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  1. Completed my coaching course in January so I started having a look and Lithuania looked enticing especially as the league hadn't started yet. Having not had a pre-season with either Jarve or Prut when I first joined them this was a novelty for me and one I couldn't turn down. I didn't even have to resign although those Moldovans were crying betrayal but **** them and there stupid culture. I've learnt their language and I have no more time for them. So let's hit the road... So having headed down through Lithuania when leaving Estonia I know go back but this time stopping in Kaunas, the second largest city in all of the Lithuania. The best news is I should be learning Lithuanian as they asked me about it in my press conference. Huzzahs. The league is one step up from Divizia A so my reputation must be improving right? As to this club... well it's a phoenix club as the original FBK Kaunas went under in 2012 and was resurrected by their fans. They've finished 8th for the last three years and (bizarrely) have an affiliation with Thamesmead of all bloody places. I hope we don't have to pre-season there coz Thamesmead is a stinky hole. Squad needs a lot of work as it's pretty empty. Hopefully I'll get some hardy Ryman North boys in from Laandaan Taan I definitely need to get into the transfer market though if we're going to be successful as there is no youth squad to speak of. Another 16 team league with one up and two down and some B sides. Just like Moldova. So off we go then and what better anthem to get us going than this banger?
  3. FC Prut Leova: November 2018 Update Pressure is off and there is an end of term feel all around Leova as I being to dream of pastures new. Also there was football. And we did quite well. A bit annoyed to lose to Selemet but at least it was away. The rest was decent with all the youngsters scoring the goals. There is great talent here for the next manager. For me... I'll stay until my course is done and the resign probably. In the meantime the search for a new gig is underway. We're doing very well although the league is a lot closer this year so if I do go in the break there is no certainty of survival. If I stayed till the end I'd be expecting top 8 though. There are no strikers but the team is solid. These are the games once the Winter break is over. Hopefully I will be elsewhere for when these games happen. If not there are some tough fixtures out of the break. In the meantime I paid one last visit to Jarve as I scheduled the league for deletion. They lost. I was sad.
  4. OMFG. STOP THE PRESSES!!! That's right. I'm fluent in Romanian. This is an absolute plot twist. I am now free to leave Leova and head somewhere else to learn another language. What one I go for is a mystery but this will signal that my time at Prut is coming to an end. I'll take them through to the Winter break and then start casting my net wide. Only taken me 18 months as well. What a ployglot I am...
  5. FC Prut Leova: October 2018 Update It's amazing how one win can turn a winless run into an unbeaten run innit? The vagaries of football... From no win in five to an unbeaten seven match winning run. That's how you do it but by God could we do with a Moldovan lad who can put the ball in the net. Any kind of lad. I'm not fussy. Nice to see Nica on the score sheet again but Vasiljev is now our top scorer and this ain't no FM08 with a corner exploit and he ain't no Sam Sodje so having a CB as your leading scorer is pretty damning. At least we're competitive... I guess... *chews gum and drinks a pint of wine* Midtable. Obvs. The most interesting thing thus far is that Ungheni have turned around their poor start to the season and our now top proving they should absolutely have not hired me. Good call guys. Good call. Five games take us to the Winter break with important relegation games against Iskra and Selemet away. Zimbru 2 come to Leova as do Congru and a trip to Edinet is also on the cards for us before th snow falls. I make no predictions except we'll score about three goals in all the games.
  6. FC Prut Leova: September 2018 Update Who's ready to come crashing back down earth? You? And Me? And Prut? Alrighty then... A chastening month with no wins (in the league anyways) and a big spanking at the start of it. We have shown quite a lot of battling qualities through the month but a plague of injuries in key positions have cost us and left us floundering a bit. The most notable things have been Vasiljev scoring two pelanties to give us a point in two different games (if only he could defend eh?) and Aibu getting a goal for the first time since our relegation season. Other than that we've been pretty up and down with no consistency. Classic Prut. It hasn't put us in any mires at this stage and I'm fairly happy with the points tally so far especially after the Saxan manager trash talked me in the press and said we're going down. I chinned him after the game. Obvs. All these players have been out this month and in a busy month it has definitely caught up with us. Hopefully with a more sedate schedule we can get back on track. A mix of games in October. We've done well against Gagauziya since I've been here so that's a guaranteed loss. We then take on two title chasing sides before finishing the month away to another newly promoted side. I'm expecting us to take two points here. We'll lose the two games we should win but draw against the title challengers. It's how we Prut.
  7. FC Prut Leova: August 2018 Update Off we go with a new season then. Full of hope and joy and all the possibilities. How long before we came crashing back down to earth? Well, not this month. Instead we'll dare to dream for another month at least. It all started against Edinet, a team we've lost to in every game ever, and when we went down 2-0 it looked like another terrible day against them but a great late rally and an equaliser three minutes from Ciobanu sent me into raptures. We'd never have done that last season with Cretu the Cretin as captain. From there it was strength to strength with a solid win away to new boys Congaz before thrashing last season's title chaser Maiak 4-1 with a hattrick from Berestean and Kirillov grabbing his first goal (which was heartening to see as he'd been gash in the previous two games). We finished the month with an away cup game and the second XI made a little bit more heavier weather than they should have but we ultimately prevailed in extra time with goals from both our young wingers. A pretty decent month then. Early doors yet but unbeaten and delivering an early smackdown is nothing to be sniffed at. Ungheni sit bottom which is interesting as they were interested in me apparently. They never made an approach and hired some Moldovan guy which appears to be working out well for them. A busy, busy September with a game against Ungheni as well as a cup match against fellow Divizia A side Iskra. I think we'll know how much better we are this season after this run of games. Meanwhile... He'll go eventually. He won't talk to me anymore and nobody else cares. Soon he will be on the Moldovan scrapheap and I will laugh, oh how I will laugh...
  8. FC Prut Leova: Pre-season 2018 Update Well then. Onto pre-season and the first order of business was to make sure I was still employed by Prut so I could continue my Language Learning... Job done. I had asked for a parent club in order to help with the fact that my scouts can't find anyone to recruit at all but they came back blank. They have agreed to me going for my Continental B licence though so that's good. With my future secured for another season it was time to do some overhauling of the squad... This first bit of news was a bitter blow. With Mandricenco out I'd be forced to look for two completely new first team ready wingers... The transfers out are pretty much self-explanatory wasters who weren't good enough to play when I first arrived and only hung on last season in case of emergencies. As far as incomings were concerned in the end we strengthened in four areas with a new CB, DM and two new wingers. Kirillov comes in as a replacement for the Cretin who will not be named. Much better than him and let go from a higher division club it was a coup to get him. I only hope he can turn that talent into performances. Vasiljev was someone I scouted and thought might be okay so I offered him a trial. He was at ours and didn't look great yet but then was attracting attentions of a lot of other DIvizia A clubs. I decided to sign him and lo he agreed. Will give me some (hopefully) much needed steel at CB. Focsa was at Real Success and did get relegated but he looks better than my other two DMs and has looked solid so far in pre-season. Ionescu was an emergency find. I bought him on trial and he scored in our second game so he is now signed as Mandricenco's replacement which means we won't have to rely on Nica the 16 year old. This is the squad and it's not that much better but we've strengthened in a few key areas it's just there are no decent strikers in Moldovan football (not that my scouts could find anyway). I imagine we'll be on course to repeat last season looking at this lot. This is how we will line-up for the first game of the season. All the new signings are straight in and have looked okay in the friendlies. And so have the rest of the team with 6 wins, a draw and a loss coming. Berestean, Ciobanu and Ionescu have all scored more than once pre-season so I'm hopeful they will continue to do so as the season starts as our goalscoring is what let us down last year. If Ionescu works out in that IF role that could be a great boon for the campaign ahead. Despite last year's comfort we've been predicted relegation again. I think we're better than that and should be aiming for the top ten again. That's my personal aim for this squad although when I mentioned it pre-season there was much whinging about it being too ambitious. It's probably that snake Cretu's fault but don't worry, I've settled his hash over the summer break... Ahhh, we have fun don't we. He's still here at the moment but I'm going to drop him into the U19s in a week or so and then start fining him for his unprofessional behaviour. No-one else seems to have spoken out for their former leader which isn't a surprise. Would you want to leap to the defence of this sniveling coward? Anyway onto the football. Three games to kick us off and we start against Edinet again but at least we're at home, we then travel to newly promoted Congaz before facing a Maiak side who will probably have revenge on their mind after their championship choke against us on the last day of the season. Time for all our dreams to come crashing down again...
  9. FC Prut Leova: Season 2017-2018 Review A decent first full season in Moldova then as I took this side that survived relegation by the skin of their teeth last year and took them into comfortable mid-table. It was relatively painless and decent season all told and... sorry, I thought I might have just seen Cretu walking into training. Anyways, it was a decent season in the end so lets review shall we? A decent season all told although I'm not sure I agree with the worst game. The worst one was the home defeat to Codru. Hands down. I remember being impressed by the Zimbru 2 result at the time so am happy to take that one and obviously a 9th placed finish is pretty damn sweet after last year's madness. Here are your award winners and there's not much to complain about tbh aside from the fact that they didn't pick anyone to play at right wing which is weird. Football fans eh? Anyways I would probably agree that Ursu has been one of our better players this season and with a lack of a standout proper performed in either midfield or attack and with both my full-backs being as good as each other he has come through and won POTY by the two greatest words in the English language. De and Fault. He also picked up YPOTY as well so a decent season for a player who I always know I can depend upon (aside from that one match against Codru but everyone's allowed one). Can't remember Iacob's goal. Was probably drunk. Here they all are then. One of the mid-tableiest bunches of mid-tables who ever mid-tabled. Only Berestean averaged over 7 but when you compare it to last year where the POTY averaged 6.41 we're talking about a world of difference... We suffered quite a few injuries this year. Is an excuse. I am using... A cool stat for us though is that Ursu was the best keeper in the division with 13 shut-outs in 28 games. He's not a tough-tackling DM who breaks legs but he's all I've got right now on these cold Moldovan nights and I love him. One stat that I did stumble upon and find worrying though is that the experienced defender I signed to shore up our defence over the Winter break was directly responsible for four goals. In just thirteen games! I'm hoping it was just a settling in thing but I might need to cast my net around again in the Summer. Other stats to finish us off then. Ciobanu top scored with seven goals which isn't enough. I need a goalscorer desperately but given that he's just a kid he's done pretty well there and if he continues to develop could well lead the line one day. Nicolae gets rated as the top player (assuming Berestean doesn't count as he came in the window) while Scherbakov gets recognition for his tireless leg work and passing in midfield. He can pass the ball so he gets it a lot. No red cards and only six each as the highest is a bit off for me coz usually I win those stats by a country mile but I guess my English 'up an at 'em' nice is still a little lost in translation. Give it time though. The fact that only three players picked up two MOTMs each and that was the highest number showed how much it was a collective effort of mediocrity from the squad. I'd settle for a bit more mediocrity next season... Still, it's not why we're here is it? It's all about the language and my level has been upgraded to good. I am now good at speaking Romanian. HUZZAHS. What does this mean for next season though? Well... at the moment I am yet to sign a contract extension, however, I've not had any interest aside from the side that got relegated so I think I'm unlikely to find another Moldovan gig at the moment so the plan will be to stay at Prut for another year and spend my summer making Cretu's life an absolute misery... oh and maybe sign some players and make the team better etc etc. For now though. This one is for Cretu... He really is worth less than Alec Baldwin.
  10. FC Prut Leova: May 2018 Update Right then. Let's get on with it shall we. I've got places to be and you've got places to be and we all hate it here so... Oh... Alright then. That's pretty... decent actually. Amazing what happens when you drop your useless drip of a captain isn't it? We got a well deserved win away to Nistru Otaci with Ionut Maris (who was Cretu's replacement) scoring his first goal for the club and sealing the win for us. My smug smile could be seen all the way back in Jarve but I ignored the phone call from the Estonian press asking why. They wouldn't get it... Our next assignment was away at title chasing Bardar and we nearly did them. We went ahead in the first minute as Ciobanu scored from the opening move of the game and we held them at bay for nearly an hour until a bit of a soft pelanty was awarded to them. After that they were not to be denied and the got the winning goal with 14 minutes to go. We played well though and could hold our heads high but it was the next game I wanted to win. Ever since our pathetic capitulation to Codru I had earmarked this as a possible career-ender for anyone who couldn't deal with pressure. Luckily for me though this time we did and despite some excellent chances for them we scored three and basically relegated them. Another goal for young striker Avadanei was a welcome cherry on top of the tasty cake of our last home game. Our final mission of the season was to go to another title chasing side in Maiak. Just two points off the top they needed a win and we needed a party to ruin and boy did we ruin it. Ciobanu smacking in a decent free-kick and Maris getting a well deserved second. We took the wind out of Maiak's sails and celebrated our win intensely. We're not a nice side and we don't bow to anyone anymore. You hear me Cretu? NOT ANYONE! A decent end to the season sees us finish 9th and with a positive goal difference. Not bad considering how we squeaked survival last year though. Maybe this hasn't been as bad a season as I thought a month ago. It's amazing what a bit of perspective can d... CRETU YOU BASTARD! I SEE YOU SNEAKING OUT THERE. GET BACK ON THE TRAINING PITCH AND GIVE ME FIVE MORE LAPS YOU SNIVELING ****! Absolutely zen about it all now yeah.
  11. FC Prut Leova: April 2018 Update What could be an historic month was ahead with the chance of Prut retaining their Divizia A status with more than four games to go which, after last season's madness, is to be extremely welcomed... So why do I feel full of incandescent rage? I'll tell you why. Because this team are a bunch of mentally weak pissbabies who can't handle just the slightest sniff of pressure and collapse in a heap when anyone dares to question their ****ing awful performances. This is embodied in the absolute useless waste of space of my captain Cretu. We got a decent draw away to Saxan and were set fair for a triumphant home game against Codru. All we had to do was avoid defeat and we were staying up. I told them to give the fans something to enjoy and what happened? They ****ing fell apart. I've never been so sickened and angered by a bunch of Moldovans in my life... or ever before but this... this was ****ing dire. A last minute consolation gave some hope but we then proceeded to **** about with the ball when they should've been pushing forward. Useless bastards. They were even more useless away Ungheni but at least we were away and they were up the league. We were actually mathematically safe after that game so I made the decision that I should've made a year ago. Cretu has been dropped and will never play for me again. His one good performance in six and generally pissy mental attitude (looking stressed when you ask him to do his job) means that he's out especially as he's 24. I dropped him for the last game against Iskra and at least we picked up a win. Another youth player scoring a goal in the shape of Avadanei who is rated as possibly being as good as Ciobanu so he'll be good for another four goals in the next 30 games. Anyways, we're safe from the drop but I'm not sure any of these players are safe from my wrath... 10th then with four to go. I'd be happy to finish here and we really should now I've cut some of the deadwood from the first team. A real interesting fight for the title as well as the battle for relegation. I'm not involved in either and TBH I'm quite happy about that as this squad have barely been able to deal with the mental pressure of a mediocre mid-table season... Two top sides away? Uh oh. A relegation battler at home? Double uh oh. I reckon we'll get one point from this and end the season with me smashing teacups on the likeness of Cretu's face again and again and again...
  12. Ha ha. No sooner do I start to wonder about my future at Prut then the game reads my mind... Obviously I laughed them off with added expletives because they're bobbins and going down but at least I am getting noticed in Moldovan circles and this is progress.
  13. FC Prut Leova: March 2018 Update Five matches after the winter break to take us towards the back end of the season. How did we fare? Seven points is not a bad return given the stature of the teams we were playing. The defeat to Sfintul was disappointing as it was a home game but we did the business away to Selemet with young winger Nica getting his first ever goal for the club having been drafted straight from the youth intake. We smothered Sheriff in a dull game at home and then got a bit of lesson from Dacia-B 2 where they took us apart with one swift move and a free kick in the space of three minutes just before half-time. We finished the month with a decent win against Gagauziya but my God are we boring. The fact is that I have no decent strikers and apparently there are none who want to come to me. This means I am now the Big Sam of Moldova. Doing some quality Big Sam work though as we're now 20 points clear of relegation. We could be safe before April is out at this rate and that's all a Big Sam like me cares about. The squad doesn't have much more in it if I'm honest and the new defender is playing crap so far so even the players I bring in who look better don't really perform. Not sure if there is much else I can do here in Prut but we'll get to the end of the season first before we start having an existential crisis. Speaking of crisis poor Mandricenco is having one all to himself. No sooner had he got the all clear to resume training from his injury he was injured again and if you check the times of the news items you will see it only took him 7 minutes to do that. It gives young Nica a chance to continue (although he has quickly reverted to rubbish since his goal) coz Lord knows none of the older players are any good. Only Ungheni are well above us in the teams we play this month and by the time we play them our safety might be confirmed and when it is... Well, I'll probably have a wee drink.
  14. FC Prut Leova: Winter Break Update Winter was coming and I needed a Sean Bean to arrive and kick the arse of some of my lazy players. With the opening of the transfer window and the youth day was there a chance? Possibly. But first, here are some friendly results... Bit of a mixed bag. We lost away games and won home games which is very unlike us as before the break we were doing the opposite. Anyways it was a useful winter break and moreso because of the players we signed... Berestean is the most notable given the fact that most of our midfielders are made of paper and he is better than all of them. He scored in his first friendly but his second performance made him look like he could well fit in at Prut being an excellently rated player who plays crap. Anyways I'm pleased with his capture. As well as the capture of Eremia who will hopefully shore up our defence even more given both Oprea and Ceh both go for the 'one decent game in four' model of performance as perfected by any Liverpool defender you want to pick. Yout intake then and both these guys are on the radar. Ivanescu is a very good prospect so it's unsurprising he is noted (although if he is like any other Leovan midfielder he is likely pretty breakable) while Nica gets a mention because he goes straight into the first team due to setting up two in the U19s vs Yout match and with Mandricenco out injured for a few months (although Madri is one of the boys who looks good but performs *****). We should be good for survival and these signings will hopefully push us on. The main issue we have is that there seem to be no decent strikers in Moldova for us to sign and all our strikers are basically Emile Heskey. Still the shoring up of the back and the bite in midfield will hopefully see us safe and that will be vital given I've learned no more Romanian despite three months off.
  15. Holy moley. Plot twists ahoy...