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  1. Yay. So excited by this. Loved the real life update last year and with the changes to the cups it's a great time to go to Wick again I think.
  2. Been a good year on here. Need to take some time to really consider the nominees though.
  3. In LLM I get this all the time about a certain area of training and always ignore it. I do the best I can with what I've got and have never had a player actually kick off or leave.
  4. Wish I could shoot my coaches. Too expensive to fire pr let go and rubbish. It would make hiring easier.
  5. Excellent thread Paul. From one table topper to another. When will I receive my cheque?
  6. I always fire them. I'm da boss!
  7. This is probably the pinnacle of 2016 for me.
  8. AH HA HA HA HA. He who dares Rodders. HE WHO DARES!
  9. If only they could actually hear me. I reckon we might beat last season's yellow card haul as well.
  10. Also this is the most callow talent pool we've had for some years.
  11. If this is indeed the last throw of the dice I will throw everything at Zenit because you only get one shot in life.
  12. Absolutely. We're a very welcoming bunch
  13. Have just signed up to Twitch and may Twitch some of this save. I'm quite a sweary and ragey player of FM though so not sure how successful this would be.
  14. I hope you'll feel good when you get Kabongo the sack. Imagine the field day the press would have with the narrative of that though.
  15. Ah, a Riverside dweller. Take a journey up to the Eastside next time you're there. You won't regret it.