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  1. Have to agree about Greenwood - having 1 point less finishing than Aguero, Mane and Aubameyang and equal with Vardy and Son already is way too much - he's already got a higher finishing attribute than Abraham as well despite being nowhere near as proven before this summer. I would have expected his finishing attribute to be closer to 11 or 12 at this stage of his career. 16 is definitely far too high for someone who has still not even scored a PL goal - that's a golden boot-chasing PL finishing rating. I don't doubt the kid has potential, but there's some extremely high attribute ratings for him far, far too soon,
  2. I always used to think about "Legends" as people I could see us naming a stand of the stadium after - Vardy, Vichai, Ranieri, Lineker (in fact I think a stand at the Walkers stadium when it was first built was called the Lineker Stand for a couple of seasons), Banks, Rowley and Chandler - I could absolutely see. Kingy I'm not so sure - it's difficult because he was such an incredible servant to the club and to win 3 league titles was ridiculous, but I think we would all agree he's not necessarily as great a player as the others mentioned. I'd just lower his rating from 20 to 19 maybe so he's at the top of the Icons list - it will still mean he's greatly appreciated in the game and very likely that the club would want him back if he became a manager/coach if you play a few years into the future in the game. And no problem I know how time-consuming research can be, so it's always appreciated when the Leicester researcher goes into great depths to make the research look great Btw - another thing not related to the Leicester researcher - I noticed in the World Award, Schmeichel on there in the 3rd place for GK of the year has him listed as English and not Danish.
  3. I'm not sure whether throwing is about accuracy not strength. I can't remember now how is used to be. Kicking always used to be about distance and not accuracy though and that definitely is way too low for Schmeichel, I admit I was surprised his Kicking stat has been lowered so much to 12 - it's been a few years since I was researcher now - but I used to have his kicking as his highest attribute on 18 or 19 or something as he has one hell of a kick on him and can comfortably and has comfortably reached the edge of the opposition box without the ball bouncing from his own penalty area with his kicks. It's always been his accuracy which has been his issue - hence why his passing attribute was always low, but his kicking and throwing length are incredibly good for a goalkeeper. I generally agree with you on Schmeichel, but I do think his Kicking attribute especially is very harsh on him right now, he's got one of the longest kicks football - I especially remember MLG back in the day when we were discussing our ratings, saying he had the longest kick he'd ever seen of any goalkeeper live. Anyway @tomlcfc - Great research this year I think one thing which hasn't been changed for a while though is the club information screen. I'd remove Andy King down from Legend and move him down to a club Icon now - King is still well loved of course, but I don't think his legacy will last as long as the other people in the Legends section anymore like I did when we won the league - I'd also reduce Drinkwater from Club Icon to Favoured Personal and upgrade Albrighton from Favoured Personall to Club Icon - I think Drinkwater, again, won't have a legacy as much as the other player's in that section - and Albrighton will be much better remembered in 40 years time when we look back - for his performances in the Champions League run as much as the title winning season and his goals against Sevilla and Bruges especially will go down as 2 of the most iconic in the club's history,
  4. I didn't think it was originally and when I saw the far away replays in real time it doesn't look like it, but when they do the slow motion and close up you can see his hand clearly move towards the dip of the ball and not just his arm naturally coming down from the downward momentum of a jump. It's intuition/muscle memory rather than conscious thought, but it's still a deliberate action. So yeah, great decision for me - I wouldn't have said so originally but the VAR review confirmed it should have been for me.
  5. Nah. I used to like him before the beard, but I'm not into the big beard look and I don't think it suits him at all even if I was. It's more his smile and voice and personality I think. It's true he's not conventionally attractive but there's just something about him.
  6. I can't be bothered to find pictures, but I really like Antoinne Griezmann, Christian Eriksen and Gylfi Sigurdsson. Think Jack Butland, Eric Dier and Dele Alli are cute from the England players too (though Lallana is the hottest England player when he's there).
  7. Italy haven't got great players either atm but they do bring the best out of them by fitting them into s coherent system which brings out the player's strengths and covers their weaknesses. We've just won the league with 4 English players (5 if you include one who plays for Jamaica through his grandmother) who were all previously pretty unfancied havjng fantastic seasons because we put them into a system which brought out their strengths and covered their weaknesses. The "players aren't good enough" excuse is an absolute cop out. We have a huge pool of players. We could have found the players in our potential pool to have played in a system which brought out their strengths and covered their weaknesses to do enough to win the group or beat Iceland tonight with the right manager. The problem under Hodgson has been exactly the same it has been since Sven - we just picked the big name players and tried to shoehorn them all into the side regardless of how fit they were, how over the hill they were, how out of form they were and completely ignoring whether they suited the system and the players around them. Everyone knew Wilshere wasn't fit enough to go. Everyone knew Rooney shouldn't have to be shoehorned into the side. Everyone knew Sturridge wasn't a winger. Everyone knew having defenders who need leaders alongside them Cahill and Smalling at the back when you have very attacking full-backs was suicide. It's the same mistakes over and over again. We pick players on their celebrity and try to shoehorn them in regardless of how unfit or how well they fit in, we don't build a team (like how Italy or Iceland clearly have). At absolutely no point during that tournament or in the lead up to it did it ever look like Hodgson had any idea what his best side or system were. He just kept throwing mud at the wall and hoping it would stick.
  8. A joke surely? Another product of the FA's "system" is the last thing we need. Much less a proven failure. Gary Neville and nothing will change - the squad will be picked on who you play for regardless of how injured, out of form or over-the-hill you are. We need someone completely divorced from the FA's "system" who isn't a lackey of the big clubs who can shake it up. Neville and Southgate are the last 2 people I want to see replace Roy.
  9. If Rooney has any sense of self awareness he'll retire from international football the decking this game ends.
  10. You're kidding right? We barely tested their goalkeeper. All England did was pass it sideways across midfield for most of the game them take aimless long shots. It was hardly spineless from Slovakia, England's creativity was so poor that was all they really had to do to stop us. If anything it was more of a spineless performance from England, we just didn't look like we wanted to actually try some risky passes forwards to try create anything. We were just as conservative in possession than Slovakia were out of it.
  11. It's Barkley who shouldn't have gone. Henderson at least has a chance of playing. Barkley is what? 4th choice #10 behind Alli, Rooney and Lallana? And that's even if we play with a #10. When you think we're short of centre backs, defensive midfielders and wingers, Barkley, as 4th choice attacking midfielder who had virtually no chance of getting a game is a complete waste of a spot in the squad.
  12. Have you blocked the last few years from your memory? It's better than anything since 2006.
  13. Especially when they're always crap. He must be amazing at them in training or something because I don't think anyone understands it.
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