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  1. So I've been thinking about languages in the game and the courses you can send people on to get up to speed etc and was wondering whether it would be possible/desirable to allow managers to 'complete' a language course. In my current save I am managing AFC Hornchurch and am in the Conference South. Eventually I am planning to move to Italy for my career. Now in real life if I was a manager who had led a team out of non-league and got a decent enough reputation to apply for some Serie C jobs I'd expect I wouldn't be given the time of day if I didn't know the language and in real life I'd probably spend a couple of years learning the language to a good level to be effective at my job if this was a career move I was planning. The way I see it working is to apply to do the course (one language at any one time) like you do for the coaching badges. Unlike the coaching badges though it would be simulated as not affecting your training etc (as in real life you'd probably do it in your spare time) and would be slowly incremental. Maybe taking the year and a half + it takes to learn the language when you are in the country. This could then lead you to be looked at more favourably for jobs in foreign lands. I don't think it should affect you if you have a massive reputation as it doesn't now in real life as you will find big managers getting jobs without the language but lower down the pyramid I think this would be a cool and immersive thing. It could also be sped up in learning time if you're unemployed/in the summer. What do we think?
  2. It's okay... Extremely formulaic in its current iteration but I'm hoping it's something that will develop a little more as the game develops. Not sure they need to talk about every possible loan transfer as well as they seem to do at the moment (and it's always one who is like 'yeah, good move' and another who is 'nah, bad move')
  3. If this happens then maybe you'd want to have a word with the board about the contract before agreeing. Maybe demand better facilities, coaching, a new stadium move etc. They might well tell ya to do one after. A bit gamey but if a Championship job comes up... This does work and they withdraw the contract offer. I've been flirting with bigger clubs for two seasons now on my Hornchurch save to try and convince them to improve the youth facilities and after we chat they always say 'see ya then'.
  4. I went through a spell on CM03/04 of always signing Mick Harford as my ass man.
  5. In the continuing adventures of Seedy Sparrow...
  6. I'm sorry mate, what did you say your son's name was again?
  7. The good thing about the personalities in the game is that their is no one-size fits all approach so you can't just praise players who get 8.5 all the time and get a boost from it just like some players won't get fired up when you tell them they're crap after a 5.8. You (not you specifically I mean it generally) do have to see it as managing different personalities and as a manager you have two choices. One is to make note of players that don't respond your chosen style of man-management and talking and then drop them/ship them out for players that react better or if the player is too valuable to your team and doesn't react to your general man-management style then change it for them. If Macho guy doesn't like being praised then don't praise him. If a guy on a poor run of form never reacts well to criticism then don't chat to him and just drop him to the bench for a couple of matches. There is a tendency to see teamtalks and individual chats and team meetings as mini-games with one clear right way and other ways that are less effective and as a player if you're going to get away from that you need to start thinking about your players as actual individuals. One of the things that FM does do really well is the different personality types and they do make it feel like you're managing a bunch of individuals rather than one big homogeneous robotic mass. This is a feather in the game's cap IMHO.
  8. I think it's worth pointing out that a team with some low mentals will be more prone to collapse even with some expert motivation and managing due to their inability to handle the pressure. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and either look to develop a tougher mentality through signings/tutoring.
  9. I'm surprised that you're finding the Art of Possession not working for you as I've used it a lot and got it working up and down the pyramid (with a few tweaks positionally). It's still a very sound tactic (but you have to make sure you have some attacking outlets).
  10. What would be interesting is if League One clubs bidding on the same players would cost less. If the system worked properly it would as in this experience I could see why any of those clubs demand over 250k from Man Utd. Southed Utd however should be able to get the clubs but there is no way a good non-league club would price out Southend if they came a-knocking.
  11. Completed my coaching course in January so I started having a look and Lithuania looked enticing especially as the league hadn't started yet. Having not had a pre-season with either Jarve or Prut when I first joined them this was a novelty for me and one I couldn't turn down. I didn't even have to resign although those Moldovans were crying betrayal but **** them and there stupid culture. I've learnt their language and I have no more time for them. So let's hit the road... So having headed down through Lithuania when leaving Estonia I know go back but this time stopping in Kaunas, the second largest city in all of the Lithuania. The best news is I should be learning Lithuanian as they asked me about it in my press conference. Huzzahs. The league is one step up from Divizia A so my reputation must be improving right? As to this club... well it's a phoenix club as the original FBK Kaunas went under in 2012 and was resurrected by their fans. They've finished 8th for the last three years and (bizarrely) have an affiliation with Thamesmead of all bloody places. I hope we don't have to pre-season there coz Thamesmead is a stinky hole. Squad needs a lot of work as it's pretty empty. Hopefully I'll get some hardy Ryman North boys in from Laandaan Taan I definitely need to get into the transfer market though if we're going to be successful as there is no youth squad to speak of. Another 16 team league with one up and two down and some B sides. Just like Moldova. So off we go then and what better anthem to get us going than this banger?
  13. FC Prut Leova: November 2018 Update Pressure is off and there is an end of term feel all around Leova as I being to dream of pastures new. Also there was football. And we did quite well. A bit annoyed to lose to Selemet but at least it was away. The rest was decent with all the youngsters scoring the goals. There is great talent here for the next manager. For me... I'll stay until my course is done and the resign probably. In the meantime the search for a new gig is underway. We're doing very well although the league is a lot closer this year so if I do go in the break there is no certainty of survival. If I stayed till the end I'd be expecting top 8 though. There are no strikers but the team is solid. These are the games once the Winter break is over. Hopefully I will be elsewhere for when these games happen. If not there are some tough fixtures out of the break. In the meantime I paid one last visit to Jarve as I scheduled the league for deletion. They lost. I was sad.
  14. OMFG. STOP THE PRESSES!!! That's right. I'm fluent in Romanian. This is an absolute plot twist. I am now free to leave Leova and head somewhere else to learn another language. What one I go for is a mystery but this will signal that my time at Prut is coming to an end. I'll take them through to the Winter break and then start casting my net wide. Only taken me 18 months as well. What a ployglot I am...
  15. FC Prut Leova: October 2018 Update It's amazing how one win can turn a winless run into an unbeaten run innit? The vagaries of football... From no win in five to an unbeaten seven match winning run. That's how you do it but by God could we do with a Moldovan lad who can put the ball in the net. Any kind of lad. I'm not fussy. Nice to see Nica on the score sheet again but Vasiljev is now our top scorer and this ain't no FM08 with a corner exploit and he ain't no Sam Sodje so having a CB as your leading scorer is pretty damning. At least we're competitive... I guess... *chews gum and drinks a pint of wine* Midtable. Obvs. The most interesting thing thus far is that Ungheni have turned around their poor start to the season and our now top proving they should absolutely have not hired me. Good call guys. Good call. Five games take us to the Winter break with important relegation games against Iskra and Selemet away. Zimbru 2 come to Leova as do Congru and a trip to Edinet is also on the cards for us before th snow falls. I make no predictions except we'll score about three goals in all the games.