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  1. @Freddie Sands Actually, the issue about 2-teams is not only this. For example, I noticed that in my games 2-teams winning the 3rd division will be promoted to the 2nd division only if the main team is promoted from the 1st division (Obos) to Eliteserien. I believe they should be promoted anyway, even if the main team keeps on playing in the 1st div. Not only, this means that teams playing already in Eliteserien cannot have their 2-team promoted in the 2 div (ex. Rosenborg 2 won several times the 3rd div in my game but it never gets promoted). I think that this issue is strictly linked to the one discussed above by Maaka.
  2. I have exactly the same problem. It's very annoying. Any news about it?
  3. @Freddie Sands Thanks for the answer. I have now checked thoroughly also the other Nations League divisions and I've spotted another mistake. Albania and Norway finished 2nd in their Division C group. Albania with 8 points in 4 matches, Norway with 12 points in 6 matches. In the overall ranking the matches with the 4th placed team should be excluded, so Norway would have only 6 points in 4 matches in the overall ranking (they won twice against the 4th placed). Therefore, Norway should be in Pot 4 (as 31st in the overall ranking) behind Albania in Pot 3 (29th in the overall ranking). But in the EURO Qualifiers, Albania is together with another Pot 3 team (a winner of Division C), and Norway is together with another Pot 4 team (a 4th placed in Division C). It is like their place in the overall ranking got swapped, as in the previous case with Poland and the Netherlands. Another issue regarding the EURO qualifiers is the "winter venues" criterion, which says: "A maximum of two teams identified as venues with high or medium risk of severe winter conditions will be placed in each group: Belarus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Ukraine." In my game, I have Norway, Lithuania and Latvia all in the same group.
  4. The pots for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers are wrong. The teams will be seeded according to the UEFA Nations League overall rankings. So, in Pot 1 there will be 1st, 2nd and the 2 best 3rd placed of Division A. In my game, the 2 best 3rd placed should be Poland (2pts) and Croatia (1pt, -3 GD), and thus they should go in Pot 1. Netherlands and Iceland should fall into Pot 2. But in the EURO Qualifiers groups, it looks like Netherlands is in Pot 1 (since no one else from Pot 1 is present in Group B), and Poland in Pot 2 (since it is together with Switzerland which is in Pot 1 as 2nd placed in the Nations League).
  5. When giving feedback to the players during the break between 1st and 2nd half, "overwhelmed by the feedback" is wrongly translated with "fatto a pezzi per il feedback", which has actually no sense. If "overwhelmed" is intended with a negative meaning, then a grammatically correct translation could just be "a pezzi per il feedback" without "fatto", even if it sounds quite harsh ("a pezzi" means "shattered"). If instead it is intended somehow positively, then it could be "caricato dal feedback".
  6. Hi, is there any way to load the original database of an older version of FM in the editor of FM18? Or is there any way to export an older database (FM06-07-08) in a .xml file, as it is possible with the newer editors? Thank you
  7. I did the procedure but still the number of promotions from the "inactive" divisions is random. Idk what else to try.
  8. I've tried I guess but it still does not work. What do you mean exactly with "add inactive division"? There is something to tick? I have split the teams in the main inactive division into many regional inactive divisions linked to the main one. In the rules I've made the main inactive division as parent competition of the others (which are defined as child competitions) and ticked "inactive". I added also "preferred lower division teams for promoted teams" in each last active level and inserted the relative inactive regional division with the number of teams that should be promoted for each group.
  9. Thank you! So basically I should create many sub-divisions and link them to the main inactive division. If I want to do this for more than one country in different files, will it create ID conflicts between the newly created sud-divisions? I usually try to avoid ID creations because I never know if there are conflict
  10. Hi, Anyone knows how to promote teams which belong to a specific local region from an inactive division? I tried to use the option "preferred teams from inactive division" but it doesn't seem working. Any idea? Thanks
  11. That's true! I didn't think about it! Yes, I'd really like to avoid that option. Got it! I've read carefully again the dynamic relegation topic and after your explanations it seems everything more clear. I should have min 1 - max 5 relegations per Level5 group. However, now I'll check again the structure and I start to test the method already for FM17 (at least some group) and see if I spot any difficulties with applying it in this Italian structure.
  12. Thank you for the detailed answer. Actually in a previous version for I was using the regional boundaries for Level 3 and 4, so I 've checked the coordinates of all the italian cities and correct them when wrong, so I'm not scared for the amount of work In the end, in my current version I've decided to use regional divisions because the boundaries create squares and since Italy is "skewed", it was very hard to set proper and realistic boundaries. Yesterday I've checked in a 10 years save the teams in Level 4 and the problem starts when there are too many teams with a certain regional division. And for what I remember it was the same using the boundaries. I was now thinking that maybe assigning more than 1 (or more than 2) regional division to the teams could reduce the problem even more. In my save the teams were wrongly located 3 times and always for the same reason. I've settled 16/20 teams per group (instead of a fixed 18), but in three seasons the two southernmost groups (H and I) had already 20 teams each that could be assigned only to group H and I. So when an additional team with the same characteristic was being promoted/relegated to that level, it was moved to group A. I guess that the way to solve it would be increase even more the number of teams (f.ex. 22) but it'll lead to groups with 15-16 teams and that's not really nice or give to some teams also the possibility to be assigned to group G (as it would be done IRL). Now I understand the problem with the "relegation zone". It is impossible to assign all the teams in a group of level 4 to the same secondary division, so I think I have to stick to the dynamic number of teams in level 5 (with the problems you mentioned: often a group shrink fast with only 12 teams and some grow a lot reaching 24, for example). Last thing, I'm not sure if I understood completely what you mean for "I used divisions (every level 5 divisions should have their level 6 lower league)." I mean, I looked at the Serbian system and each level has more levels under it. For example, I've read that the Level 3 West has three groups under it (Level 4: Morava, Dunav, Drina). I got it from Wikipedia so it could be wrong This is the same situation as in my Level 5 and 6. Basically if you want to stop at Level 3, you would set your level 4 without fixtures, fixing number of promotions and setting that these three groups (Morava, Dunav, Drina) refer to Level 3 West in order that the teams promoted are placed there. Did I understand correctly? Thank you again for the help!
  13. Thank you for the reply. This is the Italian current league system: -Level 1: Serie A - 20 teams - 3 relegations -Level 2: Serie B - 22 teams - 2 direct promotions + 1 promotion through playoffs , 3 direct relegations + 1 relegation through playout (18th vs 19th) -Level 3: Serie C - 3 groups of 19 teams - 3 direct promotions (1 promotion per group) + 1 promotion through playoffs (28 teams participate in playoff: 9 per group + winner of the league cup) - 6 relegations through playouts (2 per group 16th vs 19th , 17th vs 18th) This year only there is no direct relegation because due to teams bankrupt, there are 19 teams instead of 20 per group. In this way the leagues will be back to 20 teams next year (and the 20th will be directly relegated, for a total of 9 total relegations). The three groups are zone-based: roughly North, Centre and South or NorthWest, NorthEast and South. - Level 4: Serie D - 9 groups of 18/20 teams (regularly 18 teams, but a couple of extra teams that goes bankrupt re-starts from this level). 9 promotions (1 per group) , no playoffs (they exist IRL only for replacing upper level teams going bankrupt, so they're pointless in FM); 18 direct relegations (2 per group) + 18 relegation through playouts (2 per group 13th vs 16th and 14th vs 15th in an 18 teams group) The nine groups are zone-based, but they're not "fixed" to a region. Roughly the 18 southernmost teams go in group I (the 9th), the 18 most north-west go in group A. Promotions and relegations are always fixed at 1 and 4 per group. The division in groups is done every year at the beginning of the season, so a team can play one year in group C and one year in group D for example, but still the teams are geographically close to each other. There is never a southern team playing in group A for example. - Level 5: Eccellenza - 28 groups of 16/18 teams - 29 direct promotions (1 per group + winner of league cup) + 7 through playoffs (teams participate from all groups); usually variable number of relegations (depending on the relegated from Serie D) to maintain the total number of teams in a group constant as in your system. These 28 groups are region-based, so the constraint is more strict. Each group corresponds to a specific Italian region (big regions as Tuscany or Sicily have two groups, Lombardy has 3). For this level I suppose that your system is very well suitable, even if I don't know how it will handle the promotions from lower leagues (both if activated or if not) since the bottom level is also built in the same way just with more groups. The Italian DBs usually reach level 5 or even 6, but still this problem is always present. I've reduced it using regional division to each team together with a dynamic number of teams (f.ex. 16-20 instead of fixing 18). I noticed that adding more regional division to a team can help a bit more, so when the first choice is not possible, the team go in the second chosen group. But still some teams manage to avoid all these limitations after some year, resulting in some southern teams in northern groups or vice versa. I would like to finally fix this issue in FM18 and reading your topic about dynamic relegation gave me a lot of hope. However, I think that especially the 4th level needs something more. Indeed, the number of relegations should be fixed in this level, while the teams should move, just not randomly as FM does, but with a geographical order. I was thinking if maybe using a hidden stage at the beginning of the season, where the teams get ordered on geographical base, could solve the issue. But I need the opinion of some expert as you, and maybe some alternative ideas. Thank you
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