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  1. The FM update introduced new players: what this means is that it broke the previous photo -> player ID connections, because it increments the IDs for the players you created. So at the moment it's hard to say when it will get out exactly (if with the file immediately or not, I mean. I know Foss is working on it right now). We have to change them all again... The good thing is that in case some faces will still be missing we can just release an Add-on later on.
  2. That file is very different from ours in the approach. It is far more complete league-wise than ours in that it has JFL, regional league players. But, they are pretty much random (from their positions, to any kind of CA\PA). It is instead far, far less complete than ours in regards to youth players as it limits mostly the the professional ones and a few ones with random PAs. All the youth players have been researched by me instead (not up to all the single stats for obvious reasons) - same story for the university players (you'll find quite a few). In our file you are going to find some of the players which come out as professionals in JLeague in the next years. It also does not have our realistic HS system and does not come with the leagues in it at all either. You'll have to use classeen's which lacks a few rules, the real prizes, the youth leagues, etc. since obviously he didn't spend months just on Japan. Not sure about attendance, tickets, media, agents, etc (we have) So, it depends on the personal needs of the player :). Both are huge works in my opinion. We just prefer to include only highly realistic stuff even if it means leaving out the lower leagues. Of course we're not perfect either so any suggestion will be welcome To those asking: took a little longer due to 1) FM crashing for no reason, took a while to be fixed 2) my and then Foss' real-life general busyness. The file is done now and we're just testing it.
  3. There will be and it'll be quite big, it won't be just J1 players. Unsure if it'll work on 17.1... I think so as the IDs should be the same. The patch messed up some stuff but most is fixed. The patch however also changed everything to 2017 so, more updates on the file later this month.
  4. is this okay with the new patch?
  5. No problem, it's okay. We're there, I sent my file already. (roughly 20 000 changes \ 1000 new players \ around 50 youngsters photos) We are in the process of creating the youth competitions and a realistic youth system which is a first-ever for FM. First-ever because in the case of Japan it mostly means that you can't snatch a high school prospect just like that, it doesn't happen in the real world. You can pre-sign him and have him join after he's ended school at 18y. As you can imagine, there is nothing like that in the Editor, so Foss is trying to make it work with some workarounds, we had a few ideas that he's testing. High schools obviously have no money (as in they pay no wages) either. We're also looking at how to have Universities rack up players despite them not being part of the official competitions. Again, can't and won't promise anything definitive on what will be feasible in the end but we want to do it. Can't answer your question as I do not know when that patch hits, but I'd guess Foss will release it after to do the work just once (otherwise we'd have to fix stuff again if it doesn't work)
  6. I'm so sorry but real-life work has prevented me from finishing it last week as planned. However, this week I will. Still recommend to wait as it will have so much more content. In the meanwhile you can try other leagues I guess. Again I don't know when a release will happen but consider that we plan to move on a new 2017 file after the transfer window closes (31/3), so it's very unlikely that we'll touch this again after that date unless it's for issues. Therefore the release will be quite before that date obviously.
  7. If you have not started yet by now, do consider that a major update is coming. I don't know when exactly because that's up to Foss and I know he's adding more stuff. But by the 3rd of Feb I'll be finished with U18 players and that's roughly 1000 new players with their data and proper CA\PA. I think that the facepack and the competition structure will be included too. We have worked on stuff like real prize money, team logos, referees, media, agents, etc. No real finances yet because it's tricky balancing them with FM's "fake" expenses so that will take a while. Unsure about the crashes, personally.
  8. Yeah that could work too, but remember that at the moment it's "Rivista Specializzata" and not Fanzine. If you meant to change it into Fanzine then yeah sounds good, I just throw suggestions after all.
  9. Hello, sorry if already posted https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFC_Solidarity_Cup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_AFC_Solidarity_Cup Seems like this competition isn't in the game, or is it? It's the replacement of the Challenge Cup... might seem trivial to most but it's (supposedly) set to continue.
  10. Separate post for a separate thing: A couple of mistakes under the "Capacità tattiche" - Tactical skills window of a person. 1) Brillantezza is a vague word which doesn't really say much. The english word used is Flamboyancy and in-game it means how much freedom is allowed to the players. But "brillantezza" has nothing to do with this... ?? "Libertà d'inventare" is my suggestion. (creative freedom) 2) Another one is the one just below and it's Disponibilità. Odd word choice as disponibilità literally means "Availability". In reality, this stat in game is meant to represent how much the coach is tactically flexible. It's Flexiblity in english and I'd translate it with "Flessibilità di modulo" to better convey the meaning in italian. 3) Free roles has become "Fantasista" which is a bit comical, - seems to be basically if the coach uses the #10.... but I don't see any connection whatsoever. "Libertà di posizione" would be my suggestion. Later, there's a stat called "Regista" which is meant to translate "Use of Playmaker". This one is correct but maybe "Uso del Regista" is better) Hope this helps.
  11. I have another small fix to suggest: when you try to create a new Media, in the "Details / Dettagli" window it asks for the type. Now, using the editor in italian, until now I had assumed that Periodico and Rivista Specializzata meant what they meant and so I had put several soccer magazines under Rivista Specializzata. However, I was a bit confused as Periodico actually doesn't really mean much, as periodico literally means something that goes out in a set timeframe. In common language though we are used to refer to Periodico something like this. Then, there was "Rivista Specializzata" which seemed perfect to create all the various monthly magazines on football... but I realized that their english counterparts are "Magazine" and "Fanzine" which are actually slighly different things. Proposed changes: Magazine -> Rivista (Periodico isn't completely wrong, but a "quotidiano" and a "giornale" are actually also a periodico) Fanzine -> Rivista amatoriale An example: World Soccer is a Magazine (Rivista) but it is obviously specializzata. That doesn't make it a fanzine, clearly.
  12. *sigh*. This is so annoying since regens are a big part of the game overall and it's kinda ugly to have alien ones, I hope SI takes notice.
  13. Sorry, I just reopened the editor to go more in detail for you. My screen wasn't very clear because I had not noticed that the problem wasn't that "Sopra la media" and "Sotto la media" were swapped, instead "Sotto la media" appears two times. So every single field aside from "Controversia" needs to be fixed - as in, 12-13 must have "Sopra la Media".
  14. Thanks a lot for your help sir. However I'm a little confused: there is no space to put any numbers, that's possible only in "Honesty" and "Curiosity" which are decently (though I'm not 100% sure how a "curious" journalist is reflected in the game. Makes more questions? ) . The other ones are just ticks... like "on\off" My questions basically are: Experienced: what does this mean in-game ? Cunning: unsure either. He tries to make burning questions? Nice (this one's ok) Dishonest: not sure why there's this tick since later down there's "honesty" and it asks you for a number... ?? Ill tempered seems pretty clear Dull same