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  1. Not a bug. Sports Interactive has coded out the "Club" window for Japan. Doesn't have anything to do with Claasen's db. Just nonsense license restrictions. Foss has came up with an idea on how to solve it with a workaround, we'll see if we can do it for the next release (which won't be anytime soon, the facepack is separate). The second problem reported isn't a problem generated by our file instead.
  2. Ok thanks! By real team you mean "real team names" ? I'm just curious on what's the source used I assume no real players of course ?
  3. Some of he games in your image are actually U23 games, so not fair... that said I assume it's a fantasy league?
  4. Foss probably can answer better than me, but, I have no idea what's Kruj's file but of course you shouldn't use classen's update because classeen's file also cointains the japanese leagues, which goes in conflict with our file, probably
  5. I'll check tonight to be sure that it's not a failed change but unless in my game I have the same discrepancy as yours, it means is something else going on. Don't load any other editor with files other than ours if possible.
  6. uhm, what? The next transfer window starts in july and ends at the end of august. I don't know if we'll do it honestly, not sure if it's worth the effort. Either way, certainly not before september
  7. Damn, thanks a lot for the report. I'll ask Foss to check this since he handled this.
  8. The maximum and minimum ages that you can set for clubs don't work 100% properly in my opinion. Players with amateur contracts still stick to their clubs despite being past 18yr... imho they should be automatically released
  9. sorry the first post is just very long, just wanted a sum up of what this is about
  10. Hi, the release is happening today. Sadly, we couldn't overcome some editor bugs - or mysteries - but we're also tired of making people wait. I'll keep trying fixing some things after the release but, in the meanwhile, we're going to release a fully-functional, bug free file with over 1000 young\university players, the 2017 season ready to play and so on. The youth leagues instead, will be a classic "all teams have a U18 side and play against each others split in some pools" so that of course you'll still be able to use the oung players. More in detail of what's included in the next post. It's also impossible to prevent clubs from stealing the HS players unfortunately, so they will dry up after the first months. We tried to raise their reputations but it brought in other ill-effects. And the embargo works only for buying and not selling.
  11. sorry I missed this, you can avoid this by setting "1" or 0, I can't remember now. I think we have done it but don't count me on that, we don't want to spend even more time to recheck even the finances edit: also we have more players than I thought in J3 due to the 2016 version: many players moved from J2 to J3 and of course we did the same.
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