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  1. August 2026 Update Let us start off on the right foot old bean, shall we? Well we started out not bad. The only dropped points was to a classic last minute Wick goal against Deveronvale in the league. Other than that the rotation has worked well and we've started the season in very good form. Early doors but unbeaten is good. Formartine look pretty dangerous though... Seven games hath September and it's all cup early doors. I am gonna play the second XI in the North of Scotland and Aberdeenshire and expect we'll be in no cup competitions come the end of the month. Still, it' early doors yet...
  2. Pre-Season 2026 So after this I've been in charge for ten years. Can we do something? Anything? It would be nice to mark it... A decentish pre-season with Canning looking in particularly good form. We lost to Wigan but we battered them second half but the lazy New Elgin result reminds us that we can take nothing for granted. Decent effort though. So initially right at the start of pre-season we were predicted 9th at 12s, when the pre-season odds were released we'd drifted to 33s and on the day before the season starts? Drifted out to 40s... Well, we'll see won't we, Hierarchy not changed too much. Have dropped Sean Parker as captain so expect him to drop and Graham Lawrie is VC so he might rise. Cowie's position looks secure and maybe we'll see McCulloch step up this season. So to the first XI. Two big decisions here with Steven Irvine getting first go at LB due to Calvin Nairn getting injured early in pre-season. The second he gets sent off though he is out of here. The other decision is to give Chris McInally his run at SV ahead of Stuart Mason. It worked out last time I took the risk so we'll see how we go... So August offers us double Deveronvale. Annoyed we drew them in the Challenge Cup but that's how we'll start the season. We go to Brora for a derby match in the first league game and once again they have a new manager so it'll be interesting to see how we do. Either way... we go again...
  3. Aye. Have nae idea where that has come from...
  4. Youth Prospect Update: Summer 2026 With Colin Macrae being sent on his way the team is now all youth products. How have they got on? 2017 Intake Lewis Ross (YP 0.1): Ended up at Rothes but didn't play a game for them which is a bit of a shame. This might be the end of the road for the poor lad. Eddie Wilson (YP 0.2): A breakthrough season for Eddie at Largs as he played five games and actually started one. Entering the peak of his career now and must thank God every day that he stood up to me about those teamtalks that one time in pre-season. Aaron Mooney (YP 0.3): Let him go with a nod of thanks so he could go and get some regular football and he rocked up at Lochmaben in the SoS League. Played twenty-four games in the league which is pretty good going but didn't average that well and had a disciplinary record that shows that he came from Wick. Still, he's getting games so good for him. Danny Gormley (YP 0.5): Gorms, oh my Gorms. In terms of ratings this was his best season ever. The ticking hearbeat of this team and may well have surpassed Kieran Forbes as my most loved Wick player ever. And I LOVED Kiran Forbes. Sandy Campbell (YP 0.9): Probably counts as an Arthurlie legend now as he approaches 200 games for the club. Four goals and two assists in 38 games. Stellar. Dave Hay (YP 0.10): It's all over then. Dave back Colin Macrae when he went public about wanting to leave and you don't mess with me like that. I was going to let him go anyway but that dick move meant he didn't get any more games for me so he leaves via the backdoor. Thirty-nine goals in 108 games is what he ended up giving us. He could never lead the line after his breakthrough season and so was usurped and surpassed. Hopefully he'll go and find his level now but it's not here at Wick. Grant Duncanson (YP 0.11): Still living the Pollock life. Four goals in 30 starts and an average under 6.2. Stellar. 2018 Intake Mark Sutherland (YP 1.1): Wanted out so he has now gone. TBF he's probably sixth choice CB now so it was time for him to move on. 130 appearances for the club and an average of 6.8 tells you all you need to know. Steady in those tumultuous early days but as we've improved he has not and it is time for him to move on. Should find a club (if all those in the year above him did...). Willie Nairn (YP 1.2): Rocked up at Lochar Thistle in the SoS league and had a decentish record in the league scoring a goal and grabbing seven assists in 21 starts. An average below 6.6 though shows why he was no longer fit for Harmsworth. Scott Candlish (YP 1.4): Another solid season for Scott at Kilbirnie making 42 appearances in league and cup. Again not averaging well as he was below 6.6 but did grab a goal and ten assists. Kevin Manson (YP 1.6): Was better than last season with one less goal but three more assists and a better average. Hampered more by injury than last season which cost him some appearances but is still very much one of the first names on the team sheet Steven Buchan (YP 1.7): Another season at Sauchie but with half the sub appearances. If he's anything like he was with me he'll be demanding football or he's off before long I would imagine. Dale Fridge (YP 1.8): Wasn't able to breakthrough at Stirling so signed for Gala Fairydean in February and will be looking to breakthrough into their first team next season. I reckon he's got it in him to be a good Lowland League goalie but he needs it to happen sooner rather than later. Jordan King (YP 1.9): Bounce back season for Jordan at Broxbourne with over 30 appearances in league and cup with three goals and twelve assists. A decent return. 2019 Intake Jack McMillan (YP 2.1): Went to Penicuik and played a mammoth 43 games in league and cup. The kicker for this stat? He averaged 5.5. FIVE POINT FIVE!!! Don't think I've ever seen someone be so consistently ****. Chapeau Jack. Sean Parker (YP 2.2): The phasing out of Sean Parker continues with just 7 starts and 5 sub appearances. Never lets anyone down but he is behind far too many DMs now and I can't see it being too long before he agitates for a move and TBH he probably should take one. Happy to have him on back-up duty though as long as he wants to stay. Steven Ballantyne (YP 2.3): At Kilbirnie but unlike Candlish he has not played a game and in fact only has one sub appearance from a non-competitive for his whole season's work. Imagine he's got Tinder and not been turning up to training tbf. Craig Cowie (YP 2.4): Another solid season from the skipper and another appearance in the Highland League TOTY. Averaged over 7 and didn't get a red card once which compared to the rest of his defence makes him MVP. As long as he continues to perform he will lead. David Mullen (YP 2.5): A little bit better at Cumnock. He's no Jack McMillan as he averaged nearly 6.3 but only made 14 appearances with 6 starts. Jimmy Fridge (YP 2.6): His manager at Motrose Roselea stuck with him and Jimmy Fridge rewarded him by averaging over 6.6 in his 42 league and cup appearances. Only three assists and two goals is a bit rubbish for a RW if you ask me but he's getting his football and that's what counts. 2020 Intake Alan McCulloch (YP 3.1): He's good, is Alan, but he's also a bit of a liability with two red cards this season. His average crept up above 7 this season so he has improved and his partnership with Craig Cowie is good but I need him to cut out the getting sent off if he is not going to find himself cast out for someone more reliable. Clark Park (YP 3.2): A bit of a weird season for Clark as he didn't score for the club until the second week in October. In that time I was pretty worried that maybe he was about to do a Dave Hay but instead he hit his form and ended up scoring twenty-four goals in his 33 League and Cup starts including a totally prolific December where he scored ten in four with three hattricks making this his most prolific season since his breakthrough. Close to 100 goals for the club now and it's a milestone he should blast past next season. Graham Lawrie (YP 3.3): Steady away by Graham but I will want to see improvements in the next few years especially if Aidan Reynolds starts to develop. Had a few iffy games but is yet to engender full confidence. He's a wee bairn yet though. 2021 Intake Jack Hoban (YP 4.1): Another solid season when called upon by Jack averaging 7.15 from 16 appearances. I'm wondering how much longer he'll put up with being behind Gorms but at the moment I am happy to have him as a reliable back-up and key cup player. Euan Grotlin (YP 4.2): Up and down for Euan. Some excellent cup appearances but didn't really take a chance to impress when Kev Manson was injured during the run in. An overall average of 7.19 seems good but the league form was when he had a run and he averaged under 6.8. Work to do for Euan especially as he has been beefing about getting game time. Bobby Henderson (YP 4.3): Solid season as fourth choice CB which is where Bobby is at the moment. Chance to be first reserve as Austin had a few brain farty moments this season but an average of 7 from his 10 starts (+5 subs) is good enough at this stage. Mike Hunter (YP 4.4): Complained he wasn't getting any football and then David Canning was out for six weeks. Did Mike take his chance? Did he ****. Was poor to average and eventually I decided to cut my losses and dropped him permanently. He didn't like that and wanted to leave so leave he has. Needs to improve attitude and end product. In theory. But if Jack McMillan can play 40 odd games in the lower leagues he'll probably be star player. Ray Paterson (YP 4.5): Dropped to the Hill of Beath U20s. Surely it'll be a retirement screen next year? 2022 Intake Ewan Allan (YP 5.1): Usurped by Ally O' Brian and did nothing in league and cup performances to suggest he could take his place back. Needs to perform in the cups next year or could end up losing his place in those to any up and comer. A big season ahead for the lad. Gary Munro (YP 5.2): A bit of an up and down season from Gary again. Got injured early on but then earned his place back only to lose it in the winter to some poor performances. Came back in the spring though and performed well in the run-in which suggests he might just need a good dropping now and then. 6.95 from 28 starts is not bad. I want better though. Stuart Mason (YP 5.3): A bit of an odd season for Stuart. Not as good as last year but got the most MotM awards breaking an eight year old record. Averaged 7.16 from his 33 games but only four goals and five assists isn't really what I am looking for from my SV. May be under pressure next season if he can't start turning these performances into end product. Steven Irvine (YP 5.4): After last season's breakout this was a difficult second album where the lead singer is high all the time and the seeds are sown for the band's eventual self-destruction. Far too many average performances followed by a disciplinary record that would make Joey Barton blush with 7 yellows and 3 reds. Is definitely not going to be first choice next season and has a lot of work to do to get back into my good books. 2023 Intake Chris Mackay-Steven (YP 6.1): No-one was expecting him to be POTY and YPOTY but here we are and actually in terms of numbers he did have a stormer. 12 starts, 22 sub appearance, nineteen goals, ten assists and an average of 7.34. An absolute beast to have come off the bench and his early work covered Clark's dip in form. Hope he carries on. David Canning (YP 6.2): Another good season from David. Lost a bit of time to injury but averaged over 7 with five goals and nine assists. Would like to see these numbers go up but he is progressing well. Austin Brown (YP 6.3): Rated by the coaches as the best CB in the team but had a bit more of an up and down season this year. Averaged under 7 from 19 starts which is okay for now but I am expecting him to improve and put pressure on Cowie and McCulloch. Ross Dodds (YP 6.4): The new Aaron Mooney except he can also play at CB. Always on the bench and with 19 sub appearances you can see why. Will keep him on the bench but not certain where he can break into the first team. Calvin Nairn (YP 6.5): Only tagged this season when Irvine started getting crap, injured, sent-off etc he ended up being the reliable rebound guy. Will get first dibs at the LB position next year but not sure he has what it takes to make the position his own. Waited awhile to get into the team though and did not disgrace himself with an average of 6.9 from 21 appearances. Steven McArthur (YP 6.6): Another late bloomer who got into the side when suspension for Clark and Dave Hay annoyed me. Made two sub appearances and could feature more next season but I reckon the two lads in the years below him will end up going past him. Has a chance though. Can he take it? 2024 Intake Ally O’Brian (YP 7.1): Rated as the best player at the club by the coaches and was... okay this season. Scored the goal of the season but it was one of only two that he got. Wanting to see much more from Ally next season as he certainly looks like he has the ability. Chris McInally (YP 7.2): Back-up from Stuart Mason and looks ready to take his place if Stuart starts to dip. Looking at the two of them he looks the better long-term option to me and I'll have a choice next season whether to start him or Mason. Performed well with an average of 7.1 in his 12 starts. Scott Smith (YP 7.3): Just 14 sub appearances and 3 goals for Scott. Not sure whether he will make it or not. Will have a battle with McArthur and Munro for 3rd choice striker next season. 2025 Intake Aidan Reynolds (YP 8.1): 13 starts for the young goalkeeper and looks the part so far. Two pelanties also give him a better goal record than some of the so-called attacking players we've seen. A promising debut season. Peter Fridge (YP 8.2): Tagged as I had intended to play him early on but then he got injured and then I forgot to play him in the last game of the season. Will get some game time next year though. John Corbett (YP 8.3): Got a debut in the last game of season and did not perform well. Is well down the pecking order at the moment but might get some game time next season. Sam McClusky (YP 8.4): A bit of a find here as Sam filled in ably when Gary Munro was injured and had some eye-catching cup performances. **** the bed a bit when we played Buckie in the penultimate game of the season but is 2nd choice RB so has an opportunity to develop and improve. A decent debut season. David Clark (YP 8.5): Behind Euan and Kevin but again another player from this intake with some promise and was eye-catchingly good in the Highland League Cup grabbing two assists. A chance to push on next season especially if Grotlin continues to stagnate. David McGowan (YP 8.6): Got a go because Mike Hunter was rubbish and while he wasn't quite good enough in the League he was very good in the Highland League Cup grabbing his first goals for the club. 2nd choice LW he has a real chance to develop next season. 2026 Intake Lewis Munro (YP 9.1): Highly rated from this year's intake and grabbed an impressive brace to get off the mark against Formartine. Battling with Scott Smith and Steven McArthur next year for that 3rd choice berth. A decent start though. Kerr Cowie (YP 9.2): LB continues to be this clubs weakness so Kerr got a go in the last game just to see what he has. Performed well in the game but is very much 3rd choice at the moment. Verdict The class of 2025 look like providing us with some quality reinforcements while we're getting to crunch time for the Year 4 and Year 5 intakes as they try and establish themselves in the first team proper. With some quality coming up through the ranks it'll be a big year for the likes of Stuart Mason, Ewan Allan, Euan Grotlin, Steven Irvine etc. The future's looking interesting.
  5. Around Scotland 2025/26 Buckie are back then and Kings of the Highland League. Who would they be facing from the Lowland League though for the right to take on Cove again... Stirling finally got the title after coming close last year. They lost to Spartans by five points which is exactly how many points last season's champions finished behind them. East Kilbride have their first strongish season for a while to finish third... Buckie won 3 cups and the league and are clearly the non-league form side and battered Stirling at home to send them through to the play-off final and a shot at getting into League 2. It wasn't Cove they had to take on though, instead it was Elgin who kept their League status with a narrow home win followed by a draw. Buckie will be back next season. Yaaaaaay... Elgin were pretty damn terrible as Cove survived easily despite only picking up two points in their last five as opposed to Elgin's eight. Cowdenbeath proved too strong for the division and bounced back at the first attempt and they were joined by Stranraer who were able to beat Airdrie and a suddenly impressive Edinburgh to the play-off promotion spot. Airdrie will spend another season in Scotland's lowest league tier. Hampden moves closer to us as everyone's favourite amateurs drop back into the basement. Stirling Uni's recent rise has been checked as the too drop having been beaten in the play-off semi-final leaving East Fife and Peterhead to enjoy their first season back and consolidate. At the other end of the table Montrose completely flipped from last season and strolled to the title meaning Queen of the South and Livingston were left to battle it out in the play-offs to bounce back into the Championship. They were not able to and will spend another year in League One. Dumbarton and Forfar stayed up fairly easily with Morton sliding through the trap door. A good run of form kept Dundee in the league as they managed to carry that into the play-offs. Good news for the Highlands as Ross County bounced back into the Premiership at the first attempt. Inverness nearly made it two Highland clubs but lost out in the playoffs while recent Premiership sides Partick and St Mirren will continuing to rep Central West in the Championship next season. St Johnstone follow an age old tradition of finishing the right side of the split one season and then going down the next. This allowed Ayr to have a shot at staying up which they took in the play-offs that Hamilton narrowly escaped despite a Scottish cup final. Motherwell, Falkirk and Hearts enjoyed mid-table mediocrity as did Hibs and Killie on the other side of the split. Both will be pleased to return to the top-half after underachieving last year. Aberdeen then start the best of the rest. They might be disappointed with fourth but they did win both the League and FA Cups so that's pretty good all told. Equally as happy will be Dundee who continue to improve, finishing third by dint of goal difference and in a title race for a while too. Disappointed will be Rangers who see the league trophy return to Parkhead after just one season on loan in Govan. It was quite a comprehensive win as well. Normal service resumed Celtic who have won 7 from 9 in this save.
  6. Wick Academy Season 2025/26 Review Another solid season then... Standard stuff here with us using the most players in the league and seemingly seeing the second XI get through one cup game but not two. Every year our best game is apparently in August and for the second year running it's against Nairn but at least three better games were the Brora 4-3 win, the 5-2 smashing of Formartine or the 3-1 surgical destruction of Buckie. How do they choose these games anyways? As for the worst game: yeah that Huntly one was awful. Well, that's a turn up for the books as Chris Mackay-Steven gets POTY and YPOTY. He certainly broke through this season but I wasn't expecting him to win. Not a surprise to see super Danny Gormley voted second though. He had a good season. The best XI is pretty much as I would pick. Steven Irvine wouldn't get in a t LB for me so that was correct but Clark Park ended up the second top scorer in the league so he should be in ahead of Chris. Bodes well though. Ally's goal was a peach tbf but Gorms' freekick against Keith would've been my pick. All the usual suspects on this list with Mason breaking an eight year old record.. Irvine is a dirty bastard though and needs to sort that out. Clark ends up top-scorer by a ways which given he didn't score for the first two months of the season is quite something. This is the squad with anyone with 5+ starts. Ally had the most starts which will hopefully bode well for his development. He had a decent season but I want more. The eagle eyed among you will notice that Colin Macrae isn't here. I let him go in February after he started kicking off and Dave Hay then started mouthing off backing him up. Macrae got terminated and Hay got demoted to the U20s. The side is all youth products now. Craig Cowie gets in the TOTY again. Mr dependable. Big changes happening with Gorms finally the king. Manson was very influential until he got injured towards the end of the season. Sean Parker still has influence despite hardly playing. New board so they're averagely happy with me at the moment. I'm more happy with them letting me go on a coaching course and increasing our youth recruitment. Keep it up board! So a season of consolidation it was then.
  7. April 2026 Update An outside shot at the title but we'd need to win all the games... The Formartine game was a classic comeback. We were 2-1 down at half-time and playing rubbish so I fired a rocket and then changed formation and we battered them in the second half with Lewis Munro getting his first two goals for the club. The Buckie game summed up our season. We played well, got someone sent off in the second half and then conceded a late goal. Classic Wick. This meant the title was out of reach so the second XI played the Clachnacuddin game and in a low key affair Aidan Reynolds got his second goal of the season with a pelanty. Top four again and we were in the title race we just lacked the discipline needed in the close games. Need to sort out our card habit as well as this season was a bit of a bloodbath.
  8. March 2026 Update Could we last the pace in the Highland League Title Race? Nope. Deveronvale managed to outdo us away from home so despite the good wins against Strathspey and Fort William we again struggle to beat a big side. Wasn't helped by all the suspensions but whatever. We go again... Not technically out of it but six points adrift with three games to go is pretty much goose cooked territory. We look to have secured Top 4 though which was the plan so can't complain too much. Some tough games to finish our season with. If we're going to finish with 65 points we're going to need to work extremely hard. I reckon we'll be good for 60 but we'll see how we go.
  9. 2026 Youth Intake It's Yoot Christmas. What has been left under the Harmsworth Tree? I like the look of both fullbacks and the keeper. Lewis Munro is the standout apparently so lets see if the boy has game... Well, what a game to start with. Connor McAllister impressed in the match so I might keep him around and Munro did score. Nice to see a strong U20 side come roaring back from 3-1 down though and Scott Smith have a stormer. Without us being desperate for bodies now the following have been signed. Lee Alexander was a punt and will need to be retrained somewhere but DM aside that's a fairly decent back-up intake. Obviously Lewis Munro needs some personality but he could be a successor to Clark Park if all goes to plan. Fast and furious though. He could be pretty tasty if he works out. Kerr looks like someone who could do pretty well and he'll get games especially if that idiot Steven Irvine keeps getting sent off... Connor was MOTM but doesn't look that great for a winger. He could still develop though. This looks like an intake of low quality tbf but as we're doing okay that isn't too bad and hopefully next year we'll reap the benefits of the increase to recruitment budget.
  10. After the last chairman said no to me every time I asked I might just be able to get on with the new guy... First improvement I have been allowed and am going to FINALLY get to up my coaching. Yay.
  11. February 2026 Update World Cup in Mexico is coming up. Could any of the Wick boys play their way into contention? Course not coz as if Scotland qualified... We still had a decent month despite not having a World Cup as an incentive. Chris took full advantage of an absent Clark to smack a few goals against Fraserburgh but we still conceded a late goal for 3-2 before Kev Manson scored an even later one. We were then very competent against Keith the highlight being Gorms' sweet free-kick (obvs) before the second XI took on the Highland League Cup. They dispatched Forres with unexpected ease with new LW boy David McGowan grabbing his first goals for the club. Turriff was a step too far for them although they definitely deserved a draw. A decent run out for them. The last game of the month was against Huntly and we were dominating them but in the 81st minute Steve Irvine got himself sent off AGAIN and then they scored to go 1-0 up... well I thought we were done and I was probably going to murder young Irvine but Clark popped up right at the end of the game to grab an equaliser that was the least we deserved and Irvine got away with just a two week fine. Idiot. Five becomes four again you'd feel with just six games left for us and five for Inverurie making their title defence look over. We're only three points adrift. It's still a possibility. Away to Deveronvale at the end of the month and we've also got Buckie in April so it's in our hands... Got a new contract out of the new board and got the Youth Promise back because of it which is great coz March means Yoot time!
  12. Rumblings... And it didn't take too long... Will have to get the GYAC promise back on as soon as possible. Not sure there is much coming from this though.
  13. January 2026 Update Consistency is something we've never had at Wick. I blame the children... and that Manager of the Month award I got. It started with us getting a thumping from Inverurie before going 2-0 down to Forres. We fought back in the Forres game and took the lead in the 89th minute only to throw it away in injury time and give our bogie side a draw. We then went 1-0 up against Turriff and were cruising to a win when stupid McCulloch got himself sent off, we then held out till the last kick of the game and then conceded an equaliser. In my rage I fined the idiot for getting sent off. He wasn't happy but he didn't start a dressing room revolt coz he knows... We then were 1-0 down to Lossiemouth at half-time before Mackay-Steven came roaring back for us. Not sure why Scott Smith took the pelanty rather than Chris but we then gave away another late goal but at least this time held out for a win. Stupid wobbly Wick bastards. Inverurie have dragged themselves back into the title race then and we are going into a five horse race now. The most worrying thing is that it could cost us our top four place especially if we keep throwing away points with gay abandon like we have this month. The Huntly game looms large at the end of the month. We should be able to see off Fraserburgh and Keith but I am taking nothing for granted.... well, except our getting knocked out of the Highland League Cup coz it's only ****ing Forres. Again.
  14. December 2025 Update A biggish month in terms of whether we really are a top 4 Highland League side or whether we've just been overperforming for a while... Well I'll tell you who might be the real deal. Only Clark ****en Park. He's gone from not scoring for ages to scoring ten in four with three hattricks. His scintilating form was enough for us to see of Buckie away which was very pleasing after the Second XI suffered a narrow defeat at home in the Aberdeenshire Shield. We dropped points at home to Rothes which was quite frustrating but Manson and Clark's form was enough to win our other two away games. The Brora game was particularly tense as we went 2-0 up dropped to 2-2, went 4-2 up and then nearly ballsed it up. We held out though and that is a much better month. Guess we're right back in a title race and it is a four way one with the former champions a ways back in 5th. We take them on in our first game of 2026 and then face bogie side Forres away from home so we need to be fearful about losing momentum but right now it's all good in the Harmsworth Hood.
  15. November 2025 Update We are not big game players... Started well enough against Strathspey but we sucked badly against Deveronvale and then had two very frustrating draws in the league. Suddenly my fullbacks have forgotten how to play football. I'm not gonna say it's coz Gorms was out injured but... Montrose battered us and we were 3-0 down just before half-time. Clark did get a consolation. A frustrating month. We sit fourth ahead of the champions. It's looking like Huntly with Buckie being back as well. Consolidating top four is the aim this season now and we'll have to work hard to be sure that we do. A very tough start to December with a Buckie doubleheader in cup and league before some slightly more manageable games towards the end of it although they are both away... Could be a big month.