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  1. Marios1999

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Ah, difficult timing for a thread cause I'm entering exam period for the winter semester, tough life of a history/archaeology student probably going to throw an update here and there on the appropriate topic (think we have one, right?)
  2. Marios1999

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    so that doesn't bode well with my 3rd division youth only save i guess
  3. Marios1999

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Quick question, has anybody made a Moldovian thread in this forum?
  4. Marios1999

    [FM19] Saving Dnipro and much else besides

    Check the U20 teams of african nations, many Nigerians, Senegalese and Cameroonese are usually keen to make a jump to europe at a very low or no price at all
  5. Marios1999

    FM19 - Maltese(rs) Adventures

    Just a quick question, I see you use a BWM-D and a BBM-s, doesn't that leave holes in your midfield? Usually I have that issue myself, so i turn one of the two into a holding role, most of the times the BWM-D into a CM-D.
  6. Ah Getafe, i remember a generation they had with Ruben De La Red, Casquero, Abbodanzieri in the sticks and others
  7. Let's say that I know my fair share of NCAA teams as an avid CFB fan On FM matters, the NCAA is an uncharted path, so lovely choice to make it into a thread!
  8. Or you can go for Missouri S&T
  9. Placing my bets on UTEP Miners
  10. Marios1999

    Carro-ling in the Deep!

    Season 2017-18 We started off the season without many expectations, as i offered contracts to greyed out players to go with the 3 real players I inherited. With that in mind, it is fitting to say that the season was a monumental success! We won the league in stylish fashion, by a margin of 7 points! But it was also our cup success that was a big achievement, as we defeated two Primero Divisio sides in Encamp and Engordany to reach the semis, where we fell 1-2 to Lusitanos. If only we had converted our penalty kick in the 15th minute we'd be up 1-0, and everything would be different Youth Candidates: An expected so-called ''golden generation'', that lend us only two first teamers tho, in Barba and Mota. Facilities: Having such a succesful first season causes me to want more than just a safe spot in the Primeiro Divisio next season Hopefully we will push for a european spot!
  11. Marios1999

    Carro-ling in the Deep!

    So with the new uni season starting, but also with no money in my pocket, the only sensible solution is to start a new, hopefully long term, save in a ******** of a league, with a crappy team, and to put salt on the wound, going youth only The pick of the team is CE Carroi from the Andorra Segona Divisio! I actually went with Carroi because as we see in Wikipedia: Founded in 2014 as a football academy[1] CE Carroi has been a successful club at the national youth level also taking part in internationally renowned youth competitions in Europe, such as the Mediterranean International Cup[2] or the Andorra International Cup.Although, the club is known by his football academy and school, in July 2015 CE Carroi created a senior team to compete at the highest levels in the country thus being admitted in Segona Divisió. And in the pic above you can see the poor ****er myself, hopefully the builder of a succesful Andorran football empire
  12. Marios1999

    (FM17) It's gonna be an Olympic-level challenge

    Following, as an actual fan of AEK
  13. could you upload your save mate? just to tinker with a tycoon club so low
  14. 2017-18, Season 1: What started with great ambition, came down crashing in the end sadly! The trouble began when we were raided in the January window, losing 5 of our starters that were key cogs in our machine. Despite that, in February it seemed like we could keep on winning, but in March we recorded three straight 2-3 losses that effectively killed our dreams. The full schedule here. Also, our intake wasn't anything special, so we couldn't add an impact player to the squad. With all that happening, I have to say that achieving 2nd place in the league wasn't bad. Awards Also the board decided to build a new stadium. I can't surely say I'm ok with that before I see the hit that it will have on our finances But what are our goals for next season you might say? There is only one goal: Promotion!