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  1. When I get a mo I think I'm gonna try a midfield of with a Treq up front. ENG WP, AP, RPM, WP DLP
  2. I've managed to get one working with DLP, RPM and AP (DM two CMs) which was defensively solid but lacked goals. Wondering if you put wide playmakers in whether it would become too messy and then whether there are any ball magnet forward roles.
  3. Does anyone reckon they could get a tactic working with as many players as they can being playmakers? I mean every midfielder pretty much could be one. Could it work? Anyone got any theories?
  4. The last time I could get one to work properly was on FM18. Took that tactic to 19 and 20 and had to change it up as it didn't play anywhere near the same.
  5. I've got Lewwis Spence playing for my Hornchurch side atm and he is rated 1.5 stars at 33 years old and is my top pass completionist and assister. Time an again it needs saying that star ratings mean not much. If a player performs in your system then he should stay.
  6. Charlton going down. Get Scott Parker signed. Also no surprise to see you sign Billy from Crewe. IIRC John Welsh turns out very good on this game too.
  7. Cool. Can't wait to Phil Neville my way to a top job and underwhelm.
  8. Playing without a DM or a midfielder with any defensive responsibilities was probably also a bit dumb. Almost like someone who comes on these forums with a mint team and all mezzalas in midfield and are like 'why I no win?'. Nice to see that even Pep falls into the same old traps tbh.
  9. Of course Italy's premier sports paper is running a story on where a 7th division footballer in England might be off
  10. This gets to the nub of it because CA changes in a save seem to follow the same model more often than not. There is not much variety in journies towards a players full potential
  11. I have many DMs in my team so what you would say to the tweaks DM (BWM) SV(S) and the AM being a second striker?
  12. October 2022 Update It's Cup season again so a chance for some young 'uns to make a name for themselves etc... It wasn't really a time for young uns as George Purcell is still proving to be a legend. Anyways we started with a clinical dissection of Lewes with Ellis getting his first goal of the season along with Solomon. We then had a ding-dong battle away at Kingstonian where I was happy to claim a point and then did the same against Folkestone but this time the irrepressible George slammed in a late winner. 7 outta 9 in the league was great and now it was time for cup duty. Grantham are steady at level 7 so were never going to be push overs and the game looked for all the world like it was going to head into extra time but an injured Giddens was the best player so I was never gonna take him off and was rewarded with a last minute winner. We then went to Rookery Hill to take on East Thurrock with a Second XI side and were 2-0 down until Ellis came on at RW and nearly got us back into it; Tony got his first of the season. We then finished at home in the FA trophy which saw Daniel get his first goal of the season. We conceded early and were shocking for the first 30 minutes but got steadily better and when George Purcell did what he does: coming on for the second-half of extra-time, winning a free-kick that got the opposition player sent-off and then delivered the ball... Raed was there to head it home and us into the next round. Another rollercoaster of a month. The seven points see us in a nice upper/mid position so far. The team is playing pretty well although Alex Osborn's poor performances have seen him dropped so Solomon has a real chance of making that role his own again. Thought the previous two months were manic? Hooo boy we're in for it now with Leatherhead and Enfield the stand-out difficult fixtures in a seven game month. We've also got a tricky but winnable cup tie against a resurgent Tonbridge and an absolute bastard of an away game at National League Barrow in the Trophy. We'll know a lot more about some of these boys by the time we open that first door on the 2022 advent calendar.
  13. Yeah, I full expect them to get revenge in the next game which is... next.
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