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  1. If he doesn't go Xanthi this time I'm claiming my winnings and retiring to a chateau somewhere. Probably France.
  2. Would be great narrative to be fired and then go back to Scotland and do it with them.
  3. Need one more career thread before FM17. I don't wanna do a youth challenge straight off the bat or manage in Scotland again. Toying with the idea of doing a Cattenacio Hornchurch Career but not sure I have the tactical wherewithal to do that. Other ideas include a lower-league journeyman career managing in only the lowest leagues, a geography career starting in one country and only moving to countries that are geographically next to them (and then moving continents once one is finished). Just need something. Any ideas duly welcomed.
  4. Status Update? This is exciting. I need one more career story before FM17...

  5. £12 on Xanthi
  6. Kabongo's managerial career is going exactly the way I reckon Tim Sherwood's will with the level of delusion that he can still make it similar as well.
  7. £12 for Xanthi
  8. £7 on Wolfsburg
  9. June 2022 Update So, Sweden then. I was straight into work with four games in June. The board wanted me to get top half but (as you shall see) there are some big gaps in the squad that I hope to fill in July when the transfer window opens. I just hope I remember how to conduct a transfer after not touching one for seven years. An interesting month and ultimately a bit of a stuttering one. The first XI can play and we were in every game (which is why it’s so bloody annoying that we lost three of them). Adam Botvidsson is clearly a big player for us with three goals in the month and we have to hope midfield continues to bless us as the options up front are a bit gash. Only three points isn’t the best of starts but it isn’t a disaster. I’ve got some reinforcements coming in the middle of next month and I think we’ll need them if we’re going to chase a top-half finish. Luckily my lack of Swedish is not hurting my so far as my dramatic hand gestures and exaggerated facial expressions are doing the job. As for tactics I'm playing a standard 4-2-3-1 for now as it’s the best fit for the players and I really just want to get through this season before starting to mould the team in my image (bankrupt with only children left). As you can see our squad is a bit thin in key areas. RB, DM and a striker are my key priorities next month so I can stabalise the club and then bring in the youth. Oh yes, I am bringing them through. This is still a youth challenge after all despite my running away from Wick. Predicted 8th and have dropped to 9th. We have to hit the ground running if we aren’t going to get sucked into a relegation battle. If we can cut out the falling asleep at the back (we concede a lot of late goals) we should have enough to push up rather than look down. Five games in July with two tough looking game against teams above us and three vital games against teams in and around us. Hopefully we can pick up 8 points at least and kick on. Anything less and I might be run out of Sweden faster than someone selling Australian Eurovision Champions scarves.
  10. 2022 and on the Run Update So I disappeared. Where I went nobody knew but intrepid reporter from the Wick Football Times Kevin Chalmers stopped at nothing to track me down and demanded not one but two interviews. I told them I was sad to leave and hinted at boardroom issues and I also bigged up the players and the fans making sure I left them loving me. I then said I'd work for anyone who wanted me. There were a few teams in Scotland who did want me. East Fife (eventual winners of League Two) came for me first... And then Bottom of League One Ayr also offered me a job but given the way I left Wick and the way it was going for them I couldn't return to Scotland. As for Wick? They hired Buckie's manager Lee Sharp who instantly used the transfer window to bring in several new faces. Scott Eadie became the first new transfer in the door in almost seven years. Followed by several others. It wasn't enough though. The team won one more game all season, finished bottom and then got hammered by Spartans in the play-offs. They will return to non-league (and it will possibly be the Lowland League). The dream is over. As for me? Well I bummed around Europe for a bit before spying a vacancy in another northern country where cold is a constant companion. I couldn't return to Scotland until I'd proved myself again. Off to Sweden then and a new chapter begins. The search for redemption.
  11. October-December 2021 Update Things aren't going well. In fact, things are going terribly and these three months have been the toughest of my managerial career. Doesn't make pretty reading does it? Just one win in fifteen league games as the callow nature of the squad has been laid bare by the absolutely relentless nature of League Two football. A season that had started with vague optimism has descended into a stare down a black, black hole and there is no sign of respite or rescue. The squad has no goals and with injuries robbing us of key players. McCarthy was first as we conceded shedloads early on and then just as I thought we were going to mount a mini-revival with a new strikerless formation Decland Campbell got himself injured too. All in all it makes grim reading. Well, not so grim. We're still in touch with 9th place and actually I think I've settled on a way of playing that may see us survive. But yet... We're broke and losing money. We can't improve the youth facilities, the board won't let me go and get any coaching badges and we can't go professional so we can't even train the hell out of the players we do have. There seems to be no chance of improvement in the long term and after two days in a coma last year I'm now beginning to reassess my entire life in Wick. It's been a great six and a half years but it looks like... It looks like... So I spent Christmas with my family back in London, but come New Year's Day when I was due back for the game against Airdrie it was evident that I hadn't caught the plane back north. Instead I'd headed to Heathrow and sent a message to the board. So after 2,376 days in charge of Wick Academy I resigned. The relentless negativity from the board followed by the fact that they again tried to make me re-sign for half my wage as well as the fact that a member of the youth squad had tried to murder me last year meant that I'd had enough. It's been quite a ride and I've definitely given the fans football to cheer about but my whole footballing philosophy has been turned inside out. I need some time to heal and grow. But this is not the end. It's a new beginning. Nobody has told Malcolm though yet. He may be waiting for me for a while
  12. September 2021 Update A certain gray fug has been spotted hanging over Harmsworth Park as we've embarked on my 7th season in charge. A poor start and a couple of hammerings have left the club in a low state and with games against perennial high-flyers, a recently relegated side and a team that have started the season like several houses on fire on acid it doesn't look like getting any better. Well, well. Character. Five points from nine was about four more than I was expecting from this month. We started very well against East Fife and just played decently. Once Sam Finnis grabbed the early goal and then the OG was added ten minutes before half-time there was only going to be one winner and we duly held out to record a priceless victory. Relegated Peterhead were next up and we set up to be hard to break down and it worked. We were actually the better side and when Sean Tobin lashed in an absolute beauty from 30 yards to put us 1-0 up with 4 minutes to go I thought we were going to do it but unfortunately the team fell asleep and Peterhead equalised through a slack header straight from the restart. Still, a point from a team in League One last season with the start we've made is not to be sniffed at. The last game of the month was against early high-flyers Montrose and I decided to keep it defensive and was rewarded with a 0-0 to claim five points from the month. Performances like that make me think maybe we do belong. Early days yet though. All very bunched up early doors and only a three point gap from Stirling. Not much to be read from a table this early but I think it's clear who our main relegation rivals are gonna be. October will see whether we're going to struggle or push on with a game against Albion before we start again against Elgin and Annan. We've been drawn against Fort William in the cup and should be looking to win it before a huge home game against Stirling at the end of the month. Anything less than five points will point to a relegation battle. And things are going to be a lot tougher for us. Sean was injured halfway through the Montrose game and will be out for a few months. Eric McCafferty is 20 now so it's a good time for him to have to step up but Sean's gloves are big ones to fill. I hope for our sake that he shines.
  13. July/August 2021 Update I always thought that this season would be tough and I always knew we'd struggle when Big Gaz lost his edge. Dark clouds begin to gather at Harmsworth. Let's start with the cups as that's how the season starts. We lost 3-0 to Forfar in what was a pretty even game. They scored two late on as we pushed for an equaliser so I felt quite good about how we played ahead of the Ross County game. Unfortunately we were absolute bobbins against Ross County and lost 7-1 which was our biggest ever defeat. An inauspicious start. It actually started okay in the league. Sam Finnis looked good as he scored two against Elgin and we looked pretty solid. Bad news followed though as Davy Charlesworth got injured and is out for two months and then during the next game, a 2-0 defeat at home to Annan, 3rd choice CB Sutherland got injured too. Suddenly Chris Morrison was back in the team and Sam Finnis was out as well. We managed a 1-1 draw against newly promoted Stirling and then suffered two unfortunate defeats. Arbroath scored a late winner as we went down to ten men after Finnis had to come off injured again after I made all my subs and then the same happened against Airdrie as we lost to a late goal after Chris Morrison got himself stupidly sent off. A pretty crappy start to the season. We're not bottom but I think it's clear that this season is going to be shaping up as a battle between us and Stirling for that bottom spot. Robbie Armstrong does not look like the answer and McNulty is too raw at the moment. I think we can keep it tight but without goals we're going to struggle and we seem to be quite injury prone too. Three games next month. We start against East Fife who have signed this guy... Which kind of tells you the kind of predicament we're in before a game against recently relegated Peterhead and then early leaders Montrose. Not sure how much we're going to get out of this month. I could do with cheering up. 38 games in 118 years and only 4 goals? That's a goal every 29 and a half years. Even Claude Makelele had a better hit rate.
  14. Pre-Season 2021 Update Our second season in League Two and the follow-up album is usually more difficult than the debut. The old stalwarts are finally falling away and it's up to the youngsters of Wick to take on the mantle and keep us in this division. I envisage my toughest season yet. Pre-season wasn't as hardcore as usual as it appears I can't make much money from big games now so instead I went away to some Highland sides, had two big games at home (one of which was in honour of Sam Mackay) before welcoming rivals Brora and then finishing off in the Pompeyboyz's Cat Cup. Most of pre-season was spent experimenting with numerous permutations to identify an effective starting XI so results weren't too great although we did beat Brora and do the other important thing. Let's take a minute to remember him... . . . and then let's move on... The Chairman continues his annoying habit of finding Parent clubs I don't even want. Forfar are the unlucky ******** who stand to be relegated in two seasons' time. Speaking of relegation we're favourites to finish last again by an absolute country mile. Stirling have just come up but we're apparently 20 times more likely to finish bottom than they are. The board don't expect much either so at least the pressure is off. So I've settled on a tentative starting XI for the season but I have a feeling that aside from at the back this could be a season of major upheaval throughout the team. The backline stays as last year with James Nairn keeping his LB berth from the end of last season. Kieran will start the season off at DM while Allan and Finnis start in the wing. Kenny Jackson (YP 6.2) gets first dibs on trying to be Sam Mackay's replacement while I have gone with Robbie Armstrong to lead the line first up as he was the better option in pre-season. The second XI see Jordan Evans drop to RB with Cammy Mackay going to the U20s. David McCulloch (YP 5.2) takes the LB berth in the second XI while a new member of the class of 2020 Ryan Sutherland (YP 5.4) lines up at CB alongside Chris Morrison. Sutherland looks pretty decent and could well be 3rd choice CB already. No surprises in midfield with Bigg, Martin, Tobin and Carroll being supported by Sam Mackay and Mark McNulty up front. Big Gaz is still at the club but is now rated at half a star. He will still get game time if either McNulty or Armstrong get injured but I imagine this will be his final season. *sad face* The season starts again with two cup games and we're at home for both of them. New parent club Forfar are first up in the Challenge Cup before Ross County come for an all Highland battle in the League Cup. We start the league season away to Elgin while Annan and Arbroath are the first visitors to Harmsworth. We'll have an early relegation six pointer away to newly promoted Stirling as well as a journey to Airdrie to round off a busy August. I hope we start as well as last year. Two more down then as the class of 2015 drop down to just three. Hendry never really got going but Charlesworth had a decent impact in my first few seasons and was very much a fixture of the best XI for those weird first years for some reason. Eventually though it was clear he wasn't up to standard and his starts dried up once the class of 2018 emerged. I wish them well and hope that neither of them decide to run me over in a few months time.
  15. Summer 2021 Youth Update Our first season of League football. These kids have come a long way. Well, some of them have. Others have either been jettisoned already or are living on borrowed time. Football is a harsh business. 2015 Intake Brian Petrie (YP 0.1): One completely average Scottish cup performance and that was it. He didn't really impress for the U20s in the U20 league (which we're finally in) so I can't see how he has a future here. Still around for the moment and he does had a 2.5 star potential which is probably the only reason he is still here. He'll probably be one of those perennial two game a season players if I don't get bored and turf him out. Jordan Evans (YP 0.2): An interesting season as far as Jordan was concerned. He played 35 competitive games and averaged 6.93 at LB overall which isn't a disgrace but I kind of get the feeling that he has reached his ceiling and with younger players ahead of him looking more impressive and able already he could find himself more on the fringes next season. Although, if Grant Campbell drops (he's 31 atm) and Cammy Mackay isn't ready, he might find himself heading to RB instead. A decent return but he won't be first choice next year. Kieran Forbes (YP 0.3): First season he has averaged under 7 but still performed well for the majority of it. Captained the side well and has finally been accepted by the Harmsworth Park faithful making the TOTY and all time XI. There is a little niggling doubt in my mind about whether he too may have reached his ceiling but his impressive fouling is enough to keep him as first choice DM for now. An interesting season awaits though and he will need to raise his game if he is going to keep that spot his own from Ciaran Begg. Kevin Shearer (YP 0.4): Terminated 2020. Has retired. Craig Charlesworth (YP 0.5): Terminated at the end of this season and I forgot to screenshot him which tells you all you need to know. Had a decent run early on in my tenure but was never good enough to break into the first team. I imagine he'll retire shortly to the Island of Misfit Wick Players I noticed in the harbour the other day. Darren Hendry (YP 0.6): Terminated 2020. Has retired. Ross Nairn (YP 0.7): Terminated 2020. Has retired. Jamie Hendry (YP 0.8): Too many players ahead of him in the pecking order now. His time is nearly up. Eric Campbell (YP 0.9): Terminated 2020. Ran me over outside of Harmsworth Park as revenge at the end of November. Was last seen driving down the street with Kieran Forbes chasing after him. Has not been seen since. Police are still looking. 2016 Update Chris Morrison (YP 1.1): Two cup appearances and eight sub appearances in the league was the extent of Morrison's season. He's better than Petrie but is probably fifth choice CB at the moment. I think he lacks the consistency needed but is not in any immediate danger of being booted. Robert Armstrong (YP 1.2): Four goals in three starts sounds impressive but not when you add 22 sub appearances to the tally. This is a big year for him now. With Big Gaz coming towards the end of his time he will get the chance to lead the line next season. Quite frankly he needs to step up or face being discarded and I don't have much faith in him doing so. David Jackson (YP 1.5): One start and three sub appearances last year. This year he didn't get the start but did have three more outings as a sub. With the midfield changes happening and the possible moving around of Declan he still may have an opportunity but chances are becoming thinner on the ground for him. 2017 Update Ciaran Begg (YP 2.1): Only three games this year. I underused him but with his potential possibly out-rating Kieran and the search for Sam Mackay's long term replacement happening he could well find himself a fixture before the end of next season. Eric McCafferty (YP 2.2): Two league and two cup performances means his development has stalled a bit. I may send him on loan next season to try and give him a full first team season under his belt. Still very much in my plans though. Jamie Vance (YP 2.3): Three sub outings and not much to show for it. Could may well inherit Craig Charlesworth's mantle of being surplus to requirements especially with the emergence of another RM in this year's intake. Could be the end of the line for him. Kenny Charlesworth (YP 2.4): Better rated potential than Armstrong is the only reason he is still here. Given that I am going to be frantically searching for an answer to the Big Gaz question soon he may well get a chance to prove he belongs. David Allan (YP 2.5): Will probably stay another year or so before going the way of Jamie Hendry. Don't think he has enough about him. Billy Carroll (YP 2.6): Made twenty-one starts and came on thirteen times as a substitute. Rated well but maddeningly inconsistent and not many goals to show for it either. Next year will be a big year for him as Scott McDonald's emergence could put pressure on both him and Sam Finnis. 2018 Intake Greig Stewart (YP 3.1): I said our survival depended on him stepping up to this level and he did so with aplomb. Played the most games for us and, although he struggled towards the end of the season with consistency, had a very good partnership with David Charlesworth at the heart of the defence. Will be a big player again next year but worryingly doesn't want to sign a contract extension. I can only hope we start well and he relents before his contract runs down next summer. Declan Campbell (YP 3.2): Eight in thirty-one for Declan this year made him our second top scorer (behind Big Gaz's ten) and he acclimatised well to League football. Will keep his place as Shadow Striker but if none of the other forward options work out could see himself playing up front. A big player for us wherever he ends up playing. Sam Finnis (YP 3.3): Nineteen starts and twelve sub appearances for Sam Finnis as he also failed to nail down the LW berth. He does have more working in his favour than Billy Carroll does though and I do have to remember he is only 18. If he can add a bit more consistency to his ability to hit the target he could yet turn into a big player for us. Stepen Martin (YP 3.4): Ross Allan's injury meant that Stephen ended up playing twenty-five games this season. Averaged over 7 in the league and also chipped in with six assists and four goals (although three of them were pelanties). An able replacement for Ross Allan should he be injured again and someone with a good future at the club. Sean Tobin (YP 3.5): Eleven starts and eleven off the bench for Sean who will have an opportunity to claim Sam Mackay's place next season. Needs more end product I feel and could yet play further forward if Declan moves up front. A steady presence though. David Charlesworth (YP 3.6): Thirty-eight games and a solid season at CB for David. If Greig goes he will be number one CB so I'm hoping he continues his development. Slightly more error prone than his counterpart but part of the meanest defence in the league. Not to be sniffed at. Adam Kellacher (YP 3.7): Made one appearance and was average but impressed in the U20s league. Has a chance to stake a claim for Sam Mackay's position. Not out of it yet. Sean Charlesworth (YP 3.8): Spent time on loan and was okay. Average in the U20s league. May get more exposure next season as second choice if Eric McCafferty goes out on loan. 2019 Intake Cammy Mackay (YP 4.1): Four distinctly underwhelming peformances in the league early on when Grant Campbell was injured and one pretty decent outing in the Scottish Cup. Nowhere near ready for the first team yet and may not hit the heights originally expected of him. Steven Reilly (YP 4.2): Didn't get much out of this season. May well find himself on the fringes of the first team but I feel he needs a loan and will look to send him out next season. Promising but might stagnate due to the numerous options in his position. Dan Mathieson (YP 4.3): As above. These two may suffer due to those in the 2020 intake or if, God forbid, Greig does leave the club they may yet have an opportunity. 2020 Intake James Nairn (YP 5.1): Went to Devoronvale on loan and was decent and then came back and spent the last five or so games at LB ahead of Jordan Evans. He is rated as a natural fullback so will get a chance to prove it next season as his CA marks him out as someone who could be first choice. David McCulloch (YP 5.2): Tagged due to looking pretty promising. He and Nairn may well put the skids on Reilly and Mathieson's career. Has a chance to work up to possible 3rd choice CB for next season. Scott McDonald (YP 5.3): A late bloomer in the context of my youth development as he has been at the club for nearly a year before i noticed him in my U20s after Billy Carroll got injured. Scored a debut goal and looks like he could have what it takes to put pressure on both Carroll and Finnis. 2021 Intake Kerr Robertson (YP 6.1): The reason Vance's career might be over. He looks better than him already and with Ross Allan being injury prone could prove to be a valuable back-up to have. Yet to make his debut. Kenny Jackson (YP 6.2): Another name to throw into the mix as far as the fight for Sam Mackay's berth in the team is concerned. Has as much of a chance as Adam Kellacher of making it and did not disgrace himself on debut. Mark McNulty (YP 6.3): Could Mark be the answer to my prayers in the search for Big Gaz's successor? He has the best rated potential of any striker I have had through the club and scored the only goal in the youth candidates game. I'm going to throw him in the deep end next season early and see if he can be as good as I hope he is. Youth Analysis All things considered we're not doing too badly here. The squad has options in quite a few places and this year's intake has helped to alleviate the pressure up front. Our areas of strength are clearly at CB, LB and CM while we have quite a few different options out on the wing. We have to hope that Mark McNulty lives up to the hype if we're going to weather Big Gaz's downturn and eventual retirement and we could also do with Cammy Mackay developing a bit more as Grant Campbell isn't getting any younger at RB. The class of 2018 continue to be the dominant intake as far as the first team are concerned and I'm now thinking that the class of 2017 could be the first to disappear completely. Only two non-youth products are guaranteed starters in the shape of Campbell and Sean McCarthy and with McCarthy not that old and Campbell showing no signs of downturn we could still be a few years away from a truly youth product only team.