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  1. I am looking to rely a little bit more on homegrown players in my current save, as I've invested a lot in elite youth coaching and State-of-the-Art training facilities, however I'm not looking for a cut-and-paste training schedule or advice to just stick with the defaults, but instead want to craft my own. I am attempting to build a high-pressing, attacking side (as mostly everyone is) from the youth level up, with many aspects of my Club DNA covered in the 'Transition-Press' schedule. It is implemented three times a week, as all of the attributes covered are considered core to my team an
  2. I swapped the IF (su) for IW (su) and the creation I want is more what i'm looking for! Might try out the AP or T later as they might have an even greater effect on the creation from that flank. Switching the DLP to defend for that holding role and relying on Killer Balls and Dictates Tempo to get the more dynamic playmaker from deep, but you're right, I need a role to cover (don't want to pull a Pep from Saturday) I only was using tight marking because I was looking for more of a space-oriented press to block passing options compared to a press based on ball location, b
  3. I’m usually a lurker here, as a tactical enthusiast and maybe-too-serious FM player, but I’m coming here to get help for a tactic I’ve been trying to implement in my save. Essentially, I’m trying to implement something very close to Sarriball, (especially the successful Napoli iteration) emphasizing short passing, a quicker tempo and decisive final third passing. Above is the tactic I’ve used through the first 11 games of the season, and while it’s been moderately successful, as I sit in 7th while I am predicted 9th, many of my chances have come from corners (specifica
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