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  1. I started this challenge recently, but man I'm struggling - actually got relegated in Austria and Belgium already Wonder if you have any tips, how to set the team up in the first seasons? I tried being agressive and then defensively solid. Nothing worked really.
  2. Actually that's not true. Piast Gliwice won it in 18/19 season. Love your careers, keep up the good work mate
  3. Great write-up. Wonder what's your roles upfront? It looks like all of them are attacking, but you mention a false nine. Hopefully you will update soon
  4. Am I only one with this problem? I can't fix it any way.
  5. My facepacks stopped working after the newest update. They worked fine for years and never had any problems, but all of sudden the faces stopped showing up. I tried to untick cache, changed the config file, rename the folders. Nothing. Anyone knows how can I make it back?
  6. I have the same problems, I don't know what's causing them.
  7. Do you play FM20? Would love to see more interpretations coming from FM20, because most people have a success with this type of football on previous FM's.
  8. Do you still using it? I'm curious as I'm usually struggle to have high scoring forwards in FM20.
  9. Full backs are definitely more attacking. I'd say Digne is a WB with attack duty with Bernard in front of him coming inside (AP?) and Sidibe is more supporting role and he often underlaps Walcott, so maybe WB or even CWB. I like your centre midfield pairing, as they're really reserved under Carlo as Everton don't have any ball carrier right now. It will be interesting how he'll use Gomes once he's back. His setup is interesting, but I think it's a very big work in progress and it we'll be very different with a right personel at his disposal.
  10. Wow, I play almost identical with some great results along the way. There was a great Guardiola's thread last year which made me try IWB's, mezalla's, shadow Striker and wide midfielders so that's a base almost the same as yours. I play a little bit more agressive though.
  11. Is it down? Seems like it's not working for a few days.
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