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  1. You can absolutely have success with different types of tactics. No question. At the same time 4-3-3 is overpowered/exploitative in this match engine. These are not two diametrically opposed statements. Both are true.
  2. The 4231 Explained

    I will see if I can dig it oot.
  3. The 4231 Explained

    Ah, but with a different team with the winger rather than raumdeuter my winger was consistently getting good ratings and being a lot more involved.
  4. The 4231 Explained

    I pay no attention to my pie slices coz if I did my RW should play as a winger and indeed I had him as a winger in the tactic to begin with and he was consistently getting under 6.5 and not scoring any. Once I changed him to a Raumdeuter (which he has lowest pie) he was instantly involved again. I think certain players do play certain roles better or worse and the pies give you no indication of how they will do. My new regista is rubbish pie as well yet is dictating games from that position.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    The board think it's a good deal. The fans think it's a **** deal. That could happen.
  6. Bloch Jorgenson has gone back to Whitehawk meanwhile Olumide Oluwatimilehin joined the club in November.
  7. The 4231 Explained

    I have been slowly building up my Wick team to use this tactic and am now at a stage where I have certain variants. The one thing I have noticed is that the player you put in each position and the role you assign them can be really key to getting the system working. One of my DMs was terrible as the SV as he just kept taking shots time and time and time again but he is awesome as a regista or DM in the formation instead.
  8. Pre-Season 2022 Another pre-season and a clarity of thought and purpose surrounds Harmsworth Park. We have a style, a plan and identity now. This might be the start of a new era... of getting 50 points again. Maybe. Anyway: friendlies. A pretty good pre-season although we didn't play anyone of note. The Halkirk result was quite annoying and we showed some gumption against Aberdeen. Manson seems to be enjoying himself again, Clark Park looks like he can slot into the first team and Sean Parker is maturing as the Segundo. Got a few clean sheets too. Oh and we won the cup. Odds are slightly kinder this season with us sitting as 13th favoruites at 150-1. Brora are just above us which means the bookies are wrong or that side that came so close last season has broken up. Fraserburgh are back up the top and Buckie are favourites again. The odds don't seem to change much. I think we're top-half material. Of course I'm no saying that to the board. Expectations are the same as they have been for a while and that is all fine by me... Movement and shakement in the hierarchies as I went and made a big call... Sean Parker's leadership, teamwork and determination were all better than MacGregor's so I told him I had better options and MacGregor accepted it. Sean Parker goes from POTY to captain while Mark Sutherland remains VC. Should see these two shoot up that chart now. So tactically it doesn't look that different but the roles given to Manson and Gorms are ones that clearly suit them and get the best out of them. At home and against poorer sides we'll look to play the way the TIs say with Gorms stepping up and running the show as a Regista. Against better sides away from home Gorms will drop back to a much more defensive role and we'll look to defend deeper and hit on the counter with pace. Clark Park gets the nod up front ahead of Hay and Cowie gets first dibs at partnering Sutherland. This set up really seems to suit the team so I have cautious optimism. We've got a bit of a baptism of fire in the league with a trip to the second favoruites to start before league games at home against the favourites and the champions. Succor may come in the shape of the North of Scotland cup and a trip to Keith. We'll certainly know what kind of season we'll be in for by the end of the month anyway.
  9. Youth Prospect Update Summer 2022 A few steps back this year but also some revitalised hope. For the 2017/18 intakes their time to step up is coming now. Where are they positioned? 2017 Intake Lewis Ross (YP 0.1): Won't go away. Strangely. He's out of contract and is just sticking around and I'm not gonna ditch him coz you never know when all your goalkeepers might become the target of international assassins and you'll have a selection crisis but his career is going nowhere fast. Will probably go full time at the Services near Thurso soon. Eddie Wilson (YP 0.2): Ah Eddie, remember him. He's with Threave Rovers now in the South of Scotland League so a level down from where he was and doesn't look like he's pulled up any trees given his average rating of 6.53. Still, at least you stood up to me that time I said the defence was **** when they were ****. You sure showed me right? Aaron Mooney (YP 0.3): Not the answer to our fullback issues but not really a problem either. His average of 6.75 is actually better than I thought it would be and he made twelve starts with a further twelve sub appearances in the league. A reliable bench option that can cover both flanks is his lot in life now and will continue to be so unless he gets itchy feet. A steady Eddie (not Wilson). Fraser Connolly (YP 0.4): Retired at the tender age of 22. His football adventure and indeed his place on this list ends here. Released early on the season coz he was causing a bit of dressing room ruckus and clearly went nowhere else. Made thirty-five appearances for us and that is all we wrote... Danny Gormley (YP 0.5): A steady season from Gorms averaging 6.95 and playing a less games due to two injuries. Overtaken in terms of performance this season by his DM colleague and suddenly I've got staff saying he ain't worth **** but I will always believe in Gorms who has become highly influential and put in some eye-catching performances as a Regista. Will benefit from a refinement of our tactical setup I think and is still the beating heart of this club. Cameron Golabek (YP 0.6): I'm not sure it's going to happen for Cameron. His main hope was us sticking to the 4-1-3-2 but that formation doesn't really suit how we're developing and the wing talent we have which means, unfortunately, that Cam is going to be a casualty. Unless he successfully retrains as a DM or AM which I will give him the opportunity to do his time as at an end as only four starts and three sub appearances will attest to. Steven McGowan (YP 0.8): McGowan made a huge stink and basically called me out and called me a promise breaker. Fancied his chances in the big wide world. Well, he got his chance and went on trial with Edusport and then that was the end of his career. A waste really. Gone at 21. Sandy Campbell (YP 0.9): Sandy is still playing in the Juniors with Arthurlie and is clearly their super-sub option making no starts but getting thirty-five appearances. Only scored three goals mind so I'm not sure how long he can continue to average under 6.5 and not score before his career disappears. Still lasted longer than a few others of his year. Dave Hay (YP 0.10): After the joy of his big breakthrough season last year Dave struggled to hit those heights this season. Scored eleven goals in thirty-two appearances which is okay if you're not the spearhead which he is. Big season upcoming then to see if he can get back towards twenty goals as Clark Park is breathing down his neck. Grant Duncanson (YP 0.11): Grant was another to leave with Connolly and McGowan but he found a club not too far from my house actually as Pollock came a-calling. Scored eight goals in twenty-four starts with nineteen sub appearances as well which isn't... awful. Feel he'll need to have a bigger season next year if he's going to keep his career going but at least he gets to live in Shawlands. Which is nice. 2018 Intake Mark Sutherland (YP 1.1): Mark is entering his peak development time now and was pretty much first choice CB all season. Had some stormers and also had some stinkers which is the nature of the beast. His average rating of 6.71 over thirty league starts is pretty decent and in his defence he was often the better CB of anyone he was partnered with. Hoping he continues to develop well especially with his leadership abilities. A key member of the first team. Willie Nairn (YP 1.2): Bit of an up and down season for Willie Nairn because I look at his ratings and assists and the numbers are quite good. Averaging over 6.9 with seven goals and three assists from midfield is pretty good but so many times he would be a 6.3 at half-time. Is a key squad member though. I should probably have more patience with him especially with those set-piece abilities of his... James McIntyre (YP 1.3): Highest rated striker but can't lead the line. Put in some very decent performance as a False Nine in a front two and managed to bag four goals and three assists in just fourteen starts which is... okay. The problem is we're moving away from two striker formations but having seen his abilities to play False Nine I am looking to retrain him for AM. If he's going to stay at the club that is where his future lies... unless he becomes a great solo striker. Scott Candlish (YP 1.4): Had two games and had a stormer in the North of Scotland Cup and was average in his league outing. Too many folks ahead of him I think but am happy to keep him around for as long as he wants to stay. Scott Park (YP 1.5): Gone. Not even a retirement page. Left the club at the beginning of the season and has disappeared into the ether. Maybe he's gone to one of they islands... Kevin Manson (YP 1.6): Like Dave Hay he struggled to hit the heights he did last season with Jimmy Fridge actually being preferred to him at the start but slowly and surely forced his way back into contention and got some vital goals towards the end of the campaign. Actually plays much better as a Raumdeuter than a winger which means I'm going to keep the tactical tweak made towards the end of the season coz if I can get the best out of Manson he could really be something. Hoping for better than his six goals and four assists in sixteen starts and nine sub appearances next time. I have faith though. Steven Buchan (YP 1.7): Bit of a quiet season for Buchan with MacGregor the key LW in the squad and chances to play few and far between. Made three starts and three sub appearances and scored three goals with, unfortuantely for symmetry's sake, one assist so he didn't let anyone down. Feel like he needs a loan move to continue his development especially as there is younger back-up for MacGregor. I have high hopes for him though. Dale Fridge (YP 1.8): Played the cup games and was okay but I felt his development would be better served on loan so he went to Armadale Thistle where he played twenty-five games and conceded thirty-one goals with four clean sheets. Good for his development and he may well get another trip out after the early cup games next season to continue. Jordan King (YP 1.9): Jordan did not have a good season and has now probably slipped from being first choice reserve for Gorms and Parker to being third on that list. His midfield performances weren't great and he's got a lot of work to do if he's going to stick around. No goals or assists from twelve starts is not good enough. 2019 Intake Jack McMillan (YP 2.1): Up and down and in and out. He, David Mullen and Aaron Mooney are all battling for that LB spot and in the cold light of day at the end of the season he was probably the best of them. Still got a few hair-tearing mistakes in him but am going to be patient and he will get the first ten or so games next season to try and make the spot his own. Ended the season okay and will be looking to make more than the eleven starts he made last year. Sean Parker (YP 2.2): Move over Gorms because Sean Parker is the POTY this year. Played all thirty-four games in the league scored five goals and got five assists and was pretty much the only player to average over seven. This might be a damning indictment on the team rather than the emergence of Parker as THE force of Wick but he's an important player and could well battle Sutherland to be the team captain when MacGregor finally moves it on. A very good year for him though. Steven Ballantyne (YP 2.3): I wanted more goals and assists and a better average and I got it although not by much. I have seen progress from Ballantyne which is nice but he is about to suffer competition for that place the likes of which he hasn't seen for the last two seasons so he'll need to really step it up if he is to retain his place. Craig Cowie (YP 2.4): Main defender on the bench but Craig's time may be coming. Wasn't great apart from in the North of Scotland Cup but with Andy Hardwick testing my patience with one to many **** performances for the last time a place next to Sutherland in the heart of defence is available. Whether Craig can claim it is up to him. Will go up against McCulloch for it and definitely has an opportunity to press for a first team place next season. David Mullen (YP 2.5): This was a season where he could have stepped up but instead it only underlined that he probably isn't good enough for Wick. An average of under 6.6 from a over ten appearances basically tells you all you need to know. David won't be around much longer. Jimmy Fridge (YP 2.6): Was all set to be the starting RW and was quickly shown to be out of his depth and reverted to being the bench option. Probably needs a loan to get some regular game time but we're not writing him off just yet. Did at least get a goal and assist to his name. 2020 Intake Alan McCulloch (YP 3.1): Played a decent amount of games with thirteen starts and, apart from the SFA Cup game (and naebody came out of that unscathed), acquitted himself in an entirely acceptable manner. Will now battle it out with Craig Cowie to be Sutherland's partner and between you and me I think that is a battle he might win. Clark Park (YP 3.2): Bit of a breakthrough season for Clark. His five goals against Lossiemouth was clearly the highlight but he popped up with vital goals at vital times. He scored eleven like Hay and only made seven starts with ten sub appearances compared to Hay's thirty-two. Even if you take out the Lossiemouth game that's still a good hit rate and next season might be the time he starts to lead the line ahead of Hay. Graham Lawrie (YP 3.3): Made his debut in the League Cup and conceded three but looks like an excellent prospect and will be first choice reserve if Dale Fridge goes out on loan again next season. 2021 Intake Jack Hoban (YP 4.1): Not a bad first full season for Jack as he grabbed his first goal and two assists and made ten starts with a further nine sub appearances. Overtook Jordan King as the main DM cover and will continue to deputise for Gorms and Parker next season. Euan Grotlin (YP 4.2): The RB experiment was stupid and poor on Euan. He is retraining as a RW and will be back up to Manson especially if t'other Fridge goes out on loan. Not a great first season but has looked decent playing at RW for the U20s so will have a chance to come again. Bobby Henderson (YP 4.3): Not ready yet but will be making more of a step up than he did this season with Hardwick being phased out. Looks a decent prospect and will look to give him more game time next year. Mike Hunter (YP 4.4): Went on loan to Burntisland where he performed okay and got two goals in his twenty-two games. The aim is to have him as MacGregor's back-up while sending Buchan out onj loan next season so he will be looking to add to his two appearances for the club. Ray Paterson (YP 4.5): In desperation for a RB when Mooney was injured and Macrae was playing ***** I turned to former sanitation commissioner for Springfield Ray Paterson. He wasn't great and with two good RB prospects in the class of 2022 will probably struggle to make an impact here but if anyone can Marge... the garbageman can. 2022 Intake Ewan Allan (YP 5.1): There are some players who just announce themselves and Allan's winner against Huntly certainly did that. His mentals ain't great but MacGregor is tutoring him so am hoping they can push him up because if they can then Ballantyne should be yesterday's AM. Got some high hopes here if it all works out. Gary Munro (YP 5.2): The great RB hope. An inauspicious debut but I want him to be good. Please be good Gary. Don't make me go back to Ray. Stuart Mason (YP 5.3): Tagged coz he was on the bench against Huntly but injuries prevented me from having enough subs left to get him on. Reminds me of Parker when he were a lad and will definitely get chances to impress next year. Verdict With the class of 2017 coming towards their 23rd/24th birthdays we are beginning to see attrition. A few players have a lot to prove next year not least Dave Hay while the new boys all look like they could slot in and improve the team immensely. One trick ponies such as Cameron Golabek are probably finished here as we tactically change direction but the interesting thing is that so far we have a handful of decent players per year rather than one mint intake. Was toying with the idea of getting rid of the HOYD and replacing him but actually he's pretty bloody good and he likes me. So he stays.
  10. Around Scotland 2021/22 Formartine were the Champions of the Highlands then doing a double with the league cup as Buckie had done last year. Who would the lose to in the play-off semi though? Stirling Uni were the surprise champions climbing from 12th the season before to take the title relatively comfortably ahead of Spartans and East Stirlingshire. East Stirlingshire's close but no cigar continues then but spare a thought for how rubbish Berwick have become. After missing out on an instant return by a point last season this year they sat 11th and went through at least two managers. A long way back for them as East Stirlingshire can attest. Last season's champions Edusport were never really in it and finished 5th. Stirling Uni vs Formartine then. Will the Lowland boyz make it 5/5 against the Highlands? Of bloody course they would. Stirling Uni's home clean sheet and a vital goat at Formartine enough to see them past the Highland double winners. Shame on us all again. For Stirling Uni though it was Edinburgh City. A second successive year bottom of League Two for them. Could they survive again? Nope. Last year they humped the Lowland League Champions away from home which meant a 1-1 draw at home wasn't fatal. Stirling Uni at home though are a different proposition and a 2-1 defeat there meant an underwhelming home draw sent Edinburgh back to the Lowland Leagues for the second time in five years. They'll need to hope they avoid Berwick's fate next season. For Stirling Uni though it is League football next season. Edinburgh only finished bottom by two points and it was a home defeat in the penultimate game to Albion Rovers that gave The Wee Rovers hope as they moved level on points withEdinburgh and a last day win coupled with a draw for the Capital City side meant they went into the play-offs and never returned. At the other end of the table Arbroath won the league fairly easily to make up for last season's near miss and play-off failure and it was for Clyde instead, comfortable in second, to suffer the indignity of a play-off loss with Queens Park claiming promotion from third and returning to League One after three seasons in the league's basement. East Kilbride and Annan were unable to compete upon their return from League One after relegation last year and will be looking to improve ahead. Airdrie, to many's surprise, drop into League Two without much of a fight and are joined by Elgin who finished in quite a creditable 9th place considering they were promoted from 4th place last season. It wasn't enough though as Peterhead, who went up as comfortable champions, managed to scrape two more points than them. They'll want to see better next year or their survival might just have been a stay of execution. Morton had been relegated rock bottom of the Championship but found League One much more to their liking as they stormed back to the second tier as champions. Alloa finished 3rd after relegation but weren't able to see it through in the play-offs and instead Livingston, who had finished 2nd in the last few seasons and missed out on going up, finished 4th and got promotion. As you do. Livingston and Morton may have a big old gap to bridge coming up to the Championship as the two teams that got promoted from League One last season went straight back down with barely a fight finishing 17 and 16 points adrift of the rest. St Mirren bounced back to the top-flight the first time of asking winning the league by 8 points. Falkirk have been threatening the Premiership for a while and battled hard in the play-offs but ultimately fell short despite a comfortable second while only 5 points separated the rest. Too easy for Premiership sides and too tough for the League One sides is how the Championship feels at the moment. Ross County will be buzzing with their great escape gaining 8 points from their final five games while Hamilton didn't win a single one. That collapse was enough to see the South Lanarkshire side drop into the Championship on goal difference while The Staggies kept their cool to thwart Falkirk in the play-off final and stay in the league for another year. Also staying in the league are last season's Championship Champions Partick finishing 10th and 2 points ahead of their relegation rivals despite only scoring 27 goals all season. Averaging only 0.71 goals a game and staying up has to be some sort of record. Halcyon days at Firhill. The rest of the bottom half are the same teams as last season meaning the top six is becoming a bit of a closed shop. In the top half of the table Hibs continue to be consistently 5th while Dundee drop to 6th. Trouble in Govan as Rangers had a bit of a stinker of a season finishing well 4th behind a still amazing Kilmarnock side who return to Europe, Aberdeen and, most importantly of all, their bitter rivals by 25 points. Michael Laudraup paid the ultimate price at the end of the season and Alex Neil is now head honcho at Ibrox. How far away those choked titles of a few years ago look now. Gerado Martino though is master of all her surveys with his fourth league title in four years and the League Cup. Aberdeen were the team beaten in the League Cup but Derek McInnes gained some revenge by claiming the Scottish Cup against the Bhoys with a 1-0 extra-time win. Business as usual in the top tier then as another year comes to a close.
  11. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I always love doing an Italian save. There is something about Calcio that seduces me. I've loved doing Scottish saves since moving up here in 2015. I also quite enjoyed Ukraine for a few years...
  12. It's only taken me FIVE YEARS!!! Finally popped the Steam Achievement. I'd like to thank my mother, Pompeyboyz's dead cat and all my wonderful fans. As an addendum to this I've just checked my manager profile for the first time in ages and apparently former Charlton striking sensation Jonaton Johansson hates me for some reason. He's Motherwell manager but I don't know why he doesn't like me.
  13. Ewan's Huntly goal was also a League Record Breaker.
  14. Wick Academy Season 2021/22 Review Last year saw our best ever finish and TBH I thought we were lucky and perhaps operating at the peak of our powers so I was ready for a bit of a comedown this year. We did alright. Back to the safety of 50 points for the first time since the Order 67 fiasco. It's taken a few years but normal service has been resumed. Given that we were predicted 16th that's not too shabby at all. Once again we used the most players in the league. As for the games that Rothes one was pretty poor although the draw against Clachnacuddin was at home was almost worse. There were far better results than the other Rothes game including the Buckie win and the Fraserburgh result just after I turned them down. Gorms is finally beaten in POTY by his DM chum Parker who also nailed the YPOTY as well. Gorms did come second though. As I mentioned in the September update Willie Nairn's winner against Brora was indeed voted Goal of the Year although Ewan Allan's was pretty special. Not sure Willie deserves his place in the Team of the Year though as he is far too inconsistent. Ballantyne was much better this season and would deserve the place ahead of him. Other than that I can't disagree. Sean was the highest rated player of the year so it's no surprise he was POTY. Our main issue came to a lack of a real goalscorer as Dave Hay proved to be slightly less prolific than he was last year. It's interesting that Clark actually tied him in the end having played far fewer games. The lack of stand out talent also shows in our MOTM awards with five players getting two each meanwhile our defence's discipline is probably one of the reasons we're so flighty at the back. Gorms is a big mover and shaker and is now highly influential and so he should be given he's played consistently for five years. Dave Hay has poked his head up at maybe the wrong time especially if he doesn't start well next season. Am expecting Mark Sutherland to move up the hierachy by the end of next year and if Sean Parker continues to impress he probably will too. Board are all good. The GYAC policy has seen me go back to full confidence on philosophies and the fact that I never sign anyone means the finances are good. We are at the five year mark now though so some changes may be afoot in the Summer as I look to freshen up the backroom possibly and maybe move Hardwick on. We're steady away for now though.