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  1. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    To Dave's first press conference then and the main talking point was as follows... The full conference and answers are here for your perusal
  2. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    So Dave had no choice but to accept the fair offer from Alberto Vacca and so... And then, for no real reason Alberto insisted on having a generic meeting with him... And then he was shown to his own office. Inside was a young lady by the name of Millie who introduced herself as his personal assistant. "Oh thank God. Yer English." "Millie Rowe," she snapped and ignored the hand he offered her. "Let's get this straight. I am not your secretary and I'm not your skivvy. I've only taken this job so I can supplement my studies in Milan and I if you so much as try and touch me or look at me in the wrong way I will cut your ****ing balls off." "Aye... okay then... nae bother like." Dave stood dumbly for a second as Millie shuffled some papers on his desk. "Can you... can you speak Italian like?" "Of course I can speak Italian. Why the **** would I be here if I couldn't speak Italian?" Dave shrugged and Millie turned to face him. She stared hard at him for a second before bursting out laughing and shaking her head. Dave averted his gaze and looked down to his shoes. "Are you telling me you can't speak Italian?" "Well, Ah know a few words like..." "****ing priceless. I am not paid nearly enough for this ****." "Me neither pet," Dave mumbled. Millie picked up all but one paper from his desk and then moved towards the door. "Right, seeing as you don't speak Italian I will need to go away and translate all of these now which will take me all afternoon thank you very much." "What about that?" "That's in English already. Enjoy reading it. I'll see you later. Don't forget the press conference this afternoon will you and for God's sake don't try and speak any Italian until you've run it past me." With that Mille swished out of the room and left Dave to his devices. He stood dumbly for a few minutes before approaching his new desk and looked at the one piece of paper on his desk labelled staff responsibilities. "Great. Just ****ing super," he muttered to himself before slumping in his chair.
  3. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    All right mate. I'm Dave...
  4. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    The save is on an old computer. If Dave gets fired I might try and retrieve it.
  5. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    Okay, so the brass tacks of this career mode are these I will be managing a team in Serie D as Englishman Dave Smith. The team I have picked, Castellazzo, have 9 players and are predicted 18th. The story will start here with Dave trying to use any knowledge he has to try and keep the team in the league but given his football education came mostly from his Dad and Mike Bassett: England Manager his opening season is going to see him play a classic 4-4-2 with big centre-halves, a destroyer in midfield and a big man/little man combo up front. If he survives his tactical knowledge will grow based on how and where he is. The ultimate aim is to get him back home to Sunderland. The journey starts here.
  6. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    "So... erm... let me get this straight... you want me..." "I want you to manage this football team. Yes." Dave watched carefully as Alberto (at least that's what he said his name was) turned from the window that overlooked the stadium and back towards him. He smiled at Dave, the type of big toothy grin a shark would give you before it ate you whole, and gestured to the coffee cup that was on the desk in front of Dave. Dave picked up it up and cradled it gingerly taking a sip of the bitter black blend he had been given. His head was still thumping and he wasn't sure he wasn't going to be sick again. He had already been sick on another two occasions on the short journey from the car to the office and to be honest he wasn't too sure that this was really happening at all but given he had been here for nearly two hours now and things seemed to be getting more vivid rather than less he had to begin to believe it was real. "I'm... I'm sorry... I'm just... You flew me out here?" "Yes. We spoke at Newcastle airport remember? You said you were a football manager looking to broaden your horizons and I said I had a football club here and then you promised me all kinds of success." "And then you just... paid for my flight and put me in your car and drove me here?" "Yes. The season starts soon and as I told you the problems are many." "But... I'm not... I mean... I've got a BTEC in health and fitness like but..." "This doesn't matter any more David. Let me be clear with you. This club you are in, Castellazzo, had a great season last year. We got promotion and had a great squad and team and everything was fine... And then IT happened. A lot of my squad were arrested. My manager fled and my coaching staff were also taken by the police. I was left with nothing." "Why did they get arr..." "That is not your concern. What is your concern is team matters. I have little money and made the mistake of having a bet with my brother-in-law that we would stay up... of course that was before all the unpleasantness with the police. Anyway I cannot lose this bet. My brother-in-law is an... unforgiving man and this bet is a double or quits kind of a thing... no matter. You were in a hole and I was in a hole. Now we are in a hole together and can help each other." "Listen mate, nae offence like but I cannit help ya. I don't even know Italian for a start like and I've never..." "EXCUSES!" Alberto shouted slamming his hands on the desk in front of him. Dave flinched as the portly Italian man came storming towards him. "Listen here," he hissed as he lowered his face to Dave's "you told me you could do this and not only that I paid a lot of money to bring you here. A flight to Milan last minute is not cheap. You will do this for me and you will be successful." He stood up tall again and brushed off Dave's clothes before going behind his desk. "Besides... I have your passport and I have your phone and you will not be getting either of them back until you have repaid me what you owe. So... David Smith... Will you be the manager of Casetellazzo?" "I dinnit think I have a choice do I?" "You do not." "Aye then?" he said looking around and wishing he would wake up. He would not wake up...
  7. Dave Smith is Out of his League

    Dave's head was pounding as he regained consciousness. He felt sick, extremely sick and what was worse is that the world seemed to be moving all around him. He didn't dare to open his eyes. Where would he be? Slumped against Park Lane bus station? Down by the Wear on an industrial estate? Going over a speed bump in a car... Wait a minute... What? His whole body juddered again as it had done just seconds previously and there was no doubt in Dave's mind. That was a speed bump which meant he was in a car which meant... His eyes flew open and immediately nausea swept over him. He was in the passenger seat of a car but something wasn't right about it. He tried to turn his head to his left to look out of the passenger window but instead he saw a portly gentleman sat next to him. Wait, was he driving? A moment of panic set in as he realised he was sat in the driver's seat and he instinctively slammed his foot down to hit a break peddle but there wasn't one there. Just floor... and another speed bump... but mostly floor and there was no steering wheel in front of him. He looked to his left again and realised that the portly gentleman to the side of him was the one who was driving which meant this was a left-hand drive car. Had he been kidnapped by some crazy foreign bloke? He must have. He instantly tried to undo his seat belt and as he began to struggle the portly man turned to him and smiled... "Ah good you are awake," he said with a thick Italian accent. "Just in time as well as were are here. Welcome to your football club... gaffer..." The portly gentleman stopped the car and popped Dave's seat belt for him. Dave scrambled for the door and opened it stumbling into the bright morning sunshine. And then he vomited.
  8. A Prologue Dave Smith was a simple bloke. He grew up in Ryhope in Sunderland to an unremarkable family and had an unremarkable childhood. Average and a bit lazy he didn't really excel at anything but played a fair bit of sport as he grew up due to his dad Colin being a massive Sunderland fan. Colin had high hopes for Dave and dreamed that one day he might even take to the hallowed turf of the Stadium of Light. Bed time stories were full of legendary names and times: Bob Stokoe, 1973, Kevin Phillips, Niall Quinn's Disco Pants, The Roker Roar... but Dave wasn't much of a footballer and was never going to work at it. The dream died as Dave entered his teens and football took a backseat to... well not much in particular. An average set of GCSEs was followed by a BTEC in Health and Fitness coz he couldn't think of anything else to do. Eventually he did a bit of fitness training with some Sunderland Uni sides while his Dad sorted him a job on the Tyne/Wear Metro and that was Dave. He was likeable enough and had friends and had the odd girlfriend but as he entered his 20s his listlessness and lack of ambition began to annoy Colin. "That lad is never gonna do ****in anything," he told his wife and he wasn't wrong. He began to put pressure on Dave to do something/anything with his life and one night he snapped. He chucked his son out of the house telling him he had to stand on his own two feet and he wasn't going to get any more freebies. He then had to let Dave back into the house to pack his clothes and give him £100 as he hadn't been paid yet and then he chucked his son out telling him he had to stand on his own two feet and he wasn't going to get any more freebies. Dave was homeless. He wandered around without any idea of what to do for a while before finally responding to a text from his mate Sam to come to the pub. Oh well, he thought, there isn't much else I can do. So he caught the bus into town and met his friend Sam at the Dun Cow and the two of them drank and drank from the clatty lines of lager and as they drank big they began to talk big... "I'm tellin' you mate, I could ****en do anythin I wanted... Y'na if I wanted." "So why divvint ya mate? Yiv been sayin the same thing for a hunrerd year like..." Dave bristled at Sam's jab. "I could... I could dee whatever. I could go to Spain and work for fit birds as like... a pool cleaner or summat" "Nae ****in way" "I could go to like... I divvint naa Italy and ****in... I could coach one of them football teams... Not like ****in Juventus or anythin but ya naa like... a really ****in **** one. Division 5 or summat like tha'" "Not with ****in Brexit comin ye couldn't" "I'd dee it right now" "Aye go on then..." "I ****in will mate. I could get on that Metro to Newcastle Airport now and be livin' it up in ****in Europe in nay time like" "Dee it then" "I will..." Then they both burst out laughing and carried on drinking and drinking and drinking until everything became a haze. Beneath the laughter though Dave had been prickled and those thoughts gnawed away at him as his brain gave way to drunkenness.
  9. Leaky defence. I was creating enough chances to win games early on but the defence leaked too quickly and then morale got shot. Couldn't nail the defensive side in FM17 at all (with this tactic mind you. With other tactics I defend okay).
  10. I got this working well with a tier 8 side in FM16 however found it really difficult to work as well on FM17 with the same side trying to follow the same fundamentals. Not sure why TBH
  11. I will pre-order coz I always buy the game when it comes out and who can sniff at the discount? I won't do it till near the time the offer ends though because I'm one of those last minute, do-it-before-the-deadline types.
  12. Should I just...quit FM?

    Also, FM Touch guys. Don't forget it's there and it solves a lot of the issues mentioned here.
  13. I have had my GK sent off for bringing down someone in FM17 I have also had keeper injuries in game on at least 4 occasions. I remember them well coz I go the full Warnock and don't have a GK on the bench usually.
  14. Bet the Cardiff fans were happy to finish above you. Lots of triumphant letters in the Echo I bet.