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  1. Good luck, the young keeper look very promising indeed.
  2. Good luck! Luton have produced two absolute gems through their academy in my save.
  3. Some great transfers, hope you can start moving forward in the CL this season.
  4. Just caught up, KUTGW and good luck in the Cup final! That deal for Riquetto was he your best player?
  5. League title would be a great return this season, also I think that Jonathan and Bruno Ramos could both turn out to be very handy players!
  6. Great going as always and Tichy looks amazing, although I wouldn't be thinking of converting him to a full back I have a question, your game is clearly still generating new-gens in places like Ghana. What database settings did you initially load for this? Do you have these leagues loaded through expansion packs?
  7. I have not had much time to play recently, but will do a quick update of the Transfers at the start of season 4 (summer of 2024). Two BIG signings, one in defence and one in attack. I really hope that Max will be able to shore up our defence, and also continue his development with us. Michael Olise becomes our most expensive player ever, and the first truly big signing of the save. Hopefully will make the AMR spot his own. Finally, also chuffed about the loan signing of Alan Velasco. Keen readers may recall he was on loan with us in the Champio
  8. A good solid season there, and Arbeloda does look pretty amazing! Hope you can push on next season once more.
  9. Congratulations on the promotion! And good luck for the next season.
  10. In my experience this is impossible, and a big issue with the way the game world plays out. However there are some African new-gens who come through at European clubs.
  11. Nice idea, best of luck. Been contemplating a save in Turkey myself.
  12. BARNSLEY - SEASON 3 REVIEW And so another season with Barnsley has come to a close, here is how we got on in our first season in the Premier League. Final finish is a respectable 13th place, with a 46 point tally. I'd have definitely taken that after a pretty bad first half of the season. We were 11th at one point and threatening to finish top half, but then returned to poor form at the end of the season. @Mark_w as you can see unfortunately your club Leicester have been relegated, although the silver lining is they actually won the UEFA Conference League (go figure) and wi
  13. That's a good set of transfers. Hope you can get promoted this season.
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