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  1. That is an interesting write-up and can’t wait to see some pictures. I may give this a try and see how it performs!
  2. For your adapted tactic that you used with great success with Sassuolo, did you have any player instructions?
  3. Hello guys and girls, just wanted to ask as to how you think would be the best way to set up the formation and roles for how Brentford play in real life? Always been intrigued by 3 ATB formations and especially as how Brentford are currently playing some really solid football in real life. The picture shown is the recent formation for Brentford’s win against West Ham. What do you guys think?
  4. Cool, thanks for the response. Defensively I imagine it is more solid than a standard 433 formation?
  5. Looks interesting, have you had any success using that tactic?
  6. Interesting. I’m literally, as we speak, reading through all the posts in your no/less TIs and PIs challenge and it’s interesting to see how other FMers have set up their teams with minimal TIs/PIs instructions. It’s interesting the points you’ve made that I hadn’t considered regarding player traits. There is still a level of complexity in regards to creating a tactic and choosing a balanced set of player roles and duties whilst also taking into account individual player traits. Thank you for stopping by and giving some advice, it’s given me lots to consider!
  7. Appreciate it David! I’ll give this a read now.
  8. Appreciate the response, I never thought to look it at like in that order. I’ve always loved the idea of playing with a 442 or 4411 due to the balance and stability they provide so I may revisit these formations. So say I wanted to play a 442/4411 a good starting point is to focus on finding a good balance of player roles and duties first and then tweak until it plays as I want it to play then start incorporating TIs?
  9. Hey that’s really cool! Not seen that resource before so I’ll defo check it out. It’s also reassuring that it is possible to create a winning tactic without TIs and PIs especially when you’re still learning about what each team instruction does. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hello the fine people of this community. Just wanted to open up a discussion about the topic in the title. As the title says has anyone had success implementing tactics that didn’t use TIs or PIs? Ive played FM for a quite a few years but has always focused on plug n play tactics instead of making my own tactic and thought I’d change my approach this year. I’ve read numerous resources about the importance of roles and duties in creating a tactic especially the great guide pairs and combinations but one thing I’ve always wanted to know is whether it was entirely possible to create a winning tactic focused solely on player roles and duties without TIs or PIs? Just focusing on a balanced, simple tactic?
  11. Since the latest patch I have been having an issue where when playing a match the game begins to get jittery and lagging which leads to the app closing and having to reload the game. This can happen on the 3D and 2D camera. It’s starting to become unplayable. Anyone else have a similar issue? I usually have 3 leagues loaded and at least 3 star in performance latest version of football manager Apple Ipad 9.7inch (2018)
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