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  1. Great write-up and thanks for the mention! Disappointed not to see some asymmetric variations though Jokes aside, this still remains the only way of playing FM that brings me enough joy not to quit a save after 1 season. Keep at it!
  2. I wrote a while back about my interpretation of the Fantasista role through the use of a Trequartista in FM, check it out, might answer some questions
  3. I have been playing FM for the last 8 editions and never have I seen a player be so effective or score so much, just had to lay it out here. Signed from Inter for 40M in my Atalanta save, he broke the all-time club league goalscoring record (103) in two seasons and a half, and the rest is history: I have never seen any player score 50 goals in 37 league matches. I played him as an IF (A) in my anti-possession high-intensity tactic (which i might write a post about): Curious how you guys found him since it looks like in my save he's capped at a
  4. Rafael santos borre, can probably get him for a couple of mil and is the definition of a pressing forward
  5. cool stuff, i took on Newcastle as they were languishing last in the table in November in 2022 in my journeyman save - been a very enjoyable save so far (4 seasons in with them). The Longstaff brothers and Ajer are the absolute bedrock of this team
  6. Woooaaahhh, absolute scenes as we win the World Cup with Romania!
  7. thank you! yes, very timely here's the Ghenovici goal in the final to celebrate
  8. ladies and gentlemen, it only took me 9 seasons this time round but...we... did.. it! The Champiooooooons! and to finish it off in style, of course... The most important players that contributed to this story finally coming to an end: and the full squad overview: It's been an incredible journey. I am currently doing a very detailed 'wrap-up' write-up on the whole save on my blog, including the tactics used to finally get here. Thank you guys for your support for all these years - feels old saying
  9. thanks and best of luck in Tula The baseline attributes are the following - aggression, bravery, determination, work rate In FM17 I started with the idea of signing only youth academy products that fit that criteria but then I have slowly moved on to a more flexible approach since that would have meant cutting out some of the best prospects i have had come through. So I tried to shift that approach to tactics instead - if you read the FM17 Sparta thread you will see that most of the Tactics I have used are counter-attacking/counter-pressing formations as well as styles of play
  10. End of Season 2019-2020 CHAMPIONS! It was a nerve-wrecking last match of the season, but with a few tactical switches in the last half an hour we've managed to do it!!! Top Flight, here we come
  11. usually these are the following factors that create this notification: 1. Training workload is high for the mentioned coaching category, i.e. having a low ratio of coaches to number of players needing coaching in that area 2. Low quality coaches for high reputation players/club 3. Custom/manual training schedule that is not balanced - if you leave it to automatic you shouldn't get that notification unless you have the 2 problems above
  12. wrong Romanian & Russian are the two official languages. There's no such thing as moldovan language. If you need any other instructional material on the identity crisis in this region, please dm me :))
  13. you failed the Moldovan nationality test, I'm afraid... it's Romanian good luck!
  14. oh wow, first time I see someone else doing a career there daca esti de pe la noi, maladets!
  15. got back into playing this recently, will try to find some time to write the updates
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