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  1. Marios1999

    [FM17] Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen

    second that!
  2. Marios1999

    (FM17) It's gonna be an Olympic-level challenge

    Following, as an actual fan of AEK
  3. could you upload your save mate? just to tinker with a tycoon club so low
  4. 2017-18, Season 1: What started with great ambition, came down crashing in the end sadly! The trouble began when we were raided in the January window, losing 5 of our starters that were key cogs in our machine. Despite that, in February it seemed like we could keep on winning, but in March we recorded three straight 2-3 losses that effectively killed our dreams. The full schedule here. Also, our intake wasn't anything special, so we couldn't add an impact player to the squad. With all that happening, I have to say that achieving 2nd place in the league wasn't bad. Awards Also the board decided to build a new stadium. I can't surely say I'm ok with that before I see the hit that it will have on our finances But what are our goals for next season you might say? There is only one goal: Promotion!
  5. 2017-18 Halfway point update: Let's begin with our squad first. After a wee-bit of wheeling and dealing, we filled out a pretty complete squad, especially for the division's standards. So, we're dominating the league, on an unbeaten run and sitting pretty at the top stop, right? Right? Well, not quite. It looks like it will go down to the wire unfortunately, although I think that at the latter stages, our depth will be desicive. Let's hope tho that we'll make our islanders proud, and that the big rise of the team begins this summer!
  6. So after messing around with some saves in FM18, including my usual AEK Athens save and some youth only attempts, i was tempted and eventually dragged back in the abyss of greek regional football. But soon I hit a bit of a wall, as my usual go-to team, from the village that I come from was dissolved this summer Inspiration hit me tho when I was going through some photos from this summers' holidays with my buddies. In one, I saw the barren football pitch of the greek island that we were camping on. That was it, Barcelona will come one day and play on this turf(?)! The pitch in question: This majestic, high tech stadium is home to the ΑΟ Σέριφος(Serifos SC), the football team of the wonderful island of Serifos. I have to say that it is my favorite island, as I have already been there 5 times in my brief, 18 year life The club begins in the greek 4th tier, the GAD-Kyklades. I don't want to set concrete goals, but my personal pleasure would be to get the club to the 1st tier in 5 years and stabilise. From that point on, everything is easier! Now, for the history lovers, open the spoiler for some interesting trivia about the island
  7. Marios1999

    [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    As a fan of hardcore youth-only saves, since i have one in 2040 with Virtus(SMR) myself, man you have reached new peaks in patience and dedication
  8. Marios1999

    [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    Shetland football at its finest! Makoto, cheers to one of the greatest careers i've followed
  9. best of luck jamie, same here (physics), but at 11th grade
  10. at the created club i assigned random players from the league, and thankfully i was awarded with a powerful, for sanmarinese standards, team. i also created my 2 wonderboys, each with a PA of 120, just to make things spicier
  11. well i have 3 san marino saves running, the longest is with Virtus at 2030, where i have a powerhouse with a few high CA-PA players. I also have one with fiorentino at the end of season 2 and one with a created club, which is my main right now!
  12. well blimey, that's a load of San Marino for one to be excited definitely following, since i am also a copycat of jupjamie, but without a thread myself