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  1. The goals I've conceded have mostly been down to poor defensive decision making. The system itself holds up pretty well although as I've said at home if we don't score early it can become quite difficult.
  2. True dat. It was just a more general point about the games industry and pre-ordering. Do you really believe much of it? I tend to go on whether the developer has delivered in the past and whether I will like playing the game. SI are in a good position as mentioned above because they have delivered year on year and most people know what they're getting.
  3. Of course you could could have lots of pre-order hype and then not live up to any of the stuff you say. No Man's Sky anyone?
  4. I always really struggle going back to old games. CM03/04 and FM07 were two versions I had excellent saves on but having gone back to them it's really jarring. Also went back to FM10 a little while ago and that was madness as well. I spoil myself by early adopting I think and then once I get used to the features I find it really odd to be without them.
  5. In LLM it happens a lot. I see it several times a season and there's not much that can be done about them. Sometimes they go for ya and others they go against. I hope it is something that is addressed in FM17 though.
  6. AFC hornchurch September 2015 Update As a teacher in a parallel universe September is always a busy month (except now I've moved to Scotland August is but I digress) so I was well prepared for the challenges ahead of a packed fixture list. Was the rest of the team ready for a month that included Five league games and three cup ties? Yes, we kind of were. A pretty decent month all told although the three home draws against sides we should be beating were very frustrating. It appears the Catenaccio tactic struggles in games where teams come and park up. I've started trying to raise the mentality to counter on these home games and we did see two good home results at the end of the month. Our away performance against, at the time, top of the table Aveley was scintillating stuff. Our one defeat of the month came in the Ryman league cup against Tilbury and while I'm not gutted to be out of the tournament it wasn't a weakened team I fielded so I was slightly concerned about the performance. In the FA Cup we progressed to the 3rd qualifying round first of all needing a last minute thunderbastard from Freddie Warren after it looked like their last minute equaliser had earned Arlesey of Southern League Central fame a replay (and I ****ing hate replays unless it's us getting one at home to go to Old Trafford or summat) before another local derby against Romford where Junior Luke finally got off the mark for the season by scoring a hattrick. That was a satisfying win especially as it came at home where we'd struggled recently. All in all a fairly decent month. We currently sit 5th with games in hand and more games in hand to come as we've already had two fixtures rearranged for December. Sitting pretty so far and as long as I can get the Catenaccio tactic working at home we should be right up there. Defense is looking pretty decent Slightly quieter October starting off with two cup games. First off we go t Molesey in the FA Trophy before taking on a Northern Premier side in Dunstable in the FA cup. League duties see us on the road for most of the month with trips to Bromley, Wroxham and Maldon on the cards (oh the glamour) but eagle-eyed readers will have already circled the home game against current table-toppers and only side to beat us Tilbury as the one to watch out for. Looks like they could be our big rivals for the season. Speaking of rivals I've done nothing but be cool as the press have tried to whip up animosity between myself and Romford manager Paul Martin. After the league game early on in the season we were both like 'there's no beef'. However, after the FA Cup thrashing... Ooooooo. saucer of milk for Mr Martin please...
  7. AFC Hornchurch August 2015 Update With @noikeee's sage warnings ringing in my ears I embarked upon my first month in my dream job imposing a system ill-suited to non-league footballers plying their trade in Essex. How would it go? Not bad. not too bad at all. Opening day was a bust with an extremely frustrating 0-0 draw against Cray but we got two good away wins against rivals Romford and Dereham. For fans of actual Hornchurch players this was not so great though as two new signings got all the goals. I was kept waiting to sing the familiar chants against Thamesmead as well as Freddie Warren scored our next goal to level up the game, however, having Hornchurch stalwart Elliot Styles score the winner was a great moment. Guess I shouldn't complain that my signings appear to be working. Unfortunately we suffered a frustrating game against Redbridge but a well-rotated team rounded off the month well with a clinical win in the FA cup against Bamber Bridge notable for Kieron St Aimie's first goal. Early days but joint top and unbeaten can't be sniffed at especially as both knight and Purcell were out injured most of the month giving me something of a striking crisis. As far as the tactic is concerned we seem to be very tight at the back so far which is pleasing. I reckon once players get a bit more used to their roles we could be very dangerous. If only we could score goals like Cray or even Phoenix Sports eh? Still I'll take the tight defence so far. September sees another raft of games as time waits for no man in non-league. We start against Great Wakering at home before a big trip to early leaders Aveley in a local ding-dong. We then have a chance to avenge the Redbridge game in surely the quickest league double header ever before two cup games with a home FA Cup tie against Arseley and then a Ryman Turvey Cup game against Tilbury. The games keep on flowing with two home ties against Barkingside and Maldon before we end the month with a trip to Cheshunt. No rest for the wicked. At least if I get fired at the end of the season I'll always have this.
  8. AFC Honrchurch: Pre-season 2015/16 Right then. Having sorted out tactics my first job at Bridge Avenue was to swell the first team squad which lacked in key areas (mostly LWB , CM and CB) and get them up to scratch on the tactics. The signings were all pretty much of back-ups or up and comers. Marc Goodfellow goes straight into the team at AMC, Freddie Warren at CM and Karlton Watson goes in at CB. Ebsworth starts off as second choice LWB and Shabir Khan is a back-up CB. Kieron Tarbie is a CM/DM for the future while kaka Dembele comes in on loand from Dartford to rpovide cover on the wings once the games start coming thick and fast. This is the squad full of Hornchurch legends and boys looking to make a name for themselves. Elliot Styles has been captain for years and CB for years so will do both jobs again for us this season. Alex Bentley starts as the LWB and even though he can't play the position I'm confident he will retrain and thrive due to his quality passing abilities and pace. Up front is Hornchurch's strength with Tobi Joseph as IF key and Dave Knight top quality for this level. Sr Aimie might also be awesome but he has some kind of universal ban so not been able to pre-season him so Dave Knight will get the first run. Fan favourite George Purcell is benched in this formation but he can play on both wings and up front and is being retrained for the AMC role as well. His versatility will see him get plenty of games. As this is a youth challenge early prospects are always worth keeping an eye on. There were no youth players in the U19s but the two young players in the squad Callum Chafer and the Hornchurch Messi himself Joey May are both exciting prospects. Am hoping that Jack Collison of actuall football fame will start bring through some quality come March/April time. As far as our squad is concerned it is a decent one and one that should challenge in the Ryman North. And a title tilt is expected by both the press and board. Pre-season was a mixed bag. We lost games we should and won games we should. Some lovely moments of football happened though especially one where Alex Bentley did exactly what you want a CWB to do and played a beautiful ball to David Knight to seal his hattrick. We're all ready for the big kick off then and August is a busy month. We tkae on Cray at home at the start of the season before a derby trip to Romford and then a shift all the way up North to Dereham. We then take on Thamesmead at home and Redbridge away before facing off against Bamber Bridge in the FA Cup. The busy August finishes with Great Wakering visiting the Bridge. Phew. Right, talking is over. Let's do it.
  9. So as I said I plan to use a Catenaccio tactic mostly based on Ackter's work back in FM14. I don't usually go all in on tactics but I like the idea of being a right bastard team in the lower leagues so... As you can see the formation looks beautiful. Ackter's thread is well worth a read. So far I've settled on standard CBs on stopper and cover along with a defensive RB. At LB I've gone for a Complete wing back in order to give us that width and the bombing onness that the tactic desires. In midfield I've followed his template by having a halfback DM, a DLP in CM and a defensive winger on the right. Up front my lone striker operates a false 9 to create space but two places I have deviated from Ackter's work is at AML and AMC. Reading what he said he wanted from the players I've settled on the Inside forward at AML and the Shadow Striker in the centre. Obviously because it is catenaccio the team is defensive and highly structured and disciplined. As far as the squad is concerned it will take some work to get these players up to scratch but I'll talk about squad depth in the pre-season update.
  10. Due to an inability to make Europe extras work I've had to abandon a European/world tour and retire to Essex coz why go out for steak and chips when you can have hamburger at home? With all that said the final FM16 save for me will see me take over my own AFC Hornchurch. This is a pretty simple save. I'm gonna raise youth, play with a cattenaccio formation and try and win the Robert Dyas Cup or whatever the Ryman League Cup is known as this year. AFC Hornchurch are an awesome side based just up from Upminster Bridge station on the District line (hence the stops past Barking ting). They will mostly be remembered for being the 'Chelsea of non-league' about 11 years ago before it all went tits. These days they are a community club with a penchant for not liking Canvey, Billericay or Romford. With Conference South football being played at Bridge Avenue just a few seasons ago they're a team that have tasted non-league glory. Will their time come again though when headed by one of their own? Using the EEE database with a few tweaks to bring the squad right up to 15/16 start of the season. Let's have a little dance shall we?
  11. Yeah. Was well into this idea as well. Going to go for EEE for the final FM16 shot I think as it seems quite solid and only ever comes good at this time of year.
  12. Unfortunately this seems dead. I can't move the save beyond the 13th October and I don't know why. Tried all I can but it took me bit to get htis save started in the first place. I'm going to come back to this idea as my first save in FM17 I think so sorry to all who were following and I'll see you all back and bright in November.
  13. They appear like that in the post but pop up normal size when clicked on in a fairly unobtrusive way. Not sure what it's like on mobile devices but looks okay on PC/Laptop.
  14. It's very much more visible in LLM
  15. If I see one more goal fly in as a cross from the right hand side 'he scores but he never meant it' I'm going to go and kick that puppy at the end of my road.