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  1. Welcome to the thread! Look forward to hearing about your game
  2. Looks decent but that's a lot of money for him! Guess he must have good potential ability
  3. For Rochdale I managed to get in Woodman on a free transfer at 7k a week, well worth it and was valued at 4 million soon after. Newcastle usually don't extend his contract so keep an eye out.
  4. That's a great transfer! Can you put up a screenshot of him? Gotta love the 'tache as well
  5. I've decided on a whim (while watching a Netflix documentary) to switch clubs in my game dropping down a league in the process. Trying to stay out of the premiership as long as possible Update up soon!
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51089767 Love it when the lower league team you're managing pops up on the BBC home-page, was great to read up on this interview with record-breaker (both IRL and in-game for me) Luke Matheson! He certainly seems to love the club as well, as he was happy for me to reject bids of up to 4 million from Premiership clubs in the summer and instead renew his contract at the Dale. On reading his interview I can see why.
  7. We've all been there Those regens look great, the English dual nationality on Bamba is indeed an odd one! Van Gestel definitely looks like he can step into the first team. @warlock - excellent start with Plymouth. Keep up the good work! I have a soft spot for teams with green kits after having long spells with Krasnodar and Sporting Lisbon on FM19, which is also when I did some research and found that barely any teams in England have them. So that's as a good reason as any to hopefully see the Argyle move up the divisions under your stewardship
  8. @Catley94 great start, and Doyle looks way too good for your division! Congratulations on the title
  9. Honestly he was signed by my chairman who is in charge of youth players and came in on a free. His stats are quite impressive particularly passing but he hasn't played much yet. However I think he would be good enough for league one and below.
  10. I thought Grady was on loan till the end of the season anyway. I've always had a soft spot for Slaven too. Actually I do hope that all these 3 clubs as mentioned come up!
  11. Thank you. Yes and the TV money in the championship doesn't seem too great. Its going to be really interesting to see which 2 of West brom, Leeds and Brentford get automatic promotion. Leeds seem to be gearing up for their annual bottle job if the Sheffield game is anything to go by!
  12. Quick update on my save, and touching on some of the themes from the posts above about club finances. On the transfers front, here is what we did: The big transfers are Woodman, Mavididi & Hunter. So we spent around half of the 3m allotted by the board. The only loans were the renewals of Magliore, Idah and Norrington-Davies, while Clark was a last minute loan signing due to Matheson getting a bad injury. I had the option to get Brewster in on loan too who I know from a previous save can be lethal, but I didn't want both my main strikers to not be owned by the club. In the league, things could not have been going better so far. We have had a couple of blips recently, and it will be interesting to see if we can maintain this level of performance going forward. The 3-5-2 formation continues to work well, and we have had strong all-round performances across the team but with Adam Idah being the stand-out so far averaging a goal a game. The only drawback is the club's finances, as we are now at 80k per week on wages as opposed to 50k from last season. While this is just within budget, we are now losing a substantial amount of money every month and have gone into the red. This even though average attendance has moved up from approx 5k to 9k on every home game. Thanks to this, also unable to improve any of the facilities. If we don't go up (and obviously we were never expected to), we will also probably have to go into the zone of selling one or two players every year to balance the books. Right now the most marketable ones in the squad are probably Matheson and Camps, but I would be loathe to lose one of our academy products.
  13. Does anyone else think that pace is massively over-powered in the game, which coupled with the zombie defending is actually leading to the high number of 1 on 1s? If you have someone pacy up front, as soon as they receive the ball they are through and no one can catch up. They also seem to take amazing first touches which get them through the last line of defense all too often. We know in reality that running with the ball is far harder than without it, but this doesn't seem to be reflected in-game. It's not like I have a world class player up-front, I have Adam Idah who is probably ability wise average for the Championship, but every game he's able to get through on goal minimum 3-4 times thanks to the above.
  14. This for me goes along with the documented issues about balls over the top, and one on ones. A big related issue is strikers regularly taking amazing first touches to take them through on goal. And then pace also seems to be very over-powered to me, strikers who are in line with the last defender or say a yard through are easily able to out-pace everyone on their way to goal and run on through. This doesn't happen IRL, it's always way harder to run with the ball, and even pacy strikers often have to cut back or try to bring someone else into play. I find in the current ME once you have even a yard head-start on the defender (who's positioning is also suspect), it's pretty much done. I wonder if these issues are also being looked into or not, otherwise I can find and post examples. Current ME is all about pace and direct football for me, which really needs fixing.
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