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  1. My guess is either Iraklis or Apollon, hope i banged it home
  2. Καλή επιτυχία Makoto! Wish you all the luck in the world, not that you need it
  3. As an IRL fan of AEK, whose president we are calling Mr Crabs from the Spongebob character, for reasons you probably get, seeing us spend 52 mil on a player is absurd
  4. Ah, difficult timing for a thread cause I'm entering exam period for the winter semester, tough life of a history/archaeology student probably going to throw an update here and there on the appropriate topic (think we have one, right?)
  5. so that doesn't bode well with my 3rd division youth only save i guess
  6. Quick question, has anybody made a Moldovian thread in this forum?
  7. Check the U20 teams of african nations, many Nigerians, Senegalese and Cameroonese are usually keen to make a jump to europe at a very low or no price at all
  8. Just a quick question, I see you use a BWM-D and a BBM-s, doesn't that leave holes in your midfield? Usually I have that issue myself, so i turn one of the two into a holding role, most of the times the BWM-D into a CM-D.
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