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  1. I mean, I'm the communist here, but even I don't talk about upending the justice system of a liberal democracy based on my preferences.
  2. Yeah, a precedent that I would bet my ass about its potential misuse in the future.
  3. So, today there was a protest in Thessaloniki about the new educational bill that was passed. Riot police entered the Uni, and this followed: While an armed shitbag had his hand on his weapon: Protect and serve your Orban-ite leader, *****.
  4. I mean, most Greeks are conservative, right-wingers, so Soraya shouldn't be gasping
  5. For sure, they're huge ***** and he's the biggest on of their lot. But tbf, they allowed me to travel throughout Europe way easier than other airlines, so they're not top on my hit list
  6. Tsitsipas is unbearable. But a great tennis player.
  7. Just outside my flat, thankfully a year of being hardened in the cold winters of Bulgaria left me prepared.
  8. Greece's version of Fat Thursday is a day when we essentially eat only meat, and it's glorious.
  9. I think the only mood playlist I've used is one for workouts, but even then i gradually switched to genre-specific workout lists.
  10. Snowy Athens is a thing guys.
  11. Your hatred of tomatoes is anti-Greek, you *****.
  12. Watched Bad Day for the Cut yesterday, nice old revenge flick.
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