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  1. Been following this thread, I always enjoy reading about your saves and fm adventures. Keep up all the good work mate.
  2. Wow brilliant stuff!! Amazing to win the league so early in the save- well done!
  3. Interesting, pretty similar to my set-up. So for you the more defensive midfielder is the central one of the 3? Any other TIs? Did you leave passing the tempo in the middle? I am quite surprised you have high possession stats if that is the case. How is high LOE and very high D-line split block? I thought it would be the opposite - a higher LOE and lower D-Line.
  4. Thanks, I am doing that. Dropping the BPDs and putting one of the WBs on support. Hopefully that makes a difference. The OIs were to ensure we are pressing the deep midfielders of the opposition who just tend to recycle the ball, I don't see what the problem with that is?
  5. Haha yes I might have an expectations problem but I tend to get impatient if we are not constantly improving. I think I am going to put one of the wing-backs on support and see how that works out, maybe the one alongside the BBM.
  6. Thanks for your note - after considering your feedback I had removed the DLP from my tactic. My logic is that a Libero on support and an AP on attack should not get in each other's way, there should be enough distance between the two. Also so far the AP(a) who is Grealish has been my best player and also the only one in midfield who is consistently running with the ball and breaking through the lines which is what I want to see. I see your point about the BPDs and am going to try them as CBs instead. The players I have are most suited to BPD (full green circle) which is why I was playing them like that, I didn't realize that it actually makes us less possession friendly, by encouraging them to play more long balls. That to me is counter intuitive but I suppose is how the role functions in the game. Do you have any feedback on the TIs? And on my second problem of chance conversion?
  7. Yes I made a post in another thread which is when @Experienced Defender suggested I open a fresh thread. I held off but results got worse so here I am I could go back to the trusted 4-3-3 shape which I have used on other saves but I really want to make the 352 work and I know it must be possible! This https://community.sigames.com/topic/527522-ever-seen-a-team-irl-parking-the-bus-away-from-home-and-constantly-having-65-of-possession-and-playing-tiki-taka-like-prime-barcelona/ and this https://community.sigames.com/topic/526704-dealing-with-those-pesky-defensive-possession-heavy-sides/
  8. Sorry for opening another thread, but I am literally at my wits end and just do not know what to do. Firstly, here is my current tactical set-up. A little bit of background. It is season 3 for me at Aston Villa. We have been doing very well with consecutive 4th place finishes. In the second season when teams started going defensive against me, I changed my passing to shorter, added play out of defense, and also upped the LOE & DL along with offside trap & tighter marking in order to dominate the matches more. That seemed to help when we had a mini slump in Season 2. Now in season 3 I have hit a slump and I am honestly at a complete loss as to what to do. In the summer I had improved the team by bringing in two genuinely world class players in Havertz & Tah so was expecting an improvement. Sadly, things seem to have gone the other way. Let me summarize my key issues for you. 1. We are just unable to get more than 45% possession. Every team, no matter what formation they are playing even in a 442, seems to be able to easily dominate the ball against us. I have read through the two long threads on this issue. I have tried the following - getting my strikers to man-mark the opposition CBs. In the OI, I set their CBs & CMs to always press, tight marking, etc. Have tried to further up the LOE & pressing to max. Nothing seems to make a difference. In my last 2 games I changed passing to extremely short (the maximum), dropped tempo to lower, added work ball into box, removed counter, upped closing down to max. Then I finally got 55% possession against a fairly rubbish Burnley side at home. Is this the extreme one has to go to? Surely there must be another way. 2. Conversion has become a huge issue for us. In season 1 we used to win a lot of even games by taking our chances. Now it feels like we need to out-shoot the opposition 5 to 1 to even have a chance. My last game against Bournemouth we had 25 shots and 19 on target, did not score a goal. They had 5 shots and scored 2. I checked the league stats, as I anticipated we are dead last for conversion rate at 6%. Table topping Man Utd are at 14% by comparison. Over the last couple of years my players have only improved through training & transfers. I am unable to understand why much better players are having such a hard time just putting the ball into the back of the net. Is there anything that can be done tactically about this? 3. Set pieces used to be a big part of our success, but that has also got progressively worse. In Year 1 my estimate is that we scored around 30+ goals from set pieces, in year 2 that went to about 20, and now we are pretty much bottom of the league on every count. Meanwhile, opposition set pieces have suddenly become an issue with probably 50% of our goals conceded resulting from these. In open play, we are actually very solid. I typically use a near post corner kick routine (has served me well in all saves) and long throw-ins. We still get a lot of shots away from these, but somehow again just cannot find the net. I don't even know if there is any "solution" for this, but thought I would ask. Apologies for the long post, and I would welcome any and all feedback. I know that my team should be doing a lot better than we are, and I am determined to turn things around.
  9. Season 3 - October An awful, awful month. I cannot for the life of me comprehend what is going on. Every single one of those games, we dominated. Against Bournemouth we had 25 shots and 19 on target, yet could not score. The morale at the club is completely shot, the senior players just called me in for a meeting to address the situation. I must say this is a first for me on FM. I am at a complete loss as to how to address it. Here is the updated league table - we are still in 5th place but we could so easily have been top of the league. I am opening a thread in the tactics forum in case anyone has some feedback.
  10. Looks like it's going to be a very early exit from the CL this year!! Just got well and truly FM'd by Lazio. We missed 2 absolute sitters in this game, including an open goal by Havertz who has also forgotten how to score. We basically need 40 shots to score a goal. Does anyone have a remedy for this?
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