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  1. Elliott is supposedly injured for a while yet and Woodman is going to be loaned out. Krul is just coming back from a long injury and might yet leave, so the club understandably don't want to pin all of their hopes on Darlow.
  2. There's no way that Charnley should still be at the club, let alone in talks with Benitez. This is the guy who decided to put Carver in charge as a stop-gap which nearly relegated us just so we could wait to appoint McClaren in the summer which actually did relegate us. When I'd heard that Benitez had met Ashley I was hoping that Ashley would be explaining to Benitez that he'd be getting rid of the entire board and bring in a new board of people with the right credentials and experience of running a football club. I really don't see how Charnley can keep his job. It will just go to show that we still (STILL) don't learn from our mistakes.
  3. The only players I'd really be disappointed to see leave would be Mbemba, Perez and Mitrovic. Those are the three we should be making a massive play to keep them in the hope that a season in the Championship will really help them to adapt and develop in the same way it did for Enrique, Coloccini and Carroll last time round. Janmaat, Wijnaldum and Sissoko will most likely leave but won't be missed. Likewise, Cisse and Tiote might go for one last payday abroad but again, who cares?
  4. The problem with Charnley and Carr (Moncur doesn't count) deciding McClaren's fate is that their own jobs are riding on his success just as much. They tried three times to bring in McClaren and stuck with the awful Carver while they waited for him to become available in the summer. Their decision to stick with Carver and wait it out very nearly relegated us and for what? To possibly get relegated the next season. They've put their neck on the chopping block appointing McClaren so they're unlikely to be overly enthusiastic in explaining to Ashley that they want to pay him off and bring in someone else as they've made a huge balls-up. Even if they did agree to bin him it still leaves them in charge with appointing a successor. Would you trust the people who chose Carver then McClaren to appoint a third manager? No chance. Our best bet now is for Ashley to step in and demand McClaren goes, bring in a temporary appointment to get us through these last 10 games and then scrap the board in the summer and start anew (well actually our best bet of for Ashley to sell up but that's not happening).
  5. Since Ashley sacked Allardyce he's never paid to bring in a new manager. Keegan, Kinnear, Shearer, Hughton, Pardew, Carver and McClaren were all either out of work (for a reason) or promoted from within. I'd be a lot more confident in a manager if we identified the best person for the job and if that meant he was under contract somewhere else and required compensation, then so be it. It seems crazy that we're willing to spend relatively large amounts on the likes of Cabella, Thauvin etc. but when it comes to the guy in charge we won't entertain paying a fee.
  6. Thauvin had so many red flags prior to his signing which should have set alarm bells ringing. Refused to train in order to force a move to Marseille, never made any position his own and made it unsure whether he's a left / right winger or a number 10, supposedly had an attitude problem and was inconsistent and lazy. Was also named in the worst XI for last season so let's spend £12m on him. At least when we signed Cabella he was playing really well so there was a chance he could make the step up (like Wijnaldum), but when someone's struggling in the French league I don't quite get the logic why anyone would think he'd be more suited to the Premier League. We don't seem to learn from our mistakes either. We still chased Luuk De Jong after he bombed in Germany and still seem to have an interest in Lasogga and Das Bost, neither of which are setting the world on fire. As for Townsend, I'm not particularly against his signing but my position hasn't changed from the start of the season, which is that we should be giving Aarons a chance to nail down the position before we sign anyone to play there. If he's not good enough or can't shake off his injuries then fair enough, but at least give him a try. It's like N'Zogbia all over again.
  7. Townsend is a left winger so I've no idea why that would affect Sissoko.
  8. I'm not sure where a new striker fits into the side without leaving someone out of the side or pushing someone out of position. We seem to have settled on 4-2-3-1 and are starting to look a bit more balanced. If we sign Townsend he'll hopefully play on the left and not the right.
  9. McClaren can put as much effort into training as he likes, but it won't do any good if his team selections, formations and tactics are no good. For starters, we have Mitrovic who looks like an old school number 9 who thrives on crosses into the box...then we don't play with wide men. Players are either shoehorned into wide positions or they're put on the opposite flanks so they have to cut inside as they can't cross on their weaker foot leaving our right back as our best crossing option. Way to starve your target man Steve. Mitrovic and Cisse alternate in an either / or role, despite having completely different characteristics. One's a target man and the other's a poacher. If you're going to alternate players then alternate Mitrovic / Riviere and Perez / Cisse. There's no point swapping one for the other and expecting them both to do the same job. Wijnaldum had that one game where he destroyed Norwich while drifting from the left hand side so now that's his position. Aarons apparently isn't good enough and needs to go on loan (if he's ever fit), but I've no idea how McClaren's reached that conclusion when he's never had a run in the side. He didn't think Perez was worthy of a starting place at the start of the season either, but now he's one of the first names on the team sheet. Sissoko's got right wing nailed down, but his best football for us has been playing though the middle. Even when crippled with injuries he'd rather play Wijnaldum or Gouffran (Gouffran ffs!) there than move Sissoko inside. Speaking of the middle, our central midfield pairing consists of 2 from Colback, Anita and Tiote. Colback is the regular starter (don't ask why), leaving Anita and Tiote battling it out to play alongside him. Fair enough he has to play the hand he's dealt with, but he has other options that don't tie him down to playing two holding midfielders in every. single. game. Why not try 3 central midfielders then you can have one holding player and another 2 with a licence to go forward a bit? Far too adventurous that, though. Dummett isn't a left back. I wouldn't even say he's a centre half who can fill in at left back any more. He's a centre half, so play him there or bench him. If Haidara's injured shoehorn someone else in there. Our goal kick routine works well in theory, but awful in practice. It would work great if the players collecting the ball didn't panic when they're closed down (they do) or the other players show a bit of movement to make themselves available for a pass (they don't), so as things stand the keeper passes out to the defence / Anita who pass it between themselves for a bit until the opposition closes them down and they punt it as far away as possible. It's pointless. Defending corners and free kicks is also frustrating as hell. Why do we have to pull every man back? Not only does it give us no option for a quick break, but it allows the opposition to commit more men forward as they don't have to worry about a nippy player (Perez?) on the half way line. Pardew did it, Carver did it and now McClaren does it. McClaren said he's settled on his first XI which kind of made sense after we put in a few good performances against Norwich, Sunderland and Stoke, but now we've had 3 poor performances and the only change has been to swap Mitrovic for Cisse. De Jong, Aarons, Lascelles, Thauvin, Riviere, Marveaux (remember him?)and Mbabu are all waiting in the wings while the team is performing badly. I'm not saying throw them all in and don't particularly rate all of them either, but make a few changes at least.
  10. I'd like to think that if Janmaat can't make the Norwich game McClaren will stick Anita at right back and play either Sissoko or Wijnaldum alongside Colback in midfield. The worry is he'll stick Mbemba at right back and Williamson at centre half, which won't do anything to dispel the notion of him being too cautious.
  11. Any chance of the fans buying the club came and went when Ashley put the club up for sale. Back then he wanted to sell and even named his price, but there wasn't the same level of organisation between fans like you have now. If he put the club up for sale now then you might get a more of a coordinated effort to buy the club on behalf of the fans, but he's not going to sell and why should he? The club is showcasing his business and turning in a profit as well. If it was operating at a loss and he was having to pump money in year on year he might wonder whether the exposure is worth the outlay, but when he's getting the best of both worlds why would he want to sell that off?
  12. Some great graphics in the new PES game. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-pes-2016-graphics-10159568 Or not.
  13. Not really. Haidara and Dummett are our first two left backs and Colback and Anita can provide cover when needed.
  14. Aarons has a slight calf strain (allegedly). Not sure what other options we had for left back.
  15. That first half was dire. We were so one paced....slow. Thauvin was trying to make stuff happen, but it was obvious he was going to keep cutting inside and it resulted in too many floated crosses which the keeper took easily. On the odd occasion where he tried something with his right foot it just showed that he's really poor with his right foot. I like the fact we try to play the ball out of defence, but our coaching team need to make sure the players are on board with it. Take goal kicks as an example. The centre halves move to the full back positions, a central midfielder drops back to centre half, the full backs push into the wide midfield positions and then Krul decides he doesn't fancy it and tells everyone to push up so he can hit it long. We've just wasted about half a minute fannying about for nothing. It's not much better when we do manage to play it short either. Krul to Colback, to Coloccini, back to Colback, to Mbemba, back to Colback to Coloccini, to Krul who hits it long. What's the point? It also winds me up no end when we pull every single player back when defending corners. Not only does it not give us an outlet, but it allows the opposition to push more players forward as they're less worried about a counter. Pardew did it, Carver did it and now McClaren does it. Stick someone like Perez or Thauvin on the half way line and give the opposition something to think about ffs. Second half was better when we played out of defence much quicker. Fair enough Watford had dropped back a bit which gave us more space, but there was far more urgency in getting the ball from our own half to the final third. We also seemed to have a much better shape with two left footed players down the left flank and two right footed players down the right flank. More of that please and less of the first half.