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  1. 5 points dropped to already relegated teams on the final two days
  2. Alania Vladikavkaz - 1st Season Halfway Point Not a bad start at all, considering I was predicted 17th as one of the newly promoted sides. The Russian 2nd division can be an absolute slog with 42 games in the season, intersected by a three month winter break; many a team has come back completely different post-break! The youth intake wasn't brilliant, although I have managed to get the board to agree to improving the junior coaching/youth recruitment twice already this season owing to my A+ confidence rating. Karasev looks like he'll be a talent as well, but I'll save a r
  3. You're a braver man than me starting in Brazil, the amount of games you play per season in that country is bananas... loads of great regens though, so best of luck!
  4. It's a little outside the rules of the challenge as it's not previously unplayable, but Alania are a club with a cool history and they're newly promoted this year. Feel like the squad was only sliiiiightly worse with Spartak Nalchik, and I'm still predicted to go down - time to try again
  5. Save corrupted Quickest end to one of these I've ever done like, not sure I can be bothered to holiday another season to see what teams come up again... Alania Vladikavkaz are one of the newly promoted teams at the start of the game though with quite a cool history, so maybe I'll give them a whirl!
  6. Spartak Nalchik - Youth Intake Season 1 Well, those personalities are terrible considering I've overhauled the coaching staff, but the actual ability is a massive relief given how bad the squad currently is. Best of all; look at all those wingers! Perfect for my current tactic, which essentially sees me sitting deep and kicking it long into the channels for the quick lads to chase. Big shoutout to this geezer, who instantly becomes the best striker at the club (read: I only have one). A quick lad with decent finishing and an unsporting personality? Get him in the first
  7. From Russia with Love; ten years to get a Champions League win is the time to beat, let's give it a whirl!
  8. That's bonkers! Congratulations, would love to see another post explaining the way you approach youth development, putting your tactic together, etc
  9. I'm about 4 years into a save with Ibiza doing a youth only challenge, but starting to get a bit sick of Spain; seems like quite a lot of people are doing exciting saves in non Top-5 league countries, but how do you guys go about deciding what country to go with? I'm thinking of starting again with Torpedo Moscow but can't decide what country to go with, any suggestions are much appreciated! Thinking of the saves in Norway + Iceland, seem pretty fun
  10. I've taken on this challenge with Ibiza; does anyone have an idea as to why on earth my U19 training schedules keep reverting back to whatever my U19 manager decides? So irritating; I've only just noticed that what I thought was 6 months of targeted training has actually been led entirely by the AI!
  11. Is there a list anywhere of teams that can be promoted for each country? I'd like to give this a crack outside of England, and I won the league with Palermo last year doing a very similar challenge to this so probably outside of Italy too. Would I be able to see all the teams that can be promoted in each nation if I used the editor to check the lower divisions?
  12. Hi all, I'm doing a Welsh-only challenge with Wrexham and just had a question on Welsh naturalisation rules. I'm aware that a player may not opt to take up Welsh citizenship at all, but what is the earliest possible time at which they could? My understanding from research into threads dating back to FM12 is that its 5 years, but I'm not sure if this is still the case anymore, as one of my Irish CBs took up Welsh citizenship after 3 years with me to help with foreign player limits Thanks for any help in advance
  13. For the record, doing a homegrown challenge has comfortably been the best FM experience I think I've ever had in a single player game. I did one this year with Palermo, using only Sicilian players that I found using a custom search filter; took me 12 seasons but I eventually won the Serie A on the final day! Happy to share that custom search filter if anybody wants a crack at that for themselves. Alternatively I have a database file for doing the same thing but for players from Paris (the Ile de France region), where the locations within IDF have been edited to include an (IDF) tag for ea
  14. I didn't see you updated this! Loved reading it, thanks for sharing, very interesting stuff
  15. Thanks for the kind words Thanks! I saw a thread a really long time ago about the importance of trying to be reactive to the formation that you're playing against. I think it's important (and ultimately much more satisfying when you win) to change your shape proactively depending on what you're coming up against, especially when you think you're going to be playing a good side. The idea is to change your shape to exploit the space that the opposition formation leaves for your side. Simultaneously, you should look to counter the strengths of the other team at the same time. Sounds obvi
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