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  1. Alright, your preference. As for the reason, according to him, is just the schedule: We want to reduce the number of summer day games, so we can’t go up to 22 teams in the J3.
  2. Not doubting your sources then, but you have an interview with the Jleague chairmain himself done less than one month ago saying J3 will stop at 20 teams... I would trust him, at least until someone officially announces something else.
  3. According to my experience, unfortunately due to the editors limitations it's impossible to reproduce the high school teams properly. There are a lot of issues, can name a couple: 1) Club will steal the High School players all the time, which shouldn't happen in reality. I remember back then spending endless hours trying to balance reputations so that the best HS teams (like Aomori, Yamanashi, Ryutsu Keizai) wouldn't lose the players so easily, but it would create other issues. Also good regens were getting stolen anyway. 2) You can't leave the clubs on "Amateur" status because SI impleme
  4. Do you have any source? Not doubting, just interested. I had never heard before that the 100-year plan went in such details. What is the english report you are referring to in the last sentence btw? The decision to stop the J3 to 20 teams appears to be definitive, btw. In your file it goes up to 22 to me. I managed to find an english source, so everyone can have a read. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2021/01/06/soccer/j-league/jleague-mitsuru-murai-interview-part2/ In the future, we want to expand the J3 to 20 teams, and after that we’ll establish promotion and relegation
  5. this basically means that the league will go back to 18 teams in 2022! WHY haha. You mixed things up, J3 was 18 teams this year and will be 15 teams in 2021 due to what you said. Miyazaki is the newcomer team. The reason is the upcoming Elite League. As for the rest, I tried to warn you above (quote below)... it's been known since months. Nothing is strange, simply due to the pandemic they had blocked relegations and promotions because the year has been rough for all clubs. That doesn't mean it was planned for the league to expand forever. It was always decide
  6. Sorry, didn't get your question. But it's not your file :). It does involve changing advanced rules of a nation, yes. So just deleting that line should have worked... ?
  7. Hmm, I can't get this to work for whatever reason. Even if I delete the line or just remove the "/" the file still appears as not verified in the game. Unfortunately the original .fmf file always fails to verify but, ironically, it's a verified file, to which I just made a few edits that had nothing to do with the rules (literally, just a few renamings). Infact even if I add a single letter to the original fmf and verify it, the editor complains. Don't even know how the guys who made it verified it. So I would really need to force verify it... any help?
  8. Yes but from 2022 it will change again, are you aware of that? In 2021 the number of relegations will be different than usual because they were blocked this year, but J1 will go back to 18 teams in 2022, and J2 to 22. The J3 should get up to 20 teams in total in the next years and then promotion-relegation with JFL will start (as per Jleague decision). Also, maybe you already knew but Gamba U23 and Cerezo U23 will disappear from J3 in 2021, so it should be 15 teams in J3. And the Elite League (U21) will be introduced probably this year - as far as I know it is still unclear which teams w
  9. hmm, honestly I wouldn't have done it. The transfer window will stay open for a lot of time now. So you will never be up to date. It doesn't really make sense, but just my 2 cents. Unless you are updating just the teams, but without moving players and staff. But that doesn't make sense either imho. Yes, relegations would be unlocked from the get go, but you will still have to change the system from the next season as the number of teams will change.
  10. Yes, this drives me crazy too. I shouldn't need to click anywhere to see who was subbed and when...
  11. I've found it to be faster than last year, especially saving and loading is now instant for me...
  12. Another issue, but related to the In-Game editor: In relation to the last two lines, it's impossible to tell what does what. But that's because the first one is wrong. The first of the two should be "Sposta nella mia squadra in prestito" Funny thing is I am quite sure I submitted the same thing last year or the year before, but can't find the thread anymore.
  13. Damn, thread already got buried... really literally no one knows ?
  14. For female managers, the word "Allenatore" should be changed to "Allenatrice". "La Allenatore" doesn't work. It's at the top of every message involving female staff who is a manager.
  15. As per Title. I was wondering, since players develop more when they play actual league football and not just by training, how is their improvement "calculated" ? Or the question could be reprhased like this: suppose player A and player B have identical stats and both start every week. They play for two different teams which, let's suppose, have identical staff and identical training facilities. However these clubs are one in Premier League and one in League One. Will the player who plays in the Prem. develop faster? And if so, then is this related to the league reputation? Thanks if
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