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  1. Asked by the press about someone's response to me saying they'd stay up and the second response down refers to going for the title rather than staying up.
  2. As the title says. The 1st of September fixture is grouped with the August fixtures despite being in September. Already uploaded this save to the cloud under 'Wavelberry Messina Fixtures'
  3. Messina 2019/20 Pre-Season So with tactical tweaks and stuff all go what is happening? So... three games against Serie C opposition and eight goals conceded isn't very Catenaccio is it? Little bit worried about that but the game seems a lot more (confirmation bias incoming) wired to cock-up cascades and head-drops once you go behind and I dropped a lot of them from set-piece situations so I probably need to work on those. At least the attacking side has got better. Slowly. Not sure the players are that good and I am obviously retraining like a mutha and playing players in weird positions. I guess we will find out how we get on though. A very busy September despite the 1st of September not even being in September. With the neutral ground bug attacking me I only have one home game but on the plus side I only have one away trip too so viva this brave new world of Serie C football.
  4. Wavelberry

    [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I too, having holidayed and got Messina have games scheduled in Serie C at neutral grounds. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the decision of whether it is home/away/neutral as reciprocal games for teams I am playing home and away are at neutral venues. All my friendlies were played home/away as arranged... Have uploaded two saves to the cloud as well before the league reset date called 'Italy Before Reset' and one of my current save ATM called 'Wavelberry Messina Fixtures' Let me know if you need owt else or if I didn't upload good.
  5. Okay, so I (slash Dave), have made a few tactical tweaks after we got our arses handed to us in the first friendly. Basically I didn't experiment enough past the presets and didn't really think about how I was wanting to play so at the moment we are now lining up like this: So then. I have ditched the half back and gone full libero and it appears to be working well. He is sweeping and getting forward very unlike the old libero role in FM18 and before. I went back and reacquainted myself with Herrera's system and of course Facchetti was extremely key and his goalscoring was very important. To whit I have gone for IWB with shoots more often and in the last two games I have seen 3 goals come from that area. Up front I have dropped Cassano back and the link up is now better and it seems to be playing into to my Trequartista's hands as he is proving to be my main scoring outlet. The last two games have been against lower ability opposition but we are scoring now and, more importantly, in the way I want us to. We head to the Serie C cup now to see if we can translate it to opponents of our level and above. Let's see how we go.
  6. Wavelberry

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    And the Italian one is the 30th I believe. 29th or 30th anyways.
  7. Wavelberry

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

  8. So am going to attempt some classic Catenaccio. Let's see how it turns out...
  9. I'm pretty certain that's every ****ing attribute... Oh wait, no it's not... Some strength at least.
  10. So... a lot of weakness in the squad... WILL THIS LIST EVER END???
  11. So on Steam for your friends it shows who you are negotiating with apparently. Or so my mate has just told me...
  12. Wavelberry

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    Have gone for Messina in the end as can't play as me until they fix the favourite team thing and I do always enjoy a trip to Italy.
  13. Game processes a lot faster than FMs previous. Holidayed through to get newly promoted sides and it didn't take very long at all.
  14. Dave Smith is a guy. He did a thing in a different timeline and that is here. He is now in this timeline full of reverse twins and Tinglers but he is ready to go again. The first few posts in that previous post are the same here... the only divergence is... Meet the new manager of Messina he divint even na how he got here... Game on...