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  1. Got to say, of all the low-calibre armchair punditry over last night, this has to be amongst the worst takes. Kane had a good game, he played a big role in both games and he had to come deeper because Italy clearly did a job on him and surrounded him with 4 players every time he got the ball in a dangerous area. It's a very early 90s Mike Basset "we play 4-4-****ing-2" attitude to say "youre striker has to be always in the box scoring goals", rather than positively affecting play in general.
  2. To be fair, Rice was driving us forward and looked the most likely to make something happen. As soon as Henderson came on he looked half fit and laboured and killed any counter-attackimg intent we had through the middle. Genuinely can't believe there were some fans (let's face it, all Liverpool fans) who genuinely wanted Henderson to start tonight. It's a very "Sven" attitude to just through the "name" in when he's clearly not fully fit.
  3. Gutted. We've done so well and much to build on in the future though. Team can be so proud though. This is the best and most enjoyable England side I've ever seen. Worse possible to lose though with 3 persons of colour missing. I dread the racist abuse that is almost certainly coming Rashford Saka and Sanchos way in social media.
  4. It's crazy. When I was growing up I kind of just accepted Leicester and England would always be a bit rubbish but it's what you do as a football fan to still support them anyway. The last 5 or 6 years it's just been utterly surreal seeing both England and Leicester do so well. Cannot imagine being told as a kid Leicester would win the FA Cup and England might win the Euros in the same summer haha.
  5. So who do we think will be added to the England legends section for FM22 then? Surely Sterling and Kane at least?
  6. I think England winning and Kasper having an amazing game was the perfect result for me. Was sad that he got booed but I guess it's a sign of respect for an amazing player.
  7. Really felt for Kasper, he kept Denmark in it 3 or 4 times and even got to the penalty. Felt weird wanting him to not be so good for once haha. Still for England it's an absolutely incredible result.
  8. I've had an incredibly ****** day. Lost my wallet and had huge stressful beauocracy issues. Completely lost all enthusiasm for the football tonight. My dad said he remembered having a horrible day before the England vs West Germany semi-final in 1990 as well. Weird how these things sometimes happen before a big game. Puts the football into perspective a little.
  9. I agree with you. I'm not even sure England will beat Denmark. I'm just saying England and Denmark will both be rubbing their hands together by how often Spain cut Italy open, because England and Denmark have both looked like much better sides than Spain in this tournament so far (especially with regards to finishing their chances) and you'd have to take confidence in Italy being outplayed like that. Not at all saying that any of the 3 teams will win or are unbeatable. Just that with Italy being talked up as favourites, the way they struggled tonight (and against Austria as well) wil
  10. Same. Spain cut Italy open several times and missed a few gilt-edge chances. But Spain have been missing a good striker all tournament. Think of Spain had Kane and Sterling or even Dolberg up front for them, they win that game 3 or 4-1. England and Denmark will both be rubbing their hands together after that game tbh. Italy looked very beatable.
  11. Think the commentators are overrating this game a bit. It's been fun but they're making out it's one of the best games of all-time or something
  12. I looked through and it happens more often than it doesn't. Although the early tournaments only having 2 matches each meant lots of players shared the Golden Boot. But outright Golden Boot winners still happen 1972 - Gerd Muller - West Germany 1980 - Klaus Allofs - West Germany 1984 - France- Michel Platini 1988 - Netherlands- Marco van Basten 2008 - Spain - David Villa And there's been 6 players who've won the tournament and been joint top scorer too. It's actually more unusual from the topscorer to be from a side who hasn't won. I think you're
  13. Yeah but the Euros used to only have 4 teams in it so I imagine it must have been done.
  14. For the Campbell one, Campbell is nowhere near the keeper. I think it was Shearer just standing there and the keeper just jumps into him and completely misses the ball. It was just terrible goalkeeping.
  15. Yeah that's my thoughts too. People say Euro 2004 was our best side and maybe the starting XI was the best player for player. But we used to have to bring on the likes of Kieran Dyer and Darius Vassell off the bench as our game changing players in that tournament. The mid-00s side had zero depth, that's exactly why we had to try and shoehorn the likes of Beckham Gerrard Lampard Scholes Owen and Rooney into the same side, because the quality options behind them just weren't there. A player like James Maddison would be our first choice sub coming off the bench every game during th
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