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  1. Hi, I have a file which does not verify and I can't figure out why. It's an expansion of the Finnish competitions up to the Tier 4, where I tried to replicate the real leagues structure with the differences between 2019 and 2020. If I run "Test Competitions" testing the whole structure, everything is fine. Also if I test the competitions checking up to Tier 2 or up to Tier 3 is fine. But if I test the file checking only Tier 1, then at the end of the 2nd season, it says that the relegated teams from Tier 2 do not match the promoted from Tier 3. It actually says that there are 0 relegated teams from Tier 2, but when I run the whole thing, the relegated teams are correct (3). So I cannot verify the whole structure. If I verify the single tiers separately, I can verify Tier 2, 3 and 4 but still Tier 1 does not get verified. I edited the xml in order to add a line to "manually verify" the file and test it in game, but it still bothers me. I upload the xml here, if anyone can help me. Thanks Finland 100 xml.xml
  2. The playoff in Serie C are a little bugged. The main problems are: - The draw is not matching the correct teams, so you can end up playing against a team of another group even if you're not supposed to in the initial rounds. - Some team can start in an earlier/later round than the one it is supposed to start. - The team in the 11th placed that (in some case) should enter the playoff will not join, replaced by the 11th of another group (which is not supposed to join playoff). All these issues happen only when the winner of the Italian Cup of Serie C ends the league in a position different than 11th - 15th.
  3. Basically, in the un-edited game, if the CW is not 11-15 (standard playoff case), then many teams are joining the playoff in the "wrong" spot, and the team the gets the CW playoff spot is wrong too. So, the playoff grid has to be fixed for all non-standard cases (which are the most common in game)
  4. Ok, no problem. In the previous seasons, the comparison has been done just with position and number of points. I assume that the next criteria is goals difference and goals for since they're used in the regular season, even if so far they were not needed IRL in the playoff because the teams to compare always had different number of points.
  5. @krlenjushka@Weston In Test 2, the structure is correct. But there is another small problem. In Round 3, the match Catania - Siena is a draw after 180' and the seeded team (Siena) should advance, but it is Catania that plays in the Quarter Finals. In Test 3, the structure is correct. However, there is the seeding problem in the Round 2 of C/B (as @krlenjushka already said). Moreover, in Round 3 the seeded team among the qualified teams should be FeralpiSalò (4th with 66 pts) instead of Carrarese (4th with 61 pts). Then, the match Catanzaro - Carrarese is a draw after 180' and the seeded team (Carrarese in the test) should advance, but it is Catanzaro that plays in the Quarter Finals. In Test 4, the seeding problem of Round 2 occurs in all the groups but in C/A and C/B, the seeded/unseeded are correct. However, in C/C the seeded teams should have been Teramo and Catanzaro instead of Teramo and Catania. Moreover, in Round 3 the seeded team among the qualified teams should be Triestina (4th with 67 pts) instead of Teramo (4th with 59 pts). Then, in Quarter Finals, the 4 seeded teams should be the three 2nd and Reggina (3rd with 67 pts), instead of Viterbese (which even if it is the CW, it's only 8th and I think it does not get a better seed in this round).
  6. Unfortunately, there is something still wrong. Structure Ravenna is 3rd in Group B, so it should start in 3rd Round and not in 2nd. The problem is due to the fact that the shift of the spots occurs in Group C (the group of Reggina, the Cup Winner), but the Cup Winner spot is taken by the runner-up (since Reggina is already promoted) which is in Group B. So, in order to fix it I guess that the shift should occur in the group of the team that gets the CW spot. Seeding In 3 Round, the seeded team among the Round 2 qualified teams should be Arezzo (best placed among them) and not Pistoiese. In Quarter Final, the seeded team among the Round 3 qualified teams should be Siena (best placed among them) and not Sambenedettese.
  7. Yes, if CW is 2nd then it enters QF, and the 4th of its group will enter Round 3, the 5th will enter Round 2 and 6th-11th Round 1. It is all correct. However, if the CW is 11-15 there is not "shift" in the seeding list, because the "standard" list would be already ok. I made a powerpoint with the list of possible cases. I hope it helps. playoff C.pptx
  8. I think that the practical implementation should not require very long (some hours at max) but I do not know how to implement the "Cup Finalist" into the playoff structure. IMHO, I think that a structure change like this one will require a new savegame.
  9. In that case the 11th of its group will join the 1st round of playoff.
  10. Actually I was not totally correct. It's not the 4th best placed, but the 4th placed of the group where the CW belongs. Thus, if the CW (or the Finalist) is qualified to the 3rd round or to the QF through the league, or it's directly promoted, then the 4th placed in the group of the CW takes its place in the 3rd round. The 5th moves to the 2nd round and the 11th of that group is qualified to the 1st round.
  11. Unfortunately @claassen seems to be offline since a while and indeed he has not posted yet anything in his annual "additional leagues" thread. I have checked his 2019 Italy file and the issue is also there. Maybe @KUBI or @krlenjushka have some ideas.
  12. I was actually thinking about fixing it myself but it is not so simple (at least for doing it all by myself), because I assume that the whole playoff structure has to be recreated, introducing "hidden stages" (for example for choosing the best 4th) and so on. Btw, for what I have seen, the playoffs were coded in the same way also in FM19.
  13. There's a bug in Serie C playoffs. Basically IRL, the playoffs start with a "local" phase. For each of the 3 Serie C groups, there will be a 1st round with 3 matches (5th vs10th, 6th vs 9th, 7th vs 8th), and a 2nd round where the 4th joins the 3 winner of the 1st round. 2 teams per groups move forward to the "national" phase (which correspond to the in-game 3rd round). In the 3rd round, the 6 winners of the "local" phase are joined by the 3rd of each group + the winner of the Cup of Serie C, for a total of 10 teams. The 5 winners and the 3 teams 2nd-placed of each group participate then in the Quarter Finals, and so on up to the Final. If the winner of the Cup, however, is already qualified to the "national" phase (3rd round or Quarter Finals) because it arrived 2nd or 3rd, or it is already promoted or relegated, then the Finalist of the Cup takes its place. If also the Finalist is already qualified, then the best 4th-placed will join the three 3rd-placed in the 3rd round. I know it is a bit complicated and indeed there is quite a big problem involving the Cup Winner. When the Cup Winner is already qualified, the game skips completely the team and its seeding is assigned to the next team in the list, which is always the 4th-placed team of group A and not the best 4th-placed (I checked in the editor and it confirmed what I experienced in the game). In this way, all the seedings are shifted, and the "local" phase is not anymore local. The Finalist of the Cup Winner is never considered (it is NOT mentioned at all in the editor). Moreover, the 11th-placed of the group which the team gets a bye (CW or best 4th) joins the 1st round of playoff IRL; here's always the 11th of group C. I already have checked the editor and this is the way the playoff are coded and it should definitely be corrected.
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