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  1. Yes, it depends a lot on hidden attributes like ambition, professionalism, sportsmanship, etc. What I've found interesting in this year's FM is that you can get players with a very high attribute on determination and at the same time their personality would be 'unambitious' (see Delcea's example from a couple of intakes ago). This seems a bit counter-intuitive but I guess it could make sense. The bottom line or conclusion, however is that in this year's edition determination matters a lot less than before as a result - the key attributes when it comes to how well a player will develop and behave are ambition and professionalism and both of them are 'hidden'. From what I've seen so far, determination will only play a big part in match-time, deciding how your team reacts when being behind on scoreline.
  2. Season 6 - Europa Conference League Semi Final first leg second leg Well, they've been too tough for us and this is where our incredible European journey ends this season. We've managed something no Romanian club has done since 2006 (it was an absolute heartbreak that match - still remember watching it with my dad and just not believing what happened) It has to be said, the EURO conference league is weaker than the EUROPA league and most likely it would have been difficult to do this playing teams like Arsenal, Spurs or Milan in the knock-out phases however this will be crucial for the league rankings since we've had no other team from Romania make it past the group stages in the last few seasons. We've also got a total of $5.3M in prize money from our participation in the EURO Conf Cup and we will get a lot more from TV rights at the end of the season.
  3. Season 6 - Europa Conference League Second Knockout Round First Leg Second Leg Quarter Final first leg second leg Through to the semi-final, ladies and gents!!!
  4. Season 6 - Youth Intake Pretty please with this, particularly with the fact that we might finally get an upgrade on Pacionel (who is still our main DLP 6 seasons in) in the name of Savu. Bica's bravery and workrate also looks great, hopefully he grows well into the PF role. We might have a systematic problem with personalities, though, and I suspect it's because of extremely low ambition hidden attributes for our HOYD despite the fact that he looks great on paper: . Apart from the fact that we get players with <5 determination nearly 7/10 personalities are unambitious or low self belief which is pretty annoying. Fodor Bica Dragomir Savu Abaluta
  5. absolutely spot on however in this particular case hugely pointless given the fact that all of this money goes into our transfer budget which we will not use in any way
  6. Absolutely. What I don't like is the fact that it's very seldom the AI takes into account the sporting element as well. I mean, to put in perspective: You as a club want to sell your best defender who is just 18 years of age mid-season when you have qualified for the Euro knock-out round that happens in March. Wouldn't it make more sense from both, financial and sporting points of view to sell him at the end of the season? Surely the player will cost more then even if the team fails to advance to the quarter finals and you will also get to give it your best shot at the competition featuring quality at the back. Why sell him now? Club is not in the red financially, quite the opposite, doing very well, also the player himself issued no 'ultimatums' regarding leaving. Saying that I do realize I'm asking for a lot from the game, but just leaving it out there as a random rant))
  7. Season 6 - the 'Letchin' problem after a few rejected transfers for our absolute superstar and juuuust about convincing the board to reject a 4M offer they have accepted on my behalf, I've decided that the best course of action for now is to negotiate this offer myself, getting him to play for us on loan at least until the end of the season given our ongoing campaign in the EUROPA conference league sad to have to let our best academy product so far leave but I feel that should there have been another offer on deadline day the board would have accepted it without me being able to change their minds again and it might have not been on our terms
  8. yes, pretty chuffed with our first group showing! facilities are slowly but surely getting top-drawer
  9. Season 6 - mid-season League Europa Conference League Still can't believe those results with Sociedad aaand yet again, the mid-season facilities upgrade is approved!
  10. Season 6 - EUROPA Conference League qualifiers We we pretty lucky to have drawn much easier opponents than the previous time, even so... We qualify for the group stage for the first time! Group
  11. Well, first of all possession is not the goal of this system, since what I wanted to achieve is: 1) Moving the ball quickly from back to front 2) Manipulating space in a manner that places players available for a pass forward - this is huge for any system that aims to play at high tempo. If you do not set up the team shape and player movement so that you can provide a good range of passing options for your players it will make any system very un-efficient 3) Technically counter-attacking football. Yes, that's right, even though the mentality is positive everything else in the tactical set up implies a counter system. Even the AI started recognizing that as our board consistently mentions how pleased they are 'with the defensive & counter attacking football displayed of late' Regarding mentality it has absolutely huge implications when it comes to these two team instructions (much higher tempo + pass into space). By moving from positive to attacking for example you will see a very significant increase in the passing tempo and the other way around - move to defensive mentality and passing will be much much slower. So finding the balance that suits your team is quite tricky. Technically, you are correct - the lower the stats for decision making, composure, passing and vision the more risks of lost possession, however it's always a question of how much lower than the league average are these stats for your players rather than how low they are overall.
  12. In these scenarios I sometimes push the D-line up and bring the engagement line down and this makes the team shape more compact. This hugely affects counter transitions though since the ball will not cover much ground moving quickly to the furthest player up the pitch so it can have a negative effect on the attacking phase. Apart from that I don't fiddle much in terms of opposition tbh, just changing mentality whenever I see fit. Good luck with Aerostar mate, should be fun! Yes and no what I love about the WM is that it's a 'workhorse role' and a 'team role' compared to basically any other role on the wings (perhaps DW excepted) so it will assist the defensive phase a lot and, from my experience, be a lot less inclined towards individual action. Also it will not 'attract' the ball like a WP does since I dont want to focus play on the right wing only - I aim to keep teams' attacking phase balanced in terms of what's the best in that moment (what I wrote above regarding pass into space + extremely high tempo)
  13. Season 5 Wrap-Up Key Players Teodorescu (youth 2024) bagged 17 goals in the league and 2 in the cup and has become, by far, the best striker in our team this season Letchin (youth 2023) the absolute monster in the team, Letchin is our best player by a very very big margin and I hope I will be able to keep him at least 2-3 more season. thank god i've inserted a 2 year 'optional contract extension by club' option in his initial contract Vochin (youth 2022) what can be said - the absolute heartbeat of the team, never afraid to put in a challenge and providing some neat passing too in midfield Negru (youth 2022) If we only look at results and not attribute development, Negru is the revelation of the season for me - 11 goals and 14 assists in the league & cup this year as our right WM(A) Sapunaru (youth 2023) 10 assists for a wing-back has to be a good result no matter the system the league or the expectations -absolutely delighted with Sapunaru's contribution and it goes to show just how important wing-backs are in our system Club Issues really really hate this kind of stuff - shouldn't this kind of upgrade be automatically issued in this case? I'm afraid to wonder if IRL clubs actually function like that anyways, took some convincing but we should be back on track by September Finances The irony of football manager - board, seriously, didn't you get it by now? it's a youth only save, we do not need a transfer budget that EXCEEDS OUR F***** BALANCE! Rankings Obviously the fact that we were not involved in any european competitions this season left it's mark on the club ranking but I'm very happy to see the league jumped a spot up regardless
  14. Season 5 - Cup Final first cup final for Steaua since its' re-founding in 2017 aaaand we do it! and a decent cash boost thanks to this success season wrap-up in a bit
  15. I alternate mentality usually depending on how the opposition play. For example if I see a very midfield-heavy team that's pressing me high up and suffocating my build up play I usually switch from positive to attacking which results in more long balls forward for my strikers. Other times when I see that we are being too aggressive and the opposition is using that to their advantage (gegepress usually) I switch to balanced so they can have less situations where we make it easy for them to win the ball high up the pitch
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