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  1. Curious if anyone has managed to develop Greenwood, Gomes or Chong (or any of the other youngsters) into first-team players for United? Any screenshots?
  2. That indeed is very helpful, thank you! I will probably start off with him playing as AP in the CM role. On the left side we already have Josh Murphy who has been performing well.
  3. Hello folks, so this is a thread about Jack Grealish, as it says on the tin. After chasing him through my last two games, have finally managed to sign him in summer 2019 for Cardiff. Those who have had him, How did he develop? What position did you play him in? How did you get him to perform best? Any feedback welcome! I really want to build my team around him.
  4. So he joined the same club in both games! Hopefully he turns out better in mine though
  5. Good signings there, Will Hughes looks great. However worried that your midfield maybe a little unbalanced without a DM. By the way, how do you set up a meeting with the DOF in the game? I cannot seem to do it.
  6. I just signed a player I've been wanting to manage on FM for ages! Full summer update should be up soon. Anyone has any feedback please let me know since this is my first time doing a career update
  7. 2018-19 Season Review I actually completed my first season before putting up this thread, so here is how we got on Transfers The January window was quite busy for us more in terms of outgoings as I decided to get rid of some of the players who were clearly not up to the mark. The good news is that we managed to raise over 11m by doing this. Coming in were promising young English winger Jack Clarke, another youngster in centre half Nathan Wood, and Croatian winger Josip Brekalo on loan. League Yes we managed to pull it off, and quite comfortably at the end. Fortunately my reign started with consecutive home games against Bournemouth, Fulham and Palace which gave us a good base to start from. We eventually finished in 14th place with a respectable 42 points. The 33 points collected during the second half of the season put us in 8th place during that time period. Highlights included home wins over both Manchester clubs. FA Cup I really am a loss for words how, but we somehow managed to win the damn thing! We got very lucky to get home draws throughout as we were pretty useless away from home. The 3-0 win against Man Utd was an amazing team performance. Wembley against Spurs in the semis was a hard-fought 2-1 where we made the most of our chances. This took us to the final against the best team in the land. The first half we just about edged it but we couldn't score. I thought we had blown it but then Josh Murphy scores a stunning goal from the edge of the box to put us ahead. Minutes later he wins a penalty which our captain Gunnarsson blasts into the net. Manga then gave away a stupid penalty in the 77th minute and got sent off to boot. I feared the worst at this point, but the Gods were shining on us as Aguero somehow blasted it over the bar. From then we defended deep and held out for an incredible victory. Side note, this is actually my first trophy on FM19 of any kind so really pleased with that Finally the player performances, although I only had half a season with them. Camarasa & Arter were great in the middle of the park, unfortunately both are only on loan. On the flanks, Murphy was excellent, Brekalo also did well and Clarke has shown immense potential. Up front, Zohore actually had not played a minute until I came in but has been very good with 9 goals and the highest avg rating, now valued at 24m. Joe Ralls, our only home-grown player has also done very well and finishes with the highest number of assists. At the back, our regular back 4 of Morrison, Manga, Paterson & Cunningham was quite solid with Etheridge behind them. Looking forward, I've already failed to get Arter & Brekalo back, however currently negotiating a deal for Camarasa. Our back-up GK Smithies is leaving, as is Bamba and Bacuna. We basically need reinforcements almost all over, especially in midfield and at CB. So it looks to be a busy summer.
  8. First time I am doing this, I just got back into FM19 after a long hiatus and thought about documenting my adventures this time. I loaded up the top 5 European leagues, set game start date as 31st Dec, and decided to take over the club bottom of the English Premier League. Unsurprisingly that was Cardiff City. The table at that time - This I thought was a good challenge. My short-term objective, obviously, was to keep the club in the Premier League somehow. My long term objective - to become the first non-English club to win the English Premier League! I decided to also set a few guidelines to make the game more interesting, along the way. 1. We will maintain a domestic core to the squad, which means at least half the squad should be British. Preferably a couple of decent Welshmen would be nice. 2. Try to develop the academy, although I don't hold much hope of this considering the only decent player to emerge in recent times has been Aaron Ramsey. Maybe try to bring him home at some point. 3. Play attractive, attacking football, basically the anti-thesis of what the fans have been used to under Neil Warnock. For the first season I decided to go with the trusted 4-3-2-1 formation with an AML, AMR and SC set-up which I believe is the most stable in the game. However do plan to experiment more later on. 4. Transfer wise I would like to become a club that gives opportunities to play in the Premiership to players and a platform to shine. That means lots of transfers from lower leagues or youngsters not getting game-time, and less established Premiership players. 5. We want to make lots of money! Which means running a tight ship, not paying over the odds for anyone, maintaining control over wages, and selling players whenever a good offer comes knocking in. Everyone will have their price. That about covers it, would love some feedback as we go along!
  9. Good work with Boro so far! BTW this is something I always do as well, play as former players. And Scholesy is always a favourite! Question, has Nathan Wood developed well? I recently bought him in my save.
  10. Following this thread keenly mainly on account of hating Juventus. Good luck. hope you managed to keep the beast Belotti
  11. Just a quick one to say really enjoying this thread. You've done some amazing work especially in developing the youngsters. Fantastic league campaign, although tough luck in the Europa final. United continue to be overrated in the game.
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