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  1. New update up in my thread for RC Lens, we may just have a title challenge on our hands! Please give it a read if you're interested in French football.
  2. RC LENS - 2026-27 MID SEASON REVIEW This is building up to be one hell of a season! The PSG result above was a little preview. Here are our results so far. Incredibly, we find ourselves topping the table going into the winter break. Staying there though, will be another matter altogether. We will need to visit PSG in the second half of the season, and they will definitely be looking for revenge. I think a lot depends on whether they keep Mbappe fit throughout or not. He is just that good. In the Champions league, unfortunately we could not get out
  3. You've done very well to top that group! Quite impressive. A solid first season at Lorient as well.
  4. Great season, well done in making it to the CL! The Icelandic defender has all the makings of a beast as well.
  5. Me too, which country are you managing? I've so far been at Guinea, ivory coast and Senegal.
  6. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. Of course I should mention that: A - the scoreline clearly flatters us. A LOT. B - PSG had Mbappe out due to injury. Take Mbappe out of PSG, and not so special anymore.
  7. Nice, I like the premise a lot. Although you surely have your work cut out.
  8. As you say that i just lost to benfica in the 91st minute 1-0 having 28 shots to their 6
  9. RC LENS - 2026/27 OFF SEASON A fairly busy off season in terms of transfers, but not much money has been spent. In fact, more has been brought in. I decided against going big this summer. The players did so well last year, it seemed unfair to start replacing them or uprooting the squad just yet. Also we are in a place where it is hard to get in players who are significant improvements to what we have. Another big decision from a philosophy point of view - with Stevanovic doing so well in goal, I have decided to dip further into the Serbian market. I like the idea of having
  10. Thanks bud, going to give it a shot at AFCON 2027 with them, let's see how that goes.
  11. Excellent signings, should provide a real step up in quality. Serbia produces some absolute gems this year. I just signed no less than 4 Serbs in my save
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