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  1. This is a great read so far. I have read a lot about the problems at Barca and some of the decisions have been baffling. None more so than Pjanic Griezmann and Suarez. Question where is Yusuf Demir? He should be there on loan with an option to buy. Also when you say the game starts in May 2021 it still simulates a season in game right? So the promotions and relegations and also the league and cup winners would differ from real life?
  2. So the Arsenal save didn't stick... just felt wrong managing a big club I am back with probably my favorite style of save on Football Manager - the journeyman. This save will mimic the Danske Danske challenge and my earlier save which saw me make my way from Africa to France, eventually to Lens where we finally toppled PSG. In that it should hopefully be a natural progression with a clear end goal. On this particular adventure, that end goal is to manage Everton and become the best club in Merseyside. Liverpool are back on (somewhat of) a perch and they need knocking off it! So that's about it really. Roy Kent is an Irishman born in Cobh with zero coaching badges and just semi-professional football experience (unlike his namesake from Ted Lasso). Leagues loaded are the top 5 in Europe plus Ireland & Scotland. Would definitely like to hit at least one of those two countries in the save, along with England of course. EDIT - forgot to mention I am playing on a data update so all squads as of the 2021 summer window.
  3. A strong job so far and good to see Rennes still going well even after your departure. Doesn't usually work that way on FM! Where to next?
  4. Solid start - Wahi does looks good although his mentals need a lot of work.
  5. Chelsea job would seem a tad ambitious, what is your reputation like? has it taken a hit?
  6. Congratulations on a very well-deserved league title! You have definitely earned it. Will you be putting up a squad review, would love to see what the likes of Vega are looking like now
  7. A very good season, and yes the finances in France improve very slowly if you are a small club. Have to continue relying on bargains.
  8. No shame in finishing 3rd in that group. Although was mildly funny to see PSG in last place going into the final round of fixtures. Also the Europa may just be a winnable competition for where your team is. Best of luck!
  9. That's really unlucky in the europa brugge was probably a beatable opposition as well! Hope you can make it far again next season mate. Great effort for a Norwegian team nonetheless
  10. Wow that's really tight in the league there. Good luck. BTW can you post up a screenshot of the PSG squad?
  11. LOL too true I think it's the best league in the game to develop youth at
  12. That's really unfortunate, it's hilarious that they then went and lost to Swansea Would love to see you continue this save and eventually get the arsenal job and give it back to spurs!!
  13. Great stuff congratulations! And with that you're back in the CL as well
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