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  1. I see that a lot of people use this in their tactics, personally I am a fan of it and always played a high line in previous versions of FM. Logically, it goes well with an attacking and pressing tactic as well so that makes sense. However in my current game, literally anytime I try to raise my D line from normal, straight away I get direct balls played through to the striker and often concede from that. This happens with a normal line as well, but less often. I have tight marking turned off, one of my CBs is Ezri Konsa who is pacy, the other guy has 11 pace so not as quick. Both my full backs also very quick. So I cannot understand how this happens. I mean, you shouldn't need 4 speed merchants to be able to play a high-line. For those who are making it work, where am I going wrong?
  2. Hey guys, I just caught up on everyone's posts. Good work all around. Unfortunately I did not have much time to play this weekend. Enjoyed reading everyone's updated. @sedge11 - did you manage to get Geubbels or Foden back? I really want to manage Foden in my game, but he has broken into the City first team so I am afraid it will be close to impossible now
  3. I am now in season 4 and I am consistently finding it very difficult to improve players technical attributes across the board. Especially the key attributes for the positions they play. On the other hand, no such issues with physical & mental attributes. Overall the players are progressing, Ive also used editor to see their CA development. But the technical attributes mostly remain the same or in some cases even decline. Case in point I have Danny Loader training as an inside forward, his dribbling & finishing has completely stagnated at 13, while things like composure stamina and strength are all going up. Then I recently noticed this while scouting other players as well, there are guys like Bisseck and Haland who’s physicals have developed a lot in 3 years but same cannot be said of their technical attributes. I am just wondering if anyone else thinks this is happening too.
  4. I have a 40+ million transfer bid negotiated for Erving Haland who looks like an absolute beast now in my game. That would pretty much be our whole budget on one player. But I’m having second thoughts about spending so much money on someone. Will post up a screenshot in a bit.
  5. @warlock - congratulations on the promotion! For defenders look out for Fry, Mepham, Konsa. I signed the latter when we got promoted and he’s been quite solid. The 2 player loan limit in the premier division is quite annoying, so has to be used judiciously.
  6. Great stuff! That is indeed a very good defensive record, something I’ve never been able to achieve. Did you play a deep defensive line as well?
  7. That’s great stuff! Good luck against Liverpool. I am thinking about jumping on the Guebbels train as well. Just had an offer accepted.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Yes hoping to develop him further in my game too. And as you said have him dominating all of our set pieces. He's already scored a couple of belters
  9. Enjoyed reading through this thread! Good luck for the future By the way, in my current save with Pompey, I have Jason Cummings who finished top scorer in the Championship and then Premiership in consecutive seasons. He has been on fire. Also now in the year 2021, Lewis Morgan has developed really well at Celtic. They are rejecting offers of 20 million.
  10. Guys, any of you'll using Sergio Gomez to good effect? I have just signed him for Portsmouth, he was transfer listed for 4 million by Dortmund! He looks great and is rated as a wonderkid. So far he has played better as CM rather than AM. Just wondering what role he has been used in and how he has fared.
  11. Brighton are in the Championship now in my game, so maybe scheduling of home/ away fixtures would be harder since they don't always follow Premier league game weeks and have more matches overall. Southampton yes would make the most sense, but f*ck that
  12. Haha no that was a spelling error. Yes both in the CL- Chelsea managed by Pep Guardiola now in my game won the league and FA Cup. I wonder if not playing at Fratton Park will have an impact on my team. However, pleased that we are extending the capacity to almost 30k.
  13. Guys something really weird to report in my game. So managed to convince the board to expand Fratton Park and work is now underway to add about 9000 seats which will take one whole season. I don’t remember seeing any news item about playing elsewhere while the work is going on. One week later when I confirm a transfer it mentions something about Stanford Bridge on the confirmation page. Confused I go to our club info page and lo & behold we are playing at Stamford Bridge London. It says we are due to move back to Fratton Park in May 2022. My geography isn’t the best but I don’t believe London is very close to Portsmouth. I am wondering what has happened here?!
  14. Good going Burke looks like a beast in your game! I had him on loan in the championship and he did well but decided not to renew. Those physical stats are mental. I find it quite interesting how players develop differently on each save.
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