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  1. Very great topic ! I like the way how you explain the whole process ! Just one quick question : you said you sometimes use your wing players in ML and MR position. For the ML, did you recreate the Raumdeuter with PI's, or use a IW(a) for both your players ?
  2. When using a Raumdeuter, does he need to be on the same side as his prefered foot ?
  3. Very nice setup ! Simple and well balance. How is your left side performing ? I usually see that with a FB(s), the IW(a) has a little support. I assume you adjust regaring the opposition with a WB(s), or with a player with offensive PPM ? And I also noticed with this setup that the WM(s) is too conservative, and switching the WM in (a) and IW in (s) is creating more panic in opposing teams
  4. I'm curious about your base striker combo. I always find 4-4-2 more dangerous that 4-4-1-1, but I did'nt give it real chance on the last one. I read your incredible topic on 4-4-1-1 and make me think a lot about using it, and I guess I'm afraid of the AMC position, not as lethal as a pure striker. I suppose the base combo of DLF is there to have them both creating and finishing, and recreate the AP(a) or AM(a) / DLF (s) or TM (s) you have. Of course, the other point is having a striker in (a) duty means we already have someone upfront, and maybe the other team is more careful, and y
  5. You mean dropping two times the LOE on the Positive mentality ? Or just one time, as you currently has on your 4-4-1-1 ? And very curious to have your opinion on 4-4-2 and the role of the strikers / identifing the ball carriers
  6. Very interesting topic ! It confirmed a lot of things I was not sure about. In your fist post, you talked about the choice of formation. What about 4-4-2 ? I was wondering how to integrate the second striker in that system. The first one is obviously a TM/DLF in Support, the offensive pivot. But should we considered the other one as a ball carrier ? Or it is just a finisher (P, AF), and then we need to have one of two MC with a more runner role (BBM or RPM, which could be considered as one is this particular style) ? And my question applies also to 4-4-
  7. Hello guys, First of all, apologies for my english, I'm not native speaker. I'm asking about Roles and combination for : - the front two : I like the PF(a) - PF(s) combination, but I found that they are on the same line, and the PF(s) doest not come deep enought, creating gap. Also I'm wondering about their position: should I switch them or not (like PF(s) - PF(a) ? - the mid two : Segundo Volante is clearly my favorite role, I play DM(s) with him "Stay in Position" PI, but might not be the best combo. Same question as before, should I switch their posi
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