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  1. This gets to the nub of it because CA changes in a save seem to follow the same model more often than not. There is not much variety in journies towards a players full potential
  2. I have many DMs in my team so what you would say to the tweaks DM (BWM) SV(S) and the AM being a second striker?
  3. October 2022 Update It's Cup season again so a chance for some young 'uns to make a name for themselves etc... It wasn't really a time for young uns as George Purcell is still proving to be a legend. Anyways we started with a clinical dissection of Lewes with Ellis getting his first goal of the season along with Solomon. We then had a ding-dong battle away at Kingstonian where I was happy to claim a point and then did the same against Folkestone but this time the irrepressible George slammed in a late winner. 7 outta 9 in the league was great and now it was time for cup duty. Gr
  4. Yeah, I full expect them to get revenge in the next game which is... next.
  5. Hey Francis, didn't take me too long to come across this bug again as my side are ill-disciplined morons. Have uploaded a file called 'red card discipline fail' with the news item before I've selected any options. It still happens as I had a red card three games before and selected to fine and it said 'you have decided not to fine X player...'
  6. September 2022 Update Said it would be a hot start and boy was I not wrong... This month had everything: 2 red cards, falling apart, staying solid and only one game where we were actually professional. Managing this club is severely bad for my health. We started against Burgess Hill in a game we dominated and should've won but got done by a late long ball. The derby came next and we actually turned in a display of supreme professionalism with Harry Gibbs getting his first ever goal for the club and Gorgeous George wrapping it up. Next came St Albans where we lost Fabian Walker t
  7. I seem to not have an assists historically. Just checked my team history for the last two seasons and I have no-one down as lead assister... anyone else seen this?
  8. Pre-Season 2022 Update With two more senior players in Louis Ramsey and Rickie Hayles leaving we've certainly turned over a fair few players in the last 14 months but we're probably a lot more stable than we were with the youth now staking their claims and having had another season under their belts. This is pretty much the first XI at the moment with Mott and Dundas the biggest battle at SV. Mott had a poor pre-season so was dropped for the last few games but he has got goals for the U23s so may well start the first game of the season. Other than that we're pretty settled to st
  9. Okay, I have a side that is expected to do poorly in the 7th tier and have just played higher division Chelsmford in a friendly with a tweaked version and the counter-attacking was pretty damned good... Made a lot of good opportunities and have changed the Treq to a SS because I wasn't getting anything from them as a Treq and have removed the playmaker role as it really wasn't working either. Lots of the best stuff came from my RM combo and I stuggled to get my wingback into the game until I focused play down there and looked for an underlap. Still a work in
  10. Well it depends. If you lost horribly to a team you should beat on paper (always check odds) then be harsh at the end. If you narrowly losing to sides equivalent or better then unlucky them. Take the pressure off if you can. All greens doesn't mean it's a good talk btw. What is going on when you look at your club atmosphere and team cohesion.
  11. I think the problem is getting the FM libero to work like the actual libero in these tactics. A BPD on cover was definitely something I'd consider. I have noticed in other tactics that BPD can tend to make Registas a little bit redundant as they, more often than not, bypass them completely which then makes the role a bit pointless. Just some things to consider anyways.
  12. The other issue is probably your team morale now as well. If you're in a funk then morale can keep that funk going despite the tactical tweaks you make. You're gonna need to gee your players back up and you'll start to see your results turn again. Be easier on them in team-talks now etc.
  13. Having been through great runs and poor runs one thing that I noticed is that your morale makes it likely to concede or score late equalisers. I went through a terrible run at the end of my first season not winning in 14 and when I was drawing or winning and I would concede a late equaliser/winner more often than not (and my morale was crap). New season and the morale is good and I find myself getting more last minute equalisers and winners. My personal take is that morale has quite a powerful modifying effect (too powerful IMHO but I can see the argument for it just look at Sheffield United t
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