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  1. got back into playing this recently, will try to find some time to write the updates
  2. I have no idea how I have discovered this only now but it's absolutely fantastic @crusadertsar Privet from a neighbor Moldovan and a fellow Juve fan
  3. I suppose what is debated here is the very definition of a libero In my systems I tended to use him, indeed, in supporting/playmaking roles, however I disagree that any defender / deep role would do the same job. I would say manipulation of space and technical / numerical advantage based on both vertical and horizontal movements were the key advantages of the libero that I liked and focused on. In most of my systems (very much alike between them in terms of formation at least) I focused on a centre overload/ excess support for the wings. Of course, it also depends on the tactical styles you use - you could have, indeed a runner/box to box libero or a supporting / playmaking one depending on the overall style and role / mentality distribution in the system. On top of all that, if I remember well, even with a free midfield formation (free space for the libero to act in) and with a vertical style of play, in those versions of the game - FM17, FM18, the libero still did not behave like much of a runner and his verticality sometimes hit that invisible wall indeed. If you manage to get this kind of behaviour @Cleon I would be very interested to see the details of your setup
  4. 12 December 2020 Youth Intake Day well... second good intake in a row! we get 3 five star rated players: Silviu Ion Horațiu Tofan Cornel Tănase very happy with the personalities of these guys and Cornel Tănase looks like the real deal
  5. 18 December 2019 Mid Season Review - faring unexpectedly well so far, much thanks to the tactical shift at the beginning of the season - if we manage to keep the current form, I would be very happy to get a promotion bid at the end of the season - injuries and U19 national activity are taking their toll on squad depth and we will see more and more players from the U19 team promoted to the first squad
  6. haha, no pressure! yes, when you create a club in FM19 you get the option to add players - so when I shaped the squad to include only U19 players, Dumiter and Ehmann where amongst them
  7. expectations for next season are between avoiding relegation and pushing for mid-table with a media prediction of 14th, I'm expecting us to push for mid-table quite comfortably
  8. 18 May 2019 CHAMPIONS! A good season, to be honest, I would have accepted nothing but promotion given our players were actually pretty decent for LIGA III standards. We did pretty well attacking-wise, being by far the highest scoring team in the league. Also, defensively, we did very well, having conceded only 15 goals - which places us and CS Afumati on joint-top defence of the season. In terms of performances, really impressed with Mitran, who, despite not having the best attributes for the role of a Defensive Forward, fared remarkably well in the role (scored 17, assisted 2) and has developed a lot in terms of his stats. Will probably having to mix up the tactics next season to maximise his mobility and technique. Constantin Dima had a monster of a season and is the main reason for our defensive records. Our best player by far and with some potential to grow left. Claudiu Stan: after converting and re-training him to master the LM position (in order to fit our tactical plans) he did a fantastic job covering the flank both defensively and offensively throughout the season. Very pleased with 9 goals and 7 assists results-wise. Team of the season Season review
  9. Yes, it was quite the lucky start, hopefully they all end up pushing the quality standard over the next 5-6 seasons. I really have high hopes for Ghenovici, given he's also got a decent personality to help develop his attributes in training
  10. 15th March 2019 Intake Day our first ever intake day... what can I say... pretty chuffed with this! Although I'm keeping in mind that the 5 star potential ratings could be deceiving at this point, since it doesn't take much to receive a 5 star rating at this level of the game. For example, Constantin Dima is a 5 star-rated player at the moment: In any case, things are looking good. The standout players for me in this intake are: Iulian Ghenovici could be an incredible player for us from how things are looking - well rounded and pretty attack-minded with a decent personality Bogdan Riță good passing & teamwork could make him a useful CM in the future Cristian Mărunțelu his name means 'the short one' however he is 188cm tall , so I'm expecting a good presence at the back four from him - at least for crosses All in all, pretty promising stuff, let's see how things develop further
  11. 28 January 2019 Mid Season Well, if you forgot how things run in Romania, the winter break lasts two months (9th Dec - 31st Jan) just to make sure everyone is well rested and sober, of course performance-wise, it's been a decent first half of the season for us - we went for a very simple system that makes best use of our best players and managed to pull off a pretty good winning run towards the end of the first half. Tactics - wise, we were running with this. I don't see the point trying to complicate things given our position coverage is pretty low right now and the tactical flexibility of my players isn't the best around... The standout player so far has been, without a doubt, Mitracu... He is performing the BWM in the current system incredibly well given his stats. Ground coverage and sheer work-rate have impressed me and to be fair - what I saw on the pitch is not really reflected by the stats. Top guy for the current league level. Let's see how he develops further. Next up, our first ever youth intake
  12. and here we go again, this time, hopefully for the long run new thread up here
  13. So... it's been a while A few of you might remember the Spartan run in FM17, if not here is an overview of that here. Well, as they say, history repeats itself - we will turn back the wheel and begin a new story with Sparta. Based on the never changing principles: The Spartan Philosophy of 'youth, discipline and athleticism': - developing local talent (youth only) - strict discipline management & training approach - tactical & coaching style focused on player fitness and athleticism - does not sell players to rival clubs This time I used the basic 'create a club feature' in FM19 and replaced the once great Rapid București in what could be a beneficial narrative for Rapid themselves I couldn't resist the romance of re-branding a fallen Romanian giant I used to watch on TV when I was a kid and (aiming to ) transform them into the new Bucharest powerhouse. By consequence, we start with slightly better facilities compared to the last time. It does take away from the knack of the challenge, however, given adult life doesn't stop throwing stuff to deal with at me, I've decided to shift the style of this save to one of more quality rather than quantity. In other words, relying more on the tactical and player development journey rather than timely progress updates. However, we start from the 3rd Romanian Division this time round, since (thanks to Claasen) the Romanian lower leagues are available. In terms of rankings of the Romanian leagues... it's not a great story. Whilst the 3rd divison is reasonably ranked, our highest division (LIGA I) is ranked 22nd in the world at the moment... which needs to be improved, of course Our main squad (after I've excluded all players above 20 y.o. in the editor): Aaand, of course, another, younger Mr. Avram is making his way into his fresh coaching career So, here we are, let's do this!
  14. yeah, maybe not at the same intensity as before but I'd love to try my hand on some tactical projects once i squeeze some free time off work
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