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  1. Joris Gnagnon was released very late by Sevilla (in September) and is pretty much a dream pick in FM terms for a free defender. His reputation might rule him out for lots of clubs, but top level teams should be fine and he is a perfect transfer target. Ex-Lyon defender Jemerson was looking like another (signed by Metz on 8th October) but it looks like his transfer was caught in time by the BETA. My favourite free agent for FM22 is still free though. By 9th November he will definitely have a new club - mine
  2. Sorry, I should have added that in the player profile just under the player name it says DC - wing back. This further highlights the mismatch of the information, but may give you an extra clue as to what to look at (may be pulling the info from the wrong places). Thanks.
  3. I logged this same issue on FM21 somewhere around December 2020. I gave numerous examples in written form and by screen shots, and loaded several save game versions as requested. A final response was not received. In FM22, the same issue appears to be present although this particular example is not quite as bad as examples like a DM being described as best position 'inverted winger' which was happening in FM21. Tim Ream is the very first player I looked at in FM22 as an offer was made for him. I fear that if it's wrong here it is going to be wrong again in most places. I set my games to 'show natural positions only' in order to pin down the best positions for a player rather than to see 'all positions they can play' but this choice maybe makes it worse? Anyway, to the evidence of the issue... I could argue on the data page that Tim Ream has probably not played as a left back (DL) hardly ever in his six years at the club, but that isn't my point. He is a left-footed, left-sided centre back and his media description is correct as 'experienced centre back'. He has no green mark for left wing back in his player profile (correctly) and in no way would or could he be described as a left wing back. So why does the transfer centre page show 'DL wing-back' instead of saying centre-back? This issue has remained present on every save I have played for a year and whilst I think FM is a fantastic game, it is disappointing that it has not been addressed. I've not played a match or looked at any other players yet in FM22, but this 'mismatch' of description would almost certainly remain in the player scouting page of players I might want to sign too. That isn't right if that is the case and massively breaks the immersion for me. I have to acknowledge my skills will be worse than any member of SI, but I am very surprised that nobody was so far able to replicate this or find a solution. In most cases, the media description seems to be accurate but the other parts of defining the best position seems to be wrong. Perhaps an issue of setting to natural positions only in my preferences? If you want to see the FM21 examples and save games I provided, please refer to my posts in the FM21 section under the same title 'player description errors'. I can also load this game file if it's really needed. Thanks in advance if this can be fixed.
  4. After months of trying, I finally got a bite from PSG on Pjanic (current value £35 million) It was 27th August 2021 - just four days before the transfer window would close, and i was happy with this news Unfortunately the board thought otherwise and wanted to block the transfer But we had a chat and they agreed to support my decision It was time to say, Pjanic over Which left our weekly wage bill at £2.2 million - a massive £1.4 million per week inside the weekly wage budget of just over £3.6 million And considerably less than both Madrid clubs were spending as the transfer window closed (as at 1st September 2021)
  5. I didn't spot that about Alcacer, but am sure you are right. I noticed his finishing was around 17 (Nunez is 13), but Nunez ticks all the right boxes and will be a good rotation option with Belotti. As deadline day draws nearer it might be time to panic on Pjanic, and do something extraordinary to get him out.
  6. Thanks I hope it works out that way. You are right about Sevilla and Umtiti, he was probably the hardest to shift of them all due to wage and ability balance. Pjanic is even more of a problem as he doesn't want to leave despite being unregistered. Chelsea have been keen for months, and Juventus sometimes show interest - but neither seem to be able to do the wages. I offered him on loan with and without a future fee option, and on a straight transfer at £10m but no luck yet. I guess in FM22 this is where transfer deadline day might work better. Yes I had the choice of ex-Barca man Alcacer for £40m or Nunez for much less (fee and wages). Given that Nunez was (and is) an actual transfer target and did well against them IRL, it was a logical pick in the end.
  7. Cheers, I think we are in decent shape but only results will prove if that is true. Trincao was away on loan last year (as was Pjanic) so I am currently spending £400k p/w on the pair that I would prefer not to. Below shows I am currently £1m p/w under the wage budget, but the board want to go from Quarter Final to Semi Final in the Champions League. Their La Liga expectations are fine though, and pre-season results went well considering we only had 14 or 15 players available for the summer training camp in Portugal. That's it for this update, it's (past) time to sleep and then we will see how the season starts tomorrow evening...
  8. FC Barcelona (Transfer) Market 2021-22 Leaving the club this summer were Dembele (£210k p/w), Coutinho (£400k p/w), Wague (£9.75k p/w), Alba (£210k p/w), Umtiti (£210k p/w) and Aguero (£145k p/w) I certainly had no performance complaints on Dembele (24), Coutinho (29), Alba (32) or Aguero (33) - but all four were on big money and only the former had age on his side I ensured I made no wage contributions on any of them and felt I could replace them with younger, cheaper (and more Spanish) - and that's pretty much what I did This exercise saved me around £1m in weekly wages, and I don't think the squad will be any weaker for it Jordan (£15m & £36k p/w), Galan (£12m & £35k p/w), Oyarzabal (£69m & £190k p/w) and Nunez (£24m & £42k p/w) were the four replacements Some of the B-Team players were sold for about £3m combined, and loan extensions for Dest & Griezmann were also valuable sources of income As you can see below, the latter was incredibly important - saving £600k p/w from my wage bill and paying us £761k per month loan fee on top of that The loan extension for Dest sees FC Porto continue to pay 50% of his £70k p/w wages and a £100k per month loan fee on top of that In fact, apart from my two senior goalkeepers (happy to sacrifice either one of them, but no takers) it's only returning loan man Pjanic (£275k p/w) who is now surplus stock I've promoted a few more Spanish youngsters in to the main squad, but Pjanic is not registered as I try to force him out Here is the 24-man registered squad that will start the 2021-22 season (Trincao could be allowed to go if a suitable bid came in)
  9. Thank you, likewise It looks like I will at least start the second season, just one more friendly to go and only two or three players remain that I would like to move on. One outfield player who came back from loan and is on massive wages considering he won't even be registered by me, plus either of the two main goalkeepers. Other than that, I think I am sorted.
  10. Yes it's been a nice break from the norm in charge of Barcelona, quite unexpectedly pleasant in fact. I'm not sure I'll get another season out of it, that's lots of action for me in such a short space of time! I think I agree. FM should be an escape from 'real life'. It served a very good purpose during lockdown(s) but some of us will probably become less reliant on it. Perhaps play is going to be more rare, but it could even be a more enjoyable experience when those moments actually allow it. Hopefully the world will tick along with people staying more safe than when FM21 launched, despite the ongoing health situation.
  11. Thanks my friend. I've made four new signings and so far six sales, which has drastically reduced the wage bill by about £1m per week. Currently on a pre-season tour of Portugal and the squad is virtually defined. I had three marquee signings in mind as I aimed to go 'younger and more Spanish' but none of them came off.
  12. Fantastic results and league position. A difficult month ahead, but you're very much capable of matching most sides.
  13. Welcome back and good luck if you want to complete the task. The thought of Oldham is depressing in itself but your adventures are always a good read.
  14. Thanks, yes it was nice to win something and manage some good players. I'm not sure if there will be another season, but I vowed to sort them financially as best I could with a player cull ahead of the 21/22 season. I'll see what the squad is ahead of the start and decide from there. Lots of other stuff going on away from FM recently and sensibly I should give myself a week or two break so that FM22 meets me with a fresh mind. I'm expecting some big (positive) lifestyle changes will interfere with that plan a little, as I'll have lots of other things to focus on soon enough. But even then, free time is mine to dive in to FM when I can.
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