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  1. I just found a Liga MX kit pack (made 7th January after I found and added all my others). I'm going to have a look through some clubs during the next week and see if I am brave enough to start in Mexico or Argentina. By the way, the view from the Monterrey stadium must be the most scenic in the world, just ahead of WSG Tirol in Austria for me. I know there are loads of candidates, but the Singapore floating stadium and those in Croatia can't compete IMHO. A superb modern stadium with an amazing view, who wouldn't want to manage that club? If it's me, I'm moving the dugout in to the middle of the stand behind the near end goal! https://www.google.com/search?q=monterrey+stadium&rlz=1C1CHBD_en-GBGB880GB880&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjq9K3k4JDnAhXUQEEAHZT4CasQ_AUoAXoECBAQAw&biw=1536&bih=754#imgrc=LagFZ6v4npMcpM: P.S. Sorry to the thread starter for so much North America (Mexico) chat. Are there any stadiums in Argentina with a view to match?
  2. I read or heard something about the 1000 minutes rule only last week, but I don't think it was for Mexico (perhaps the Canadian Premier League operates that too). That and the NB rule adds an extra layer or two of difficulty! I took a peep at Oaxaca, maybe it's because I don't have Mexico loaded but all but one of their players is on loan (the exception being a GK). Was that the same for you when you started or do more players get added if you have Mexico loaded up? That team is in my kit pack as they are Ascenso but I will look in to South America again sometime.
  3. @Ronaldo Beckham Good luck with that. A goal difference of -20 suggests a few spankings (which is to be expected) but you're in with a fighting chance so good luck on the relegation fight. @dothestrand An exciting end to the season, but well done at the end. Hopefully you will enjoy your PL experience!
  4. Nice post, welcome and good luck. Coventry have some great young players and others that will come through nicely. It will be good to read about it in due course.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I knew about the Brazilians in Portugal and had been checking up on the three non-EU aspect in Spain. But you're right, the best way will be load up a test game with those leagues loaded and check the league rules of each. For example, looking at the squads in Spain isn't much good without being able to see the HG status of those South Americans already there. It's only then that I will find how many 'available slots' are left at the individual clubs. Germany is quite tolerant, Belgium too. The Netherlands is largely relaxed but I do recall a few years ago that I took on a club there and had to pay non-EU players a minimum of £7500 per week, which caused a massive issue on the African youngsters I was trying to bring in for development. The better Argentinians would generally be OK on this kind of wage so it's more about numbers. There aren't any countries that seem to give Argentinians a concession (like France & Spain with Cotonou, Finland with African & Caribbean etc.) unless it's by heritage and second nationality, which is a shame. It's been years since I managed in South America (Santos IIRC) but might have to give it a try. Flamengo is an obvious one to ease in to it gently now I have the kits & real name fix for Brazil, but there are more challenging ones that might tempt me. For something more interesting, the Argentinian league might be the one to go for, but the choice will be hard as so may appealing teams to pick there. I found kit packs for Chile and Uruguay too, but they would still be outsiders! I will read up on the foreign player limits in Europe and South America and go from there. I know it's North America, but Mexico might be another to consider. Though the fact that I haven't been able to find a kit pack for Liga MX yet (randomly have one for the second tier Ascenso) would put me off. I only saw the added Canadian Premier League option a few days ago (and it comes with kits and logos) but the quality of player there is pretty poor.
  6. @Catley94 Well done on another promotion. Exciting times ahead for you. @StePratt Welcome and good luck with Blackburn. How about David Raya?
  7. Well done on your promotion. I've not been able to play any more games since my last update.
  8. @Catley94 Going very well there, good luck with the rest of your season. I really like Bayliss and think that's a fantastic signing for you. Agree with the comments about the forum, age and social media habits. But this thread always seems to thrive as it's bringing together lots of different EFL followers (and some from below). Personally I wouldn't have a clue about making video, but then I probably only have a face for radio (and forums)
  9. Take two! Good luck and hopefully it will work out well for you. I trial tested York and one day will do it properly. @Ronaldo Beckham If you manage them why not post your updates in here? Brentford was good for a separate guide as a number of people were expressing interest in them. Portsmouth hasn't had any other mentions so would suggest here is a better place for updates on them.
  10. Well, that wasn't a good start. Raya was out, then Henry got injured (still out) and Mbeumo was awful as IF on the right. I've moved Benrahma to the right as a winger and installed Eze in to the starting line up as a No. 10 slightly to the left of centre and things have picked up. I was sat in 24th for a moment but have clawed my way up to 14th after 6 games.
  11. An interesting career choice but I can understand why! Intrigued where you will end up. By the way, am not done with the thread and apart from Brentford there are a couple of clubs capturing my attention for a new career in here.
  12. No worries. I don't change much at all - just three signings in, kept the staff, kept the club history, cut the affiliate links and released a few players from the squad. Here is what I was left with... I should add that I used this mode for Bolton and made them too strong in error, which kind of ruined it for me. I don't use the mode to enjoy 'win win' tactics, just to create a squad I will find enjoyable to manage (and realistic). It takes a bit of work to get the balance right but I feel I have on this Brentford one. I seriously looked at managing Oxford to enjoy Baptiste and QPR (to sign Baptiste) but their budget didn't allow it as Oxford wanted way over his actual valuation. Going with Brentford allowed me to have both from the outset and to manage an exciting team. However, I wouldn't rule out a proper go with QPR or even a create a club go with them and just sign Baptiste. It's not the winning that counts...(it's the enjoyment).
  13. You can. Basically you take over a club and can clear the entire squad and staff and even re-name the club, stadium, nickname and where they are based. I don't do that, as franchise stuff doesn't appeal (e.g. I love T20 cricket but could never watch IPL or this new 100 tournament coming along). I just use it to tweak a couple of bits and crack on from there.
  14. Cheers, FM playing time is limited these days and takes so long to get through seasons with all the interaction that this works for me at the moment. In the past, I would only manage a handful of clubs per series and miss out on managing lots of players I like in the domestic leagues. I appreciate it's not everyone's cup of tea but I try to keep it real at the same time.
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