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  1. Hey folks; looking at getting a tower PC for my brother who works as a teacher. He likes to play FM every now and then so figure this would be a good place to ask, but it's not a huge priority to be able to run all the leagues and so on - just something that can run it. He's not using anything super intensive either, mostly just Spotify, Google Drive, etcetera. With a budget of £300, what's the best place for me to be looking? Somewhere like Currys? Likewise if anybody has any recommendations at the price point it'd be much appreciated
  2. @darren1983 What's the rule on using an updated database (transfers, promotions + relegations, etc) to do this challenge? Chertanovo were relegated in real life this year, and I suspect they'll be a very popular team for people next year!
  3. That makes sense - if its any help, I've done it twice and Kelleher goes Welsh every single time for me! Will Russ is another one to have a look at (although I suppose you might be a bit too far in now for him to develop), the guy was a wrecking machine up front for me the last time I gave it a go!
  4. Can I ask what file it is that gives the league with all the youth academies? Or is it all the editor data files?
  5. Would you mind sharing your game set-up settings, to see what leagues you loaded? Think you've inspired me to take up something similar; I've always been a massive fan of Half Man Half Biscuit so seeing someone do well in Hungary always gets me thinking of Honved!
  6. Nightmare! I'll see what @Tsuru says, that's so annoying though
  7. @Padders How do you get through so many games so quickly?!
  8. Yohannes looks like he could be fantastic - who doesn't love to see 19 aggression?! How will the nationality rules work though with him as an American, will he gain points towards Canadian nationality or will he just stay American what with it being an American league that he is playing in?
  9. Just out of curiosity; are you far enough in to know how naturalisation rules work with non-Welsh players? I've done the same thing you're doing with Wrexham before (and I think I'll do it again, I never got past League One last time) and I know that Fiacre Kelleher usually takes up Welsh citizenship eventually to help with the registration rules after Brexit. However, do you know if players that you signed yourself during your save game become eligible for Wales or if they become eligible for England? Thinking about doing a Wrexham + Wales style, win the Euros with Wales type challenge, so it would be nice to know if any Brazilians I sign end up being eligible for Wales long term!
  10. That's so strange! I might give this a go but change the eligiblity rules in the editor to be three years... certainly food for thought!
  11. Nice! I just checked in the editor now, Serbia also seems to be an interesting one... but Canada still seems good. What's the 3/5 rule for Canada? Does it mean they can be Canadian three years in but cant play until five years in?
  12. Great to see you doing this again as I loved the Saudi Arabia one - I'm sure I've said this before but your Lanzarote save inspired me to do my own Sicilian challenge with Palermo, and I've just won my second league title; easily the best save I've ever done, so thanks again. I've been thinking about doing another 'build-a-nation' type challenge like you've done here; are there any other countries/leagues that take your eye for this sort of challenge? I've thought about doing it in Russia or with Wales, but Canada + a Canadian club seems like the best of the bunch!
  13. Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses Season 1 - 4th tier Finish: 3rd in the group (missed out on the promotion playoffs by one goal difference, in the 94th minute!!!) Season Summary An unusual first season really; we were incredibly tight at the back which allowed us to scrape a lot of wins with what is ultimately an inferior side in comparison to the teams around us. We outperformed our xG which tends to actually be a good sign in my experience on FM, but to let it slip on the last day to a 94th minute equaliser and then miss out on the playoffs is extremely tough to take. Too many draws ultimately, so I've got to work on a way to break down teams that have more bottom-heavy formations. We had a bit of a wobble halfway through the season but ultimately recovered well as winger-turned-striker Clé single handedly won us points regularly. The training facilities have also been downgraded due to the much-publicised financial difficulties that this challenge poses with Belenenses, but we're still producing youth academy talent capable of going straight into the first team! All in all, it's a 6/10 season - we've a good platform to build on to go up next year. Players Tomas Marques was a stalwart at the back, achieving our highest average rating of 7.29. Clé was also very important, finishing as our top scorer and overperforming his xG by 3.5(!). However my player of the season has to go to Lucas Esteves. I mean look at this lad - he was at the club when I first joined so he technically isn't one of my intake, but he's already capped for the Portuguese u20s at the age of 16 playing in the 4th division! It's a massive disappointment that at no point (and trust me, I've tried regularly) has he been willing to sign a professional contract. Having said that, no one has come in for him either, so I'm going to enjoy having him in goal whilst it lasts. Youth Belenenses start with a relatively decent HoYD, so I was disappointed that the personalities of my intake were across the board, pretty shocking. However, the facilities being what they are for Belenenses means I've managed to pull through 8 or 9 players with clear first-team potential, and 2 or 3 who probably already start. Annoyingly I haven't taken a screenshot of the youth intake preview, but have a look at some of the ones that I am most excited about... look at those nations! Finances and Upgrades No one sold, no one brought in - the club did bring in two players before I joined but it hasn't reflected in my transfers so that's all that matters. The finances are shocking though, as you can see above - I am worried what that means long term, as I've never managed a team where the finances have been that poor this quickly! Best get rising up the leagues fast. Career Progression
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