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  1. Unfortunately, I use auto-saved monthly with 3 archives. Only i can found this save in my recicle bin from 3 months ago (september in game), but is after the promise was already made. And is the same situation, two promise with different progress. I also found another file but it is from 2 years ago in the game (2021). Does it still work? I uploaded all 4 files anyway. Joaquin87 - 19.12.2023 (sacked).fm Joaquin87 - 14.12.2023 (5 days before sacked).fm Joaquin87 - 10.09.2023 (3 months before sacked).fm Joaquin - 19.01.2021 (2 years before sacked).fm
  2. Hmm, this topic maybe fit better in Club Vision and Performance. Sorry
  3. I promised the board that I would use youth players and then they would (I think) improve our facilities in the future. I kept the promise, i use many youth players, but they sacked me anyway. I have no idea why it appears twice, maybe that's the problem? But, it's the same promise and ending in the same day. Why are two and why have differents progress? First, the board congratulated me for giving minutes to the youth players But, 3 minutes later they sacked me for the same reason There is no other reason to relieve me since in these 5 years I have been very successful, achieving 3 promotions (the last one 5 days ago!) and the board was at pleased with me. I'm also a favorite employee at the club
  4. It's already done for FM21. Thanks
  5. Something that always annoyed me on FM is that it doesn't show the games "per week", instead only shows the games of the day. Example: These 12 matches belong to the same week, but it shows them on three different screens and nowhere does it tell you which match day it belongs to. And sometimes there are matches played on non-consecutive dates or matches from different weeks are played on the same day. In Soccerway they have added the option to display the games either "by game week" or only "by date". You can choose how to display it. I would very much like to have that option in FM.
  6. It's just delete every record like players, clubs, competitions, staff, etc. Is easy but bored time-consuming It doesn't seem to be a big problem. The big clubs are still paying high salaries and signing for many millions. At least in 2032 it is no longer, perhaps in the early years there was a time of economic adaptation. Without UCL, those clubs don't have any distraction to use their best players in PL. It'll be a pretty tough challenge to beat them.
  7. Yep, a weird scenario where only one country exists in the game. In this case i choose England because i want to start a save there. Only England exists means Messi, Cristian Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bundesliga or whatever isn't in England doesn't exist in the database. Some may have wondered WHY The aim is to reduce competition to a "local" level. There is no option to sign players outside the country or sell them. This means that we will constantly negotiate with potential rival clubs or we can choose to scout in the lower divisions. If your 'key player' wants to leave the club he will probably end up signing for a rival club. That could be f*cking problem for you. Lost in free transfer? The total number of players is reduced from +400,000 to only about 10,000 (most of them with very low CA). This makes the price of the players rise considerably, so making a bad move will be much more painful. Obviously, there are no brazilian super regen or cheap serbian players. No competitions like UCL or UEL, neither international comps (just some friendly matches). Maybe this dinamic is not a huge change for the Premier League or english football, but can you figure how would be argentinian or brazilian leagues if nobody couldn't move to better league? It's a completely different kind of game. League results. For example, Kevin De Bruyne spent his last years playing at Norwich. Salah and Sadio Mané were transferred to Man City Phil Foden and Trent Alexander-Arnold turned into One Club Man (at the moment in 2032) This guy called Kemar Smiley, probably the best player of his generation, transferred directly from Man City to Chelsea and help to win two leagues in row. Big lost for Citizens Some transfer windows: I will soon upload other versions of the patch creating this scenario in different countries or continents. Only ENG 2.fmf
  8. Hey, @Ruh Roh can i post this in https://fmargentina.com ? Is an argentinian site of FM (obviously, in spanish)
  9. I think this option is badly phrased. The meaning is different. In Spanish, the phrase implies that the player will reach the goal-line often, while in reality he will be more open on the field, closer to the sideline. Although the error is only in this talk, because then in the profile the translation is correct:
  10. Sad to hear this, I didn't imagine it could be a bug. I'ts good that they be aware of this
  11. Yeah, sorry, i posted from mobile. Updated in to the first post. Maybe you're right, but it's a bit rare that that should be set up. There's a problem anyway. My striker always pushes, but so does my AMC. This AMC is assigned a personal mark (DR), which makes it meaningless to push the GK, especially if another player is already doing so. You think I should just reduce the line of engagement to this doesn't happen? Now I realized that I could set up an instruction to the opponent so as not to put intense pressure on the goalkeeper. Although I want to press him, but I don't want two players to do it PD: No comments (or jokes) for my formation, please (?)
  12. Hey, I'm looking for a high-pressing football but make me shout when i see two of my players pressing opposite the rival GK. I have only one forward. Obviusly, pressing intensivity is full and defensive line is 'much higher'. Also i check "Prevent short GK distribution" Is there a way to avoid this stupid behavior from my players keeping good pressing? EDIT: My striker always pushes, but so does my AMC. This AMC is assigned a personal mark (DR), which makes it meaningless to push the GK, especially if another player is already doing so. PD: No comments (or jokes) for my formation, please (?)
  13. Yes, this will be great feature and i'm waiting for years. In recent games added homegrown filter, which is fine, but this is also necessary
  14. A friendly reminder to FM 2021. Imiss motivating my players in quick substitutions. Why did they remove that option?
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