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  1. Oh ffs, I don't know how I missed that
  2. Isn't he a false 9 then as it is in OP?
  3. @Cleon you don’t have any issues with striker? Is he dropping deep like he should? Think it’s a common issue and I can’t get my striker to play as I want him to.
  4. I have the same problem with my Everton side. My best striker is Tosun and he's got 5 goals in late January. Just can't get a lone forward to score in any role, so looking forward to this thread.
  5. buachuta

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Can somebody upload a logo of Darlington 1883? I have a metallic logopack but it doesn't appear in my game ID of the team is 29130446
  6. Thanks for qucik response. So is it due to this specific formation? I'm asking because when you played a narrow 442 you decided a very structured (rigid) fluidity would be best. Or there are differences in things you want to achieve? Or maybe you wanted to try something different - that's the simplest answer tbf
  7. Could you explain why'd you go for flexible? How different would be the movement on structured?
  8. That's a fantastic thread, enjoyed every line of it - splendid work. May I translate it to my native language and put it on our Football Manager forum? I will put an original link of course
  9. This looks a lot better although I would want my number 7 (Knockaert) to be more narrower. I changed Barry to HB and it helped my defenders but he's not having as much ball as I would want him to have, he completed 59 passes, fewer than Coleman, Barkley and McCarthy. Mirallas role is also not working correctly as he didn't have a single shot in this game (which we won 2-0). I'm still not happy with Barkley, but in this game he played slightly better than usual.
  10. I could try Barry as a Half Back aswell. He should provide a better cover and play deeper than DLP. I don't want to restrict my other DM as I want to replicate exact Roberto's style and Macca is definitely not an Anchor I want him to chase the ball and keep it simple. I don't know what to do with Barkley. He's playing very bad and don't link up with Lukaku enough. Maybe I should encourage him to play further up the pitch (get further forward shout), will see if it helps. I want him to build my team around him so I'm desperate to get him to play much much better.
  11. Here is my interpretation. I'm an Everton supporter and I'm watching every single game of our beloved The Toffees so I have an idea how it should look like. The only problem is to replicate it properly in a game Team instructions are: shorter passing, play out of defence and be more expressive. Although we are playing decent, my defenders are completely lost at times and we conceding too much goals. Last game against Cardiff we let our opponents create 5 half chances and 2 CCC's, so we are definitely not solid enough. I'm happy with roles of my midfield players because their shape is good and they do exactly what I want from them - Barry is my playmaker, McCarthy is chasing everything and Barkley is attacking from deep (perhaps I should find him a different role because he's not playing good ). Although I noticed that in average positions McCarthy is slightly deeper than Barry - that is weird, because he has a support duty and he hasn't any PPM's that could convince him to drop deeper. I don't know why is this happening. I'm not sure about Lukaku's role and I want to use him better. I think CF on support duty replicate his role at Everton best but I want him to be more of a finisher than creator. Will try something different because I'm not quite happy with the way he's playing. Mirallas is also one of my concerns. He has PI's get further forward and cuts inside as I want him to be my second striker although he's playing too wide and cross the ball to much. My opposite winger (Knockaert) is acting like Pienaar IRL - he is staying narrower and cutting inside allowing Coleman to overlap. That's working fine but perhaps he should cooperate more with my CM and play some through balls which didn't happened yet.
  12. This thread inspired me to start a new game. I thought about Coventry, but decided to go with Rangers. It should be relatively easy to achieve good defensive record in scottish third tier (well, we'll see I guess ), but I want a cup success also! Of course I won't copy Cleon's formation, just get some general ideas and put it into my plan. One issue I can think of, even before I start, is my team will be a massive favourite in 100% games in the league, so opposition will propably sit deep and patiently wait for a chance to hit me on the break, so it will be hard to beat their defence. But maybe I'm worrying too much and should focus on my own team rather than my rivals Will see how it goes.
  13. buachuta

    Siam 14 (WIP)

    Thanks a lot
  14. buachuta

    Siam 14 (WIP)

    Am I only one to have a issue with board requests? It seems to not working when I click on it.