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  1. I haven't thought of doing so much of a guide as a list of tips for LLM. I do notice that most of the tips and advice are not for LL saves.
  2. Early 3rd season with St. Albans in the Vanarama National League South. The season had already been frustrating before the match in question. I started off with a great preseason and just as I was about to sign two 5 star players to fill needed spots in my starting XI I get a takeover and a transfer embargo from board takeover. They new board didn't even give me any new money or erase old debt. So for the majority of preseason, when you want to sign players, I cannot sign anyone. The season gets off to a decent start though and I am 3 wins, 2 draw, 1 loss. I am in 5th place playing 8
  3. Example: I want a CM (s). For CM (s): Primary Attributes: First Touch, Passing, Tackling, Decisions, Teamwork Secondary Attributes: Technique, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Off the Ball, Vision, Work Rate,Stamina DNA: Determination, Work Rate, Passing, Stamina, Natural Fitness (Your DNA may vary). Assuming everything else is equal how do you use the above to choose which player is best suited for your role?
  4. So, you have a system and need to fill a specific role. You have a couple of players that can fill that role. How do you choose? You have: You have you team DNA, the attributes that you feel are most important. You have the Primary attributes that your chosen role uses. You have the Secondary attributes that your chosen role uses. Player Traits. Others such as Morale, fitness, social dynamics, etc. I want to assume that 4 and 5 are equal for two players. This leaves you with just a certain set of Attributes that you can use to determine who is bett
  5. When you create a note for a player it currently just puts a yellow sticky note by their name. What I would like to see is for you to be able to create multiple notes and each with a different color. Maybe not a lot, but more than 1. This way you could have yellow indicate the player is inconsistent while blue might indicate that they hate big matches.
  6. This is a GREAT thread and I was just about to ask about the "Holding Midfielder" when I saw this thread. What I would love is for someone to take this kind of approach and explain all the roles, not just the the MC roles. In fact, I have thought about asking if anyone knows of an article or thread that list all the roles and all the base instructions and hidden instructions that go with roles.
  7. Your post came just in time because I was try to work out a style where I was aggressive in defense, but ball possession in attack. So I used your third example to setup my tactic and it works like a dream. Now to my question. So my Mentality is Cautious as you recommend. That is my standard. So do I adjust for weaker and stronger opponents or just leave mentality alone? Example, my next game is against a much weaker opponent. I am way the favorite. Normally I would just adjust my Mentality to Positive or Attacking. I am worried though that this will mess up my tactic and
  8. I am playing a 4-2-4 with an AML and AMR. I have been told I should probably drop them back and make a 4-4-2. What is the difference between a AML/AMR and ML/MR? To me it seems the only difference would be that the AM's would be more attacking, further up the pitch, and thus less defensive in nature. Does a 4-4-2 play wider than a 4-2-4? This even sounds like a stupid question to me because they should play the same width right? But when I switched the 4-2-4 to the 4-4-2 I swear I was playing much wider. I think this is because with the four in a single line they li
  9. Just a quick update Game #4 had me as away as an underdog 0-0 tie Game #5 I was at home and a slight favorite. I realized that I was wanting through balls so I put on "Underlap." I played some with a 4-4-2 but then went back to 4-2-4. I cannot really say one was more effective than the other. Won 3-1 and their goal came in the 93+ minute.
  10. I wonder the same thing. Is there that must difference between a ML/MR and a AML and AMR? I do not know.
  11. Used the Primary Tactic only. Mostly on Positive, but some Cautious in Game 2 (see below). I have added either "Work the Ball in the Box" for times I am getting way to many Long Shots and "Hit Early" crosses for when the other team sits back and crowds the box. The Results: Game #1 Away Away, I am slight favorites (odds like 2.56 to 2.88). Great Game. We way out played the opponents. Shots were like 20-4. Only we couldn't finish. 0-0 tie. Game #2 Home. Way underdogs (odds were 3.4x to 1.8x) vs team that is Professional (I am Semi) and they were relegated fr
  12. Okay. Here is the current Primary Tactic. (With new skin because...why not). I also added "Hold Position" PI to the MCL. If I have to sub off either Winger their subs will be either IW or IF. What if I pulled the AML and AMR back to ML and MR?
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