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  1. Also, c'mon you bunch of dicks, join in
  2. 2041/42 Margetson (22): 344 apps Hughes (22): 342 apps Lowe (21): 277 apps and introducing: Dowling (16): 15 apps
  3. 2040/2041 Margetson (21): 284 apps Hughes (21): 279 apps Lowe (20): 222 apps
  4. Margetson and Lowe are both injury prone so they're not quite maximising their potential apps. Margetson has, luckily, only had minor and well-timed injuries. Lowe hasn't been as lucky. This has allowed Hughes to take the lead on apps so far. 2039/2040 Hughes (20): 225 apps Margetson (20): 223 apps Lowe (19): 161 apps
  5. Whenever they're above 90%, they get a game.
  6. 2038/2039 Season Bad season for the club, with only an FA Cup to our name, but a good season for the three youngsters. Margetson (19): 166 apps Hughes (19): 165 apps Lowe (18): 113 apps
  7. A good season for Margetson, Hughes and Lowe: 2037/2038 Totals Margetson (18): 108 apps Hughes (18): 106 apps Lowe (17): 68 apps
  8. Tim Prescott has retired after 1,014 appearances for Newcastle (plus 17 for FC Nantes and 107 for England), earning his place second from bottom in the current Longevity Hall of Fame. Looks like I could have got him over 1,100 if I'd stuck with him, but his performances were dropping badly so I didn't take the risk. However, it's a good start elsewhere as all three of my first team youthers rack up a good return. Tom Hughes comes in with 61 appearances in his debut season. Darren Margetson manages an impressive 58 debut-season appearances and is now being retrained as a Sweeper because... Sean Lowe, promoted from the Youth Academy in March, takes over in midfield, getting 16 appearances. I'd like to say my first team form hasn't been affected, but it really has. Worried I may have to drop one of them in order to maintain results next season.
  9. "Greatest player of his generation" goes straight into the first team Slightly worrying that 3 of my 11 players are youths, but I hope I can still do well enough to not get fired...
  10. If you click on each year in the player history page it shows all of the appearances for that year at the bottom. There's no place that shows them all combined, though - you have to add them up manually.
  11. Have chucked a load of money to sign these two, who my scouts are raving about: Gonna throw them straight into the first team.
  12. Prescott finishes the season on 1,007 appearances. That means he's actually made it into the Newcastle best X1 every single season he was in the Premier Division: Which is damn impressive imo. Still, he's unlikely to get many more appearances from now on as, at the age of 34, he's declining quickly. He still has a rotational/backup role to play, though.
  13. Evidence so far: With Craig Smith and William Ackter I can't find their retirement age anywhere, but I have managed to find a picture of my Best X1 when they were included: Bearing in mind that the Best X1 only counted seasons where the player made the team of the season, they likely had more apps than this. Evidence for my other players and Leonovich's can be found in this thread: This lad has also just made his 1,000th appearance for the club, so I'll be adding him to the Hall of Fame once he retires @dafuge - you have some historic players that are eligible iirc.
  14. Ok, I intended to go through all previous Longevity challenge threads and add to the Hall of Fame, but most of the photos are broken. If you want a player from an older thread included, please link me to a photo of the player, their age when they became eligible (if you have it) and their total appearances. Here are the links to the previous threads, for those interested:
  15. Longevity Hall of Fame Ken Hammond (GK) - 1,295 apps, age 37 (Ackter, FM15) Ryan Todd (D/MC) - 1,242 apps, age 40 (Ackter, FM15) Craig Smith (DRC) - 1,086 apps, age unknown (Ackter, FM13) Niccolo Morra (AMC) - 1,066 apps, Age 39 ( @leonavich, FM14) David Pickwell (DC) - 1,063 apps, age 35 (Ackter, FM15) Tim Prescott (SW/DR) - 1,014 apps, age 36 (Ackter, FM17) William Ackter (DM/MC) - 1,008 apps, age unknown (Ackter, FM11)