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  1. Steam is down. Reckon Epic have finally declared war...
  2. It is, with getting Wick into the league in FM2016 excepted, my greatest achievement
  3. Hi all, been a while since I posted here and that's mostly due to the mad real life stuff that has got in the way along with a broken laptop which has meant FM19 has fallen by the wayside for me this year. However, I come with news. Most of you will know me (and those that don't can click ma profile and read them) for my Wick Academy saves and it just so happens this Summer I will be going to Wick. The catch is that I am walking from Lands End to get there (and only stopping for a day or so before heading to John o Groats) and I start this amazing journey on Sunday. I am walking for two charities which are MND and Shelter. The Just Giving Page is here if anyone wishes to donate. Even a penny would make it worth it (it totally would not you tight-fisted *****s) if you can spare. If you wish to follow the walk as it unfolds and see how many non-league English grounds I will walk by too then I can be followed on Insta: wanderingwebby Twitter: @webbwandering Tell your friends and your enemies and also let me know if FM19 touch is worth it as have got a tablet for this journey and am wondering whether to bother. Thanks guyse.
  4. Seconded. I think in lower leagues (which is where I tend to play) this will be fine enough to get with decent enough players eventually to compete in the division you start in and then go on from there. Some of it is down to actually doing the spotting yourself on the youngsters that come through. Some that ain't rated or expected to do well can actually be mint (look at Danny Gormley who was only ever rated averagely in last year's Wick save) and then just shoot up. I'm guessing eliting on HOYD specific attributes is a top end of the leagues game.
  5. One of them was bugged on that screen and gave me a shonky performance rating one year but it didn't affect me. Think it might be that.
  6. Also the old biddies are moaning already. Farquahar is moaning about game time and Grant Steven is moaning about me calling him out for playing *****. Sake.
  7. I ditched it last year because (and this annoyed the **** out of me) it counted as a tournament on the history stats for the year which made doing the reviews etc a lot harder as it skewed ratings for those kids who played those games and no others. If they go back as non-competitive I'll bring it back. Obviously. The cat must be honoured.
  8. September 2018 Update A quieter month with less games. Right? Nope, we at Wick want as many games as we can have and if there is a replay or extra time, we want it and if we can't have another game we want pelanties. Whatever is said we are through to the North of Scotland final by beating Fraserburgh and we'll face them again in the 2nd round of of the cup after we (eventually) dispatched Fort William. In league news we got three points in Clachnacuddin which was nice especially as all three scorers were 17 year's old. We sit a comfortable sixth, unbeaten, with a cup final on the horizon. Can't complain about that... Buckie however... October is mental. Eight games afoot with a cup final involved as well. Two Fraserburghs, two Deveronvales and the rest... Let's see what this ragtag WIck old guard can win...
  9. I tested five seasons before I started with my save and everything seemed grand so...
  10. Once made two changes in the 25th minute because my opening tactical plan was so bad... it worked out as I ended up drawing the match 4-4 having been 2-0 and then 3-1 down.
  11. Quitting Wick in 2016 and moving to Sweden of all places. Madness.
  12. Thanks guyse. I will be Twitching a bit more of this save as well once I've got ma Twitch all working etc. Two Tiny Dancer references though is good Elton John punning so far. I must admit to be being a little bit disappointed @deltablue that you didn't go for 'The Bitch is Back' though.
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