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  1. APOEL - Season 2020/21 Since December the form of my side has been very good, but the unbeaten league run was finally ended after 41 games stretching back over two seasons The league split after 22 games has occurred, but there is nothing that suggests anything in the final 10 games will prevent back-to-back titles The crazy 5-3 result against Apollon Limassol could be partly due to a Cyprus international fixture which decimated my squad (around 10 Cypriots called up) Amongst this number were both senior goalkeepers, but my 3rd was unavailable as he played for the U19 team earlier that day, and two other senior keepers are away on loan So I had a very grey looking 15 year old between the sticks and decided that all-out attack would be the only way to get through the occasion I'll be favourites to win the second leg of the Coca Cola Cup, but you'll probably spot that Champions League result near the bottom Drawn against the mighty Bayern Munich, I was delighted to edge a deserved 1-0 home win over their full strength side thanks to a goal by striker Jonathan Herrera I'm under no illusions that the return trip is likely to lead to a revenge mission from the Germans, but even so I have to be full of pride for my boys performance The transfer window was a fairly quiet affair, but an 18-month loan deal for rising Benfica star Ronaldo Camara was a fantastic signing to get done Cypriot defensive midfielder Chabos Kyriakou arrived for £400,000 as I had sold on-loan Greek defender Praxitelis Vouros for the same amount And teenage Swedish left-back Yahya Kalley arrived on loan from Malmo purely as Christos Wheeler was injured for seven weeks (including the Munich games) There are three more players lined up to arrive on free transfers in the summer, all of which should be useful squad members at the very least I've so far failed on a pre-contract deal for on-loan Cypriot international Grigoris Kastanos as his agent is currently demanding double the £10,000 per week I am offering I'll keep re-visiting that as I don't want one of the best Cypriot players to slip through my grasp if a reasonable agreement can be reached to keep him at APOEL
  2. I just had Norway loaded because at that time I was picking from those two nations, but the ones you suggest would seem about right. Perhaps consider Italy, Croatia and/or Argentina? In my opening post it lists the countries 'treated as EU' so they might be other markets to consider.
  3. @raymondafc Zukic looks good, Deminguet has some serious weaknesses but maybe he can do a job if played to his strengths. Unlucky on Bellingham, so close to a massive coup there. Both Tramoni brothers usually turn out really well, but if you needed the money I understand. Lihadji on a free is one to consider, unless it's too late. Good luck in Corsica.
  4. @smplfc123 Stindl is a clever player, hopefully he's not declined and can deliver for you. Mula has potential to be useful, and Revan is a left-field (but commendable) pick who has the raw ingredients to be useful. It's the kind of transfer window I would do, whether that's a good thing or not, who knows! I hope it works out well and good luck for the new season.
  5. Good luck if you decide you can sort Pafos, or if you decide to try another side
  6. That does make it tricky then! But that's what you're paid the big bucks to sort out (virtually speaking). Look at who is Fgn or have expiring contracts or those you could loan out for wage & fee benefits perhaps.
  7. At APOEL the formation needed five or six right wingers to be playing. Squad building in Cyprus seems to be a shambles, but check the expiring contract dates and see what you would be left with for the second season. I endured the first season at APOEL, but could really make the squad balanced (and better) for the second year. Pafos might allow you to do the same? If not, perhaps try a very narrow formation like 41311 with a DM, AMC and three central midfielders? That depends on whether your wide attacking players are too good to leave out, and whether your full-backs are good enough to provide an attacking threat? Or could these issues be solved by a few transfers in and out to let you do that?
  8. Right, I finally have FM open and it's the winter transfer window. Most if not all will be planned improvements for the summer on expiring contracts, but there might be one or two deals. I'll do an update at the end of January or February.
  9. That's cool mate. I'm a slow player too, take your time and enjoy it. I'll check up on your progress from sunny Cyprus (not in real life obviously).
  10. @Ronaldo Beckham Nice one. Richards, Olise and McIntyre are the best youngsters in real life, plus Boyce-Clarke and Nevers who haven't emerged yet but there are high hopes for. Tyler Frost was actually released (gone to Crawley) and it wouldn't surprise me to see Watson leave either, You got great returns from Meite, good work.
  11. The more you post, the more chance of comments. You know the EFL thread now goes to non-league too though, if you prefer to post in there? Good luck with Stockport
  12. Nice one, hope you are enjoying your time with Reading.
  13. I agree entirely. If I fail, I want it to be with my signings, my tactics etc.
  14. I see why some people like those lists or ask for player recommendations, but it's great to find your own and much more satisfying The same goes for tactic downloads. I can' think of anything worse than that in FM personally, but to some it's a preference rather than finding your own style. @Travis Bickle The winter window will be opening soon, so I will start thinking about what I need for next season. This is the joy of a new league, it's about pitching your targets at the right level for the club you're at. All good fun.
  15. I appreciate the offer, but I'm happy to go with my own targets thanks. That's not intended to sound arrogant or to suggest mine will be better of course I don't think I have ever used in-game scouts or asked for a scout report in FM, I have really unusual transfer ideas which nearly always start off with people who are floating around in my head, then I do all sorts of video scouting, social media checks, data checks etc. Put me down as odd My knowledge of Cypriot players is weak, I just needed to make sure I wasn't missing any of their better players so i took a shortcut and asked somebody who knows better!
  16. Yes that was a very good side indeed (for a couple of years). Due to work I was quite close to those players and staff which was a great period for the club. After I got Reading promoted I jumped ship and took on West Brom in League 1 after their relegation, so I didn't manage them in the PL. The tactics were suitable for the players, but the use of a wide target man was enjoyable (Meite is 100% suited to it and plays that role in real life). The asymmetrical midfield was something I first tried at Fulham several years earlier (I think in the last year of Ryan Sessegnon), when they used a winger on one side and a narrower attacking player on the right.
  17. I'll check him out, thanks. Fair play, good luck with your continued Sheffield experience!
  18. The latest one to be hooked in The new owners at Sheff Wed clearly haven't been made aware of your previous FM exploits.
  19. I saw Laifis and have him on the radar already. I will take a look at Kyriakou next time I open FM up. I am sure I already have Michael at the club, but he has been out on loan (first and second season) from before I arrived. Unless I am confusing him with another keeper of a similar name (but I don't think so). Nice one on the stadium update. I'll head to Limassol on a new save in the future because of it. But I have work to continue at APOEL first Edit: I do have Michail at the club, he is the one out on loan at Asteras Tripolis for the first two seasons. Kyriakou was on my shortlist, available for £400,000 so might do that to boost the Cypriot numbers further. Laifis is also on my shortlist, but still in Belgium (Standard) and valued at £5 million. I don't need him yet so will see when his contract ends.
  20. Yes that four January transfer limit is both good and bad. I like it to be honest, and I like that it isn't too common But lining them up in the winter for arrival in the summer on expiring contracts didn't count in the four last season. I looked at Belmonte last season but didn't bid as I found better value elsewhere. Actually I also thought I had Joao Schmidt joining on a free when he was on trial (but he didn't after accepting a much lower contract back in Brazil). Apart from the national team striker are there any other Cypriots I should be trying to recruit? I'm OK for strikers without getting him as I have Louka held in reserve and I really like the look of him.
  21. Thanks, it's going way better than I expected so far on both fronts. South America does seem to be the right market, as it's a step up for the best players there to go to Europe (even Cyprus). Whereas for a Spanish/Italian player they'll be the ones not good enough to make a name in their own country. Africa markets might be worthy of some attention, but personally I will steer clear of them on this one as that's my normal go-to market. Asia and Middle East are other markets I have looked at as there are some players I know that could come in and do a good job on a fairly low risk basis. For this season, I'll not be needing anything, but the winter window can and will be used to check expiring contracts on some of my shortlisted targets.
  22. None of the players heading out are big losses, although Gunter was a steady deputy. Pele was good but if you're cash-strapped it makes sense to end the loan. He's a better player than Araruna, but the latter can (at a push) cover right-back for Yiadom. Osho and Rinomhota can play there too, Watson was once promising but hasn't developed for several seasons.
  23. Well, Meite certainly looks happy That's pretty much what I played. Pele and Rinomhota is a 50/50 call, as is Morrison and Miazga. All three left-backs are about the same quality (Blackett strongest defensively, the other two are better going forward). Meite is the only time I ever used a wide target man in FM, and he was superb at it, Joao I liked as a target man. Midfield roles are a bit different, as I tried to replicate how they play best in real life. Good luck winning the league.
  24. Well, it's quite different to mine, but you're doing well so go for it
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