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  1. Which league are you looking at now? Hopefully this one will work out to be what you want. Doing well. These look decent signings, alongside Josh Wilson-Ekbrand.
  2. I've got Robert Costa on trial (pre-season) at one of my League 2 clubs. Ex-Barca player. I've got him in the training camp squad but not yet played a game since he arrived on trial.
  3. @Ronaldo Beckham Really great work, although I can't believe how you spell El Mizouni right but not Mullin, after all he did for you
  4. I'm going to finish my first season BETA with Tottenham (won't be winning the league). I've set up three League 2 games, played a handful of games with each and now trying to decide which of them to continue with. Or whether to go with the Cambridge no-transfer challenge I was set. I also quite fancy a few League 1 clubs including Lincoln & Blackpool. And Reading, it's been quite a few years since I could say I like the squad but it was good last year and even better this year.
  5. Great updates. Up and down results, but as has been acknowledged to be 8th and with a game in hand is very decent. The games you lost have been tight, so nothing to be alarmed about (and you are a master of the long game usually). Dylan seems to be doing well, but the loss of Wheater will be testing. I agree that a back four might be worth it, but I am sure you'll adjust correctly. How would you assess Danny Rowe so far?
  6. @MaxeyN17 Great stuff, well done. In the last few versions Simpson always seems to be available for League 1 & 2 clubs to sign, either for free or a very reasonable fee. Solid if unspectacular he is an absolute steal as an ever-valuable left-sided centre back. I've heard lots of good things (or hype) about RJJ so nice to see him step up and prove his worth. One to watch for sure, in game and IRL.
  7. One of the two League 1 clubs that I thought were a good idea (along with Lincoln). A great choice now you have the new owners, in my opinion.
  8. I agree, for a few versions I think English leagues have been easy. But is that not the same in all other countries too for the human manager?
  9. When checking League 1 clubs, Lincoln were right at the top of my list as I never managed them before (only a few of those left). I also thought it's a strong squad, but picking up Bradshaw on loan was a great bit of business. Pleased to see a fan of the club managing them, because I can study how you approach it with style of play, favoured players and roles etc. Nice kits, decent stadium and fan base too.
  10. Very harsh in my opinion. Would fully understand if you reinstate yourself.
  11. What position were you in the table? How many games were left or did you complete the season?
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