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  1. Nice one, good to see the French thread going again. I will be in here sooner or later, for sure.
  2. Good going that's a very solid season. Hope you can start pushing on in Europe too now.
  3. Do a journeyman so you don't have to commit to one club.
  4. Following this! I had a really fun journeyman save on the last edition which started off at Tromso, left after 2 seasons having won the league with them. Sigurd Gronli and Marcus Holmgren Pedersen turned out to be legends for me, following me from Tromso to Olympiakos and eventually to Everton. Gronli was an absolute genius, dominating set pieces and all our play generally. Such a neat little player. Pedersen unfortunately seems like he has left the club IRL.
  5. Popped out - wish his bravery and heading was higher!
  6. Season 2 : onward & upward! We are mid-way through a strange second season in Madeira, punctuated by a long break for the Qatar world cup and insane levels of fixture congestion. Let’s see how we are getting on – The first set of facilities improvement has been completed, and the Board has already sanctioned further work on both training & youth facilities. Some more multi-million dollar contracts for our Colombian partners! In even better news than that, we also completed the expansion of the stadium. It’s still only 13,250 seats though, so at some stage w
  7. I appreciate the effort. I ran a test save for 5 seasons and there was not a single new-gen over PA 140 from any of the African countries, except SA. Usually you get some from the likes of Ivory Coast, Senegal, Egypt, etc. So just wanted to say that you may have "nerfed" the African countries a bit much.
  8. I couldn't say as most of his attributes were masked. Go for it I say, once you reach January. I shall give it a read for sure!
  9. Interesting. Somehow my scouts haven't yet spotted Marlon, so no signing him for me. Who are you managing again?
  10. Thank you! Now that you mention it, I am wondering who it is. Is it Yuriel Celi? If so, he went to Levante already in my save.
  11. Team is looking very good. KUTGW
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