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  1. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    I've only played three of my five mid-season friendlies since my last update, but hopefully can get a few more games in some time soon. I'm looking forward to try bagging that overdue league title.
  2. @LooseFirstTouch Unless you have a data update, the likes of Aden Flint, Adrian Mariappa (loan), Matthew Clarke, Ezri Konsa might be worth a look for the centre. Full backs, maybe Joe Bennett or Joe Bryan for the left, and Jonjoe Kenny (loan) or Kyle Walker-Peters (loan) for the right? These are just some domestic options, plenty more from overseas that would have no WP issues.
  3. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    It makes sense, and I'm content here in Switzerland so go for it if you get the time
  4. Reversing my usual tactics of always conceding a late goal, entertaining stuff for your fans though!
  5. Start as you mean to go on
  6. Jogo Bonito

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    @zlatanera Tasty advice indeed. They would jump through hoops to get jobs at his club. Back on topic, this was a good read whilst I was watching the Inter v Tottenham game, cheers.
  7. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    @smplfc123 Thanks, I'm still far from done in Switzerland, maybe will see you before I have finished! @Ronaldo Beckham Congratulations on your third title, excellent work. Best of luck with Udinese.
  8. @Duckelfsc Great going with Southend, steady form and trying to address the financial situation is a delicate balancing act. Ladapo is a surprise yes! @DefinitelyTaylor Good luck with Bolton if you start a game with them. A league 1 team with non-league finances playing in the Championship, that sounds like a tough challenge! I'm a big fan of Phil Parkinson and can vouch that he's a really smashing bloke too. If you can do a job anything like he has, you'll be doing very well indeed.
  9. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    BSC Young Boys Season 2 (September 2018 - December 2018) Picking up from my last update, we were top after four league games and had just qualified for the CL group stages Our fixture run until the winter break in mid-December saw some good, some bad, and some very ugly The good included the first two results, thumping Lausanne and Zurich (who were second at the time) in the league We also hammered Sevilla in the CL group 4-1 thanks to N'Same turning on the magic Title favourites Basel were crushed 5-2 at the start of November, and we then dished out more punishment to Lausanne at the end of that month We headed in to the winter break with three straight wins, with the rare accomplishment of keeping consecutive clean sheets (long overdue) The bad was the three Super League defeats, frequent losses in the CL group, and a pitiful QF defeat in the Swiss Cup away to Lausanne We did however manage to come 3rd in the CL group, with Sevilla a point behind us The reward from this was a place in the Europa League, although there's little hope of overcoming AS Monaco when that fixture comes along Luckily, the good outweighed the bad, and the poor form of Basel sees us well-placed at the top of the league table ahead of the winter break What of the ugly? Well, some of those results were ugly. But we can do better than that The winner of this category comes from the lovely kit clash in our Cup win over Stade Nyonnais, ridiculous doesn't even come close Our form in the league hasn't really been much different to last season, great at home and mediocre on the road But the poor form of Basel has opened the door, and even if they go on an amazing run, we'll be hard-pressed to let them surge past us The nearest challengers so far are Sion, and thus our 3-1 win over them in the last match was a very important result Financially, we are doing well, and even the board seem to be happy to let things tick over for now We'll be heading off to the UAE for three mid-season friendlies soon, but before that we are hosting Brazilian sides Flamengo and Palmeiras on home turf Then it's the transfer window, but even though we have £15m to spend, we're not really planning to bring anyone in In fact, there are a few players who might be leaving if the right deals come along as it's time to start bringing some of those youngsters through now
  10. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    @Ronaldo Beckham Well done on a strong finish and second title, very good work. I didn't get time to play any games this week but trying to get some in today which will edge me close to the winter break in season 2. I'll update then, but right now this is the only active game I have. I'll maybe do one more in England before FM19, but this one is keeping me entertained for now.
  11. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    Welcome to Switzerland!
  12. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    You think you can beat Young Boys? It may not even be in Switzerland, but if it is...welcome.
  13. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    Why wait for FM19? @Ronaldo Beckham and @smplfc123 thanks for the encouragement, hopefully whenever the update comes it will be worth reading. As for the work/life balance, there's no perfect formula I guess, but thanks for sharing your real life management bios
  14. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    @Ronaldo Beckham Well, that is quite a turnover of players, but financially the club is looking much stronger now. Hopefully your form will pick up like it did last season and see you towards a second title. I haven't progressed much but I'm having an interesting second season so far.
  15. Jogo Bonito

    Anyone Played In The Swiss League Yet

    @Ronaldo Beckham Congratulations. I was interested to see how badly Basel did against you. Last season I got 73 points, but they got 76 points. I don't know how you managed to get your finances like that, but after your sales and your CL group participation, you will no longer have anything to worry about. I don't know how you get to play so fast, but you're probably past me now as I've only done 9 out of 36 Super League games of season 2. No worries on you signing Narey, hopefully he will be a useful member of the squad.