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  1. Sorry, man! Sucks, eh? Been looking high and low for solutions.
  2. I wish I could get the game to work. You using an older version of Windows?
  3. Does the file have any of the leagues for Iron Curtain countries? Or is it just the rules?
  4. Competitions: Campeonato Carioca: Serie D The State Championships in Rio de Janeiro (state) have four divisions. As a newly formed club, we have bought our place in the bottom rung of the tournament ladder. Our maiden season sees us drawn into group B along with Miguel Couto, Riostrense, and Uniao de Marechal Hermes. I don't really know too much about my opponents, so it will be an opportunity for me to learn about the level of opposition in Rio's bottom tier. The board do not expect anything of us this season, other than to participate and try to keep our pride in tact. So I hope to enjoy the first experience of competitive football with Celtic (RJ). The way to win promotion to Campeonato Carioca: Serie C is to get out of the group stage and then win the quarter final tie. All winners of the quarter finals are promoted to Serie C, so that's four teams in total. Even as a pretty average FM player, that sounds doable. Pre-Regional The Pre-Regional tournament is pretty tough for me to figure out. But I think this is how it works: there are two qualifying rounds. These are two-legged play-off ties. The teams who come through the qualifiers go into the Group Stage. From what I can gather, there are around sixteen groups of eight teams. The top two teams from each group qualify for the Brasileirao Serie-Regional. This is the tournament directly below Serie D in the main pyramid. Once in the Brasileirao Serie-Regional there are sixteen groups of sixteen teams (one round of fixtures). Four teams from each group qualify for the first knockout round. The important point comes in the next round: the winners of the second knockout round qualify for the last sixteen, but also for next season's Brasileirao Serie-D. The tournament then plays through to a final to decide the champions. But sixteen teams are promoted to Serie D and the chance to enter the Brazilian league structure proper. That is the real prize to play for!!!
  5. The Bhoys From Brazil Glasgow Celtic have a global fan-base that stretches from one corner of the world to the other. This is largely thanks to the Scottish and Irish diasporas that have made their way to places as far flung as Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, the USA, and, indeed, Brazil. This Football Manager 2020 Career Updates thread is inspired by Celtic's global presence. Having looked around the lower echelons of Brazilian football, I have found clubs that have taken inspiration, either in name or in emblem, from clubs such as Barcelona, FC Porto, Arsenal, and Real Sociedad. This is where inspiration struck! Allow me to introduce a new addition to the Brazilian football world: Associação Esportiva Celtic (RJ). The club is based in Macae, in Rio de Janeiro State. It is fan owned and currently only has one non-negotiable principle: play entertaining football (the Celtic way). The club's board of members has managed to secure a stadium in the city of Macae, and after a unanimous vote have renamed it Paradise (they also changed the seats to green!) Having crowdfunded (with help from Celtic fans worldwide) to secure enough money to buy a place in the coming State Championship, they begin life in the Campeonato Carioca Serie D: the bottom tier of the Rio de Janeiro State Championships. The aims of this save are to try and help this newly formed club rise up the Brazilian pyramid and to make the name Celtic reverberate around South America. As a Celtic supporter myself, and a person who is obsessed with all things Latin America, this save is a combination of two passions. I hope it becomes an enjoyable experience for myself and anyone who chooses to follow.
  6. If the original creators would share the file with the community, that'd be amazing. A comprehensive Brazilian database is always good!
  7. I'm having some problems installing logos for competitions I've made. For some reason the smaller sized pictures are showing up as the normal sized ones. Even though I have created different folders for the 200x200 and 20x20 images. The thing is, one of the leagues works just fine. The New Balance Logo appears as it should. I followed the exact same steps with the other leagues and the result was different. I can't figure out why. Below are examples of what I mean: You can see the New Balance Logo next to North Atlantic Superleague in the top left. That's perfect. Followed exact same steps for the Santander league and this happened. Also: You can see the New Balance league is working correctly. But the other logos are clearly too big for the drop down menu. I created all the logos with the correct matching ID's. I then put them into normal size folder and small size folder. 200x200 = normal. 20x20 = small. This method worked fine for the New Balance logo. But the rest have not scaled down for some reason. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Happily, everything has worked according to plan so far. I simulated a season to see if the relegations worked correctly. Every team fell into the correct regional division. Coincidentally, the three teams relegated from the Championship into the regional divisions came from three different regions. So the numbers remained the same. But I have adjusted things to allow for different scenarios. This is what I have so far: New Balance Superleague Santander Championship First Division Regional Leagues: Celtic/Lowlands/Scandinavian. Second Division Regional Leagues: same as above. Third Division Regional Leagues: same as above. Fourth Division Regional Leagues: same as above. FA CUP: all clubs. League Cup: top 2 divisions. Celtic Cup: all teams from Celtic regional leagues 1-4. Scandinavian Cup: all teams from Scandinavian regional leagues 1-4. Lowlands Cup: all teams from lowlands regional leagues 1-4. On a side note: Ajax won the treble in the season I simulated, beating Celtic on goal difference in the league. Still to do: league sorting rules. Continental competitions.
  9. If this works I am going to rebuild other leagues and try to base them on region and reputation. So Finland will go into the Baltic league. Yeah, I am going to try and sort the minimum and maximum numbers so that the game allows for such a possibility. I am thinking about rebuilding the Continental Cups. The only problem with it is the last time I tried the competition filled up with random clubs. I had Scottish non-league sides along with Arsenal and Partizan Belgrade. Second season it worked fine. But I need to try and get the first one right.
  10. So, because of my limited ability on the editor, I've decided to sketch out the basics of an alternative system. It's based on the one pictured above, with the leagues breaking off into three regional leagues. This is how it looks so far: Superleague: 20 teams (Scotland; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Holland; Belgium). Championship: 20 teams (same as above). Regional Division 1: Celtic League (Scotland); Lowlands League (Holland/Belgium); Scandinavian League (Norway, Sweden, Denmark). Regional Division 2: Same as above, except Wales, N.Ireland and R.Ireland has teams enter Celtic League. Regional Division 3: Celtic League (Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, R.Ireland); Lowlands League (Holland, Belgium Luxembourg); Scandinavian League (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland). Regional Division 4: same as above, except Faroese teams enter the Scandinavian league. Feeder League: inactive division with teams feeding into respective leagues. I've sorted the leagues based on reputation. That way the smaller clubs will have a chance of competing in their leagues. I am still sorting out relegation/promotion numbers and whether to have play-offs in certain leagues. But that is the outline.
  11. North Atlantic League This thread is intended to help bring to life an idea that I've had for a new league structure in Football Manager 2020. The idea is not a new or original one, as talk of such a league has been going about for some time. The North Atlantic Leagues will comprise of six nations (unless people see fit to create a space for Finland, Ireland (North and South), Wales, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands). These nations are : Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium. There has been discussion about what such a league would look like on fans' forums down the years. Below is one possibility: Obviously this idea has 10 nations involved. I am open to this (and to the addition of Faroe Islands and Iceland), but the idea that I have come up with has only six of these countries; the ones I mentioned above. So my initial idea is quite complicated and it only has two tiers at the moment, though I'd be hoping to expand on this should I get it to work with the two tier system. At the moment I am trying to build the top-tier of the league structure. My plan looks something like this: 6 Groups based on Nationality. Each group contains the 6 most reputable teams from each country. Phase 1: National Group Stage: Each team plays against the others in the group 4 times (20 fixtures total). At the end of the Phase 1 fixtures, the top 3 teams from each group qualify for the Championship Playoffs, while the bottom 3 teams go into the Relegation Playoffs. Preferred dates of fixtures: July-December. Phase 2: Championship/Relegation/Promotion Play-offs: The Championship playoff contains the 18 teams that qualified from the National Group Stage. I want this to split into 2 leagues of 9. The groups can be randomly drawn. Each team plays the others twice (16 fixtures total). The top 2 teams from each group qualify for the play-offs: semi-final, then final to decide the overall winner of the tournament. Preferred dates of fixtures: January-May. The Relegation/Promotion Playoffs: I want to see 6 groups of 4 teams in this stage: the 3 teams from the National Group Stage and 1 team from the second-tier. The teams play against each other 4 times and the team who finishes bottom of the group is relegated to the second-tier. January-May. Second-Tier Qualification for Relegation/Promotion Playoffs: Tier-2 should be made up of 6 National Leagues that are comprised of the 10 most reputable teams left over after the teams in Tier-1 have been taken out of the equation. In Scotland, for example, this might mean the likes of Motherwell, Dundee United, St Johnstone etc. Between July-December, each team will play against each other twice. The team who finishes top of the league after this period qualifies for the Relegation/Promotion Play-offs. Ideally, each team will go into the appropriate group with their fellow teams from the same nation. The 9 teams that don't qualify for the playoffs will have some sort of cup competition to compete for between January-May, or a tournament that will allow promotion/relegation to/from tier-3 (when this is created). I'm looking for suggestions, feedback, alternative visions etc. And also, given I am quite inexperienced with the editor, if there are any whizzes who would like to try and create the league system when it has been finalised, that would be absolutely terrific. I'll try my best with it, but if someone wants to takeover I would be more than happy to hand it over.
  12. Rebuild the leagues or the continental competition?
  13. I have managed to get the leagues working. I am only using 10 countries, so a lot of the countries are missing from the start screen as I have removed their leagues. The only issue I am having now is with my continental competition. I was wanting the top teams from all 10 top leagues to qualify, but the game is throwing up random teams from the lower leagues.
  14. I've been creating some international leagues and the first couple were unproblematic. But for some reason there are two leagues that seem to cause issues when loaded together. One of the leagues is simply a merger between the Romanian and Bulgarian leagues. I used Bulgaria as the country in which the league is based. No issues. Everything verified. Works fine when loaded up. Next I done this with Ireland, N.Ireland and Wales. All good so far. Thirdly, I tried to do it with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. This was verified fine. But when it is loaded in the same database as the Romania/Bulgaria one, I can't load the Bulgarian nation. I get an error message like the one below: "Require minimum of 14 teams for First League, found only 0" Not sure why this is an issue for Bulgaria, considering I done the same thing with the Republic of Ireland and it is still showing. All of my leagues work okay together, but when the Baltic League is added there is an error in the Bulgarian Nation. I can't think of any reason for this, as I didn't touch anything other than the four countries I added into the Baltic Leagues: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Any ideas how I can fix this?
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