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  1. England is kind of like the America of Europe in this regard. People have an idea of the country due to media portrayals or the tourists they come across, and it ignores the complexity of the "imagined community" that makes up England.
  2. I was thinking that myself. Have you had a religious experience between the Denmark game and today?
  3. None of this tippy tappy Spanishy stuff. No more Grealish hair bands and Phillips man buns. Back to the best of British! Blood, guts, and pitches like the wetlands of Brazil. If the ball bounces, it ain't fit to play! ****! I'm becoming @bestbrother!
  4. England's route to success is pretty clear as far as I can see: appoint Tony Pulis. Demand to play games on Tuesday evenings (especially in the winter), and move home games from Wembley to the Bet365 Stadium. We all know "continental" players canny handle such conditions.
  5. Know a few of them through FM. Definitely gonna catch more Serie A this season. Love the passion Italians have for football!
  6. I'm genuinely sorry for what you're wife and daughter have had to deal with, but to infer that Scotland is not a good place to bring up a family if you're English is quite a leap. Is England a bad place to raise a German speaking family because some idiots will dole out abuse to a German girl crying? Or a Danish family? No. Because it would be silly to tarnish an entire society like that. We have idiots up here like you have down there.
  7. It was quite a cagey game. Defences generally on top. Italy controlled the midfield. But both teams could have stepped it up a few gears in an attacking sense. I don't know about "there for the taking", though. Italy might have preferred a more open England approach.
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