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  1. [Switzerland] (Official) Data Issues

    Roger Assale 13133823 This player now plays purely as a centre forward and I think that he should show as striker (centre) only, with other positions being removed. Evidence of his position this season can be seen in any goal videos, but I have added the link to his transfermarkt page below. Also, the player is right-footed and I think he uses the stronger foot about 90%. You could keep left foot as reasonable. All 2017/18 videos of him will confirm he uses his right foot whenever possible. These 2017 and older compilations show good examples of how he uses his stronger foot. Thanks. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/roger-assale/leistungsdaten/spieler/263183
  2. Three good signings, potentially. You seem to be quite chirpy about managing The Canaries. James Maddison is great, and usually does very well in FM too.
  3. Marriott was on fire for me at Peterborough, that was League 1 though. I only have limited experience managing Konsa, but he should be capable too.
  4. @smplfc123 Good luck with The Tykes. @Ronaldo Beckham Bad luck at Hull, hope you enjoyed it whilst it lasted though. Well, this isn't going well! The board haven't applied any pressure but we just can't get that crucial first PL win. Our efforts in Europe are a complete contrast though. As we only seem to be able to play overseas, I can't wait to visit Swansea in the league... Which would be great, but I forgot they have been relegated!
  5. Best of luck, I think Stevenage is a really good option in L2 if you have the patience to build them up.
  6. @kozmik Thanks for that. Good to hear the finances will sort themselves out, hopefully the Europa League will also pay out as each match passes. Not so good to hear about the defensive worries being standard practice. But at least if we let in two or more every week, we should be prime candidates for TV schedulers! @smplfc123 Good guesses! Thanks, it's early days but I agree staying up would be more than satisfactory to me. Edit: I forgot to add earlier that Ryan Sessegnon is now listed as a Fulham icon (at 18) and I have been his favoured personnel for over a year already. And I recruited another club icon Ray Lewington to the coaching staff as he looked a little lost after Roy Hodgson retired from football. Quite a few players are unhappy that I didn't let them move to bigger clubs or give them even more lucrative contracts, but I think they're being greedy and hopefully they will settle down. Apart from Austin (£50k per week) and Butland (£39.5k per week), only Sessegnon (£32k per week) and Cairney (£31.5k per week) are earning more than £25k - and lots of them are on much less. Cairney, Fredericks and Bettinelli are all unhappy, plus some that I have been trying to sell or who don't feature often.
  7. Season 2 is upon us at Craven Cottage, and after promotion this is how I spent my £32m transfer budget. Charlie Austin was my only choice for the striker role, and even though Saints didn't go down he was willing to join us as a guaranteed starter (when fit). My passion to continue hinged on this signing, so I was delighted to land my man. Despite the success of last season, we had lacked a central striker with such presence. I also renewed the loan of Cutrone from AC Milan, again with no wage contribution or loan fee. He remains a good option from the bench, hopefully. I was interested in bringing Mitrovic back, but we couldn't get close to the wages whether on a permanent or loan deal. I also enquired about former Fulham hotshot Dembele on loan, but he had moved from Celtic to Dortmund last season and was seen as a key player there. Jack Butland was my other major signing with relegated Stoke looking to trim their squad. I was delighted to grab him, and he should be our number 1 for quite some time. Connor Goldson boosted central defence options, but was only intended to be 4th in the pecking order. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete deals for Mawson or Jorgensen from relegated Swansea or Huddersfield, nor Dunk or Duffy from Brighton. I also thought about getting Smalling back, but he was way out of reach. Ake, Gomez, Rice and some foreigners also rejected us. So I'm probably a player short there with only Ream, Flint and Odoi available alongside the new man, I believe that Fofana and new signing Abdoulaye Toure could drop back from defensive midfield, but they're not naturals. I hesitated on the deal for Toure, but I needed depth and he was good value for money. Sadly my main target Amadou Haidara (RB Salzburg) couldn't get a WP and Badou Ndiaye from relegated Stoke was out of my price range. In addition to him, I also wanted one more creative midfielder, and I tried really hard to get Patrick Roberts back on loan from Man City. Unfortunately that didn't work out, so after much deliberation I took a punt on signing Samir Nasri on a free transfer. I'd tried to tempt him last year but he wasn't interested. However after a year without a club, a wage of £22k per week was agreed between us. Ali Maaloul had been my left-back target last season but had his WP rejected, forcing me to sign alternatives Bidwell and Bennett. This year he got his WP and should now be first choice. Unfortunately I haven't been able to move on either of the other two in time. Karlo Letica takes the third 'keeper role and the young Croat has plenty of potential which I hope can be developed. The one other signing was young striker Eric Ayiah. He arrives from Africa without a WP but is an investment project anyway. Leaving the club? Not many. Ayite had been loaned out last year and I was happy to get some cash for him. Button had been in competition with Bettinelli between the sticks, but was unhappy and in the last year of his contract. I would have kept him, but when I saw that Butland was willing to join, I reluctantly hit the accept button and let him move on. This was the first time I had encountered the new transfer deadline date, so I hadn't been sharp enough to get rid of three or four others. But my dealings were wrapped up when Wigan offered to pay £50k per month plus 100% wages for the unwanted Fonte on their own deadline day. Pre-season went quite well. The first match against Sporting Lisbon stunned even myself to be honest as we brushed them aside easily. Austin gave me some concerns, he wasn't getting many goals and his ratings were really low too (lowest in the entire team). But Sessegnon and Leko continued to be on fire, and they were the reason we crushed NK Domzale in our first Europa League qualifiers. The second qualifying round was much tougher and despite fighting back from 0-2 against at home to our Austrian opponents, we were almost out. I'd almost given up ahead of the away leg, but Charlie came to the rescue. I don't know where that clean sheet came from, but we had pulled off the unthinkable and amazingly will be in the Group stages now! In the Premier League, I am like a fish out of water. I'm a PL novice and I think it shows. I'm not going to change my approach to games, but we need to be smarter. And we need to stop conceding goals. But at least Charlie looks to be settling in. I'd take 13th position at any time. But these weren't the toughest of fixtures and we really struggled to get one point from six. This won't be easy at all. And I have no idea how we can be in this financial mess. Has anybody ever seen a financial graph as bad as that in the top flight? To be continued...
  8. I'd say you may be right, but not entirely @RageMaster You could do worse than look at Fernando Karanga from CSKA Sofia. He's Brazilian but will get a WP due to Bulgarian second nationality. There are better available, but value for money with him is quite good. Or loan Patrick Cutrone from AC Milan if you want something less original. @Ronaldo Beckham A solid start with Hull. You really changed things up there with your squad, but pleased to see that Bowen and Campbell are doing well for you as originals.
  9. You should be able to nab Diabate from them on loan in exchange, is usually very productive @smplfc123 I had a feeling my transfer teasers had intrigued you. Any guesses on my new keeper or striker? I'll update when I reach the end of August as I can probably do a review of my Europa League campaign by then too!!!
  10. Good luck with Hull
  11. it depends what you want. Easy or hard? Short or long? League preferences? I can make cases for most of them but it's your own criteria that would help identify the best type of clubs for you. @smplfc123 Thanks. You're interested to hear about my signings and/or progress at Fulham? As for your new pick, Reading and Sunderland have some similarities. Both have potential to be much better but have players who don't perform and are on high wages so will be hard to shift. Reading aren't as big as Sunderland so your reputation may work better there, and they do have a very good youth and Academy system with youngsters always looking to break through. I'm underway with them in League 1 after their first season relegation in my Fulham game, so maybe we can push each other along? The Blades are similar to your last club, good infrastructure, history, stadium, fan base etc. The Saudi Royal family are still involved there too, which makes it interesting. I may even be able to suggest some Saudi or other Middle East players for you if you ask nicely haha. The main plus would be David Brooks of course, but how will your old fans at Wednesday feel about you crossing the steel city? Birmingham are another underachieving team, and they have Jota who I always wanted to manage myself. Preston might suit your reputation better, a good club with a nice history who recruit well with cast-offs and players from lower leagues and Ireland. Probably a bit less pressure there and would be my suggestion out of these options.
  12. Coming soon... I've been brave and endured the slow pre-season slog with Fulham. I was happy with most of my promotion-winning squad, but wanted to strengthen the spine - from goalkeeper through to striker. I've smashed the club transfer record twice this summer, first spending £15.75 million on my first choice striker (a ridiculous wage of £50k per week). Then I spent £16m on a goalkeeper who walks straight in to my first team (allowing me to sell one of my .original pair). Both of these record signings were English players who have been Premier League regulars at other clubs. I just missed out on my preferred centre-back options, but have signed one Englishman that I'm reasonably happy with for £4.2m. I've added a third choice goalkeeper and another option at left-back (now trying to sell one of my pair from last season) for a combined £1m. I've also added two free transfers - one 18 year old striker who won't get a WP for years, and one experienced ex-Premier League midfielder who was unattached. The transfer business so far has seen £37m spent and £9.5m recouped. The current squad size is 24, but hopefully there are a couple of those I can move on. If that works to plan, I will get a few more in that are more suitable for top-flight football. I've been very strong in my limitation of loan players, the only two in the squad were also with me last year (combined wages of £1.6k per week). Pre-season has gone well, and we are almost ready for the Premier League season. Before that, our Carabao Cup win sees us play NK Domzale of Slovenia in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Europa League.
  13. Wow, so many new posts since I last checked in! Well done to all on your various successes, and those taking on new clubs welcome too. I won't comment on each post but have enjoyed reading all the updates. Wolves must be a very enjoyable team to manage with all that attacking ability and no glowing weaknesses, plus the massive support (financial and otherwise) and infrastructure. I have a soft spot for AFC Wimbledon, having managed them on most recent versions. I think I only ever got them promoted once to the Championship though, and that was in a third season. Congrats to our manager at Barnsley on a fantastic survival too. @fraz86 Good luck with whoever you pick. I like Bristol Rovers and Scunthorpe, but if starting in League 2 then I think Stevenage are a really good option. Apart from Kennedy, there are lots of good young players there. Wilmot is the jewel in the crown now.
  14. I have every player of UK & Irish nationality, every player of African nationality, and every player from top division clubs in all other continents (large database option). It's something like 117,000 players. I load English leagues only, down to National North & South. @Dan McCullough Choosing a club takes me forever. I've managed both of those teams in the past, although Gillingham was some years ago. AFC Wimbledon in the last few versions has been very enjoyable with the new stadium on the horizon.
  15. @kozmik Best of luck with your new like side! I see that Yiadom is one of the few originals remaining in the first team, is that because he is really good or you just haven't found an upgrade yet? I managed Diop at Toulouse and Coco somewhere else in France (possibly Nice) on previous versions. Diop was always a very reliable centre-back, hopefully he turns out like that for an English side too. Coco was decent but I'm not sure if he would be PL class, likewise Cornelius. I remember managing him at Copenhagen years ago before he moved to Cardiff, and he did earn a good reputation there. As has been said the move to England didn't work out for him at all, but at the time I don't think anybody saw him as a bad transfer (although the fee did look high). He was a young, raw, foreign player who wasn't given much support or trust, and became a scapegoat in the owner v manager row at the time. True, he didn't score but only made 8 PL appearances (11 in total). Hopefully his career was revived back in Denmark and this move to Atalanta will work out for him. I would argue that Petagna is your stand out signing there, I like him but lots of expectation must be on him to deliver. Well done on the City result, although I have no idea how that happened. Six points is a decent enough start anyway.