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  1. Looking forward to this. Love using data for my saves so anything that speeds this up and makes it more accessible is great. You mentioned injury data earlier on and using the squad views to extract. I’ve never been able to get much off screens that weren’t squad views. For a blog I’m doing I wanted to analyse data from the medical centre but print screen didn’t work. I had to do it manually. Are you able to get this data out as well?
  2. The game records blocks, shots blocked, clearances. You can see them in the detailed player information under the league stats. But these stats or their per 90 versions can't be added to custom squad views like other stats can. Likewise you can see xG against for the team but not for keepers (like you can get xG by player) on an indivdual basis, or on a custom squad view.
  3. xG is normally given to two decimal places, and is for most of the game. But on the player profile it is rounded to the nearest whole number for some reason (depsite a few columns along average rating being reported to two decimal places). This means a player with an xG of .49 is getting an xG on the profile of 0. And a player getting .51 is getting a 1. Not a huge issue as you can see it on player search or squad view. But a bizzare rounding that makes it less useful on the player profile. I'd add to this as a connected issue the fact that xG doesn't appear on the form inform
  4. Under the detailed player stats on league information there is a catergory for Blocks, and a catergory for Shots Blocked. They have different values in so seem to be counting different events but have the same tool tip of: 'Any Defensive Action that deflects a shot on target away from the goal' (In fact looking at more of the tool tip reveals similar inconsistencies and repeats when hovering over the name).
  5. Thanks, appreciate the reply. I mean more about bugs that have been fixed. I'm not bothered about names and data. I leave that as it is. I meant more that sometimes there are bugs that are fixed that need a new game starting. Otherwise if you carry on with the old one the bug remains. It's rare but it has happened in some past versions. I was just hoping someone could give me a nod and wink about whether there's anything major outside of data that requires a restart of a save rather than carrying in.
  6. I know the drill around a changelist but... Any word on whether we should start a new save? I've got one from beta I'm enjoying but I know sometimes a new save is needed to fix certain things. Usually data issues which I'm not bothered about. But, is there anything known that I need to start a new save for?
  7. Loving the look of the TM plus 2 WTM's! I'm still playing hoof but with a wide 442 diamiond, and the wingers on attack. So I guess I end up with a fair few players up front.
  8. I've been playing the Public Beta ME for about 60 matches. 1 full season in and a few games elsewhere. I'll have videos of it as I've used it for my youtube saves but they probably won't be out until Monday (for anyone interested in seeing more ME in action). I have mixed feelings. First of all I was okay with the ME before the public beta. So I wasn't calling for massive changes anyway. A few things to tweak but generally I was enjoying the ME beforehand. To put things into context under the old ME I had gained promotion. I started the new season under the public beta ME. I m
  9. I agree as well. I'm only about 11 games in with the Beta ME. I'm a tiny newly promoted side whos' squad after transfers is at best as good as it was last year. I'm predicted rightly to finish bottom in the new division. I play a risky high line with high pressing so I should expect to get punished with balls over the top but it's a risk tactically I decided to take. I also had a back up where I sat deeper and regrouped if it all got too much. Instead of being stuck at the bottom of the table I'm joint top with the least conceded. My defenders weren't even the best when I got promoted the
  10. These are the two I'm running at the moment. The wide version is not as direct, but is still...well fairly direct. I'm having a lot of joy with it. Often end up with a lot of players in the box. Sometimes the AMC gets the ball from a long ball or throughball/cross field ball, draws out a defender and then slips a short pass through. Other times it goes long on the wings and everything sort of pivots so we still have 3-4 in the box. DM acts as cover to help shield the back as you basically give up on the centre of the pitch and go long or wide. Generally speaking all the DC's are drib
  11. And we go again...for FM20. My Tahiti save, updated with extra teams, and qualification for the French Cup (just like real life! Sort of!), has started and you can find it here: I've also got my By the Numbers series. I've taken on Belfast Celtic and I use the stats in the game, and use some of my own I've calculated like xG for and against, to run the team. Almost 4 seasons in...
  12. I've not tried this exact one in the top flight but I imagine it will depend partly on how teams approach you. If you are the underdog I think it will probably work reasonably well as teams will attack you and leave some space behind. If they are set up to defend you will struggle to break them down. You need the right players as well. I imagine Burnley and Newcastle might have the players for it.
  13. I agree that the match engine has tended to favour short passing. I think the ME has always favoured what is in favour so gegenpressing recently, tiki taka before that. And almost always short passing for some years now, just because thats how modern football tends to be. Direct doesn't get the same love as it's not as common at the top and just isn't as fashionable. I think Wilson refers to it in Inverting the Pyramid as 'the right of the weak'. Even when it's working youll still get the ass man saying you should pass it short! On the other point though park the bus is pretty different e
  14. So this is my current Hoof. I've moved on a bit from the one I had in the Dictate the Game article, and to be honest it is pretty similar to the tactic I used in FM19 (I've got the same name for the style!). Which is to be expected as the same principles apply. I'm getting a lot of chances in the box now. Not excessive amounts but I'm getting very little in the way of shots outside the box, or from tight angles. I like to work out my xG and it has increased by a decent amount since swapping to this - by about .5 which on its own doesn't sound huge but it's moved me to about 2xG a g
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