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  1. Great form in both Cups and the league is almost done and dusted now. Onwards and upwards! I've got Big Sam as one of my Ipswich scouts in 2023. Truthfully, I'm not sure it's a good match for me at all but he had good attributes in game and I thought his reputation might help.
  2. I'm not sure if this will be picked up by the Belgian researchers for FM22, but Kelvin John as described in the comment below (09/11/2020) has completed his expected move to KRC Genk on a three year pro contract from 25/06/2021 until 30/06/2024, with an option to extend for a further two years on top of that. https://www.krcgenk.be/nl/nieuws/4273/tanzaniaans-toptalent-kelvin-john-kiest-voor-krc-genk As the player needs creating, I have copied my previous link to give some player info that may not be known.
  3. Very impressive form, I will expect you to have sealed promotion by the time I finish typing! N'Lundulu is having a fine season. Hopefully Ipswich will follow you up. Thanks, I'm quite happy with the signings and it shows you don't have to spend money to assemble a decent squad. I'm not expecting to be a playoff contender myself, but you never know. Some good early momentum might carry the team beyond their natural level.
  4. I did, read on! Season 2023/24 After a mid-table finish last term, it was decided that I would aim to complete a further season at Portman Road. With the board wanting nothing other than to avoid relegation again, an initial transfer budget of £7.5 million and wage allowance of £185k per week were generous and well above what I thought would be needed. In fact, after deciding that a large number of players could be moved out, that transfer budget had risen to £15.8 million by the time the last friendly had been played at the end of July (and the wage bill was at £170k per w
  5. Thanks, yes I was very happy with that mid-table finish. I'll see what the summer brings before deciding whether to have another year in Suffolk. It sounds like you will have an exciting run-in, the FA Cup game against Spurs certainly was! Great result that.
  6. Cheers and thanks for your concern. You're doing very well with Hull, and promotion looks yours to lose. Hopefully Ipswich will be following you up. Speaking of Ipswich, I have just finished the 2022/23 season with them and will do some updates too. Season 2022/23 After promotion from League 1, the Ipswich board just hoped the club would avoid relegation for the next four or five seasons. There was no pressure off the pitch either, with a healthy bank balance and large unspent transfer budget. The wage roll of £150k per week was 21st lowest in the second tier as at 31s
  7. Szia! I just logged on for the first time in ages and saw your name check in the opening post, so sorry for no/slow reply. I haven't read the thread but hope you're having a good time in Hungary. I believe their foreign player limits were quite wide compared to what they had been before and so recruiting could be fun. Randomly I know the parent of an ex-Hungarian top-flight pro player but he stopped playing probably 5-10 years ago and won't be in FM anymore.
  8. @warlock Glad to see you keeping the thread alive. Good luck with Hull, I had a nice time with them in the last moments of Bowen's spell. Definitely a squad too good for League 1 with Greaves, Docherty, Wilks and KLP amongst others. Greaves was out on loan at Cheltenham when I was in charge and he had a good spell there which seemed to be the making of him (also the son of ex-Hull and York player Mark Greaves). Interestingly, I hear they are one of the eight EFL clubs under a transfer embargo (with some leniency in certain scenarios) for the coming season along with Derby (obviously), Reading
  9. A very highly-rated player in France, got good reviews last season.
  10. The reason I remembered was because when I wrote about it, I thought no way could I take them to that level with four consecutive promotions! I thought it would be a good target for you to aim for - best of luck making (more) York City history
  11. Yes, I think with good management skills we can over-achieve compared to what the players should be capable of. My strengths are definitely similar - squad assembly & man-management. In real football, I'm fairly astute tactically - but in FM it's not an area that I overly focus on and it shows at times. I was right on the anniversary thing. I extracted this from my FMCU page for my York save. 50 years on, you have picked a perfect year to achieve this. There is your target for 2024/25 - beat the record finish of 15th, In 1974 the club reached the Second Division (now Championshi
  12. Nice one Britney! I'm pretty sure that ties in with the anniversary of their first or last time in the second tier? Incredible run of success.
  13. That was another strong season. But don't worry, I'm more than capable of lowering the bar for promoted League 1 sides.
  14. Haha that's ridiculous. Despite the troubles you mentioned before with injuries, you're doing a faultless job with York. You're doing well out of your Millwall old boys! @hasdgfasAnother fine finish with Blyth and so close in the FA Cup too. With a return to The Championship for season 2022/23, it was time to complete the Ipswich Town squad tidying exercise that had been started ahead of last season. This time, there were 14 players released on a free transfer including Cornell, Norwood, Ladapo, Lankester and Bishop from the first team squad of last year. In truth only La
  15. I think I was getting those attendances with York at National North level It's not a bad average though, must be close to capacity in fact? Financially you are having a much more realistic experience than I was too, which makes your achievements even better. The tactics are pretty standard as you say. But it's certainly delivering year in, year out. Keep up the good work! @hasdgfasAnother fine season there at Blyth so far. Amazing to think you have put so many seasons in to one club - full respect for that! I'm edging towards the end of pre-season with Ipswich (2022/23 seas
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