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  1. Did I mention we won it 6-1 by the way?
  2. Having just dabbled in some international management and thumped Scotland 6-1 (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any social media feedback for Intentional management at all either with fans not commentating on matches or squad selections. Can this be added? It's s shame given that the whole social media stuff is supposed to make you more immersed in the game world and I'm not getting much reaction to England thumping Scotland.
  3. This seems to always happen early doors in FM games. IS it worth raising it as a bug? I understand people wanting money and understand the board restrctions but it seems rum not being able to sign even the worst scouts due to them not dropping below a certain wage.
  4. need more info

    I'm guessing we have no idea why this is happening to me then? It feels like it's probably not just a FM issue but further googling has come up with nothing.
  5. Also, to add to this context is important. I'm not sure FM is in depth enough to do context atm.
  6. And the one full season rule probably makes it look less. I think if you see a manager keep their job till the second international break you're doing well post relegation.
  7. It is something I noticed quite early on with my contract renewals and signings in that the pattern seems quite obvious. Haven't yet to see anything really deviating from this.
  8. Hi Glenn, I took eight players on trial as the squad was rubbish. I had three two week ones and five four week ones and got the press conference question for all of them. I appreciate the idea behind it but for lower league teams who have a lot of trialists or in these scenarios it becomes quite tedious to answer the same question for eight different players. Don't know whether it could be tweaked to trigger a question if a contract is offered or a more generic question in a press conference about trialists who have been and gone would be better.
  9. Interesting article. Be good if it takes off.
  10. Yeah, the respond buttons need to be more visible in the news screens. I didn't even realise there was one until the game wouldn't let me continue.
  11. under review

    Have you told Jose Mourinho that? In all seriousness though it is very confusing as they are in your staff so you assume you can click and dismiss etc. Not sure what the answer would be though. Maybe blaming them for defeat.
  12. Taken over a Serie C side and taken a lot of players on trial pre-season. For every one of those players I seem to get the press conference question about whether I'll sign them. This seems a bit overkill. Is it bevcause I've tended to take them for 4 weeks in order to allow them pre-season?
  13. TBF if Cattermole wasn't getting booked every game I'd be shouting bug.
  14. Took seven players on trial and had a press conference for every one of them yet I signed several players and nothing. That seems like it could do with tweaking.