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    “I am sick of hearing mercenary and cynical old men telling me, in order to excuse themselves their complete moral impoverishment and surrender, that ‘the high ideals of youth often have to yield, in this hard world, to less exalted but more practical policies."

    Hamish Henderson.

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    Learning to fail better, one sorry attempt at a time.

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    Celtic FC

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  1. I appreciate the concern you've shown for me too, mate. It's wonderful to see someone who keeps to their dreams and continues to do what they love. Your music is something to be immensely proud of. Do send some when you have the time.
  2. It's time to wheel out the guillotine, isn't it? Well, since us Marxists have been doing it long enough...
  3. Thanks guys. If I can find a balance at some point, the OTF will be my first port of call.
  4. It's not so much this place, and more just the internet and technology in general. This is one of the better forums I've come across. I'm just not very good at striking a balance. So much time has been flushed away hitting 'refresh'. It's time for me to hit refresh in my life and reclaim those lost hours for learning Japanese, improving my already impeccable cooking skills, and overthrowing Capitalism I appreciate your kind words. I've grown fond of the guy with old man shouting at a cloud as his profile picture. I have high hopes that you'll soon be joining @Marios1999 and @mark1985 in
  5. Thanks, mate. I'm sorry I won't be around for the inevitable moment Rangers win the title. I'm working on escaping planet earth before the big day.
  6. Thanks, mate. As the slogan goes: be realistic, demand the impossible.
  7. Thanks guys. If I were a much more disciplined person, I would stick around. But I have found it really difficult to cut down on screen time. There are so many things my 'ideal self' wants to accomplish, and my aimless scrolling through the internet seems to be the biggest obstacle to me doing them. I've tried more moderate measures before, but I just end up back to my old habits. Making a clean break from all forms of social media seems to be the only way I'll manage to go any length of time away from the information matrix. I always feel like a zombie after spending ages online. Gotta
  8. Hey folks. I've decided to retire from the SI Forums after a short, but enjoyable career. I thought I should mention it in case anyone, for whatever reason, is looking for me in the future. I just wanted to say a final farewell and thank you to this particular thread. It has been very helpful to me and I know others feel similarly about it. Thank you to everyone that has taken some time to respond to me when I've been feeling low, and to anyone who has shared their own experiences. You might feel that seeking advice or wanting to talk to someone on here is you seeking help from othe
  9. Eating my corn beef and my pastrami and my roast beef! Have that you hippie plant eating *****!
  10. Indeed. The obstacles are many and varied. But progress is happening. I'm encouraged by what I see happening around me.
  11. Well, I'll take your point on board, mate. I'm always willing to take constructive feedback. I wrote my dissertation in environmental ethics, and so I'm used to language like 'non-human animals' from the literature I had to review, and still read from time to time. My hair has gotten longer over the course of lockdown, but I'm not quite at the dreads stage yet.
  12. You make a very valid point, Mark. There is definitely a perception of veganism as a middle-class phenomenon, and though I haven't seen any data on this, I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a greater proportion of vegans among the middle classes. I think this is something that applies to healthy eating too, regardless of the specific diet. Things that are cheaply made and quick to cook are more economically viable for a low-income family who work long hours. Glasgow has always struggled with its junk food problem, so I'm not unfamiliar with the issue. One of the groups I've helped out
  13. Peta have never been the best organisation. There are many in the vegan community who take nothing to do with them (myself included). With regards to the language issue: while it's not something I have ever given a great deal of thought to, some of the comments on here miss the point. It isn't about offending animals or even people. It's more about looking at ways in which our negative attitudes towards non-human animals are entrenched in our culture and challenging them. I don't think it's the most constructive path to go down, and the Marxist in me would say 'change the material condit
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