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  1. what is the best "Club World League" in your opinion? I means this:
  2. I wish there was a deeper guide (a simple word extra?) because there are options that are not explained or the reference is poor.
  3. Cutting down the manager's tasks isn't a fun game, in my opinion. Do you offer loanee players to clubs with a similar style? OK, look for it
  4. a simple question that post here but no one answer:
  5. I'm make a huge system and i need create a competition where only 3 teams will promoted and all others will be relegated to lower level (from 5th level to 6th). The competition it's basic domestic league where the first team (champion), second (runner-up) and third at the end of the season will promoted. This isn't the only difficulty, however. Also i need that this system work without regard the amount of teams in the division (one year will there 16 teams, anothe will there 18 or 21). Always, will be promoted 3 teams and will be relegated all others. How I could to create this?
  6. If i assign value 0 (zero) in 'attendances', that will be random or be 0? And, if will be random... any other factor will influence in this?
  7. In the same way that the players have the real records of his matches and goals in the history, I believe that the managers (first team) could have his real records. In the NP history as manager, fields could be created for the number of matches on the bench and also for the number of wins, draws and losses. Obvious, only for domestic leagues. It's a problem that the history of the managers isn't year by year like the players. It's the most important job among the staffs, maybe it should be that way. This feature would be important to evaluate the performance of his career, to make comparatives and would avoid that every real manager at the beginning of the game from being a "beginner" without a real story. Perhaps, another interesting feature to add would be a "first game on the bench" (such as "senior debut" or "first senior goal") Yes, I know, this would be a laborious job to apply in the entire database, but ... the benefits would be positive.
  8. clearly, it's a feature that is missing in the game, and that would be easy to apply
  9. Yes, it's a necessary feature. The announced "revamp" of the tactical system it was nothing other than a new distribution of the same options in a new skin. It wasn't a big change in the tactical system. Actually, there was no change.
  10. I love this idea.I tried in the past but without success Please somebody help
  11. I was reading about this topic and but couldn't find one single answer that says "yes, work it". Is the city population it's useful in the game? IRL, in a large city a team would have a better chance of finding better talent than in a smaller city. It is not hard to notice: the number of players is much higher. In addition, clubs in large cities can get higher attendance rates (or could have a bigger fan base) than small city clubs. (Of course, i know, these aren't the only considerations for have many talent youngs or a bigger fan base IRL) Butttt, in FM... this work it? I'm making a large edition, with more than 900 new cities, and I am interested to know if the population of the cities will be an important factor, or at least if it will matter a little or nothing to complete the information of 900 cities (it will take me, without doubts, many hours of work). Ty
  12. Ty. I already found the solution. It was easy, but I am a noob in this haha
  13. I answer to myself. I copied the model of the Italian Serie C. This division include three competitions: -Serie C/A -Serie C/B -Serie C/C With nearly 20 clubs each one. Each winner (3) is promoted to Serie B and the next 9 clubs (total 27 clubs, adding three competitions + 1 by winning "Italian Coppa Serie C") are classifed to promotion playoff. A total of 28 teams compete in the knockout stage and only the final winner is promoted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Serie_C#Promotion_play-offs I don't explain very well, but you could see the Italian Serie C's model and use it if is you need create a promotion playoff with clubs of differents competitions.
  14. Juan Fernando Quintero (ID: 76015366) It's the same case with Gonzalo Martínez (14026771) with the MLS's offer. There were no official announcements about those transfers, just rumors. As long as there are just rumours, will not be included in the game. About Quintero's decision, that is a point where many others considerations come into play as economic interests, clubs or country (leagues) reputations, so on. However, the situation have been postponed or frozen by River or player's agent. There is no news about that transfer in the last two or three months.
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