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  1. Season 2020/2021 Pre-Season Season 4 results (Championship) Season 4 progress so far After promotion from League 1, we had been given a generous transfer budget of £2.32 million for our inaugural Championship season. The excitement was tempered slightly by the fact that we would have to play at Swindon (in the UK's most dangerous county of Wiltshire) for the majority of the season due to stadium expansion plans. All of my transfer business was done by 10th July, and the only money spent was £205,000 on young centre-back Ben Wilmot. Ben will continue his development with the U23 squad and has yet to feature for the first team this season. In addition to free transfers Ben Stevenson and Jamal Lowe, the other recruits are all on loan. Of all the signings, only Ethan Ampadu, Ezri Konsa and Calvin Miller are regulars, but their presence in defence has seen much-improved performances from our back four. As the graph shows, our league position has dipped quite a bit after an excellent start to our campaign. However, the graph doesn't tell the full story, as we are frequently playing on Sunday's due to the ground sharing with Swindon. Points picked up a day late have an impact here, but I'm very satisfied with our comfortable mid-table position. Formation wise, it's been the same 442 that worked well last season, as this allows Stephen Humphrys and Mo Eisa to continue their goal-laden partnership in attack. Eisa missed several weeks after picking up an injury in the early win over West Brom, but still sees himself top of the Championship scoring charts due to his consistently impressive form. Humphrys has also maintained his superb form with Rovers, and this is clearly still the real strength of our team. However, the defence is now looking better than at any time under my management of the club, so these two factors are allowing us to enjoy a fruitful season so far.
  2. Rob, I agree three is a fair number unless you plan on sticking a couple in goal! @warlock Wow, incredible you never slipped off the top. It's really strange how results are all over the place, but overall to be top after 42 games is still an outstanding season. Next season, if you go up though...
  3. @warlock That's a tough run, but the few wins in there must be keeping you in the play-off hunt still? I've been looking around at a few other EFL clubs I want to try and City always come in to my thinking. I'm trying to get through one more season with Forest Green but I fancy managing some different players. @robterrace Blimey, the Rovers revolution is in full effect! I'm not surprised that your 6th choice 'keeper was allowed to leave. If I have three I think it's one too many, how many players do you have in your squad?
  4. Jogo Bonito

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Excellent, thanks again. ID 47082917 was the one I thought should be deleted too, I'm happy to hear he will be rated as a great prospect in FM19 - just don't make him too expensive to sign please
  5. Jogo Bonito

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Excellent, thanks. Do you know which ID will be deleted? I'm hoping to get a face image cut for him too.
  6. @warlock Great updates from Bristol City, I'm sure you won't let it slip. Delighted to see your target man doing so well, it's worked wonders for me at Forest Green. It's a shame about losing Flint, in FM18 he has been an excellent Championship level centre-back and would have been much reliable than Baker by the sound of it. @Dong21 As usual, a very enjoyable update. You did well with Woodrow. I wanted to keep him and promote him but he refused to sign a new contract for me. It must be disappointing the way your form has dipped so dramatically, but you're still well-placed if you can build on that three match unbeaten run. I'm pleased to see you sign Trippier and Rice on loan, hopefully you defend better than I was with them in the squad though!
  7. Jogo Bonito

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Macedonia Player Basilio of KF Shkupi is duplicated with ID of 13203965 and 47082917 (I imagine the second one should be deleted). He can play as a left-back (DL) as he did tonight against Glasgow Rangers, in addition to left midfield. Please add DL as a natural position, the below link classifies him as a DL/ML/AML (agree) but I'm not aware he plays as AMR. https://www.transfermarkt.com/basilio-ndong/profil/spieler/567143 He needs quite an upgrade generally. I suggest keeping the good stats on dribbling, first touch, technique, decisions, flair, work rate, acceleration, agility, natural fitness and pace. The areas to increase would be marking, passing, tackling, anticipation, composure, concentration, positioning, balance, stamina and strength, He is an attacking left-back, but would need his defensive stats raised to make him reasonable as a DL. His height and weight are confirmed on the below link. http://fcshkupi.com/index.php/player/basilio-ndong/ Some other info about the transfer fee and contract length are shown below.
  8. Great updates everyone, I've just been catching up with all your efforts now that the WC is over... @nico_france Welcome and good luck with Blackpool, nice to see you in England.
  9. Exactly how I felt in season 2 with Fulham. That was the first time in years that I continued beyond the Championship, and that season was an awful experience (at a really great club). Good luck at Ashton Gate, another good club to take on.
  10. @karanhsingh Excellent stuff with Bolton, that's another great achievement. They're still in League 1 in my Forest Green game, and I would have thought their squad was more that level than the PL, so that's quite something. At Fulham, Ryan Sessegnon has a few caps, he was first picked during my first season which was not bad for a young Championship player. He's a great asset to Fulham and the main reason I took them on. I'm lucky he loves the club and has me as favoured personnel, so I keep convincing him to sign new contracts despite plenty of interest from bigger and better clubs. @Adzke Have things turned sour at Blackburn? Unless I missed it, you were doing well and then said things then took a turn for the worse... @robterrace Amazing success with Doncaster, you must feel confident of a similar season next time. @warlock Sorry to hear that things turned bad at Derby. I had a very similar situation with Fulham after promotion to the PL in season 1. Good luck in Bristol, although you never said it was City and not Rovers!
  11. Great stuff @Adzke and now that the defence is generally better hopefully you can continue to defy the odds. I've now got my first Championship win of the season at Forest Green (won't tell you how many games in it was!) but unfortunately Mo Eisa got injured in that fixture and is now out for around six weeks. Still, it gives a rare chance for club legend Christian Doidge or Tyrese Campbell to get some minutes. I've also just broken our home attendance record, with the 5,771 watching us against West Brom beating the previous record set against Gloucestershire rivals Cheltenham in 2018 (two years earlier). I knew there had to eventually be a positive about playing in Swindon!
  12. Thanks for the kind words. I make an effort with the opening bits and pieces about the clubs and players, but after that the thread is only as good as the contributors. It's an ideal way to capture the interests of people managing any of the 72 clubs, so I admit we are lucky by having quite a wide target audience! I'm by no means an expert at images, but I take screen shots by holding down 'alt & F9' which puts the photo in to FM18 screenshots folder. I then go in to paint, find the FM18 screen shots folder from there, select and crop then save. To get it in here, I click on 'choose files' in this reply box, and when it is loaded, click on the bottom left corner of the image (I think it says add or has a plus sign). It's even easier if you don't crop the image - just hold 'alt & f9' and then straight to choose files here (which will find your image in the FM18 screenshots folder). It's probably not the best or only way. but that's how I learned to do it. @Dong21 I thought you would appreciate the squad comparison for Fulham, I'll get back to it at some point - even if it isn't before the PL season starts up again!
  13. @warlock I have to play it in blocks, I definitely can't switch from one to another constantly. I've played a few games with Fulham but Targett and Edouard haven't had a chance to impress yet as they're just understudies. I've set a wage limit of £50,000 per week as I'm always looking to run a tight ship. @Adzke I'm like you with money, but really struggled with my Fulham defence in the PL. I'm not surprised to hear you might be having the same trouble. I'm happy with my defensive reinforcements at Fulham but it didn't stop me turning a 4-1 lead at home to Liverpool in to a 4-4 draw even with these better players! Hopefully it's just a case of me improving as a PL manager and not the fault of the individual players. At FGR, I am delighted to finally get Calvin Miller as I have been trying to get him to the club for two seasons! Eisa and Humphrys should make the step up, but again it will be the defence that determines how good our season will be. On the money front, I spent £200k of my £2m transfer budget, you would be pleased with that right? To both of you, I had McTominay on loan at Preston and also found he was a very good performer with consistent ratings.
  14. @Adzke They would seem to be sensible and somewhat modest signings, but I like the look of the two young strikers! Good luck, it's going to be a tough season isn't it? Whilst we are on the subject of transfers and squads, here are my current squads at Fulham & Forest Green Rovers. Fulham season 3 - Premier League Transfers In: Aaron Mooy (Huddersfield £21.5m), Kieran Trippier (West Brom £12.75m), Kieran Tierney (Celtic £18m), Lucas Piazon (Chelsea free), Odsonne Edouard (PSG free), Shane Duffy (Brighton £6.25m), Matthew Targett (Southampton £3.1m), Dwight Gayle (Newcastle £3.7m) I renewed the loan of Declan Rice (West Ham) who is the only temporary player at the club now. I'm delighted to have two new starting full backs of real pedigree in Trippier and Tierney, and Duffy is also expected to help tighten up a leaky defence. Targett and Piazon return on permanent deals as I know the club is trying to do this in reality for all of the loan men who drove them to promotion. Mooy gives more quality and depth in midfield, Edouard just seemed like a value deal for a third striker, and Gayle joined only because Mitrovic can't play for us yet. Still at the club and in the U23 squad are Mo Eisa and third choice keeper Karlo Letica. Transfers Out: Connor Goldson (Bournemouth £1.1m), Samir Nasri (Burnley £5m), Marcello Djalo (Plymouth £200k), Aboubakar Kamara (Angers £650k), Abdoulaye Toure (Metz £40k p/m loan fee), Ryan Fredericks (Sunderland £3.3m), Aden Flint (Sunderland £100k p/m loan fee), Ryan Shawcross (West Ham loan), Rui Fonte (Hull £2.3m), Aleksandar Mitrovic (Saint Etienne £150k p/m loan fee), Taye Ashby-Hammond (Kidderminster loan), Stephen Humphrys (Bristol Rovers loan) Joe Bennett was among 15 players released at the end of their contract, but he was the only one that ever got in to the first team squad. Since signing Mitrovic for £1.9m back in January 2019, I have never been able to use him at Fulham as he permanently fails to get a work permit. It's very disappointing and the only reason he is sent out on loan this season. We are being paid 100% wages on all of the loans, so I've managed to shift a lot of unwanted debt from the club with these and the other players sold on. Hopefully my third choice left-back Maaloul will be off soon, he's done ok but I now have two better options ahead of him (plus Ryan Sessegnon). Forest Green Rovers season 4 - Championship Transfers In: Ben Wilmot (Stevenage £205k), Adam Lewis (Newcastle loan), Josh Bowler (Everton loan), Ben Stevenson (Wolves free), Ethan Ampadu (Chelsea loan), Calvin Miller (Celtic loan), Ezri Konsa (Brentford loan), Jamal Lowe (Portsmouth free) I renewed the loans of strikers Stephen Humphrys (Fulham) and Tyrese Campbell (Stoke). I'm looking to convert at least one of the loan signings in to a permanent transfer as I am not able to include them all in the match day squad at the moment. I have just over £2 million to spend, but won't pay more than £350k to do any of those deals. I plan to use Konsa and Ampadu as my new centre back pairing, and Miller will be an automatic pick at left-back. The others are just improving the squad and strengthening my bench options. Transfers Out: Sam Habergham (Oxford £20k), Lee Collins (released), Isaiah Osbourne (released), Harrison Dunk (released) I had signed left-back Adam Lewis on loan from Newcastle whilst not making progress with the transfer of Calvin Miller. He isn't needed now but until I can terminate the loan, he will wait in the U23 squad. Lee Brown is currently in talks with Scunthorpe ahead of a potential £40k transfer. I didn't renew the loans of Josh Emmanuel or Regan Poole from last season.
  15. @IgnorantLobster Welcome and good to hear that you're enjoying the thread. That's a great contribution to the thread and you've got off to an impressive start at Ashton Gate. I've had some enjoyable times managing City in FM myself, so always nice to read about them in here. It's a shame to lose Reid and Flint, but they have made some good signings and I really like the manager there. Best of luck for the rest of your first season,