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  1. Really wish the government would clarify whether asthmatics class as priority group 6 or not. I get the flu jab every year and the whole pandemic I was told by my asthma nurse I was high risk and asthma was initially considered high risk on the government website - then they split it so that severe asthmatics were considered clinically vulnerable and asthmatics in general were considered the underlying conditions risk group. Now it says "severe asthmatics" under both priority 4 and 6(?) And Asthma UK even have been saying on their website for weeks they're seeking urgen
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this as there's no international thread, but this seems the most relevant. But under the "Agreements" section, shouldn't there be "Common Travel Area" (CTA) of the national teams for: England Scotland Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Wales Gibraltar Freedom of movement and freedom to work in the countries between the UK and Ireland long predates the EU (goes back to 1922) and will remain even if the UK has the hardest of Brexits, I know this is implemented in the game that Ireland counts as non-foreign after Brexit and players should be able to p
  3. @tomlcfc This video just got released which shows Tielemans and Praet speaking fluent French (presumably for some French broadcaster). I think Praet also only has good French listed, rather than fluent in his profile. Also according to this video, Mendy is Tielemans best friend at the club and Castagne is Praet's. So maybe they could go in each others favoured personnel too (as well as Tielemans and Praet in each other's which I said before ) Also, Castagne only has good English, but I'd say he's probably fluent. Maybe the very occasional missed word, but he'd definitely
  4. Shinji Okazaki's history from last season is a little messed up. I think they may have just missed the priority of the order of the teams he played for. Atm it's showing as a free transfer to Huesca, then a free transfer to Malaga and then another free transfer back to Huesca for this season. Whereas it was originally a free transfer to Malaga a 1st priority and then a free transfer to Huesca as 2nd priority last season. There should be no "Free" status for this season and he joined them last season.
  5. Hi @tomlcfc. Great work as always on the Leicester team. Just a couple of small things I've noticed. Dennis Praet only has good level English listed on his profile, but I think he should be fluent, see video below of him speaking pretty perfect English: Also, Praet and Tielemans should probably be on each other's favoured personnel list. There's been a few articles and interviews when they've said they're really close friends and have known each other for years back in Anderlecht https://www.lcfc.com/news/1304126/praet-on-citys-ambition-tielemans-friendship--rodgers-i
  6. Keep digging that hole... If you're publically claiming you very much doubt he has something it means you don't think he has it and you know that's what it means and you know everyone else knows it too. And are now trying to rapidly reel it in.
  7. Christ, the conspiracy theory nutters in here. Boris clearly had it and had it bad enough that he needed to be taken into ICU. Every nurse who treated him said they'd have taken anyone into to ICU in his condition. Personally I'd take this nurses word over anyone claiming he was faking it in here, unless she is some shrill/actress too rather than a fully trained nurse? Trump has far more to lose by testing positive now than he does to gain.
  8. Hardcore History is my favourite too. Revolutions is another good history one. Three Moves Ahead is the best gaming one for strategy games fans (I imagine anyone else will find it dry though). Hello Internet is another long-term favourite, though much prefer Brady to Gray (I remember when he used to be on East Midlands Today!) Like all the Welcome to Night Vale ones (Within the Wires maybe my favourite). Really into Beautiful/Anonymous atm. This comedian has an hour call with an anonymous member of the public just to tell their story.
  9. Starmer is part of that same middle-class London clique as Corbyn though. Think after what's just happened Labour need to move away from that. They ideally need a working-class Northern or Midlands' leader to try and win those votes back.
  10. If Boris sees out his term to 2024, then Tony Blair will be the only Labour leader to win an election in 50 years. Britain is a "small c" conservative country. Always has been and always will be. Labour will never win without moving back to the Centre ground. It doesn't matter how amazing people think their policies are on the Left, they'll always be opposition policies on the Left.
  11. I have a Reese's one on topic. You guys are nuts. Reese's and Hershies are the Jamie Vardy of chocolates - cheap, down-matket but actually godlike.
  12. Trade other resources you have in excess in the global market on a monthly trade or build more power districts in your cities.
  13. There's only 2 expansions. They are a lot to the game especially the great power influence. I can't even remember the base game now. I always play with the historic project mod on too.
  14. I'm really enjoying the new updates for Stellaris. It does feel much more like Victoria 2 now with the population system and more in depth economic system. It's a much better and deeper game now for sure. It's not in the same league of Victoria 2 though, neither is it anywhere near as good a space 4x as Distant Worlds: Universe, but it's now a great game rather than just a very good one and does scratch an itch thar neither of those 2 games do.
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