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  1. Who is managing one of the world's pioneer clubs (the clubs who were first established in their respective countries or the oldest existing club in a country)? Examples: England: Sheffield FC Wales: Wrexham Scotland: Queen's Park Denmark: Kjobenhavns Boldklub Switzerland: FC St Gallen Netherlands: Koninklijke HFC N.Ireland: Cliftonville FC Belgium: Royal Antwerp FC South Africa: Savages FC Pietermaritzburg Hong Kong: Hong Kong FC Japan: Yokohama C&AC Portugal: Academica de Coimbra New Zealand: North Shore Utd Germany: BFC Germania 1888 India: Mohun Bagan AC Spain: Real Club Recreativo de Huelva Malta: St George's FC Uruguay: Albion Football Club Chile: Santiago Wanderers Italy: Genoa CFC Norway: Odds Ballklubb Austria: First Vienna FC Luxembourg: CS Fola Esch North Macedonia: FK Ljuboten Lithuania: FK Sveikata Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_of_Pioneers#Current_members I'm thinking about starting a save with one of these clubs. I am swaying towards First Vienna FC. It would be a great achievement to bring them out of the darkness and back into the mainstream of Austrian football. With RB Salzburg in a very good place, it would be a good challenge too. Anyone doing something similar? How's it going?
  2. About to give this a go. My memory isn't up to scratch on this season, so I hope I'll find Henrik Larsson in the hoops when I load it up. I remember he was at Barcelona in FM05. I'm hoping that was his first season there.
  3. Cheers. I had a look. They have managed to go down to the bottom tier in Andalucia and Madrid I think. I was hoping to do a save in Catalonia. Maybe they will update it in the future.
  4. There's an issue I've noticed in the Scottish Fantasy Pyramid from the Steam Workshop. There are fixtures that appear to be duplicated and played on the same day. Example: This match against Thorn Athletic is due to be played on Saturday the 7th of September, and it appears twice in my schedule. I've never encountered this before so I don't know whether it is something that will cause issues when I come to the game, or whether it will just resolve itself. The same things happen at other clubs and further down my schedule. Anyone ever had this situation in a save?
  5. Nice recommendation! I have my local side Harestanes and my uni, Glasgow University playable now.
  6. Hey, Timo. This database has been brilliant and has added to my enjoyment of the game immensely. How would you feel about expanding on your Spain update? There are a few lower divisions in the regional leagues. For example, in Catalonia there are three divisions below the Primera Catalana. https://www.siguetuliga.com/futbol-espana There's some info about the leagues above and the teams that play in them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divisiones_Regionales_de_Fútbol This outlines the structure of the regional divisions. There are also some cups for the regions, but that isn't too important. If you had the time and the will to do this it would be amazing. I'd try it myself, but I have nowhere near the skill with the editor needed. You've done such an amazing job with other leagues and with the Spain database you've released already, I thought I'd ask.
  7. Manaus FC. I think they might be in Serie D, though they could be among the non-league clubs. They're from the Amazonas state. It would be cool to take a club from a jungle city to the top of Brazilian football.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone has found (or would be willing to create) a database that goes further down the Spanish league system than the top regional divisions. So, for example, in @Timo61's Spain update, we have the Primera Catalan as the lowest tier that one can manage in as far as the region of Catalonia goes. But there are three divisions below this according to this website: https://www.siguetuliga.com/futbol-espana This site lists the divisions and the teams, so the data could be found here. If there isn't already a database out there that goes this far down the Spanish structure, would one of the many excellent editors that we have on the forum be willing to take a look at this and attempt to create it? I think it would just be a case of expanding upon @Timo61's Spain database by adding some divisions to the regional league structure. There may be a few regional cups too. If anyone would be willing to invest the time and effort making this, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd try it myself, but when things get more complicated in the editor I really don't mess around with it. Cheers in advance.
  9. The players are making my job impossible. Every week another problem arises. Someone isn't happy with something. Because of Vieira, the wage budget is 26k over and with no money in the transfer budget, I can't adjust things. When players come and demand a new contract, I can't give them it, so it causes unhappiness. Most of the squad are unhappy about something. We won't be getting near Europe with this sort of dressing room. My only hope is I don't get sacked. We've gotten some decent results so far, but I am only a couple of defeats from disaster.
  10. Kolo Toure told the press after the draw against Strasbourg that his side were "not good enough for Europe". Toure's comments came after Victor Moses scored an injury time equaliser to deny Nice a fifth straight Ligue 1 victory. Kamil Grosicki scored on his return to the Nice first-team, but it wasn't enough to seal all three points on a day where Le Gym lost ground on the teams above them in the race for Europe. Toure reaction: "We're not good enough to make Europe. That is clear to me now. Today we had to show mental strength. But we threw it away. All we can do now is see who deserves to be here next season. Everyone is playing for their future at this club. I came here to raise the standards at the club and it seems I may have to do that by replacing the personnel."
  11. Olympique de Marseille gained revenge over Southern rivals OGC Nice in the French Cup with a 4-2 victory. New Marseille boss Paulo Sousa inspired his players to victory having only arrived at the club a fortnight ago. Florian Thauvin and Maxime Lopez looked rejuvenated and were instrumental in OM's win. Toure reaction: "Our offensive play was actually better today than in our win here two weeks ago. But defensively we were so poor. Marseille didn't have to work for their goals, they were gifted to them. That's the difference between our win and our defeat here in Marseille. Defensive mistakes. It can happen, so I won't be too hard on the players. But we can't afford to let it be something that regularly occurs."
  12. OGC Nice have confirmed the signing of Marc Cucurella from FC Barcelona for a fee of £3.5m. The 22 year-old left fullback will join up with his new teammates upon the opening of the French transfer window on January 1st. Speaking ahead of the move the former Spain U-21 international declared himself delighted to be joining Le Gym: "It's a very proud day for me and my family. I am delighted to be joining an ambitious club in the French league. I have spoken to the manager and been shown around the facilities here, and I am very excited about joining this project. I've been part of FC Barcelona for most of my life and spent a couple of seasons out on loan. But the time is right for me to look for new opportunities and to be part of something different." OGC Nice manager Kolo Toure was equally pleased to get the deal done in good time as his side prepare to take on Olympique Marseille in the Coupe de France this weekend: "We needed a quality left-sided defender and we have got one. It's very pleasing to see the club conduct business swiftly and to be proactive in the transfer window. January is a hard time to do business and finding a player like Marc is extremely pleasing. I am sure he will be able to fit in seamlessly to our squad and contribute right away."
  13. Kolo Toure only joined OGC Nice in October, replacing his former captain at Arsenal FC, Patrick Vieira. But the Ivorian has been very vocal about his plans to shake things up at the Allianz Riviera. Nice have been in much better form since Toure took the reins, winning eight out of ten Ligue 1 fixtures. But off the field there have been rumours about dressing room discontent. Home-grown star of the side, Malang Sarr, has reportedly told Toure that he wants a move away from Le Gym in the January window. Such a departure would leave a gaping hole in the heart of the Nice defence. To add to the concern, veteran defender Dante is planning to retire upon season's end and left back Racine Coly has already agreed a move to Sassuolo. A defensive restructuring is risky during the middle of a campaign, and it is no doubt something Toure would rather avoid. Nice-based journalist Henry Lavelle spoke to France Football about the issues facing the new Nice manager in the second half of the season, and the possible signings Toure could make in a bid to turn around Le Gym's season. What have the local press had to say about Kolo Toure so far? There was a great deal of scepticism when he arrived at the club. The feeling was very much that Nice needed experience in the dugout. Someone who understood French football and could immediately improve results. Obviously with the restrictions here in France the club could not approach a manager from another French club until the transfer window. So it would have to be someone without a club or from outside France. No one thought of Toure. When he was announced as the new coach I think a lot of the local journalists sighed deeply and prepared themselves for a rough season. But he has come in and done a very decent job so far. I think he has slowly turned a few of us. The wins against Lyon and Marseille were unthinkable a couple of months ago. So there's a cautious optimism in the city now. We don't expect miracles in the next half of the season, but Europe is not out of the question. Patrick Vieira and Toure used to play together under Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Have you noticed any similarities in their approach? None. I would say they are very different coaches. Vieira was all about trying to implement a possession game with a team of midfielders. Toure likes to play with two strikers and isn't focused on keeping the ball. I'd say there's a bit of Diego Simeone in Toure's approach. There have been reports about dressing room unrest at Nice. Is this a spillover from Vieira's reign or has Toure ruffled a few feathers himself? It's hard to know for sure what goes on in a football dressing room. As a journalist you only hear what they want you to hear. That is, there may be rebel factions in the dressing room who leak things. Or maybe the higher ups leak things in order to force some kind of change. What the reality is, only those on the inside know. But the rumours were certainly started during the previous manager's time. Vieira, as you know, is capable of confrontation. He doesn't really tolerate questioning of his authority. To have the sort of command over a dressing room that a good manager needs, you can't show weakness in the face of adversity. I think Toure will have come into the club knowing about the problems, assuming there are any, and he'd make it clear to everyone that he isn't going to stand for it. I think the transfer window will tell us a lot about this. There are players who haven't featured under Toure. Maybe he just doesn't think they fit the system. Or maybe they have fallen on the wrong side of him. Who knows? The January transfer window is always a crucial point in the European football season. What can we expect from Nice in the window? This will be an active window from Nice, there's no doubting it. They stand to lose some players they'd rather keep. But I think Toure is also looking to offload a few of the midfielders who can't get into the team. The club has maxed out their salary budget and they can't really do too much until they take some of the weight off of it. If they can get some players out, then they will have to look at players to help out the backline. January is a much harder time to do business. No one wants to part with good players halfway through a season. If Malang Sarr goes for a decent price, I'd expect to see immediate reinvestment. Marca are reporting interest in Barcelona defenders Marc Cucurella and Jorge Cuenca, the latter being a loan target. Have you any insight into this? It would make sense. But there's nothing coming out of the club to confirm it. I think loans will be the most probable form of business. The club doesn't have too much to spend right now and that might force them to go to the loan market instead. Finally, Henry, how do you see the second half of the season panning out for Nice? Hopefully the progress remains steady and they push for Europe. Everything depends on the transfer activity, but if they somehow managed to keep Malang and brought in another left-back, that would be a very good window and I reckon they could finish in the top six with the squad they have.
  14. It was men against boys in the Porto game. I'm actually happy that there will be no more Thursday/Sunday games. For some reason my players can't handle it physically. I am having to give rests to several at a time. Vieira did not work them hard enough in the summer I reckon. That'll change once Kolo has a preseason with them. The Marseille game was backs to the wall at times. But I trust the system to withstand pressure. It could have been 3 or 4 nil to be honest. We missed a couple of sitters at 2-0. We need to clear the squad of deadwood. I have 5 or 6 players on decent money who haven't got near the team. It's unsustainable. Maybe at PSG you can get away with it. But we're suffering. I will be looking to the loan market to see me through until the summer.
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