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  1. Yes, I know But maybe the reason why he said that the option did not work as he expected is that he thought that it considered the city instead of the stadium.
  2. I have tried and it seems that it works just as fine. However, the local region considered is the one of the stadium of the team, not the one of the city of the team. So, for example if a team does not have a stadium specified, the option will not work.
  3. Hi, it is not a particular save that gives this problem. It can be replicated in every save, since the stage is wrongly built in the editor with 27 teams instead of 28 (see picture below). In FM20, the stage had 28 teams but the distribution was a total mess, even worse than FM21 (teams of different groups were paired together already in the first round). I guess that for avoiding that mess, it was decided to use this structure with 27 teams but it is still not the real one.
  4. The reason why the Serie C teams are picked wrongly the first year is the removal of Trapani from the DB. 78 teams participate normally to Coppa Italia and there are 78 registered teams in Coppa Italia for the starting year. However, Trapani (which originally was supposed to participate in Coppa Italia) is now set as extinct because it dissolved IRL, and therefore the game finds only 77 teams. The rule "get registered teams for this comp and year" is set as "don't use team rule if not enough teams found". So, since the game finds only 77 teams instead of 78, the rule is skipped and t
  5. The structure of the Serie C playoff is wrong as it was in FM20. This year (as last year) 28 teams should participate IRL but only 27 participate in FM. This results in teams from Group A getting a bye in one of the rounds for no reason.
  6. Hi, I found a skin (FM Nation Skin) that has the percentages also in the tactic and team screens. So, it is clearly possible to make them appear somehow. Is there anyone that knows which files in the panels should be modified to make them appear?
  7. I did not have the beta, I started a new save yesterday and I also have Juventus U23 in the Italian Cup. No editor data custom file.
  8. Hi, I have a file which does not verify and I can't figure out why. It's an expansion of the Finnish competitions up to the Tier 4, where I tried to replicate the real leagues structure with the differences between 2019 and 2020. If I run "Test Competitions" testing the whole structure, everything is fine. Also if I test the competitions checking up to Tier 2 or up to Tier 3 is fine. But if I test the file checking only Tier 1, then at the end of the 2nd season, it says that the relegated teams from Tier 2 do not match the promoted from Tier 3. It actually says that there are 0
  9. The playoff in Serie C are a little bugged. The main problems are: - The draw is not matching the correct teams, so you can end up playing against a team of another group even if you're not supposed to in the initial rounds. - Some team can start in an earlier/later round than the one it is supposed to start. - The team in the 11th placed that (in some case) should enter the playoff will not join, replaced by the 11th of another group (which is not supposed to join playoff). All these issues happen only when the winner of the Italian Cup of Serie C ends the league i
  10. Hi, is there any way to load the original database of an older version of FM in the editor of FM18? Or is there any way to export an older database (FM06-07-08) in a .xml file, as it is possible with the newer editors? Thank you
  11. Hi, I opened a topic somehow related to this (https://community.sigames.com/topic/409159-regional-divisions/) but my question is a little bit different. For example, I like to play with minor Italian divisions. In the Italian football pyramid the levels under the 3rd are geographical-based (under 4th are regional-based), but the number of promoted and relegated teams is always constant (in 3rd and 4th level). Only from the 5th level that is regional-based, the relegated teams are adapted depending on the relegated teams from the upper level. So I can use the method described here for the
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