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  1. Do you play FM20? Would love to see more interpretations coming from FM20, because most people have a success with this type of football on previous FM's.
  2. Do you still using it? I'm curious as I'm usually struggle to have high scoring forwards in FM20.
  3. Full backs are definitely more attacking. I'd say Digne is a WB with attack duty with Bernard in front of him coming inside (AP?) and Sidibe is more supporting role and he often underlaps Walcott, so maybe WB or even CWB. I like your centre midfield pairing, as they're really reserved under Carlo as Everton don't have any ball carrier right now. It will be interesting how he'll use Gomes once he's back. His setup is interesting, but I think it's a very big work in progress and it we'll be very different with a right personel at his disposal.
  4. Wow, I play almost identical with some great results along the way. There was a great Guardiola's thread last year which made me try IWB's, mezalla's, shadow Striker and wide midfielders so that's a base almost the same as yours. I play a little bit more agressive though.
  5. Is it down? Seems like it's not working for a few days.
  6. Is there anyone from followers who's playing FM 19? I'm obviously very impressed by the work of @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! and I wonder how can "very fluid" style of football (it's author's trademark after all ) be emulated in this year's version of the game. Is it just about the freedom we give to our players, is it compactness or maybe it's just roles? Would love to see O-zil's ideas implemented in FM19
  7. Wonderful thread. One thing I'm struggling with this year is how to make a lone striker effective. It drives me mad seeing his ratings 6.5 or lower and sadly it happens too often. I have a great team and goals are well spread but my strikers never scored more than 15 league goals. How's your doing @Cleon? Wonder if it's something I'm doing wrong or should I accept my lone striker is there to make a space for wide players and provide support rather than being lethal goalscorer. Just my weird fetish as I love my central striker to be a top scorer, but I can't get it to wo
  8. Easily one of the best threads I've ever seen on these forum. Is the final part close to getting published @Cleon? I'd really like to see your end product of this system.
  9. I believe you, but it's a damn hard for me to make a tactic with a working striker in a role different than advanced forward. Whenever I tried another role for him, he gets like 5 goals a season and 6.5 rating at best. I know I shouldn't focus on one role in a tactic, but I experimented a lot and nothing seems to work. It shouldn't be that difficult.
  10. I don’t have issues with results. Im set up to play posession football, but maybe you have point I should add some creativity and variety to the tactic. I just thought if I put creative player in an IF role, he’ll be the one to feed my CF and IF on the other side. Maybe I need some more penetration coming from the middle of the park as well. Back to the drawing board for me I guess. 9 goals in 50 games for my strikers is just unacceptable.
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