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    I have a youtube series based on a semi-fictional French Polynesian League system:

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  1. For me there are two different parts to FM's online issues, or profiles I guess. Current Network Saves This needs some love from SI. There are people who do enjoy network saves, there are streamers and youtubers who play and produce content on it that is really entertaining. But it has some issues. It's not been optimised, there's lag issues relating to the interface, and most importantly fairly big issues with divergence (players seeing different results and in game actions), that can impact on stability and just general enjoyment. If these were fixed and it was just given a bit of a polish I think we'd see even more people playing it. One of my favourite FM saves was a network save with my younger brother back in FM12/13. It's not really improved since then. Network saves can be a bit time investment, you're not going to do that if it's a frustrating experience or if there are errors like divergence. It's not a case of needing new features, it just needs some polishing and tweaking as it stands. FML I agree with Stevicus - It was before it's time and with hindsight there are lots of issues that could probably be addressed better now. It was released en-masse before it was ready. Some of the issues weren't directly related to the game player itself - SI had a big reset of the gameworlds which put tons of people off for example, even with the free time they offered back. There's a game on steam called 90 Minute Fever, and whilst I'm not a big fan of it (because of the engine and interface) it has got some potential solutions in it to some of the FML issues. Real players/legends are released sporadically rather than all at the start, blind bidding, 24 hour blind bid windows, legends are released if a team is inactive. I think (though I can't remember enough about FML's system) it's also much easier to force a match against someone who's not been online during their preferred 'time slots'. If FM introduced some of that it might have made for a better experience. Or purely fantasty game worlds to avoid the real player issues. They also needed to sort the peripheral issues out as well. Training, stadiums, infrastructure, morale/psychology, tactics, all needed to be more important so that new players weren't just outbought/spent. I don't think FML will ever rise from the ashes. I wish it would as I think on a smaller scale they could do something great with it.
  2. Thanks mate, I appreciate it! I'm up to the end of the third season now, episode 50. And there'll be a blog recap, plus hopefully a tactics blog this week about the hoofball we are playing.
  3. It’s pretty much the tactic in the screenshot plus: - shoot less often on every midfielder and defender that it can be used on - full backs cross early/from deep and deliver to target man.
  4. 36 episodes now! The second season (our first in the premiership) has been finished and the youtube review is here: And the blog post update here: https://fmtahiti.blogspot.com/2019/03/season-two-rurutu-humpbacks.html
  5. Hows the longball going for everyone since the update? I'm using this with my Rurutu Humpbacks team and it is working really well. The fullbacks and wingers are getting balls in to the targetman and pressing forward so much earlier, and getting the ball forward much more. The update seems to have just made it work so much better, the earlier crosses tweak and the playing optimal balls forward tweak has done the trick. I do need to rework some of my set-pieces, well the throw ins, but otherwise it is all good.
  6. Just a quick update - I'm about 20 episodes in now for anyone who likes to binge watch series (or is worried that a series wont last long). We are in the 2nd season and there another 10 episodes recorded and scheduled for release. The blog will soon have two more updates (maybe three) - a season review, a look at squad views and maybe a tactics breakdown (both of the tactic and a general breakdown by me when it doesn't work).
  7. Hello (or la Orana in Tahitian!) I've started a youtube channel, and blog, about a FM19 save in a semi-fictional French Polynesian league system. French Polynesia (Tahiti and other islands) is real just in case you were confused, the islands I mention are real, but the teams and the leagues they play in are not. Years ago, around FM12 my younger brother created a single league in Tahiti and we played the crap out of it in a network save. Every year since then we've added to the database to the point where there are 4 leagues, 7 cups, around 5 special Island nations with their own international teams based on some of the island chains actually in French Polynesia. I've even put together a dodgy logo pack that has scratch made badges, logo's and home kits. The premise is that a mad anonymous billionaire has invested in the new leagues and infrastructure but has now just left them to it. So lots of new teams and small stadiums (500 seaters) but no money unless the team can crack things on a continental stage in the Oceania Champions League, and eventually the World Club Championship. I'm not playing it as a network save but this year I decided I would record it and put it up on Youtube! There are about 11 episodes up that you can find on this career playlist. Episodes 1 and 2 set the scene, 3 introduces the manager and 4+ is the journey itself. There are plenty more recorded and scheduled - taking us up to the 2nd season so far. I want to build the team I take on, build the league, get better youth in (we're about vanarama level at the moment) and eventually make a splash on the international stage. There is also a playlist about the different Island chains that are represented as nations in my game. There's no FM gamplay in the Island background videos, just me rambling on about different islands and where the fictional teams are based. Alot of the background information is on the blog, and I plan on updating it with a review at the end of each season, and with special posts about anything I want to into more depth about. For example I'm just drafting one about the team views I've made for my attack, midfield and defence. Might do one where I run actual statistical tests using data I export about my team. So if it takes your fancy please take a look. Come on down to one of our many French Polynesian islands! Any comments and feedback are much appreciated. I know there are some small mic and edit issues in the first few episodes but I've gradually got on top of them as the series has progressed. Still, it's my first go at all of this so any tips would be great. Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0EpFqPAwCsEMygWV1qy8A/ Blog - https://fmtahiti.blogspot.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/FmTahiti
  8. Basically what @phnompenhandy says. I sometimes add in attacking set piece training though. The schedules you've suggested sound sensible for full time though.
  9. I had completely spaced out and forgotten that even existed. I just had 'Tries killer balls often' stuck in my head.
  10. I've got a standard, flat, 442 and I find too that my MC's aren't great at hoofing it. In my current team at least. They tend to get it to the wingers or go back to a DC. I'm wondering if there's a PI that might or trait that might work here. Tries killer balls maybe? Riskier passes? My backline are good hoofers though.
  11. Loving the updates, and the idea! I used to ruthlessly get rid of players that were 30+, even when passing the cut off point myself but this makes me want to be kinder to the OAP's on my team. Are you finding you concede a lot of late goals because of fitness?
  12. Looks interesting, who's getting the goals for you? Is the TM working as the provider and the other 3 are getting the flick on's and knock downs? Or is the TM getting the ball back as the focal point because he's on attack duty? I've been thinking about using IF's for my current team as my wingers seem pretty attacking but I'm not sure they are up to it, and I think I'd only really have maybe one IF and the other would still be back as a winger. I don't think my team are ready for an asymetric formation! It might blow their minds.
  13. Well obviously we disagree agree a lot about a few of the issues. That's fine. As I said there are somethings we are probably pretty close to agreement on about the game but that seems to have been lost in the above which is a pity.
  14. To clarify I quoted one part of his post and explained that. It was the part that seemed to be issue so that's what I expanded on. I wasn't defending the rest of it. You've clearly read the response. What do you think to where I said there are some good points made and that I'm not trying to be dismissive, you know...where I was being part of a discussion? If you notice I've not said I disagree with some of the issues around it being easy in places, I've even responded about an area I would like to see get more difficult. I'm not shouting you down or being dismissive. I'm not being combative towards points raised that don't fit my experience. I'm just saying anecdotes shouldn't be the sole foundation of an argument if you want to see actual meaningful change happen. Anyway, you're right in saying anecdotes are not random outliers. They are not quantitative data and can't be outliers, that's part of the point. You say they reveal how the game works and to an extent they do reveal information. But they reveal what people have perceived and what they think they've experienced and don't form a good basis for an argument to change huge aspects of a game for the entire user base. There's a really good paper I could link to if anyone likes about a study of the placebo effect in gamers - where gamers thought the AI was making things harder for them when in fact nothing had changed - that demonstrates perceptions alone can't be trusted. They might well, and I think they do, reveal potential issues, but ones that need looking at further and more objectively. You can see it in this thread and in the other thread - lots of different opinions and perspectives, many that suggest certain elements might be too easy, and then some opinions and perspectives that say they are finding it too hard or are still finding it challenging. An anecdote isn't generalisable. I could go on about what I find too easy as player of X many years and X many hours, based on playing mainly in leagues A, B and C but that only represents my experience and can't be applied to everyone. You keep saying it's too easy and that it's a fact. A fact so obvious that it doesn't need more data or exploration. I'm sorry but you are wrong on both counts. It is too easy for you and for some users, it is not for others. Due to that we do actually need more data about the specifics if we want changes made to the game rather than how we play the game as individuals (the changes and challenges we apply to ourselves which you can see some people already do). You may think that's pointless intellectualising, and that it's all abstract and inane but a discussion of the meat of it, and more data on those aspects would actually be helpful and if done would move the discussion forward. SI aren't going to makebig changes based on anecdotes from a small thread that doesn't even present a unanimous position of how hard or easy the game is. Especially not when (as pointed out by some) it could destroy the experience for some users. We might come up with some interesting ideas but we don't know if they would just be useful for those in the thread that agree, and we don't know if they would ruin things for users that might actually form a greater part of the user base than those in the thread. You may think it's a waste of time but honestly there are plenty that would consider the tiny echo chambers these threads can become a greater waste of time - even when they agree with many of the points raised. You may not agree, and that's fine, but I was adding to the discussion. Just sending a survey to casual FM gamers wouldn't be a representative sample. That's not what I was suggesting. An investigation would have to have a sample that represents the population it is meant to be applied to. Then you would be able to determine if there any common issues across different users regarding difficulty. Whether there are any issues that effect specific types of users (the more experienced, those that managed in specific leagues, those that utlise certain game functions more than others etc.). Whether there are any issues that are specific to particular aspects of the game. And importantly whether any of these factors and demographics interact significantly. Then we'd have a better of idea of what could be changed that would benefit the user experience of most users, what could be altered just for certain users or what modules within the game that would benefit from wholesale changes. We would have actual evidence for this rather than anecdotes from a small group of users on a big forum that still only represents a small slice of the users that play the whole game. That's what I'd do, because I am smarter than that. So you know what, I think I probably will eventually put together a research project on it. I mean...yeah. I do. Because of all the reasons above. Because it adds something objective to what we know rather than repeating what we subjectively think (that might be wrong, or might only apply to us). But taking a step back, if you look at my response to RickH and yours you'll see we are partially in agreement. Dafuge mode can be challenging but it isn't free from issues around difficulty. Starting at the bottom isn't the same as dealing with difficulty issues. Anyway, I think there are some good points in the thread made by some of the posters. Not all I agree with or that would work for my FM experience but definitely some that would and some that are interesting. I do still disagree with the blanket claim that the game is just too easy. I don't think that represents everyone experiences, and I don't think it's nuanced enough.
  15. To be honest I would like to see some changes here as well. You can get short term success with a team, run it financially into the ground but still get hired elsewhere. When really if other clubs got wind of the fact you were consistently over the wage budget, driving the club into the red with bonuses etc. they wouldn't touch you. At least not the ones with financial issues. I think you should still be able to mis-manage but there should be consequences like teams not wanting to hire you, less likely to extend your contract or maybe even they appoint a DOF over your head and take away your contract/transfer powers.
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