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  1. Sweeper keeper and push them up? Early doors this FM that was happening to me all the time. Managed to negate it by having my keeper being a bit more proactive.
  2. Anchor Man with launches in to tackle PPM and tackle harder. *drools*
  3. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    August 2017 Update A busy month? Nah mate, business as usual as far as non-league is concerned. How did we fare? We started off in underwhelming fashion at home to Ware and it was then I decided that playing the catenaccio at home was not going to get this team up and that is my first priority. I switched to 4-2-3-1 for the home game against Dereham and was rewarded with a good solid home performance. I decided to keep it for away games though and we got a decent result at Grays although we probably should've won it. It proved very effective away to Herford and Waltham Abbey though and thus our away record looks better than our home record with Bury beating us in a poor performance at The Bridge. We went 1-0 down from the kick-off and were never in it. Progress occured in the FA Cup though as a young side put Chalfont St Peter to the sword with goals for debutantes Andy Thacker at CB and Callum Stephens in AM and Martin Tuohy getting two late pelanties. A pretty solid month all told. 11 from 6 is an okay start with title favourites Maldon only a possible four points ahead if they win their game in hand. Bury have started well and could be a rival for promotion meanwhile the league has seen two 7 goal thrashings with Brentwood and Mildenhall dishing out some 7-2 action on consecutive days. Non-league is a brutal place and we have just the nine games to contend with in September. We start with an away trip to fellow Bostick North club Heybridge in the FA Cup before a trip to bottom club Norwich. A few derby matches this month with Barking and Aveley coming to The Bridge and a trip to face arch-rivals Romford. The away game at current table-toppers Sudbury looks like the toughest game in the month and we also kick off our League Cup campaign at home to Hendon. Whatever happens it won't be dull... Wavelberry's Player of the Month. Kenzer Lee: gets the first award in this new series. Shown some good solid defensive form and popped up with three goals already. In real life he is a rock but in FM he seems to have added a goalscoring streak. Long may it continue.
  4. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    AFC Hornchurch Pre-Season 2017 Busy times at Bridge Avenue then as pre-season saw me rearrange the backroom furniture and try and get a cattenacio style implemented with a squad ill suited to it. How did it go? Late goals were definitely a thing with one giving us a win against Orpington and one being a consolation against Bexley as our pre-season tour of Kent gave us mixed results. We kept clean sheets in all the home games against non Premier League opposition and we definitely gave Everton a fright going in 1-0 up at half-time before Niasse came on and schooled us. All in all it's not bad. This is the squad I've got to play with. Lee and Styles will be important at the back and I am praying Fanimo becomes a stunning WB for us. Functional side for the cattenacio. Squad would definitely suit a 4-2-3-1 but I am going to be stubborn and go for this instead... This the dream formation. Will it work? We don't have much room for it not working as the play-offs are expected and wanted by the board. 7-1 to win the title and 13-10 to go up. August is busy. Very busy although we've got a decent start against Ware and Dereham at home. Grays is a tough first assignment away from the Bridge and we'll also have an FA Cup match scheduled shortly as well. All is set then. Let the dream begin...
  5. So far have found that having a defensive forward gives me little thrust going forward so am trying a DLF instead and the sweeper just isn't happening so have changed to DCB cover.
  6. Just played a friendly using this system and my IWB scored a last minute winner and my HB scored an absolute stunner. Conceded early to a ball over the top but that was before I put my keeper as a sweeper keeper. Seems promising.
  7. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    Not one to boast but it's just got a little bit tasty in the backroom down at The Bridge... Ha ha ha ha ha.
  8. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    NB. I am in the above photo and the camera adds 10 pounds at least...
  9. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    Okay. So AFC Hornchurch are my club. Currently residing in the Bostick North, the 8th tier of English football, they've had a bumpy time of it since being known as the 'Chelsea of non-league' back in the early 2000s. Like all stories like this (be warned Billericay) the money was pulled and the club had to start again in 2005 in the Essex Senior league. Since then they went back to the 7th tier where they had several seasons of play-off heartbreak before finally getting into the Conference South in 2012/13 via those play-offs. A narrow relegation in the 2013/14 season was followed by a catastrophic start to 2014/15 as they took 2 points from their first 10 games (all played away from home due to the council putting in new floodlights) and were relegated to where they are today. It's about time they made a comeback. And by God I am the man to do it. The aim is to make Hornchurch the greatest non-league side in Essex first of all and then... well, it depends if Billericay vex me. If they do I won't stop till I've destroyed them, if they don't I will go to Italy. Same as before except only a C licence for Urchins. So I step down from the Eastside where the diehards stand to the dugout. George Purcell (the legend celebrating a goal) will be a key man for me as we look to get back to the upper echelons of non-league. Let's try starting this again.
  10. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    Okay. Bad news. The Serie D database is a bust so I'm gonna change around how I'm going to do it. I'm going to start in Hornchurch and move to Italy. That's a much more better story tbf as well...
  11. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    Ha ha. I wanted An Urchin's dream of Italy. As Hornchurch are known as The Urchins. I will indeed. Have already been back to Ackter's legendary thread for ideas.
  12. Il sogno italiano di un Riccio di Mare

    So where have I ended up on my amazing journey? Tuscany as it goes... So what is Montevarchi all about then? Wikipedia says this: A ground with a running track and that's pretty apt for me considering my Hornchurch leanings. I'll need experience of managing with a running track so this should stand me in good stead. Rep and experience set automatically. Am looking for my stint here to at least add ten marks to my tactical and maybe a basic in my Italian.
  13. The dream begins anew. As a big fan of Italian football and as a big fan of Hornchurch I have decided to merge the two in my latest save. The conceit? I will start in Serie D and learn my trade in Italy. I will experiment tactically to try and get a preferred catenaccio system as well as some others working before moving back to England to take over my beloved Urchins and lead them to glory. So let us away to Italy then. When I return... I'll be the most cultured English football manager since this man... Let the learning begin... Also, if my Italian title doesn't translate properly if someone who actually speaks it could help out that would be greatly appreciated. Grazie.
  14. They're right. You have the option to click shoot less often for an SV (Attack) while the shoot more often is locked.
  15. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    He'll reinstate himself again shortly. He did it a fortnight ago IRL.