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  1. September 2024 Update Suddenly months are actually taking months. Anyway. It's a month full of games. How did we do? Unlucky in the cups with narrow defeats to Montrose and Fraserburgh but we are still unbeaten in the league with Chirs McInally getting his first goal fir the club while Mackay-Steven chipped in during the games he started which is promising. Nice to beat Buckie and Brora though. Sit 4th and 5 points adrift of a fairly rampant looking Inverurie. Formartine are the other unbeaten team along with us and them and Forres have had a decent start to the season as well. A top four full of *****. October is all about the end of the month as we have to go to Fraserburgh again for another cup match and then take on the leaders at home a few days later. Meanwhile as a point of interest I looked at the preview odds and we've dropped right down again. Not sure why although my first choice DM pair suddenly look worse than their reserves and it is forcing my hand somewhat as Mason is starting to play ahead of Parker. Hoban can ****ing whistle though as Gorms plays until he retires.
  2. Oh yes and I could name and shame them all but this is @Makoto Nakamura's thread so I will not.
  3. Ha ha ha. I've never seen a player labelled 'spineless' before. That's quite damning.
  4. The Bastard: DM strata role. A BWM with tackling turned up to 11. Also tries risky passes. Also arrives late into the box to win pelanties. Where is this legend?
  5. That was from my career at Wick. Earlier on in the piece the senior players played crap and got me fired so I went back in there and just basically ruined all their careers by making them sad and selling them etc. They're all retired now while I am still King. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  6. Wavelberry

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Same here. Last time I tried multiple updates everything crashed during the youth update one and I lost six years of youth history and screenies. Never again.
  7. Wavelberry

    3. The Italian Foxes

    Drinkwater should defo have a more risky passes and maybe train him for killer balls PPM to replicate what he did for Vardy/Mahrez
  8. Wavelberry

    The Egyptian king

    11 - 3 of them own goals.
  9. I have had players complain in all games and TBH I just ignore them. Either work hard and be good or eventually if you ain't good enough you're out the door. It doesn't seem to have affected too much unduly.
  10. August 2024 Update Brave new 17 team league world with added cups. Could we deal? Well lookit that, a pretty decent month. We started with an underwhelming draw against Rothes before popping up with a good win against Nairn and a hard fought win against Clachnacuddin. 7 from 9 with two home and one away is pretty decent but August was mostly about the cups. I played the second XI against Fort William and Keith and they were unlucky to lose on pelanties to the William but dominated against Keith in the Aberdeenshire Cup. Chirs Mackay-Steven seems to be enjoying cup matches. We did have pelanty success in the big cup though as we put out Cowdenbeath at Harmsworth. We should've done them in 90 and 120 but it took pelanties to knock out the league side. A big scalp. We got there by schooling everyone's favourite thugs youth team and getting our record low attendance in the process. Good to see Ally O'Brien get his maiden goal. Steady start. Deveronvale are not proving the bookies wrong with their downgrading so far although Keith are worse at scoring. At the top we've started okay but it's very interesting to see Lossiemouth up here early doors. With all these cup competitions this suddenly feels more like English non-league than Scottish non-league. Anyways we have two big cup games. The second XI will be going to Fraserburgh because I'm chasing another scalp in the Challenge Cup in the shape of Montrose. We then have an interesting run of league games with us getting to see first hand how bad Deveronvale are before heading to Brora for the derby. Fort WIlliam and Buckie at home won't be easy so we might well be thankful for Strathspey at the end of the month. Another busy one though. This being slightly successful lark is well stressful especially as MacGregor and McCarthy have already started to complain. I face MacGregor down as I feel his race is run at the club but McCarthy had atalking to from Sean Parker. I'd like to keep him onside for as long as possible although Lawrie has been very good thus far.
  11. Wow. Being in new cup competition against the league teams of Scotland is definitely a money spinner...
  12. Also, as you may have noted, the time of the Emperor is at an end. And while there are many reasons for Enoch McDiarmid to be cancelled I felt that the time of pure evil rulership was over at Wick and we needed something a bit kindlier so... Meet Sir Wavelberry the Chaste. His image taken from Palin in the Holy Grail and his heart full of innocence. God bless.
  13. Pre-Season 2024 We are getting to the point where expectation starts to rear it's ugly head. Two seasons of real progress with the most points and the best finish. Can we maintain? Well the pre-season run might suggest possibilities. The only result tat stands out is the Wigan one where we really did do them over. I experimented with Catenaccio and 3 up front as well as the classic 4-2-3-1 and all suggested they could be useful. The best thing about this pre-season was Steve Irvine playing very well at LB, hopefully solving an issue, and Euan Grotlin stepping up especially in the last three friendlies when Mans was injured. As for odds? Well here's a thing... Took this screenie when the odds were released and as you can see we're not fancies at all... However, I went back to the item just before the season started and... And as you can see Deveronvale have suddenly dropped right out as well as Huntly losing it slightly. No sure what could have happened to see Clachnacuddin come right in and Deveronvale drop to the arse end of the table... Seems buggy that this news item can change but whatever. As you will also have noticed Cove have not been replaced by Stirling so we're down to a seventeen team league. Not sure what effect that will have on us tbh but at least we've lost a team who were better than us right? Buckie and Formartine are fancied again while Brora are predicted to finish above us despite us trouncing them last season. Whatever. So to expectations and Cove's absence has left us suddenly facing extra competitions as we're now expected to take place in the Aberdeenshire Cup and Shield on top of our classic North of Scotland Cup and Higher Cup. We didn't make the League Cup but we did make the Challenge Cup so lots of chance for fringe players to get a go... As far as hierarchy goes MacGregor and Macrae loom in difficult positions but Mans also joins the gang. But they're not the only dangers as changes are afoot. The most obvious ones are MacGregor losing his LW position and Steve Irvine getting a run at LB. The eagle-eyed amongst you will also have noted Lawrie in goal over McCarthy and that is because he looks close to McCarthy's level despite being six years his junior, he wants more first team football and I want YPs in all positions sooner rather than later. Ewan Allen gets first dibs at AM but aside from that there isn't much to talk about. One are of interest is that both Hoban and Mason are rated the same as Gorms and Parker but where as those two's PA is pretty much done at 2.5/3 the former 2 are expected to get to 4/5. This makes me extra vigilant. Both have to perform this season. I hope you like cups because August has all of them. We get Motherwell U20s for the Challenge Cup so not a bad draw and we also have favourable draws against Fort WIlliam and Keith. In the league Buckie will always test but at least they're at home. In theory you'd fancy our chances but in practice... God knows... Let's ask him.
  14. Youth Prospect Update: Summer 2024 With the team on the up it's time to see who has risen with us and who have fallen by the wayside. 2017 Intake Lewis Ross (YP 0.1): Still inexplicably here but given Dale Fridge has been moved on he'll stick around as 3rd choice. Who knows, maybe one day he'll get a league game... Eddie Wilson (YP 0.2): Left Threave for Largs in January and hasn't played a game. I wonder if he looks back on when he took me on and cries? He totally should. Aaron Mooney (YP 0.3): Just the one sub appearance to his name this year as Irvine and Munro look to lock down the fullback positions. He's third choice in both and his game time shows. Don't know how much longer he'll want to stick around but I'm happy to keep him as a squad option if he likes playing U20s football. Danny Gormley (YP 0.5): Ah Gorms. What can we say? Had his best season for the club average rating wise getting 7.22. Has now played over 200 games for the club and managed to be the most booked player of the year. Still keeping it real. How I love him. Sandy Campbell (YP 0.9): Still knocking them in for Arthurlie ... Well I say knocking them in. He scored 8 this year. Still he's played over 100 games for them so he must be doing something the manager likes... Dave Hay (YP 0.10): Only substitute appearances for Dave who is sliding ever farther down the pecking order. Banging them in for fun for the U20s but hasn't been able to transfer it to first team level, IF we play with 3 up front again and IF MacGregor continues to stink the place out he may get a chance to come again but he increasingly looks like yesterday's man. Grant Duncanson (YP 0.11): Another so called goalscorer who has gone to another club and not scored many goals. Looked much better in cup matches than league matches where 5 in 32 starts is a paltry return. Was linked with a move but has opted to stay at Pollock and given the Shawlands lifestyle and the fact that he can play without having to score goals who can blame him? 2018 Intake Mark Sutherland (YP 1.1): Other prospects blossomed and Marky boy has seen himself tumble down the pecking order. Not good enough to be a starter and with other backups looking like they have a higher ceiling than him his time may be coming to a close. Just two starts and one sub appearance for him. He'll stay for now but he really should agitate for a move sooner rather than later unless he wants to end up like Lewis Ross... which he might. Willie Nairn (YP 1.2): On the reading of the cold hard numbers Willie Nairn's season looks acceptable. Averaging over 7 from 12 starts and 4 sub appearances seems fine but behind the numbers are the cold hard facts that his set pieces ain't what they used to be and there are better AMs and CMs than he. Another one from the 2018 intake who'll be heading for the door. Can't see him getting many games next season. James McIntyre (YP 1.3): Said it last year that him flouncing out of the club while injured wouldn't end well and lo and behold it didn't. Retired. What a waste. Scott Candlish (YP 1.4): Genuinely surprised he is still here and in fact I am going to release him into what I imagine will be retirement. Kevin Manson (YP 1.6): While most of the class of 2018 have been massively underwhelming this lad makes it all worth while. Doesn't look much to look at but given that he has played as a Trequartista AM, a False 9 FW as well as his traditional RW roll this season he has done himself proud. 14 goals and 11 assists in 34 starts is a very good return and his versatility in playing well wherever I place him means he is firmly established as a Wavelberry fav. Steven Buchan (YP 1.7): Left when his contract expired at the end of this season and buggered if I was gonna play him with his attitude. He could make it at another club but I reckon he'll go into retirement instead. Never cross me. Dale Fridge (YP 1.8): Released at the end of the season because I think Lawrie is the better prospect but not surprised to see him snapped up. Interesting that it is by Stirling though. If they do come into the Highland League then we'll be welcoming him back. Worked hard and deserves his shot (and more importantly he behaved) so while am disappointed to see him go I can't begrudge him his move. Will be a decent signing for them I feel. Jordan King (YP 1.9): Left last Summer and went to Broxbourne where he has actually done pretty well averaging over 7 from 19 starts and 4 sub appearances. Good for him 2019 Intake Jack McMillan (YP 2.1): For someone with very limited talent Jack has still managed to stick around. He made 24 starts which is probably about 20 too many and got himself sent off in the derby (which he is lucky we won). With the emergence of Irvine and with Macrae still around this should be the end for him. It's time for us all to move on. Sean Parker (YP 2.2): Now then. This is interesting. Sean has once again cleaned up at the awards and been a decent player, however he only outperformed Gormley by a few .01s and he seems to have reached his potential according to the coaches and strangely enough he did have a few games where he wasn't quite at it. Has he hit a ceiling? Well with other prospects behind him he's going to have to hope not. Seems weird to say after another POTY season but I am beginning to wonder if Sean will be able to make it stick here. For now he is a solid starter. Steven Ballantyne (YP 2.3): Think I'm just gonna show him the door tbh. Far too many people ahead of him now and isn't even picked for the U20s. See ya Stevie... Craig Cowie (YP 2.4): Not as solid as last season but still a first choice CB with over 30 starts. Will need to keep his standards high though if he wants to keep his place. David Mullen (YP 2.5): No retirement page so colour me slightly surprised. Has gone to Cumnock where he's been... well 6.32 from 15 tells ya. Still, if Sandy Campbell can keep going at Arthurlie maybe he'll be grand. Jimmy Fridge (YP 2.6): Went on loan to see if he could develop and was underwhelming for a second successive season. Not impressed with his averaging under 6.4 from over 30 starts. He can stick around if he keeps his trap shut but really he'll be away before next season is out I reckon. 2020 Intake Alan McCulloch (YP 3.1): First choice CB and 35 starts nearly averaging 7 is a good run from one of my strongest intakes of recent years. Can have the odd brain fade but then he is still only 20 so no surprise. Clark Park (YP 3.2): Another 20 goal season from Clark suggest he might be the real deal. Coming up on 100 games and already has 58 goals for the club. Can have patches of poor form but, again, he's a young 'un so it's allowed. For now. Graham Lawrie (YP 3.3): Graham presents me problems. He looks good, had some great tutoring with Danny McCarthy and has already pushed Dale Fridge out the door. I don't want to lose him but he is getting ready for first team football so I'll have a choice to make. Will need to play more than the 7 games he did this year to keep him happy. Might have to get rotating in the league which can lead to its own problems but I definitely don't want to lose him. 2021 Intake Jack Hoban (YP 4.1): A quieter season for Jack given the form of Gorms and Parker with just the four starts and five sub appearances to his name. Might have to give him a loan move to prevent him from stalling as he could be a good player for us. Euan Grotlin (YP 4.2): A good enough back up for Manson and scored a couple of goals. Apparently getting a bit antsy about lack of first team opportunities. Liked playing him at RM in my catenaccio formation which is why he got more starts than he usually would. Not sure if he will kick on though and will need to take his chance rather than whinge or he's headed for the door. Bobby Henderson (YP 4.3): My manager run down when I signed my new contract said I gave Irish talent a run and I was like WHAAA? But it turns out that this lad is Irish. Who'da thunk? Anyway, a bit of a breakthrough season for the lad who took advantage of injuries and our 3 at the back system to start over 20 games for the club averaging bang on 7 and getting on the bench in the Highland League team of the year. Could well take Craig Cowie's place next season in the 2 if he continues as he is. Mike Hunter (YP 4.4): The less said about his cup exploits the better but when the run-in in the league came on and MacGregor was stinking the place out he put in some fine displays to make me believe he should be first choice LW for next season. 3 goals and 3 assists from his 10 starts ain't too bad y'know. Looking forward to seeing him kick on. Ray Paterson (YP 4.5): Not sure why he is still here and in fact I'm firing him after I write this. Expect to see his retirement screen next season. 2022 Intake Ewan Allan (YP 5.1): Breakthrough season for Ewan as the class of 2022 look to rival the 2020 one for quality of intake. 3 goals and 9 assists from from 17 starts is pretty good. Shaping up well as an AM Trequartista and am hoping his development will continue. He's seen off Willie Nairn to take possession but those below him on this list will now look to put the pressure on. His battle has only just begun. Gary Munro (YP 5.2): Another breakthrough as he made RB and RWB his own position. Lacks consistency but is more consistent than anyone else we had and at the end of it an average of 6.9 from 25 starts isn't too bad for a man trying to establish himself. Got to keep improving though next season in order to make this problem position disappear. Stuart Mason (YP 5.3): Like Jack Hoban there was a lack of opportunities for Stuart, however, unlike Jack he is gunning for a position that make come available if indeed Parker has hit his limit. Certainly has the ability so if his chance comes next season he has to take it. Steven Irvine (YP 5.4): I have a problem LB position and Steven Irvine will have first shot at winning it. Could possibly work out for him but he struggled on the occasions he was given a chance so will need to step it up to make the position his own. Am praying he does. 2023 Intake Chris Mackay-Steven (YP 6.1): With young strikers it's not so much the averages that I worry about it's the goals and despite turning in some poor performances when he started the two games he did he still managed to bag three very important goals for the club to give us big results. He's not the only striking option now given Smitty's goal in the last game of the season so will have to work harder to show he's gonna be a Clark Park rather than a Dave Hay. David Canning (YP 6.2): A prospect but that is all he is at this stage. Didn't pull up any trees in his 2 starts or 2 sub appearances so the fact he's getting shirty about game time means he might do a Steve Buchan and ain't no-one who wants to do that. Austin Brown (YP 6.3): Saw this lad doing it for the U20s and thought he deserved some game time when I lost both Cowie and Sutherland. A 7 and a 6.8 from his 2 starts isn't bad. A definite prospect and starts as first reserve CB in a 3. Ross Dodds (YP 6.4): Tagged coz he made the bench in the last game of the season and came off but really he's a space filler. 5th choice at best at the moment. Maybe a loan move? 2024 Intake Ally O’Brian (YP 7.1): The pretender to Ewan Allan's throne. Ally looks tasty and full of flair so will have a chance to battle it out for that AM role. Performed okay in the two games he got at the end of the season. High hopes. Chris McInally (YP 7.2): Another interesting prospect but am looking to train him as an SV rather than playing him further forward. Fancy his all-roundedness could see him put pressure on Mason and Parker so will be interesting to see how he develops. Was average in his only start. Scott Smith (YP 7.3): Came off the bench and scored a goal and become the youngest goalscorer in the Highland League. Not sure if he'll make it but he'll definitely get chances and if he gets goals... Verdict The ranks are starting to thin out above with the class of 2018 pretty much proving to be a wash out and the 2017 guys falling by the wayside. The 2020 and '22 intakes are now providing a majority of our good players but both FB positions are still a worry as is Parker's possible stagnation. Some very interesting prospects from this year in Ally and Chris could mean a lot of older guys moving on.
  15. Around Scotland 2023/24 Another year done and another opportunity for the Lowland League Champions to get a bye to the Relegation Play-off for League Two but who would be in receipt of this bye and would they use it wisely? Berwick and Spartans were up there last year and challenged again and Berwick finally managed to win the title to give themselves a shot at returning to league football. All they would have to do is dispatch the Highland League Champions like every other Lowland League Champion before them and... Oh... Well, you done ****ed that up royally. No matter. There is no way a Highland League side could get promoted the first time of... Holy ****ing crap. Despite choking in the worst way at home to Stirling they managed to do it. I guess that means Stirling will now be with us next year while Cove get a taste of the big time. I'm not jealous at all... Does mean that both Stirling league sides are now in non-league. Incredible. Even more incredible than that is that the University side from Stirling has got promotion. The world of Stirling has been flip-turned upside down indeed. Annan ran away with the league although Clyde did their best to keep them honest and will be raging to miss out on the playoffs. Neither of the two relegated sides or East Fife, who were excellent last year, could do anything while Edinburgh survived pretty comfortably in the end. Stranraer found that stagnating in the league can lead to relegation while Elgin's defeat in the play-offs sent last seasons League Two champions back to the basement. Airdrie and Queens Park will be pleased with their survival. Dundee United won the league as they bloody well should to return to the Championship but Montrose will stay put despite finishing 9 points clear of anyone in second as the Championship closes shop for another year. A pretty close Championship if you aren't a team that begins with D. Dumbarton return to League One with barely a whimper while Dunfermline managed to put their shocker of a season behind them to win the play-off and stay up. With no stand-out side in the league like the last few Falkirk just kept doing what they do and were rewarded with a title and a trip to the Premiership. St Mirren did get all the way to the play-off final as they looked to bounce back but there was no reward for the Paisley side and they'll stay in the Championship for another season. Partick drop again and drop with style finishing well adrift of everyone. St Johnstone were squeezed into the play-off spot by Ross County and Hamilton, who stay up. Wasn't a thing though as they won and preserve their status. Motherwell finish as top dogs in Lanarkshire while Hibs end up the wrong side of the split again but with Hearts not doing much better really it is lean times in Edinburgh. Business as usual in Scotland's second city as Celtic get another title (and a league cup) and Rangers are comfortably second. Kilmarnock continue their rise finish 3rd while Dundee stay there or there abouts. A poor season for Aberdeen was mollified by a Scottish Cup win but league wise that is their worst finish for a while.