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  1. I just got promoted with Bolton to Championship (playing on a data update), board has given me around 8 million to spend and upped our wage budget to 77k a week from 50k. Trying to sign Semenyo who has been with us on loan but twice the Board has cancelled the transfer due to the reason given below. This is despite us being way under the wage budget and offering him 7.5k a week when I was allowed to go up to 9k in the negotiations. So I cannot figure out why they keep cancelling would be great if anyone can help!
  2. So managing Sporting Lisbon, my team is very strong one of the best in the league and solid tactics as well. Mid season went on a run of 3 straight draws which were all very unlucky, dominated the entire game and should have been out of sight. Out of frustration I then holidayed through the next game which was a huge victory. Literally since then, it sounds bizarre but my assistant is able to deliver amazing results which the same team and tactics. But when I play every second game there is some crazy luck for the opposition and we drop points. Even though we dominate games. Even in the champions league, I played the home leg vs Napoli myself, we dominated but 1-1 draw. My assistant played the away leg, even game but 3-0 win. This has happened so many times I have lost count I don’t understand what sort of sorcery this is! Is it just pure **** luck when I play the games or could there be anything else to it.
  3. Wendel, 19 goals from a B2B role for me in half a season. Unfortunately, Bayern paid his release clause, which is what brought me to this thread.
  4. how many non eu players do you have? the rules in Italy are very complicated I think you have to free up a non eu slot by selling one of them outside of Italy to register John
  5. Surely has to be Atletico Madrid. In all my saved they have won more league titles than Barca or Real, and invariably win the CL regularly too. Diego Costa, Gelson Martins and Lemar are all world class on the game, far too good. I can understand their defenders being top quality but surely the same cannot be said of their attackers in real life. Thoughts?
  6. Wait the WC has 3 teams per group? when did that happen?
  7. Good going! Just caught up with this thread excellent read
  8. Depending on their attributes, you can also try the Ramdeuter role instead of IF. I used it on Sessegnon in the AML position to devastating effect. However the player should be good at finishing and off the ball.
  9. Just caught up with this thread, great read!
  10. That's why I delegated that part of the job to the DoF (first time I have done this). I was trying to sell Evangelista & Pereira to make room for Braganca & Bras but that did not work out. What role have you been playing Acuna in? I was contemplating selling him too but he's very highly regarded in the dressing room and our only set piece expert at the club, so have held on for now.
  11. So after some deliberation I have finally taken charge of Sporting CP in my current save, I have a thread going in the Careers forum but can post sporadic updates here too if you're cool with it! Thing that immediately struck me was the sheer size of the squad, well over 50 players and a lot of good quality ones at that. Eventually, I had to loan out most of the youngsters including Bras, Braganca, etc. because I wouldn't have been able to give them enough games had they stayed on. I tried to sell a couple of my midfielders to make place for them but wasn't able to. Hugo Viana really had his work cut-out, at the last update he has found loan deals for 27 of our youngsters for this season, with more on the way! The ones that I have the highest hopes for are Braganca, Bras, Mitrovski, Correia and Balde, hopefully they can all develop well this season and then return. The board had just sold Ristovski when I took over so we had to find ourselves a new RB, which was a massive struggle with failed deals for Dalot & Cedric (who wanted 80k/week WTF). Finally settled on Gonzalo Montiel for about the same money as we got for Ristovski in the first place. Also brought in a couple of promising new-gens to provide cover up top and at the back. Apart from that didn't need to do much as the squad was already strong enough, and as covered above massively bloated particularly in midfield. Transfers - (in terms of transfers out that covers only about a third! but the rest are mostly loan deals) Current Squad - The two new-gens - hoping that Carli will be able to take over from Dost soon And after a slightly patchy pre-season we did manage to edge past Porto (who's team looks surprisingly strong having held onto ALL their good players) 2-1 in the Supertaca, to bring in our first trophy at the club already. Hopefully not the last one of the season though. Lucas Evangelista who I was actually trying to sell off for the past month scoring a scorcher in the first minute which was the quickest goal in Supertaca history.
  12. Screenshots of the two new-gens we have brought in if anyone wants a look!
  13. So after a lot of contemplation, I have finally decided to take the reigns at Sporting CP. A couple of reasons why - they allowed me to keep the Algeria job as well, which I would want to with the ACON coming up next summer - I was surprised to find out Sporting haven't won the league title since 2002, hopefully we can put an end to that - seemed like a more natural step-up for Nemanja, with a view to moving to one of the major leagues down the line - competing in 5 tournaments this season itself gives us the chance of some silverware and adding to Nemanja's medals collection Toppling Benfica & Porto will definitely prove to be a major challenge. Porto have kept a hold of all of their good players, while Benfica have been spending big to keep pace, crossing 100m for the window. We finished 25 points behind Porto last season so a size-able gap to try and bridge. The first thing I noticed on taking over was the sheer number of players on the books, and quality players as well. Trimming the squad down has been a major head-ache. There are several promising youngsters that I would really love to play, but just couldn't find space for. I put our DoF Hugo Viana to work and he has found temporary homes for most of them. In all, we have sent a staggering 27 players out on loan to a variety of clubs, mostly others in the Portuguese top division. In terms of transfers in, the squad was pretty well-balanced already. Unfortunately, the board had sanctioned the sale of our best right back Ristovski to Monaco so we definitely needed to replace him. This turned into a long struggle with failed deals for Dalot and Cedric, among others. We finally settled on Gonzalo Montiel who seems defensively solid but perhaps not quite as exciting going forward as I would have liked. We had to pay his release clause of 9 million as well. The two other senior transfers were two exciting new-gens with a lot of potential, Carli to cover for Dost up top and Correia to cover at the back. This means our squad going into the new season looks like this - We had a patchy pre-season, due in part to me figuring out the squad and also playing higher quality opposition than usual. However, we did manage to just about edge past Porto in the Supertaca to win our first piece of silverware at the club. Which means that Nemanja has now entered the Top 10 Hall of Fame in terms of Serbian managers of all time.
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