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  1. Are there any planned changes for the Scottish Premier League, such as CA changes for Rangers as a result of their title win? Just asking to see whether I should start a save with Hearts now or simply wait.
  2. I wouldn't follow this line of advice at all; this change in particular I'd argue would in fact be directly counter-productive to the issues you've identified. If you're struggling to score goals but your defence is tight, the last thing you want to do is change to a more defensively minded role. The BBM is perfectly capable of covering that space, and the BWM can very easily roam as much as the BBM, without the added benefit of the BBM carrying the ball forward on a more regular basis. Similarly, don't fiddle with Tighter Marking if you're happy with what you're seeing defensively. It se
  3. Wild, isn't it? It makes sense that I'd see a little bit of a regression to the mean, but in hindsight continuing to play such a bottom-heavy formation against sides now willing to sit deep against me would prove to blunt my attack massively. Still can't get over that goals scored figure, I hadn't really noticed that at the time I'd stop playing, I'd just quit in disgrace... three Italian Cup finals all lost as well, talk about bottlejobs. Thanks for the kind words re: the title, it's definitely my biggest achievement on any FM save I think - fingers crossed for a return to that success s
  4. Well, we're another iteration of Football Manager on, and sadly I haven't been able to sink my teeth into anything quite as fun as this Palermo save ever was. There's been brief youth academy challenge gallivants around Russia and France, a go with Belenenses in the Portuguese 4th tier which ended up corrupted, and a crack at Wrexham pre-takeover; none of these have hit the heights of a Fabio Petrini masterclass. What a little magician. I think part of that is down to me thinking that FM21 is just not as good a game, or maybe I just can't get over that January tactic hump, but no matter what,
  5. Love to see people doing this in South America - excited to see how you get on in Brazil, the amount of games there is wild!
  6. That's wild; is there any clue as to why that is? Is that not something that could be fixed in the editor?
  7. Wow, is the Belenenses one another Wimbledon style thing where there's two teams split from the other?
  8. I had a load of 3* players, of a decent standard for the league below, and then a goalie, a DM, and a striker all of 5*... seeing them all go at once just killed my enthusiasm haha. To be fair, I'm really impressed at people who keep these going; how do you not lose faith when you've just got no way of changing the team around?
  9. This killed my most recent attempt at this with Alania Vladikavkaz; kept straddling the line between top division and second division because the team was carried by two or three players - there really isn't any convincing them in my experience I'm afraid, if you do keep them let me know what you did!
  10. Anyone got any recommendations for teams to try and holiday for promoting teams in Brazil or Argentina? Looking for fallen giants with decent infrastructure, á la Kaiserslautern or Palermo? @Cheez3y you were managing ABCFC if I remember right, what happened there?
  11. Would anyone be able to help me with editing some kits mid-save? SI has the kits wrong for a Russian club that I'm playing as, and it's really bothering me. I'm five seasons in however, so I really don't want to restart. It would be changing a grey kit to a red and yellow striped kit.
  12. Just cannot get into a save this year Got five years into an attempt with Alania Vladikavkaz but then had all my best players leave on a free, is there anything more demoralising?
  13. 5 points dropped to already relegated teams on the final two days
  14. Alania Vladikavkaz - 1st Season Halfway Point Not a bad start at all, considering I was predicted 17th as one of the newly promoted sides. The Russian 2nd division can be an absolute slog with 42 games in the season, intersected by a three month winter break; many a team has come back completely different post-break! The youth intake wasn't brilliant, although I have managed to get the board to agree to improving the junior coaching/youth recruitment twice already this season owing to my A+ confidence rating. Karasev looks like he'll be a talent as well, but I'll save a r
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