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  1. how do you find foreign talent? foreign scout? do you have to have the European package? And those leagues loaded? Database etc?
  2. decent! I just got the chair boys up via the play-offs.. absolute scenes! I don't think ill win a game in the championship unless I am very good with my summer strengthening no prem clubs want to loan to me as my squads so poor so im struggling massively already - any hot tips to survive the dreaded drop will be welcomed
  3. hi john - once installed the internet speed wont affect the gameplay will it? cheers
  4. cheers james so I spent 5.99 + a bundle on fm mob and then after tomorrow its 39.99 for fm pc as well. any chance I can get a discount and an extension on the free trial? as its downloading now but I know the trial runs out tomorrow
  5. cheers john! must be laggy tinternet then hoping the spec of my new machine copes ok! got it purely for fm20 really (just don't tell my mrs that) ha - stay safe john boy - buzzing to take Wycombe wanderers to the champions league Product name HP Pavilion - 15-cs0040na Microprocessor Intel Pentium® Gold 4417U (2.3 GHz base frequency, 2 MB cache, 2 cores) Memory, standard 4 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB) Video graphics I
  6. does it often take a fairly long time (90mins, ironically) for FM20 to download onto a windows pc? brand new £400 hp pavilion laptop, 4gb RAM etc - will this have enough computing power to cope with FM20 gaming?
  7. Game FM20 Age 30 Can play anytime GMT timezone streamname; tblades90
  8. hi ive procured fm mob with some extas from store and love it, so much so that I got myself a laptop bc using mob for long durations isn't ideal. my question is (probably a stupid one), can I run a fm mob game if I get the pc version? secondly, if I get this week free pc version, and then purchase, I imagine I could carry on any saved games from said trial? cheers
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