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  1. Your captain coming to you with a concern and them fully backing you when you explain something logically...
  2. Literally just saw a headline saying Everton avoid relegation after my last matchday... Checked the table... That was a close one...
  3. Clicking too fast so you miss something stupid and then the dynamics blow up because of it. Fat fingering a sub and putting on a player in the complete wrong position. Idiot.
  4. If anyone of you lovely career peeps are interested in this then give it a look...
  5. Hello all, I realised I have FM10 the other day and thought about football 10 years ago. Messi and Ronaldo were just about starting their run of dominance. Pep and Spain were about to introduce us all to Tika Taka brilliance. Liverpool would have to wait another 10 years. Fergie and Wenger were still in charge. Real Madrid hadn't broken Jose. What a time. So for nostalgia's sake as well as for some fun I wondered about doing some kind of challenge. There are three options I am considering based on what people would like to see or might be interested in... 1. All signees create players and we see if anyone can break the Messi/Ronaldo decade up and see how you change the future... 2. All signees create managers and we see if anyone can topple Sir Alex, Jose, Pep and Klopp. 3. The experiment runs without any edited things added and we just see how it all pans out with people maybe sponsoring clubs and earning fake money (much like @PaulHartman71 did for one of his journeyman saves long ago). Am open to other suggestions too. What do we reckon?
  6. Playing the same ****ing team three games in a row due to league fixtures, cup draws, replays etc
  7. Signing Darren Bent as my Assistant. I loved that guy at The Valley.
  8. Win a game will ya? Charlton fans have seen this before though. The fanbase are already resigning themselves to the play-offs.
  9. Farq's got his mates to start on me and I told them to **** off and put him in the reserves. He took it well. There is no way I'm allowing these boys to substandard perform and demand loadsa money. They cost me job by doing that in FM18 and if that means I have to Order 67 the lot of them in the first season I will. I will not be messed with.
  10. Last minute winners/equalisers A substitution working out (either they score, they absolutely shore you up or create something special)
  11. September 2019 Update Could we grab ourselves cup glory and/or keep the form? Would we score more than one goal per game? Would we finally come crashing down? We're not boring any more. The league went fine as the 'Home' tactic hit its stride and we dispatched both Deveronvale and Strathspey without too much concern. Inverurie saw us away in the cup as I played the Second XI and they couldn't respond after being 2-1 down at half time. We did rally at the end of the month though when we got rid of a strong Kelty Hearts side in an absolute banging game. It was 3-2 in the 84th minute when Grant Steven got himself sent off but MacGregor took matters into his own hands and put us in the hat for round 2 with style. Five out of five. Can't ask much more at this stage... A busy October on the road as we have to go to Buckie, Clachnacuddin and Turrif. Clachnacuddin might be okay but the other two are difficult trips. We take on Burntisland in round 2 of the Scottish Cup and end our league month at home to a resurgent Huntly. We also have an Aberdeenshire Shield game against someone. The month could be complicated as the bastards have started to show their hand. Just like two years ago the underperforming senior members of the squad are speaking out demanding new contracts but they are playing like dicks. Davie Allan has demanded one but wouldn't accept not being a star player despite playing crap. That kicked everyone else off including Farquhar who has played crap himself so I have already alienated most of the team leaders. Looks like fun times ahead...
  12. Lovely to see you do this @Deisler26. As a kind of former/lapsed/current Charlton fan it's nice to see someone take them on. What happened to Dillon?
  13. August 2019 Update A busy August and a squad that seemed a little brittle. How would we fare? Boring, Boring Wick Academy. FIVE 1-0 wins. Defensively sound Wick Academy? I've never seen anything like it. Anyways, brass tacks. We started well enough against the U18s of Ross County, a nice and sensible win. Forres proved to be the difficult nut to crack I thought they would and a draw would've been a fair result but Roass Allan sneaked in at the last to get us off to a flyer in the league. A second XI took on Banks O'Dee and we were nearly eliminated but Gary Manson saved our blushes and then we dominated them in extra time getting the deserved win. Then came two absolute madness games. We were battering Lossiemouth and had gone 1-0 up early thanks to MacGregor who looked in the mood, however five minutes after half time Allan got himself sent off and we then had to backs to the walls it to escape with the three points. We were clearly the better team but the sending off nearly cost us. Unfortunately, in the next game against Formartine, Alex Depodé got himself sent off in the 42nd minute. We battled gamely to a 0-0 draw in the 90 but were too knackered for extra time and got knocked out. We then went to Keith who had started well and managed to squeeze a cagey game thanks to young CB Jason Geddes winning and then nervelessly converting a pelanty. The final fixture of the month was in the Aberdeenshire Cup as we took on Brora for the first time this season. This was a lot more comfortable and Davie Allan settled it just before half-time which was good for him coz he'd missed an earlier pelanty and was a 5.8 before he tucked the ball away. A satisfying end to a cagey month. We're winning, but we're not pretty Of course the sour grapes emanating here are delicious. I was nice to him as well... And it got me manager of the month which I didn't win in the previous save despite playing better football. It's defoz a results business. Top of the nascent table wiht 3 outta 3 and the only 100% record in the league. Won't last but we'll enjoy it. Oh and Huntly have already sacked their manager. No ****ing about from those boyz. September starts with Deveronvale coming to Harmsworth yet to win a game. Smells like an upset all over. We then travel to Inverurie for the semi-final of the Aberdeenshire and then points unknown for our Scottish cup debut. Possible tricksy battles against Strathspey and Buckie round out the month. Five more 1-0s would do nicely...
  14. It may also have to do with them not wanting to sell to a club in the same league as them... That can sometimes be a thing I think.
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