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  1. That is quite a change! Are you tempted to go back to the asymmetric if you could improve the players? It looked like it could do the job. And it sounded like a pairing that would work. I had the same issues with my FB's against better teams. I now set them up more defensively against big teams or teams that play on the wings and have two strikers (one striker is less of an issue). I'm desperate to find an Okocha. I want at least one player so good he gets named twice. My team is getting increasingly dour and functional (which I actually really love) so a least one attacking, more flair based, outlet would be good. I've had a similar issue with routines. My save is still from the beta so I don't know if it's just related to that. But if I load a tactic/philosophy the routines don't load with it. And when I load the routines in the set peice menu the delivery defaults to mixed everytime.
  2. In theory it should work. It's like @Experienced Defender says, if you have the players for it then it could be successful. After all the EPL has had long ball teams before, and has had them do quite well (punching above their weight at least). I've not tried it in the EPL but I am in the SPL at the moment. I've managed to beat teams in the 'big 4' or steal points from them. I'm in 2029 and the last 5 titles have been shared between Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, with Hibs hovering around there. It's not quite the same as the EPL but its a similar issue. Teams that are strong in possession will be harder to turn over, it's the nature of hoofball. It's something Graham Taylor found when his Watford side played in Europe. Hoofball is about percentages often and you'll give the ball away. If the other team are good in possession you won't see if back often enough to do much with it, and unless you are very strong in defense and clinical up front you'll get punished more often than not. I've found it similar in my game. I could play much more expressive, attacking, Watford/Crazy gang hoofball when I was in lower or weaker leagues. Now I'm in a stronger league I play a lot more defensive Pulis-esque hoofball - keeping the FB's back, sometimes having DC's rather than natural FB's if they are big and strong enough, heavy emphasis on set peices, more structured/rigid, even more time wasting and use of defensive wingers if a game needs shutting down.
  3. Looks good. How is the TMs and SSa pairing working? I can see that being really good if the TM is up to it. Does the shadow striker stay close enough to receive the ball from the TM? Hows the AP doing? Is that John Rooney? Their stats look decent. Does the AP get forward a lot? And do you get more short balls because of their positioning? I've tried the DLP in a very similar formation to yours. Mainly because I'm at a better team than East Fife now. I'm at St. Johnstone and have Regan Booty. I gave him a few games as DLP and he acted a lot like a quarter back, sat a bit deep, sprayed the ball around. I imagine the AP is doing something similar except the passes to the strikers are just shorter?
  4. Peljam

    Greatest FM myths

    If you hover the cursor over the goal it'll stop the opposition from scoring/help you score (delete as appropriate)
  5. Maybe it could be done a bit like the team philosophies? Much like the board can give you negative/positive feedback for not meeting/meeting the agreed philosophies maybe you could have similar ones for players: Would prefer players to stay onside Would prefer players to play out from the back Would prefer players to shoot less often Etc. Then over time you get feedback over which players are meeting this. If your star striker is straying offside a lot you then get the option to talk to him specifically about it. Or if enough players are getting caught offside you have a team meeting about it. Could be horrible to code. But I like the idea of being able to do that. I want my players to hoof it forwards. I'd love to be able to to have that as a team ethos/rule as well as a tactic. So I can punish/praise appropriately but also specifically.
  6. Brief Update - I've spent 3 seasons at East Fife now, playing glorious Hoofball. Season 1 - We finished 1st in L2. Season 2- We finished 5th in L1. It was quite tight we were about two games either way from being embroiled in relegation or the promotion playoffs. Season 3 - We finshed 1st in L1. Won it on the last day. Everything came together for the hoofball this season. This season worked well because we: 1) Squeezed out extra goals from set pieces, throw ins and corners. Partly by having slightly better LB/RB's with long throw stats, and having a decent TM to play the ball too. 2) As mentioned above, we had a decent TM. In the previous season we put the best of a bad bunch in the TM role but this season our TM got 13 goals and 11 assists. The bulk of the assist coming from a header. The pressing forward bagged 31 in all competitions and 13 assists. Arguably the PF had a bigger impact but they relied a lot on the service and movement of the TM. I had the same PF the season before and they managed 20 goals because the TM then wasn't up to the job. 3) We had a backup plan for killing off games. If we needed to protect a lead then the FB/S became FB/D - still retaining the crossing instructions. If it was real back against the wall defending we needed then they became no-nonsense FB's, and I would often put on my backup wingers who were better at playing as defensive wingers (on support usually). That helped shut up shop without starving the strikers of opportunities. I'm pretty happy with the set up. I'd be tempted to use BPD (as discussed earlier in the thread) if I get to a level where I can actually recruit some decent ones.
  7. I managed Scarborough and Grantham, both newly promoted teams, and had a similar issue. A good all round TM is like golddust, at least until you've established the team. I had to get more one dimension TM's. Either relatively slow and immobile, but good in the air or fast and strong but a bit clueless. From what I remember though the journeyman option worked out a little bit better for me. Regen kids tended to be a little weak and lack the mental side of being a good TM. The slower journeymen were okay because everyone is a bit slow physically at that level so it was less of a negative. I often scouted the non-league teams below the Conference North. They were often okay for the conference regional levels but were more likely to sign as they were non-league. I think the Dafuge's challenge thread in the forum has a list of all the teams in division below. You could maybe scout them? Another alternative is to use the scout team to get a team report. I can't remember which youtuber it was from (Either GoldenFM or maybe FoxintheBox), but if you scout up to two divisions above you, using the team report function, you'll often be told about players that you could loan that don't normally appear in your player search. They were able to get a few players for conference sides that way. Also the Badalona idea sounds awesome
  8. Thanks! That's actually a really useful and quite clear example! I'm going to take a look at some of mine.
  9. Nice assist! My no-nonsense CB's are similar in terms of assists I think. They've got 2 each this season. It was the same the previous season as well so they're not a massive creative force. At least in terms of direct assists. I'd be interested in seeing the Assist Assist stat (2nd assist in some sports?). I don't think FM records that. Maybe the key pass is the closest? I'm assuming a key pass is one that leads to a goal or chance.
  10. Sorry I'm not doing the San Marino challenge. I'm just reading this as it's fun to see how you're all doing. I might try it in the future but on my current save I don't have Serie D so I either have to wait for them to be promoted or start again. But...I do remember in past versions of FM that if there was a stadium requirement the board would usually meet it, even if it meant putting the club into debt, so you would get promoted. Can you request an increase?
  11. Do you still have the ball playing defender/CB? How are they doing? Are they a good source of long balls? I've never had the players for it, not yet at least, but I'd like to try it. I think getting the right players for the positions is key. I know that sounds a bit obvious but I think hoofball is very dependant on having the right players for the right job. It's not about having a great players, but it is about having a great fit for the role if that makes sense. A lot of my players would struggle to get into other squads but because they are playing a role they are made for they are performing above and beyond what their base ability/overall attributes would suggest.
  12. https://strikerless.com/2018/11/09/do-you-even-delap/ Well timed ong throw article. I’ve used these routines as I’ve got my own but it’s very similar.
  13. To be honest this is probably the first time I've done anything with set pieces since maybe FM13. Past five versions I think I've just left as the defaults because it didn't feel like I could change enough or get them to work the way I wanted. But for FM19 they have been great. I'm not scoring huge amounts more (I'm not getting DC's on 20 goals a season like the exploits of old) but they look like I want them to. The player coming short sometimes draws out a defender, the ball goes in for the flick on, chaos happens. It doesn't matter if there is a goal it just feels good that they're doing what they are told. I think they might have added a deeper indirect free kick option as well which is useful. A little less accurate and controlled but you can still stick it in the mixer. Overall I think it's worth the time. A few extra goals could be a few extra points which makes the difference at the end of the season. I think I won two games through throw in goals. If I had drawn them I would have been 2nd.
  14. I think there was a bug in the beta that meant if you loaded a routine it just changed to the default sometimes. I had that happen a lot. Less so now I think it's the full release but to be safe I check the routines from time to time to make sure they've not changed. They generally work as planned, or at least they attempt it. The issue is when the throw in taker (or free kick taker) is wrong. Either because of a substitution or because the main taker list has overridden the instructions in the routine. The list of takers seems to take prority over the routine so I've had to make sure I only have the players I want taking it. I've removed my TM for all the lists to be safe even though they are okay at free kicks. I had a few games where my TM was taking the free kicks which meant there was no TM in the box to actually hoof it to and flick on. I think the only thing to do is check the set piece taker list and routines on a regular basis. I love the fighting and scramble after the flick ons. It's a massive leveler - a team can be above you in the league but be brought back down to earth by a fight in the box for a scrappy flicked on ball. I think we only had two direct goals scored from the long throw, everything else is from the flick on so I guess would count as a short pass? This saddens me but I do love seeing a highlight or two everygame of chaos.
  15. Right. I've bounced around teams a bit trying to iron out my hoofball. I've had a few terrible starts at the likes of Scarborough and Grantham were I recruited badly and just went a bit nuts with the formations (ending up with a flat 5122 that was pants). I then had some success at Portadown (1 FA cup, 2 minor regional cups) but then hit a roadblock when I had a really unlucky run of results. The tactic was okay I was just powerless to stop some of the goals against me. I then went to Cobh Ramblers, lost out on a playoff place (we were predicted bottom) and won a minor regional cup (but against a top flight side). I ended up a East Fife in the Ladbrokes League 2. We were predicted 10th, which is bottom Praise Hoofball! I was fortunate in arriving at a team that had a decent keeper, and two decent centrebacks for me to build the team from. As you can see in the table our defence was tight, but we weren't prolific up front. We created chances but one on one we were wasteful and I think that's more a reflection of the limited composure of our strikers than the tactic itself. A pacey composed striker and a slightly more mobile TM will do the trick (if I can get any to join). We had a lot of 1-0's. The chances almost entirely came from through balls/long balls, crosses or set peices (usually indirectly). For example... Two long throw routines, dedicated to the throw in God himself Rory Delap. I'm sure we squeezed an extra 4-5 goals out over the course of the season. Usually the ball got to TM who flicked it on to one of the waiting or attacking players to nod in/tap in. We also had about the same number disallowed though as some defences stepped forwards and left me with 2-3 players stood offside waiting for the flick on. I used a narrow pitch this season and we turned a lot of throw ins into attack. It got to a point where I prefered the throw ins to a corner kick. Corners and free kicks followed a similar pattern. Get it to the TM or best header for a flick on. Chaos and crowding in the box for the scraps. I did have some issues setting the taker though, at one point my TM ended up taking a lot of them without me realising which ruined things for a bit. Importantly, for other style considerations, we were close to the bottom for pass completion and possession. Near the top for fouls, tackles and headers. Interestingly my left back was 1st for cross completion and these seemed to come from quite deep. My right back was 4th, and back up right back was 7th. Tactics: This is what I've settled on. My orignal Portadown version was more expressive and passed into space. I removed these based on what was mentioned in the thread ( @Experienced Defender) and it made a huge difference to the defence. With more expressive on, and pass into space on, it was real gung ho long ball. Aiming to score more than conceeded. My defense and keeper couldn't do it. This was more structured and kept it solid at the back. Additional PI's included shoot less often for everyone in the midfield but the attacking right winger. The fullbacks had cross from deep and aim for target man. When I needed to protect a lead or or be more cautious I changed the support role for the full backs to defend which kept them back and compact with less space to exploit behind them but still left them with the cross from deep/aim at targetman PI's. When I was desperate to hold onto a lead I changed them to no-nonsene full backs. Very solid but very much a shut up shop approach. They offered a lot less going forward.