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    “I am sick of hearing mercenary and cynical old men telling me, in order to excuse themselves their complete moral impoverishment and surrender, that ‘the high ideals of youth often have to yield, in this hard world, to less exalted but more practical policies."

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    Learning to fail better, one sorry attempt at a time.

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  1. Really looking forward to this. I've fallen out of love with the modern footballing world. Having a stronger Eastern Europe with exciting competitions might allow me to finally get a proper save going.
  2. Just played my first competitive match. I was away at NW London in the Middlesex County Premier Division. I scored in the 2nd minute and then got someone sent off on 8 minutes. Despite going down to 10 men I was creating more and better chances. But the longer the game went on the more NW London grew into it and the final 10 minutes were spent heading everything that came near the box clear. Managed to hold on for a well-earned 3 points and a welcome clean sheet. Happy days.
  3. Fair enough haha. I've nicknamed my whole team based on some of Fergie's Man Utd sides. I've got Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole up front haha. Big Roy Keane as a destroyer.
  4. Does anyone else give their players nicknames to remember who plays where? I hate just seeing a list of names that mean nothing to me. Not knowing who is who on my subs bench etc.
  5. Here's the profile. Forgot to add it at the start. Just won my first friendly 4-0 away at MK Gallacticos. Was a great counter-attacking performance.
  6. I've recruited for a 4-4-2, but if I am on the verge of the sack, I'll turn to 4-3-3 in a desperate effort to save my skin.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to give it a go. I'm awful at the game, but it'll be fun to see if I can get 10 points on the board.
  8. There's a winger with pace and acceleration 17, but terrible technical attributes. But I'm thinking of just sticking him in a poacher's role and hoping he'll score enough goals if we can get him opportunities 1 on 1. He's aptly named Louis Hamilton
  9. Checking in with Clapton Community FC in the Middlesex County League Premier Division. Just offered trials to like 100 players to have a look at their attributes before deciding which ones will be a part of our assault on the league. Gonna try and find some quick attackers and aerially dominant defenders for a basic 4-4-2.
  10. The majority of my players, as you can imagine, are absolutely useless. But there are three defenders who stand out as exceptional for this level. Unfortunately, all of them have a queue out the door waiting to sign them, and as I am an amateur club, I have no way of holding on to them and no transfer fee will be received.
  11. I like to create ex-players and play as them in my saves, as it feels more realistic and immersive. So I've decided to play as Raul Tamudo, the ex-Espanyol striker who had a very good career at Barcelona's second club, before struggling with injuries towards the end of his time in the game, eventually retiring at Sabadell in 2015. The club I've chosen to start out at is C.E. Jupiter, an amateur side from the Sant Marti district of Barcelona. They play in the Regional Catalan league, group B.
  12. If you insist! I do think more stories by FM mortals would be welcomed.
  13. 2 The streets of La Plata are paved with ****. At least that's what Aureliano was told by a Buenos Aires local as he asked for directions to the twelve o'clock train headed to the provincial capital. The news of Aureliano's transfer to Estudiantes had preceded his arrival in Argentina, and so everywhere he turned in the railway station, his face looked back at him from the newspaper and tobacco stands. In choosing Estudiantes, he had pissed off supporters of most Buenos Aires-based clubs. It was for this reason that he would be directed to the wrong train, making him late for his appointm
  14. Arevalo Rios, Uruguay midfielder, played on loan for Boca. Is he still kicking about? If memory serves, he liked a good leg breaking tackle.
  15. Was there not a keeper in Chile who was a ****ing animal? Johnny Herrera or something? He might be retired now, but he'd punch anything that moved.
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