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  1. yeah, maybe not at the same intensity as before but I'd love to try my hand on some tactical projects once i squeeze some free time off work
  2. Ah, I miss my Libero experiments, you've hit some nostalgic points there Fantastic write-up and profiling, @Cleon I'm curious on your conclusions in the forthcoming parts. Regarding the Invisible Wall, I can remember having this issue in FM17 however definitely not as often as described here. Would be a case of once every 15 games or so. Definitely worth reporting to SI. Kudos, great work!
  3. well, it depends on the team you are playing as well as their quality. I could not afford 2 centre backs with stats for heading, marking, tackling, positioning and bravery between 11 and 13 playing in the serie A the system above was the best thing i could use in order to maintain stability at the back (half back was our best player in the team) as well as having fire power in attack - we had 5 people in attack (the two wb's bombing forward, the two strikers as well as the AM getting into the box) supported by the Roaming Playmaker as well as the HB drifting to the M-line.
  4. @davehibb this was the system I was talking about above
  5. try it with some lower league teams, I remember having a beautiful system with Artium Firenze which featured a fantasista upfront next to a DF in a 3-4-1-2 WB . Both forwards were serie B level and the DF got into the top 5 scoring charts of Serie A as well as the fantasista scoring highest in the league for chances created, key passes and assists. Whilst in the Gremio and AJax saves I've shown how Fantasistas can fare in posession-based systems, the Artium save showed that Fantasistas can perform in counter / defensive / structured approach too, which re-inforces what I wrote in the first posts:
  6. Fair point regarding work rate - I only judged regarding what I've watched about Veratti did not know FM rated him so low in workrate which is, frankly ridiculous. Considering the FM stats he was given, he could perform in a number of roles, including in the AM strata. I would go for a role that makes him sit deeper and track back in midfield rather than getting into the box, considering his low OTB and Finishing stats. Examples could be EG, AM(S) and AP(S) with personalized PIs Agreed, would be much more fit for Enganche than a Treq
  7. Veratti is far more of an aggressive regista rather than fantasista - his primary qualities are 1) work rate 2) short / long pass accuracy 3) space awareness and mobility 4) Anticipation 5) Effective combat contact 6) technique He is nowhere near in terms of attacking / technical / creative ability to play upfront. His off the ball movement is great behind the midfield and in front of defense - in the FREE ZONE. Not the same can be said of his OTB movement in the final third. Vazquez is an excellent example though. In his days in Sicily, Palermo was basically playing with two Tequartistas / Fantasistas: Dybala in a more advanced position and Vazquez more withdrawn.
  8. okay, ladies and gents... the time has come new thread up soon
  9. ah, maybe soon mate, haven't had time to delve into experiments for a long time now
  10. This is an issue that is very much a double-edged sword: From one point of view, it seems logical that a forward holding up the ball for on-running players from deep should create more penetration in the box, however one issue that is often overlooked which affects the dynamics of that particular element of play relates to directness and tempo: So for example, if your style of play is to move the ball from one end to the other with urgency and little delay, the final player becomes the edge of the spearhead in this case. In other words, if the most advanced player in a style that favors directness is instructed to hold up the ball for players that are a little bit deeper than he is, that plays against the whole principle of the system and disrupts the flow of the attacking moves. In a possession based system, you want your striker (assuming you only have one striker role) to get involved in the passing game as much as possible but to also retain the potency up-front. There are a number of roles that allow you to do that, but yet again, I find the two issues mentioned above hugely relevant here. Also, look at how your striker plays - what ppms does he have? Does he run wide with the ball, does he try first time shots? This will be hugely important for what is basically your main danger-man and you should articulate the coordination of that role with the other players around him. Lastly, I would pay specific attention to how close the players are to each other and what are the factors that facilitate inter-positional change and what are the factors that stop it from flowing. In other words, penetration will be poor if players are too far from each other to interact meaningfully, if the system does not allow a certain freedom of movement to either specific players or on a general scale and if the functions of the chosen roles do not complement each other. Hope this helps
  11. just a quick bump on this - out of pure curiosity, what are the Fantasistas of FM18 that stuck with you the most? Feel free to spam with screens
  12. As far as I remember, the PI's were "hold up ball" and "move into channels", as that illustrated how Mandzukic played last year. Yet again, the player traits, such as insane workrate and stamina, made him track back a lot on the left hand side. So you're right to choose roles that fit your players, however keep in mind the balance of the tactic - for example a CF on the centre-left seems a bit too risky in my opinion and will leave quite a significant gap on the left since he tends to operate high-up the pitch. I did not get the chance to follow up with another article on that system but can assure you the save in which I used it was one of the best Juve saves I've had in FM - and I've had more than a few
  13. Best of luck mate, with the right approach, you can shoot up the table quite quickly. I always focus on results whatever the cost in the underdog phase and then build on the finances and infrastructure from there to shape up my team and tactics to my liking. Yeah, I'm tempted to start writing again but time is scarce and I just can't seem to find the motivation to do it yet. We'll see if that changes in the near future P.S. Quick update on the Parma story - only using Italian players, we bagged the Quadruple in our second season in serie A and upon our return to CL
  14. great work I'm on a similar path with Parma: currently an all - Italian save and it's going tremendously well - promotion in the first season, and 3rd place in Serie A in the second season. I'm waiting on a regen I've got this season to develop him into my fantasista, although it might take 3-4 seasons to get there