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  1. January 2022 in my game and Kyle Joseph has just been sold to a PL club for £4 million. (Removes from shortlist).
  2. Great stuff @warlock and pleased you can bring in quality like Vokins & Watters. Who said FM was too easy? Maybe you're just too good at managing football clubs Well done @CityAndColourthat was very efficient. Good luck in League 2 after relegation @Ronaldo Beckhamand good luck with your 'terrible struggle' @karanhsingh I'm now at January 2022 so will do an Ipswich update soon.
  3. Splendid, congrats (again). EFL for three seasons then you can have your PL meltdown
  4. Poor old Marcus. He put a fortune in to Ipswich and wrote off a big debt when he sold the club. I'm not bothered about my new owners money to be honest, I like a tighter wage budget and less freedom. But if it does seem like they are wealthy, it's still nothing like the real takeover https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/ipswich-town/funds-behind-itfc-takeover-revealed-7890950 Bristol City or Blackburn are good shouts, I would prefer them over Forest & Boro myself. Not sure they are quite the top end that you described, but it's easy to get most teams promoted in FM Dis
  5. Good luck. That's a challenger to @karanhsingh Yes it was good news. Two Englishmen took over, they added £300k to the transfer budget (now £843k) and the club balance is now £8.3 million whereas it was £4 million before they arrived. There are no loans or debt, so it looks like we have done well from it.
  6. Luckily both failed to get a WP and the two transfers were cancelled. I don't know, possibly. Southend would be though
  7. Definitely a two horse race, but don't be bullied by PSG. Lorient upped their game which is nice to see, but you can still land the title
  8. Thanks for the answers in the forced signings guys, I feared that would be the case. Great going at Yate & Stockport, both looking very good for league titles
  9. Indeed. On another note, after a takeover if the new owners submit offers for players and you don't want them, is there any way to stop it completing? There is no option to cancel in the transfer status page and seems no option to discuss it with the board. By rights they should both fail to get a WP being an uncapped Icelandic and a low capped Libyan. But they won't play for me and it seems a waste of club money I would rather prevent.
  10. Alexander also looked good to me, well done on spotting both of them. Funnily enough, my recent club choice came down to two - Ipswich or relegated Millwall as they had also not made any signings. No regrets on Ipswich but I saved the Millwall one at May 2021 too. I may venture back there some time.
  11. @warlockGreat start with York. Remember when I was talking about managing Millwall a few months ago? Abdulmalik was one that I was keen on developing so am delighted to see you sign him. I also signed Olowu for Dulwich Hamlet in FM20 so pleased to see his name come up again too Great start with Oxford too @StePrattGetting plenty of Ying out of Yan there.
  12. Cheers. Fans like exciting football I guess. What attendances were you getting in League 1? The board have already offered me a new three year deal at the start of October too, so their top half finish should be a stress-free ride.
  13. An early season update from Portman Road, and it's certainly been exciting. My asymmetric 433 has been extremely effective in attack but a bit of naivety in certain defensive situations has cost us dearly at times. We are unbeaten in our nine League 1 games with a 4-5-0 record, and the attacking play has been nice to watch. We are top scorers in the division but clearly need to do better defensively, and of course we should turn a few more draws in to wins. Attacking midfielder Adam Phillips has certainly excelled in the John Wark role, and the right winger and lone striker combine well to mak
  14. It feels like you were in June ages ago, but windows always slow my progress too. Totally agree on Newton, players nearing the end of their career rarely seem sensible. Good luck with the final few pieces of the jigsaw
  15. What month & year are you at now? How was the transfer window?
  16. I think that is quite accurate. So my young French defender probably wasn't eligible because he was playing in the MLS and uncapped by France. I also just remembered I tried to sign Dike from his MLS club at Reading and he couldn't get a WP for me. Then just a few days later he signed on loan for Barnsley in real life. In fairness, I do believe he gained an international cap IRL that allowed the move which FM wouldn't have been able to include from the original start date. But yeah, for Ipswich not being able to sign from MLS/Holland/Nordic region is a shame. In the real world, this
  17. Thanks, I have gone in to a bit more depth here as feeling quite connected to Ipswich but not via my own thread. I have used this type of system before, possibly with Reading on FM20 and maybe elsewhere too. I first used it at Fulham several versions back when they had the likes of Piazon and Sessegnon in The Championship and were playing it in real life. The WP thing is an issue yes (not saying it's incorrect though). Interesting what you say there about South America, Spain & Italy. I recall I could sign Claudinho for Reading from Brazil but not EU players. Not sure about Spain
  18. Here is the final squad review ahead of the new 2021/22 season Jamal Blackman is clear first choice in goal, whilst understudy David Cornell will only be kept for one year until his contract expires Kane Vincent-Young will start at right-back but Jason McCarthy is his equal and made 41 appearances for Wycombe last season at Championship level (6.99 average rating) Luke Garbutt was on loan at Ipswich in 2019/20 and will be used as an attacking left-back primarily, whilst Myles Kenlock is an able deputy Luke Woolfenden and Derrick Williams will be the main central defenc
  19. He is an average coach but has 15 attacking (which is what he will be doing for me). All his mental stats are 11-17 so I think he should be good around the place with his reputation too. Roy Keane was also unemployed but I didn't fancy having him around again. I just checked now and he is AM at Man Utd It won't be possible to sign foreign players so the original idea I had to 'go Dutch' a few times won't come to fruition. I signed a couple for Port Vale but I'm not likely to go after either of them.
  20. TC won't be interested unless Big Mick is there Here is the current staff list, those done by me are highlighted. Delighted with my DOF as he is a legend of FC Twente from where both Muhren & Thijssen were signed back in the day. I've purposefully not got any AM so far as the one I want isn't agreeing yet. But I want to leave the role vacant until I get one I really want.
  21. I'd love to bring back John Wark, but he isn't in the game. He does corporate hosting for them and Mick Mills does Radio Suffolk punditry but I'll just have to imagine them in those roles instead. I did sign Adam Phillips purely as my 'new John Wark' though as he is a goal scoring central midfielder. He arrives in the box well, although not from as deep as Wark used to do. Best I could do though! I was genuinely disappointed that Brian Talbot & Joe Royle both retired before I could recruit them, as did George Burley. And both Arnold Muhren & Frans Thijssen were in the game until a
  22. It's not my usual style, but I really wanted to manage Ipswich and this was the only way. Knowing that IRL this won't be far off what they do this summer made it 'realistic' enough for me. I also avoided signing new players I'd worked with before - e.g. Mo Eisa who was both available and affordable. In truth I wanted better than Ladapo as my final signing, but after delaying that confirmation as many times as I could and my foreign striker still not able to get a WP, I felt I should finalise as in real life he would be a good League 1 striker for Ipswich.
  23. Thanks mate. It wasn't far off that. I'd have happily shipped out Cornell & Norwood but I couldn't get who I wanted instead just yet so I'll let them go at the end of 2021/22 instead. Me at Ipswich and you at York. It's a funny old game. Thanks mate. No more building this season as I have the right numbers and balance needed even though there is a month left of the window. I really like the look of Ellis Simms, seems like a Calvert-Lewin clone in the waiting. The original plan was to have no loan players at all, but that was when I thought I could steal him from Everton on a p
  24. And here is the transfer business from what FM sees as season 1 (those done inward & outward by me from June 2021 are highlighted) And the final bunch of transfers all done by me in what FM counts as season 2 from 1st July 2021 Combined, that is £244k spent by me and £605k sold (£4.2k of that sale total being before I arrived) And by not extending the loans and shedding so many players, I have achieved what I wanted - a leaner squad, with much lower wage costs and significantly more quality The negative of waiting one year before taking over? I'd fully
  25. A quick look back at what happened with Ipswich Town in season 2020/21 under the previous manager (Doncaster beat Blackpool in the PO Final by the way) Before we get to anything else, here is the long list of players (19) that I released from the club at the end of 2020/21 There were also six loan players who all returned to their parent clubs
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