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  1. I'm just days away from kicking off season 2 at Colchester, so it's nearly time to see what League 1 holds in store Pre-season has gone quite well, but that can be misleading sometimes I'm hoping to sell Frank Nouble for £100k (moaning all summer). If that goes through, I can blow my transfer budget on a replacement Deals for Marquis and Okenabirhie had already fallen through once due to lack of funds, but new offers have been made Assuming Nouble leaves, I can bring one of these three in, but which one should it be? James Collins has been transfer listed by Luton, and can be signed for an initial £300k (wages of £3.8k per week) Marquis will cost a touch more and wants a higher wage, whilst Okenabirhie is a much cheaper buy and the wage will be 50% less The rest of the squad is pretty much set, with hopes of re-signing George Moncur (loan) & adding Kazenga LuaLua (free) looking beyond me Should other options come up in those roles, perhaps I will act (if affordable) but otherwise the youngsters will support the 22-man squad Any more thoughts on the striker choice?
  2. @warlock Despite the drinking, that's spot on what you are saying. Here's to two tough seasons for us in Essex! I'll pick this up again tomorrow evening.
  3. Drinking this close to team training tomorrow? Shameful I didn't realise that was the only actual change to your squad! But you're doing well, and progressing faster than me (half way through pre-season here). I missed out on both my strikers, couldn't get the funds together (it was going to be Marquis by the way). I almost took Eisa back again on loan, but aborted on that and signed another one on a free transfer. That's a squad of 22 I have now, and probably a weaker group than last year. But at least there are only two on loan, both of whom I will hope to sign permanently. That top half finish might be unlikely though.
  4. @Dong21 I can understand if you fancy a new challenge, anybody in mind?
  5. Sorry to hear of your transfer woes, especially that brother Mo isn't available. Any of us that ever allowed our careers to take us to the Middle East only did it for big money. Actually, that's harsh on Bahrain which shouldn't be lumped in with most of the others (but I'm pretty confident that's not where he has gone). Hopefully you'll get one or two more in, I would be interested to see your squad for the start of the season. I think you may be right about Marquis, but I've managed him before a couple of years ago and like to try different players. Okenabirhie has that 'power and pace' which I like (and feel I need) whereas Marquis is more proven and has a better aerial threat and work rate. As it stands, both are about to hit their third 'delay transfer' deadline so I might still end up with neither. If that happens, I'll only have three strikers including the underwhelming Norris and Nouble
  6. @warlock That does indeed sound like a tough transfer window! I could have gone for Vokins/Kenlock myself but signed a new LB on a free transfer instead. I'm happy using Jackson as well as the versatile Vincent-Young so just have three (plus Dickenson) able to fill those FB/WB roles. I also could have signed Bonham but found somebody a touch better (close call) in the end and cancelled the deal. You must have some doubts about your striking strength? There's always brother Mo from Bristol City, or take a punt on James Norwood/Josh Parker who are probably out of contract. I sold Jamie Thomas (free last summer) for £200k and still don't have the funds to bring in the striker I want due to low percentage of fee income being made available. John or Fejiri, though, any thoughts anyone? I've also been tasked with a top-half finish by the board by the way. Edit: Forgot to say that I had a deal for Jordan Obita lined up on loan (£16k per month total cost) but pulled the plug after signing my other LB. Money needed more elsewhere, sadly.
  7. I'm continuing with Colchester, although pre-season friendlies are not yet upon me. It turns out that Shankland has a massive compensation fee due even after his Ayr contract expired, which was way above my budget. My four loan players have all gone back to their parent clubs, but I've signed a new goalkeeper (initially on loan but will be made permanent), two defenders on free transfers (one of mine from last year is probably on the way out), and a Championship side central midfielder on loan. With one exception, all signings are players with South East connections, as I want to build on the local theme. My choice is which striker do I blow all my transfer budget on - John Marquis or Fejiri Okenabirhie? I've also culled the staff, but improved the quality considerably (again keeping the South East theme going, with ex-Colchester men considered wherever possible). How are you getting on @warlock
  8. @Dong21 Really great work there! Europa League qualification and an FA Cup win shows just how well you have done again. Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong as Claudio would say @DefinitelyTaylor Thanks for the kind words, yes very satisfying. I've now got to decide whether to revive one of those relegated clubs, or try to crack on with Colchester. I think the transfer budget would go on wages and agent fees, so happy that I could assemble a decent enough squad. I'll also look to cut back on the number of loan players (four last year). The other major aim is to keep bringing the youth players through, it's a great club for this strategy. @warlock I'm possibly not too many years behind you (or is that ahead of you) with Scooby Doo. You'll probably enjoy the BBC4 programme today 8pm-9pm about old children's TV shows.
  9. Cheers. There's been some interesting relegations from each league, three such teams are tempting me in to a rare job switch (Watford, Sheffield Wednesday and Doncaster). Decisions to be made.
  10. Colchester United - Season 1 (April & May) Promotion was (as expected) clinched at Yeovil, and I needed a point at home to MK Dons to win the title So of course it made sense to try an experiment for that one, right? Yes, at home to 5th placed side MK Dons, I decided to pick a team of players with Home Grown at Club status I couldn't get the full X1 because of the GK, but all 10 outfield players and two of the three subs used qualified under that category Several debuts were included, and I think that was a cracking result against very good opponents And a fitting way to celebrate lifting the trophy on home turf Here is the final table. Not as good as @warlock but a very satisfactory season indeed With the end of season competition payments and left over transfer budget, the finances were returned to decent order at last And I've been allowed to keep my unused transfer budget, allowing £239k to be spent in League 1 Sorry to my fellow manager, but that's how my sales rewarded me Here is the season review of performances And my six representatives in the League 2 Team of the Year (Dickenson won the club player of the year vote from my fans) And here are the player performances in all competitions across the season
  11. Thanks for the squad view @warlock interesting to see. @Dong21 Thanks for feedback. Yes the Everton game was the best one of the season, although very surprising! @Jamesbfc1887 Wow, excellent work. Tempting offer, but I'd say you have unfinished business there!
  12. You can go and manually look at the SPL/Championship sides and see what players have expiring contracts. But not many would be L1 quality. Szmodics is still only rating 6.77 so far, and recently it's been much better including an 8.3 and a 9.0. That shows how poor he was before. Pell has mainly been a bench and rotation player, Nouble was best as an inside forward on the left in my abandoned 433. Since he got injured he hasn't won his place back in the starting X1. I don't know why you weren't offered the options to postpone. I've had 4 or 5 away at any one time since the sale of Comley, maybe it's the English U21 numbers that helped me? Do you have your player stats for the season, I'd be interested to see who played most games, who you didn't use, average ratings, goals and assists etc. Also I'd be interested to see who impressed in your U23 or U18 squads, and who else got elevated to the senior squad (in addition to Kenslade).
  13. I've been using Kent as main starter, alongside Prosser or Osborne. James hasn't started too many, but has been decent when he has. I'm looking forward to using Kensdale soon too. I had to get rid of Eastman as he was too slow for my liking (and I have Prosser for that), he had an expiring contract, and there was a club willing to pay £100k for him. Couldn't you get anyone from Scotland or Ireland (or USA) with expiring contracts to balance that out? Shankland from Ayr, perhaps? Expiring contract options I have on my watch list are Forster-Caskey, Ogilvie, Lua Lua (perhaps to emulate his brother's work at the club), possibly Josh Parker and James Norwood. It probably all depends what league I'm in though... Colchester United - Season 1 (January, February & March) A New Year, but no new signings. I didn't even look at one player (but sold Comley for £100k to Fleetwood) Results in January were great, especially overturning a 0-2 deficit to beat Everton in the FA Cup That journey ended in Round 4 against Southampton, but the money had been useful Unfortunately it wasn't enough to buy a defeat in the Checkatrade Trophy and I kept stumbling along towards Wembley The league form was much more enjoyable though, and my 433 was being switched with a 4321 (two attackers in behind the striker) February saw me take some advice from a Colchester legend about the best role for the disappointing Szmodics After being bombed out of the team due to consistently poor performances as a shadow striker, I dumbed down his role And look at how he flourished as an attacking midfielder (attack) with a stream of goals and excellent performances since February The league form saw me reach the summit, and I've managed to stay there despite my cup 'adventure' taking me to Wembley Due to that and postponements (international call ups), I also have two games in hand as April approaches As you can see, my last outing finally brought a failure in the Checkatrade final, so at least I won't have to see my team's name etched on the trophy I've got eight league games left, and if I screw this up I can only blame myself for that
  14. @warlock Never in doubt! Brilliant stuff though, and hopefully I can get close enough to those achievements... I see no mention of the Checkatrade Trophy Final? I thought everybody who wanted to fail in that ended up getting to Wembley. No? Pleased to hear Kensdale was a regular, I'm keen to have him as one of my four centre backs next season, but opted to promote Cameron James for the role this season ahead of the younger candidate. Not so pleased to see your transfer budget of £14,300 for next season. Maybe I will hang around in L2 a bit longer.
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