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  1. Okay. This is probably way to in-depth for many, but do you think it is possible to create a formula to determine who would be the best to play in a specific situation? Example: I am doing a lower league save. I have two players I am looking at to play as a Central Defender on Defend (CD-D). Both are Natural at this position, role, and duty. Looking at their their Attributes I see that: Player #1 Player #2 Overall Primary Attribute (IMO) DET 5 6 WOR 4 8 Primary Per FM POS 12 9 HEA 4 9 MAR 11 10 TCK 9 9 JUM 12 10 STR 4 9 Secondary Per FM AGG 6 11 ANT 8 8 BRA 6 10 CMP 2 8 CNT 4 12 DEC 12 8 PAC 12 9 Impromptu example formula: (Primary Attributes x 2) + Secondary Attributes = Rating Number. In this case Player #1 - 172 and Player #2 - 206 Therefore, using my impromptu formula player #2 would be better. Do you think this is possible? What other Attributes do you suggest be looked at? What kind of formula would you suggest? PS: My assistant manager which has a 13 in Judging Ability thinks Player #1 is 2 1/2 stars and Player #2 is 3 stars.
  2. Question about training during the pre-season. I know it is important to build up conditioning so that injuries a less. What I am wondering is when my team comes back and comes into camp at 90+ condition do I still need to do all the conditioning work? It would seem to me that if they are at 90+ condition it would be okay to back off of conditioning training and work on something else. What do you think? Anyone have an idea?
  3. The only thing I do not like about your skin is that when I get a scouting report in my inbox, his report is cut off at the bottom where I cannot see the stars. I have my screen set to 125% and thought this might be a problem, but when I changed to 100% it did not go away. Is this a bug or as intended?
  4. Wow. This looks so good that I was ready to download then I noticed it is not done yet. Don't worry. Do it right and release when ready. I will just wait......
  5. I have always assumed the answer to this question was yes. Otherwise why would scouts have an attribute for judging player current ability and player potential ability. Also, the same goes for the Assistant Manager. If they see perfectly what does their attributes mean?
  6. I hate that living in America I cannot play my Sporting Kansas City without putting up with the MLS. I think it would be very interesting to see some people do MLS saves. It takes Lower Level management and makes it even harder.
  7. You will have to create your tactic in FM19, no way I know of importing it, but that said It is easier now than ever to create the exact tactic that you want.
  8. Passionate I get. Aggressive I get. However, I am confused with Calm and Cautious. Calm to me seems like a normal everyday tone. What does it mean to be cautious. Would an example of this be like using very measured speach?
  9. Thank's for the reply, but that isn't what I meant. I edited my post for clarity.
  10. When you select a tactic preset does it only effect the team instructions or does it also install individual position instructions? What I mean is lets say I create a "custom tactic," but later I decide I want the control-possession preset. Do I need to erase my tactic and start over, or can I just add the correct team instructions and do the same as the preset, or do I also need to add specific player instructions to achieve the preset tactic? IE are the presets team instructions or are they team instructions with specific player instructions?
  11. FM 2019, but probably for 2018 as well. So, I usually play in 2D since it lets me see the tactic at work overall. When I do when a penalty is given I will see the replay of the penalty kick. I want to see the replay of the penalty. How can I easily do this?
  12. I am by no means a master, but this is what I think: Training Team Cohesion: This is the training you do when you want to get the team to like each other, trust each other, etc. It is the kind of stuff like team building exercises, trust falls, etc. Match Cohesion: This is how much the players understand what other players are doing during the match. How much a player trust the other person to pass to them. It is kind of match familiarity, but not exactly. My experience is that if you train match tactics this will go up, but it will go up over time the more players play together.
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