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  1. The reason I remembered was because when I wrote about it, I thought no way could I take them to that level with four consecutive promotions! I thought it would be a good target for you to aim for - best of luck making (more) York City history
  2. Yes, I think with good management skills we can over-achieve compared to what the players should be capable of. My strengths are definitely similar - squad assembly & man-management. In real football, I'm fairly astute tactically - but in FM it's not an area that I overly focus on and it shows at times. I was right on the anniversary thing. I extracted this from my FMCU page for my York save. 50 years on, you have picked a perfect year to achieve this. There is your target for 2024/25 - beat the record finish of 15th, In 1974 the club reached the Second Division (now Championshi
  3. Nice one Britney! I'm pretty sure that ties in with the anniversary of their first or last time in the second tier? Incredible run of success.
  4. That was another strong season. But don't worry, I'm more than capable of lowering the bar for promoted League 1 sides.
  5. Haha that's ridiculous. Despite the troubles you mentioned before with injuries, you're doing a faultless job with York. You're doing well out of your Millwall old boys! @hasdgfasAnother fine finish with Blyth and so close in the FA Cup too. With a return to The Championship for season 2022/23, it was time to complete the Ipswich Town squad tidying exercise that had been started ahead of last season. This time, there were 14 players released on a free transfer including Cornell, Norwood, Ladapo, Lankester and Bishop from the first team squad of last year. In truth only La
  6. I think I was getting those attendances with York at National North level It's not a bad average though, must be close to capacity in fact? Financially you are having a much more realistic experience than I was too, which makes your achievements even better. The tactics are pretty standard as you say. But it's certainly delivering year in, year out. Keep up the good work! @hasdgfasAnother fine season there at Blyth so far. Amazing to think you have put so many seasons in to one club - full respect for that! I'm edging towards the end of pre-season with Ipswich (2022/23 seas
  7. Incredible and no signs of hitting the wall. You're going to be in the second tier next season, absolutely no doubt about that. What kind of attendances are you getting?
  8. As you know, I was ruthless ahead of last season. Ladapo was good, he only lost his place due to Simms form but rarely got to start after that. I share your concerns whether at 29 he can step up a level so it's a 50/50 call on that. I tend to agree on Lankester and Bishop is the same as at 25 he can't be seen as a 'promising youngster' anymore either. I'd like to keep him but he wouldn't be a regular starter and has never established himself at the club in a poor side over recent years. When I tested the water on a new contract on reduced terms, Bishop started off asking for £10k per week and
  9. Thank you! It was enjoyable, we played some very good football - but might need to be more solid to have a good season next time out. With the squad I assembled, it would have been poor not to go up, so I would say I achieved no more than par really! I like Garbutt as he can play anywhere down the left, but I used him exclusively in his 'old' position as I wasn't using a left winger apart from a couple of games late on when Phillips was out and we went 433. I'm confident that I will have enough goals in the squad next season, but there are some tough decisions coming up on Bishop, La
  10. With five games to go, we had returned to the top of the table and it looked like a three-horse race to automatic promotion with a one point gap to MK Dons and Shrewsbury only a further point behind. The first game in April would be massive as nearest challengers MK Dons travelled to Portman Road, but the majority of the 28,228 spectators were delighted as striker Ellis Simms continued his fine scoring streak with a hat-trick inside the first 16 minutes on the way to a comfortable 3-1 win. On the back of that nerve-settling win, we also discovered that MK Dons would be facing Shrewsbury
  11. You're above (and around) some much bigger sides there, so a very good effort to date. With a good quality striker and some extra support, you have a fighting chance of achieving your survival target.
  12. Cheers, I think the games against 2nd & 3rd will decide it. I'll not be unhappy if we have another year in League 1 anyway, so whatever happens I cannot lose.
  13. Great continued success for both York & Blyth, well done both. After 27 games, my Ipswich side had finally got to the top of League 1 as 2021 finished. But then there was a difficult FA Cup Round 3 tie at Cardiff and three tough league games against challenging sides as January came. The FA Cup game was a bit of a shocker, with our only goal in a 5-1 drubbing coming from striker Ellis Simms in stoppage time when it was far too late to make any difference. It took another stoppage time goal to earn a point next time out too, but the 1-1 draws at Sunderland and Hull were bot
  14. Cheers, all OK thanks. Hope the same with you considering the news of the situation there. Well done on a superb promotion with Wigan, quite an achievement there!
  15. I'd love to say I have been on a lovely and long overdue holiday in the sun but that's very far from the truth. Dealing with a few life challenges but all fine thanks. Hope you are well too I hope to do an update with Ipswich soon (maybe later) as I have edged towards the end of 2021/22. Keep up the great work with York.
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