hadn't found that topic
  6. There is an error with the sorting rules in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana, where the "games won" is used as the first condition. Goal Difference Goals Scored Away Goals Scored Ranking Conmebol --> https://www.conmebol.com/es/ranking-2021 Rules: https://www.conmebol.com/es/conmebol-libertadores-2021/reglamento These are the new rules: They are not the "real" ones, because there is no "CONMEBOL Ranking" in FM, so I preferred to use the results between teams. Fix Copa Libertadores.fmf Fix Copa Sudamericana.fmf
  7. I did it for UCL and Copa Libertadores (just for fun). UCL sin gol visitante.fmf Copa Libertadores sin gol visitante.fmf Could you please upload that "default" file with all the competitions? If you have South American ones I'm interested too.
  8. I have this error. My First Division have two winners per year (Opening/Closing system), but only recognise one apparently. In game looks work well. Should I pay attention to this? Esquema Argentina 2021-2024 (5 niveles).fmf
  9. August has 7 league matches (another 3 for cups), and in November and December there are only 4. How could I distribute these league dates better? League start 12/07, end 18/12. I have 25 league matches this year, it's a mess, but with better distribution wouldn't have too much problem. Esquema Argentina 2021-2024 (5 niveles).fmf
  10. By default Argentina has an outdated league system on FM 21. I updated the formats, promotions and relegations from last season and activated the lower divisions with the real competition system. In addition, I configured the changes in the number of teams and the competition system for the next years of the Primera División (have 26 now, 20 in 2023). Argentina estructura real 2021 - completa.zip Screens:
  11. Hi, what configurations did you make in addition to creating the matches? Something in league setting? i'm try to do this but don't work
  12. Testing competitions without verification does not cause any problems, does it? I'm doing a lot of testing (with the editor) without verifying the file first to save time. I hope this does not cause errors simply because it is not validated.
  13. I can't get all the teams from one nation for cup. I have 963 teams, but for some reason there are only 880~. I selected my 14 competitions and set "get all teams from division" There are exactly 963 in Argentina Selected all my comps and (again) there are exactly 963 teams I add my file if any could check: 033 - Esquema Argentina 2021-2024.fmf
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