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  1. If you click on 'Ligue 1' at the top of your usual home/landing page (or just type in Ligue 1 to search bar) then go to rules you can get all these details.
  2. A disappointing loss to Lorient? I read and re-read this, but i just cannot see how this could be disappointing I noticed the fixture date on that one, and it would seem that love was definitely in the air for that match... However, your form after that defeat was sensational. Sochaux do appear to be very strong in most saves and finishing 2nd to them was a great achievement. Looking at the face of Tony Mauricio above, I'd say there is definitely room for new faces but seriously, he had a great season and i hope you can cobble together a competitive squad for next season. @Gungner Winning two cups and finishing 2nd to PSG was also a fine season for you. Monaco and OL are definitely the main challengers to PSG.
  3. @Ronaldo Beckham Nice work getting Burton promoted, and good luck next season
  4. He's the guy I signed for starter at right-back as an extra Cypriot body. I had to pay £145k for him, but it was necessary! Sotiriou is on the radar but too expensive for this season. I tried to sign Brambilla from Doxa for £250k, but he wasn't interested. I'm pretty much done in the market unless I can shift some of the unwanted. I had wanted a right side centre-back but can make do with what I have for a year. I might sign a striker if he is going to be better than the rest, otherwise I will pass on that for now too. I'll keep an eye out for your guide! I think you might be surprised how popular it could become...
  5. Efraim has HGN status for me so was worth keeping initially. Selling Al-Tamari makes sense, but he is one of the two players I actually wanted to manage so cashing in him voluntarily is not part of my plan. I added a couple of players on free transfers and paid for a few Cypriot players to boost HGN numbers. They have so many loan players that I decided not to get anyone on loan other than a young GK who doesn't need to be picked unless the main one is unavailable (I sold Waterman). Ivan looks a good player so I'll keep an eye on him for next season as Levante may let his contract run down. Still trying to shift some of the others but nobody is keen on Aloneftis, Makris, Jakolis, Hallenius or Mihajlovic this time (got rid of most of them first time around), Next season with loans finished and contracts expiring, I should be able to put my own stamp on the squad (if I get that far). I think you're right about the highest turnover, and you may find this video interesting if you hadn't seen it before. Sorry this went from a Cyprus leagues data extension file to a chat about teams and transfers. Maybe you should do a Cyprus football guide in GPTG
  6. Many congratulations on defending your title, an excellent achievement and well deserved. Your Argentinian flair with Palacios in midfield and goals from Romero were the perfect supplement to your home grown regulars.
  7. Never in doubt Congratulations, I will be interested to see the review of your season.
  8. I think I looked at Apollon and Anorthosis and all the clubs in the top two leagues. I know a bit about Pafos because of the money and Cameron Toshack going there. They have a couple of ex-Reading players (Williams and Rakels) too. APOEL just seemed an easier first dip in to Cyprus and you need a bit of budget to sign some HGN players. You're right about Ajax, I got them first time around (and lost) but this time I got weaker opponents (not got that far to play it yet). It's a shame you can only cancel one of their six loans (i would only choose to keep Alef) but it's realistic that a new manager would inherit the shambles of somebody else! The funny thing about their squad is who on earth decided they could play a formation with about five or six right wingers
  9. I agree, it's good to have the accurate rules so no worries there. I've initially set up as (yawn) APOEL purely because of two players Al-Tamari and De Vincenti. I looked at quite a few clubs, but it's my first go in Cyprus and the chance to be managing that pair swung it for me.
  10. It's very hard to find the 10 HG players of decent quality, but it's easy enough to leave space in the squad (e.g. register around 20 or so) and sign young players under 22 to use as unregistered players.
  11. The target will be the same again really, European football of some sort. Champions League would be perfect, but I can't be greedy. Hopefully I can get a few more HGC players involved too.
  12. Nice one. I had downloaded V5.0 but only had a quick play around with it. The better non-EU limit sounds great so I will download this version instead. Thanks for your work
  13. Thanks, I feel it was more poor performances rather than unlucky - but I know what you mean! Job security is fine as far as I know. After winning promotion in the first season we have never been asked to do any more than fight relegation. I haven't checked but 5th, 5th and 7th whilst raking in money should be keeping the board happy!
  14. Hello Crazy! It was disappointing, but we only have ourselves to blame. With £40 million going on the new stadium and no European money, I feel this is the season to try and spend no money (or very little) and integrate some of the younger players in to the main squad if one or two move on. I will PM you about the face pack.
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