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  1. It does break the immersion. It’s a pity it doesn’t pick up on the simple reason for attending
  2. Loving the look of the TM plus 2 WTM's! I'm still playing hoof but with a wide 442 diamiond, and the wingers on attack. So I guess I end up with a fair few players up front.
  3. I've been playing the Public Beta ME for about 60 matches. 1 full season in and a few games elsewhere. I'll have videos of it as I've used it for my youtube saves but they probably won't be out until Monday (for anyone interested in seeing more ME in action). I have mixed feelings. First of all I was okay with the ME before the public beta. So I wasn't calling for massive changes anyway. A few things to tweak but generally I was enjoying the ME beforehand. To put things into context under the old ME I had gained promotion. I started the new season under the public beta ME. I more or less had the same squad bar my keeper. My 1st choice keeper got poached 7 days before the start of the season so I had to bring in a replacement who was rated as being almost as good as the original. I was predicted to finish pretty much bottom. I actually won the title and did it with the 3rd best goals for, and the best goals against. I conceded less than a goal a game, and score around 1.5 goals per game. I had 3 strikers, one finished with 30 goals, one with 24 and one with 15. One on ones were a little easier to score, through balls over my defence dried up, saw a lot more blocking, a few more goals from set pieces and a few more defender mistakes where they keep the ball on and then run past it. Nothing that hasn't been reported by others, and to be honest nothing game breaking on its own. My issue is though that combined, especially the long balls over the top being toned down, I was able to perform that well with such an under powered squad. I am below average, or have the lowest average for almost all the attributes in the team comparison page. I didn't even have the best defence the season before when I was in the league below. The toning down of the long balls basically meant my high line high press had almost zero downside. I think the public ME is playable and it's fine. I've not seen anything that will stop me from playing. I just think it has swung balance in a different direction. It's still not 100% it's just made it a bit easier.
  4. I agree as well. I'm only about 11 games in with the Beta ME. I'm a tiny newly promoted side whos' squad after transfers is at best as good as it was last year. I'm predicted rightly to finish bottom in the new division. I play a risky high line with high pressing so I should expect to get punished with balls over the top but it's a risk tactically I decided to take. I also had a back up where I sat deeper and regrouped if it all got too much. Instead of being stuck at the bottom of the table I'm joint top with the least conceded. My defenders weren't even the best when I got promoted the season before under the old ME. Now it's like Fort Knox at the back and it just doesn't feel right. I've not needed my more defensive tactic to grind results out. I'm worried that the knock on effect of slightly improving 1 on 1's (which I didn't have a major issue with to be honest), and reducing the amount of balls over the top even when playing a tactic that should be punished by them, is an easier game. Admittedly a small sample so far so will crack on and give it a chance.
  5. These are the two I'm running at the moment. The wide version is not as direct, but is still...well fairly direct. I'm having a lot of joy with it. Often end up with a lot of players in the box. Sometimes the AMC gets the ball from a long ball or throughball/cross field ball, draws out a defender and then slips a short pass through. Other times it goes long on the wings and everything sort of pivots so we still have 3-4 in the box. DM acts as cover to help shield the back as you basically give up on the centre of the pitch and go long or wide. Generally speaking all the DC's are dribble less, take more risks, hold position, shoot less, tackle harder. Fullbacks cross from deep, shoot less, tackle harder. MC's or DM's are shoot less, take more risks With both of them I've got my set pieces set up just how I want them. I don't get excessive amounts but I get enough. Long throws. Corners and free kicks to the near post that is being attacked by your best header. Usually your targetman. I've also got my defensive set pieces set up to encourage counter attacks.
  6. And we go again...for FM20. My Tahiti save, updated with extra teams, and qualification for the French Cup (just like real life! Sort of!), has started and you can find it here: I've also got my By the Numbers series. I've taken on Belfast Celtic and I use the stats in the game, and use some of my own I've calculated like xG for and against, to run the team. Almost 4 seasons in...
  7. I've not tried this exact one in the top flight but I imagine it will depend partly on how teams approach you. If you are the underdog I think it will probably work reasonably well as teams will attack you and leave some space behind. If they are set up to defend you will struggle to break them down. You need the right players as well. I imagine Burnley and Newcastle might have the players for it.
  8. I agree that the match engine has tended to favour short passing. I think the ME has always favoured what is in favour so gegenpressing recently, tiki taka before that. And almost always short passing for some years now, just because thats how modern football tends to be. Direct doesn't get the same love as it's not as common at the top and just isn't as fashionable. I think Wilson refers to it in Inverting the Pyramid as 'the right of the weak'. Even when it's working youll still get the ass man saying you should pass it short! On the other point though park the bus is pretty different even on just the TI's. You can't see the PI's above in mine but they are a bit different as well. Less flexible, more defensive by default, lower tempo, time wasting, slowing pace down, less urgent etc. There's some overlap but the park the bus default is slow and safe. The one I've gone for is more blood and thunder. Risky passes, more pressing and tackling, no wasting of time, quick transitions for the long ball. It does work well in the lower leagues. I've had almost the same tactic work in FM19 in the EPL and SPL. Defensive Wingers over standard wingers (on support and attack) really change the transitions and attacks as well. I end up with the MR often scoring after picking up the ball from the TM. Having a BWN and DLP in the park the bus leaves the team deeper. Having a box to box again gives you an attack man in attack or for the second ball. With hoof harder hoof longer you can end up with 4 up front or 3 with one in the hole fairly often. Park the Bus preset is more try not to die. The one I've been using is more die trying.
  9. So this is my current Hoof. I've moved on a bit from the one I had in the Dictate the Game article, and to be honest it is pretty similar to the tactic I used in FM19 (I've got the same name for the style!). Which is to be expected as the same principles apply. I'm getting a lot of chances in the box now. Not excessive amounts but I'm getting very little in the way of shots outside the box, or from tight angles. I like to work out my xG and it has increased by a decent amount since swapping to this - by about .5 which on its own doesn't sound huge but it's moved me to about 2xG a game now which is a healthy amount for a minnow with a £500pw budget. EDIT: I should add this tires players out. I've had to change the rest settings in training. The first two condition ratings (60-70 I think) are now no training as we can't kick and rush, and press, and survive.
  10. There's no reason why direct can't be attacking. My latest version has an attacking mentality. I've had it work in the championship and premiership (and SPL) in FM19. I don't think FM20 is so different it can't work, it might just take a little bit of time. Not all hoofball is created equal. The Burnley way is different from Watford, from Wimbledon, from Stoke, from Bolton etc. I'd keep at it.
  11. Has anyone tried hoofball since the lastest update? Any changes? I've not had a chance to load up my Belfast save.
  12. A few. It is a bit of a balancing act. If we get caught out of position and they counter there's a huge hole behind the IW on the wing, and in front of the fullback (because he doesn't push up much). I'm wondering if a wingback instead or getting rid of hold position on the LB will let them pivot a little a cover that gap. At the moment though I'm just accepting it as the cost for getting the IW, SS and W behind the TM, ready to pick up the ball.
  13. Thanks I didn't include it as an alternative in the article but an alt to 442 I've been trying is involves a IW like @sparkyunited and a shadow striker behind a TM.
  14. Long live hoofball. I've tweaked it slightly, and have only played a few games, but it seems to be just as effective in the lower leagues for FM20 as it was FM19.
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