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  1. The LW on attack I've tried, but resulted in mostly more dribbling into defenders and lost possession, also i'm always hesitant to use two players looking to be the main scoring outlet. Fast attacking is a pretty good description. Generally, I want to keep the ball on the ground because my players are not physical enough for direct passing relative to the rest of the league and I want to move it from back to front quickly. After a transfer window my most creative players are my LCM and RW, so I should probably put them in playmaker or attacking duties. I want to have a 3-2-5/2-3-5 shape when attacking (libero interchanging lines) and I want the creation to come from the channels, not only crosses from wingbacks. More than anything, I just want to get the 3 defender shape to work in a high scoring system. I wouldn't recommend trying this tactic as I haven't had incredible success, but I would think those would work, as long as you're looking for the striker to be the focal point. There's a thread on a Brighton system that uses a pressing forward and similar instructions that the author had a lot of success I think.
  2. Back with an update! I haven't had the most time to play lately, but the season is all wrapped up and I'm 13 games into a new one. I barely eked out survival, finishing 16th, but 13 games into the new season, I'm sitting in 4th. However the results are far from pretty. 14 goals in 13 games might be a good record for your elite striker, but for a team it's quite worrying. Also, the amount of 1-0s is stressful, as I'm terrified of conceding for the entire match. The 3-4-3, at least in it's FM21 iteration, makes chance creation tough, as I'm finding the midfield can't support the front 3 quite as well as they can in a 4-3-3, and though the flanks are wide open for the overlapping wingbacks, they often dribble into cul-de-sacs or cross directly into defenders. The Tactic: How it has gone, and ideas of how to improve. Defense: After a transfer window focused on a key defender and keeper that's excellent with his feet, playing out of the back is much easier. The Libero is necessary to get any further support from the defense, as without him, the three defenders sit all the way back and are often too far away to even cycle possession through. Midfield: I did not have a player capable of covering the ground and the intensity needed for a BWM, so for now I'm using the CM(defend) as it protects the flank effectively. Also, the BBM makes late runs into the box or gets the ball in zone 14, taking markers off of the IF. Right Flank: The advanced playmaker was a little stale, immobile, and not always making the passes I was looking for, so a switch to an Inverted Winger coupled with a Complete Wingback (attack) has allowed for high flying attacks, not funneled through a single player. In fact, most of my chances created are from this side. The Complete wingback and the inverted winger also do a good job of positional switches, where one may go inside and the other stays wide. Left Flank: This flank tends to be one dimensional, as the WB passes to the IF, who then attempts a dribble towards goal. It's not working great but certainly not ineffective. Critiques and Questions: Passing Types: Since the last post, I removed shorter passing, and instead moved to a higher tempo game with an emphasis on working the ball into the box. This has resulted in prettier goals, though not necessarily more goals, and certainly less possession, but sometimes, the players when not immediately finding an open pass, choose to hoof it 40 yards to the opposition's defenders. Is this a result of the passing length or the tempo? Maybe the 'decision timer' with higher tempo is running out and the player just defaults to route one, or maybe no one is supporting close enough due to the medium passing. I am not sure but if anyone knows it would be helpful. Roles and duties: Obviously, it is dependent on the player (and I'd say my current roles of the attacking trio, wingbacks, and midfield fit my players) but does anyone have any suggestions on player roles that could create more goal scoring chances? My xG hovers around 1 or slightly less a game, and I know it's not sustainable. My current thoughts are: Switch the LWB to Attack: This may result in more lost possession or errant crosses, but may provide more attacking thrust out of him instead of just the LW. My only concern is defensive protection on that side but this may not be a problem as I have 3 defenders. Switch the IF to Attack: I'm scared of this option, as I don't like having two advanced players in a formation that already lacks some support in keeping possession. However, it might result in more movement into the box to finish off chances. Switch the CM(d) to a CM(s)/CAR(s), Libero to BPD(d): This option is not appealing, as I lose deeper support for possession along with some cover for the aggressive RWB. However, the switch to a support duty in midfield may result in more chance creation from the center, rather than just the wings. Move LW/RW to LAM/RAM: This is also something I initially considered, as it allows for more central creation, but also it causes the defensive shape to be 5-2-2-1 instead of 5-4-1, which means that often the opposition wingbacks are unmarked, as the wingbacks tend to compact with the CBs in defense defending against the inside forwards or wingers. Other Suggestions: If anyone has other suggestions for improvement, please let me know! This tactic definitely is showing promise, but it needs a little more attacking momentum to achieve big things. Bonus: With FM22 trailer and the announcement of the wide centerback, I like the future idea of this tactic becoming something like this.
  3. After taking your responses into account, I've developed a tactic that I think works to have more bodies in the box in attack, but also maintain defensive solidity. Per @Overmars, I raised the mentality to positive, but also thought about my team's strengths and decided to adjust the individual duties. My CF is the best of the front three, and can do it all, so CF (attack) seemed like a logical choice as a focal point (thanks @dactz), whereas the IF is now on support, in order to attack the box from a deeper position and the advanced playmaker also is on support so that his risks aren't as extreme, resulting in lost possession in the final third. Also, per @st.cronin, I've put RCM as a BWM on defend, meaning he doesn't have to cover as much of the pitch due to his lower work rate, and covers more effectively for the attacking wingback. The LCM is staying on CM (support) though I'd like to change him to BBM, but I don't think Agoume has the Work Rate or Off the Ball to make that role work to the highest capability, but his 'Gets Further Forwards' will get him moving forwards, with the BWM covering in the midfield. Also, the libero is now coming out from deep as an option for the BWM to pass to after winning the ball back in midfield, but the AP on support can also act as an option as well. Lastly, I've removed counter-pressing but upped the overall level of pressing, as @zabyl suggested. As much as I'd like to win the ball back immediately, I don't think my team can effectively do it at the level they're at now, so after a few more transfer windows I might look to add it. I'm playing for the first time since posting this thread, so I'll try and play to the midway point of the season (or a firing, whichever comes first) and then add an update on how it's going.
  4. I am not a fan of this either, but he had it trained on him when I bought him. I don't know if it's just my save or a problem with how the CPU trains, but I simulated 10 or so years into the future before playing this save, and by then, every physically capable CM (regen or real) seems to have that trait trained on him. It's very frustrating.
  5. I will focus on hard-working midfielders in future recruitment, but for now put Sortelle on BWM like @st.cronin suggested. I also will remove get stuck in due to the clear bravery issues, but also, I don't think the stats of those two players make it impossible to play a 2 man midfield with them right now. I did not think about the work rate stat heavily so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Side question: What does work rate do that isn't covered by determination, stamina, or the consistency hidden attribute? They all seem to affect how a player plays at top level but I'm not sure what it specifically does. I will increase the pressing. My original idea was keeping a solid shape in defense while the counter press instruction would do the heavy lifting in counter-press situations after losing the ball. Attacking with I admit I'm not sure what I'm doing with it. I chose narrow because I wanted the wide forwards making more explicit movement inside, closer passes for effective counter-pressing, and less speculative crosses from the wingbacks. Would keeping standard width allow effective counter-pressing and half-space movement from wide players? If so I'll make the switch definitely. Alternatively I can switch to two AMCs on normal width, if that is a better set-up
  6. Along with many others, inspired by Graham Potter's Brighton and Tuchel's Chelsea, I wanted to build an effective 3-4-3. I've planned a tactic, bought players for it over the course of the last season since I took over, but I can't get results. My team is predicted to finish 13th by the media , but right now after 6 games, we have 2 points, and no signs pointing to us moving in the right direction. The tactic is attached here: I can also explain my thoughts behind the tactic. I want to play short, progressive football (so original I know), with the team passing their way through each level of the opposition's defense. I've been able to achieve this fairly well with 4-3-3s in the past, but this time the 3-4-3 has proved difficult. Mentality: Balanced; My team is not good enough to dominate the game through all the elements that come with a higher mentality, but I don't want the negative behaviors of a lower mentality, so that is why I chose balanced. Roles: - I want to build out of defense, so the left and right CBs have 'Stay Wider' to form the modern spread out back three often seen in today's game. The defenders I have are capable of performing this, and are in the ball-playing defender mold. - The two CMs are generic, as I didn't know what role to use, but the right CM is a more conservative player, whereas the left CM has 'Gets Further Forward' (something the AI seems to train onto any semi-athletic player once you get into the regen era). To pair with this, the left wingback is a slightly less attacking player to make up for the more attacking LCM, and vice versa on the right. Below are the CMs, in case better roles can be applied. - Lastly, the attacking roles are my biggest question mark. I wanted a striker to drop deep and link play, with a player filling the space to score. Also, I was noticing that teams running a front 3 in real life tend to couple that supporting striker and scoring winger with a creative force off the wing (a la Mount or Trossard), hence the AP. If a change in team shape (ex. 3-4-2-1 or 3-4-1-2) is needed in order to help the attack function better, I would definitely consider switching formation. My players are versatile across the front line and can switch positions easily. My Inside Forward is my worst player (honestly, hardly a championship level player) but I have no real goal scorers on this team, so he has to make do. It is priority number one for the next transfer window, but my one from last season forced his way out and I wasn't able to get a proper replacement, only a backup for the future (not shown here). Instructions: Most of the instructions are self-explanatory to building a possession style out of a balanced mentality, and get stuck in is since my team is generally more aggressive and better tacklers than the average of the Premier League, so I thought it may give me an advantage. I also realize counter-press is risky as a lower half team, but I often win the possession battle, and am mostly beat off of being passed through rather than over due to a failed counter press, so I stick with it. Any help would be appreciated, as I would love to take this style and use it to stay up in the premier league, rather than using a makeshift tactic to grind out results for the next season or two, in order to build a stronger team. Thanks!
  7. I spent a while trying to achieve this setup. From a role perspective, I found that a FB (defend) with sit narrower coupled with the RCB on stay wider works best on creating the back three instead of the IWB (defend). That role tends to sit closer to the DM strata instead of forming a back 3, but can be used to create a hybrid between a 2-3-5 and 3-2-5 if desired. Also, I found that only the WB or CWB on attack achieved the forward movement necessary to get the RB to act as part of the front 5. Overlap right, while upping the mentality of your WB, will also cause players to look wide (something you may or may not want), but may also allow you to use a support duty on the WB or CWB. If you do this, I would encourage teaching Gets Forwards Whenever Possible to your RB in order to encourage further movement during build-up phases. The midfield duo looks good, but with the front 4 (and balanced mentality), I would suggest using the Winger on attack to create more from wide positions (since your scoring focal point is the PF) and the DLP on support (if the defensive/pace stats are good enough to cover the flank) since it will still hold position, but make more risky passes out to the Winger on the flank, which will attack the space more with the attack duty. Lastly, I think the IF for IW change is good, but more importantly, the sit narrower PI and Move into Channels trait could help the IF control the channel. Also, the occupation of the right channel and using the PI move into channels should encourage the AM to move into the left channel when necessary, or stay central if the PF goes wide. To further exaggerate this (though it would cause defensive asymmetry) you could even put the AM in the left AM slot with the PI move into channels Regarding instructions, I don't think you should use the Underlap Left instruction, as it increases the mentality of the LB, which shouldn't be encouraged to get forward. Also, for possession with intent and only balanced mentality (so no default pressing increase), I think More Urgent pressing should be used in order to win the ball back quicker as well. Finally, work ball into box or dribble less maybe should be used, as this setup has 3 of the front 5 encouraged to dribble more, meaning that wasted possession or dribbles into cul-de-sacs could be frustratingly common. Outside of that, I think other TIs rely mainly on player ability and some of this desired shape may require players to have specific Traits, but generally, these are my ideas on how to achieve this.
  8. I am looking to rely a little bit more on homegrown players in my current save, as I've invested a lot in elite youth coaching and State-of-the-Art training facilities, however I'm not looking for a cut-and-paste training schedule or advice to just stick with the defaults, but instead want to craft my own. I am attempting to build a high-pressing, attacking side (as mostly everyone is) from the youth level up, with many aspects of my Club DNA covered in the 'Transition-Press' schedule. It is implemented three times a week, as all of the attributes covered are considered core to my team and the type of player I need, so it is paramount that all of my youth players develop these attributes, at a young age. Furthermore, it equally focuses on the attacking and defensive units meaning that everyone gets focus on these core attributes. Below is the current skeleton of my training schedule but I don't need these filled in, just giving a little more context. I have read the guides to training pinned on the forum and searched for prior threads, but I couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for. Because of this, I have some questions regarding how to best develop my youngsters into first team level players for my team or others, so that I can either blood them in the first team when they turn 18 or loan and eventually sell them on to be valuable players for other teams. 1. Rest: Youth players are said to need more rest than senior players, and because of this, my plan is to leave the two slots after Match Practice empty each week, as well as the slot after Match Review. Also, I leave the Auto intensity set to Normal when at full condition, rather than Double, which I use for the senior team. Is this sufficient rest, too much rest, or just right? 2. Physical Training: When a player is under 18, their physicals develop naturally. However, if I added one, two, or even three Physical (or Endurance/Quickness) a week, would I see a greater level of physical growth, or is it just overkill? 3. Technical vs Mental Training: As it's well-documented that players develop their mental attributes as they get older and have more game-time, should I focus my youth sessions on technical improvement, as it doesn't improve naturally like physical attributes or with age and game-time like mental attributes? 4. General vs Specific: For example, if I wanted to emphasize my young players' technical abilities in possession, would it be ideal to use 4 general Possession sessions or a combination of 4 Play from the Back, Ball Retention, and Ball Distribution sessions? Also are Overall and Outfield sessions useful in any way at a youth level, or not focused enough for any serious results in terms of building a specific Club DNA? 5. Match Preparation: I know that youth team match results don't matter for youth development, but Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape sessions do train players attributes for their individual roles and focuses, which is something that can be easily tailored in order to mould a young player perfectly. However, as these are match preparation and not individual practice sessions, so it better to use specific training sessions for youth training than match preparation sessions? 6. Individual Training: These final questions generally tie in with 1, 2, and 3 but when planning a youth player's individual training, should I direct their individual focus on the technical or physical sides of their game, or target the weakest point of their game, even if it's a mental facet? Lastly, is an Individual Training Workload of Medium enough for good development or should they be on High? Thanks for all of your help and I hope others with these questions can find some answers too!
  9. I swapped the IF (su) for IW (su) and the creation I want is more what i'm looking for! Might try out the AP or T later as they might have an even greater effect on the creation from that flank. Switching the DLP to defend for that holding role and relying on Killer Balls and Dictates Tempo to get the more dynamic playmaker from deep, but you're right, I need a role to cover (don't want to pull a Pep from Saturday) I only was using tight marking because I was looking for more of a space-oriented press to block passing options compared to a press based on ball location, but I do want an aggressive block looking to win the ball back so I'm adding higher pressing urgency along with preventing short distribution. My CBs have good pace and jumping reach allowing me to win back possession on long kicks and build from the back As of now, I have this as my tactic, with the IF (at) looking to attack the space created by the overload and the dropping off striker, the RB providing more width, as well as the Mez (at) looking to overload the CBs and make some 1-2s or switch runs into goal-scoring situations. My only question is that if the DLP on defend is adequate defensive cover for both the flanks and the center? If not, then how I can provide cover otherwise and still get the attacking intent i'm looking for.
  10. I’m usually a lurker here, as a tactical enthusiast and maybe-too-serious FM player, but I’m coming here to get help for a tactic I’ve been trying to implement in my save. Essentially, I’m trying to implement something very close to Sarriball, (especially the successful Napoli iteration) emphasizing short passing, a quicker tempo and decisive final third passing. Above is the tactic I’ve used through the first 11 games of the season, and while it’s been moderately successful, as I sit in 7th while I am predicted 9th, many of my chances have come from corners (specifically my 19 Jumping Reach CB at the near post) or opposition mistakes/rebounds. I’m looking for more clear cut chances from open play in order to enjoy the football I’m playing to a greater extent. The attacking intent is to overload the left channel and touchline, with the LW and LCM attacking slightly deeper in the channel and the LB attacking the left flank, each drawing defenders out and creating overloads, while the ST and RW attack the space behind. The RCM serves as a link to cover space on the right flank and support play and the DLP acts as a safer version of a regista, dictating play from deep. The RB is intended to sit further back and act as an outlet, as well as assist in playing out from the back. On paper, I feel this tactic is solid, yet in practice I can rarely produce the kinds of goals I’m looking to produce, even against weaker sides in the Europa Conference League. My player quality is decent as well, given my 9th place prediction, so even though I drop to a more fluid counter type tactic against stronger sides, I have the ability to produce quick attacking football against comparable or worse sides but I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried a bit of tempo and passing distance modification and it doesn’t seem to change much, but any help is appreciated!
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