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  1. Thanks for the information, disappointing on all fronts but good luck to him. Also apologies, it would now be understandable why it was put in 'early' if you knew this was done but just being kept quiet. Cheers.
  2. Fair enough. Disappointing news if it's factual, rather than just 'expected'. When might this be announced officially do you think?
  3. Ipswich fans with memories back to FM20 may disagree with that statement Doncaster do have a great stadium, and some very decent players - but rely on lots of PL loan youngsters for their 'quality'. Hull have a great stadium and players including some home grown talents, Shrewsbury have a small but good stadium and a little bit of cash, Posh have a good history of finding and developing young players (and start off with some well-rated talents). Personally, I felt Jephcott at Plymouth would have been upgraded better, he doesn't look much different to me - good stadium and facilities at
  4. A solid start despite the injuries. From being overstocked in midfield to being short after moving some out was unlucky. The pressure is on you my friend!
  5. I've been looking forward to this, and have been casting an eye over Huddersfield myself. Slow-build saves are the ones I always crave too, but hardly ever seem to get them (although I rarely win the league). I think I need to follow your footsteps and lower my reputation (normally just set to club suitable one) in order to have a real struggle. Other than Reading in the PL, where I am struggling just fine Anyway, back to you, and that is a very decent start. Comfortably mid-table which is a realistic target to set yourself. I would agree that the squad really lacks quality in attack, but
  6. Congrats on 'Le Double' and nice to see Datro still doing well. If Brahima gets sold and earns you that kind of money, there will be many years of success.
  7. Great idea to switch your keeper for the SF penalties. Rewarded with a win over Japan too, lovely
  8. Worth mentioning that he might have joined Al-Nassr (a club in KSA) by then - providing that club have paid transfer monies owed to Galatasary for a previous player. This is quite fluid as if they make the payment, they are then free to sign Teixeira (if all parties still want to). Worth checking his status again just before the update goes live. https://alkhaleejtoday.co/sport/5577440/Al-Nassr’s-flying-form-could-be-overshadowed-by-new-3-window-transfer-ban.html On another note for SI to consider: Not sure if the Al-Nassr transfer ban is in 21.3 or in fact whether it should be?
  9. KSA still doing very well, and a great time for Ribamar to make such a massive contribution! Domestically there isn't much to comment on any more - which is a sign of your strength not a moan about being boring
  10. The new tactical ideas have seen a massive change, and very well explained. Great to see that.
  11. Unlucky in the AFCON final, but a very good effort. Great win over ASEC. By the way, do you automatically become manager of the Ivory Coast 'CHAN' team too? It's an international tournament for African nations but they can only field players from the domestic league - e.g. If in it, the Ivory Coast squad is from clubs like yours, ASEC etc. It looks like Ivory Coast were not in the 2021 version IRL, but I wonder if you will be the manager next time it is held (this is in addition to AFCON of course) https://www.africanews.com/2021/01/14/who-are-the-favourites-as-chan-2021-gets-underwa
  12. Sorry to interrupt this engaging chat, but just an update on this Omar Richards story. Looking more likely to happen but still not officially confirmed so should not be in there on 21.3. One to keep an eye on for the imminent update though. If announced by then the future transfer is one to keep in - if not, it should really come out unless the Reading researcher is aware of something factual (which may be the case). https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2021/2/26/22302814/bayern-munich-transfer-news-omar-richards-reading-championship-david-alaba-hansi-flick-rumor-davies Cheers. As y
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