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  1. SI know it's in the code for the game. That's why there's a press conference question about it!
  2. You gotta launch the game for it to appear in your editor data folder.
  3. While I understand the point you're making and don't disagree that FM Classic shouldn't have been euthanised, International Management exists as a job and should be replicated in a management game regardless of whether a 'Classic' version exists of the game. Yes the numbers might be small but I don't think you could have a football management sim without International Management as an option because it is something that exists and affects footballers and the footballing calendar. The same cannot be said for FM Classic's influence on FM.
  4. Especiallty now we're at a point where the 'mentality' is mostly just using positive as the optimum to base all your tactics around. Using very defensive/defensive now is just sub-optimal so what is the point of them existing. I am so sad they got rid of it working last year after the Christmas patch.
  5. I think this is actually an area that works. You join a club that has a preferred style of football and don't play but do very well then it doesn't matter, however, if you're doing poorly and you're not playing the way the fans/board expect you come under more pressure. Look at West Ham as the best example of this - Allardyce and Moyes have been undone by not playing 'The West Ham Way'.
  6. You could do this on the first few FMs not sure whether it was a Champ 03/04 addition.
  7. Well, just went to Peterborough with a literal child in goal coz all my GKs are dead and won 5-1 with this.
  8. Assuming you go HB with two SV and wingbacks with the enganche?
  9. I have always struggled making the enganche work. Getting a lot of goals from my RB with this atm which is fun and the front three work well but not many goals from Alfie May.
  10. Okay. First go. Played a friendly against Grimsby where they scored after 2 minutes and Scott Fraser got himself sent off after 12. We drew 2-2 and they equalised with a last minute corner so that's not a bad wee start. Didn't change anything when we went down to 10 so we just were sans Segundo and we were surprisingly decent still. Am hopeful that it will look better if we can keep eleven men on the pitch.
  11. Yeah, am toying with possible IF, Treq three across the AM spectrum in a 4-3-3 which may work well.
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