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  1. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    The counties list for Wales is 20 years out of date (having changed to its current form in 1996). Here's an updated list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_government_in_Wales#Principal_areas_of_Wales
  2. This may be a silly question, but in previous versions there were two speed options (one for highlights and one for the match itself) - have you definitely set them to high?
  3. Can't tell if my save has come to an end or not at the moment. Haven't touched the game for quite a while now.
  4. 2054/55 Margetson (35R): 1,021 apps Lowe (34): 1,007 apps Dowling (29): 788 apps, 512 goals Ingram (21): 315 apps Rankhasa (20): 253 apps, 108 goals Thackray (16): 18 apps Yeah, I said I wasn't going to add any more players, but then Thackray came through the youth as one of the best players ever, so what the hell. Margetson only gets 7 more apps and has now retired from professional football - 1,021 apps is pretty good going for someone who didn't start at the club and also deteriorated so quickly. Lowe has now also broken through the 1,000 apps barrier - and just in time as his performances are beginning to drop (though he's still excellent). A quiet season from Dowling, by his standards, partly due to niggling injuries picked up throughout the season. Still, 50 appearances is a decent turn in and he's past the 500 career goals mark. Rankhasa's scoring boots are getting better and better, with 34 goals this season - hoping to see him and Dowling destroy the opposition next season. Ingram had his usual solid and reliable season.
  5. I always start at Newcastle - I find I lose interest in the game very quickly if I don't.
  6. Two youth DCs at the same time can be a real problem defensively. You could always give it a go and see how it goes, but it may go horribly wrong
  7. As long as the appearance are for you, it doesn't matter which club they're at. So yes, if you take the player with you it will still count.
  8. 2053/54 Margetson (34): 1,014 apps Lowe (33): 948 apps Dowling (28): 738 apps, 474 goals Jonathan Ingram (20): 254 apps Rendani Rankhasa (19): 194 apps, 74 goals As expected, Margetson is playing a much smaller role this season due to his deterioration. With a back 3 I just don't feel comfortable with someone so slow in there. Lowe gets hit with a big injury and misses the last two months of the season. Dowling doing well as usual, despite going through a rather large scoring drought around February. Ingram played in every single match of the season - which was every single match possible as I reached the final in every competition. Rankhasa is still doing well in his role as foil for Dowling and his scoring is starting to raise. His finishing is still worryingly slow to develop though. Ingram, on the other hand, is quickly turning into one of the best defenders I've ever seen in the game.
  9. Very nice base stats. Get a Professional tutor in there to raise that determination.
  10. 2052/53 Margetson (33): 1,005 apps Lowe (32): 899 apps Dowling (27): 673 apps, 426 goals Jonathan Ingram (19): 186 apps Rendani Rankhasa (18): 133 apps, 45 goals And there we have it - Margetson breaks the 1,000 apps with room to spare. Quite frankly amazing for someone who is apparently a serious injury risk. Another injury-free season for Lowe means he's now within 2 seasons of also breaking it. The other three continue as normal with great efforts. With FM2018 release announced this is likely to be the last of the players I'll go for the challenge with. Doesn't matter who comes through from here on, unless I fluke a ridiculously talented son, these guys are the end of this version's challenge. As you can see, Margetson's declining far faster than someone with such high Natural Fitness should be, so he's already to take a back seat to the rest of the team. I'm sure he'll continue to rack up sub-appearances, but his ever-presentness is no longer a thing.
  11. If you progress along with him he could be with you forever.
  12. 2051/52 Margetson (32): 944 apps Lowe (31): 838 apps Dowling (26): 615 apps, 381 goals Jonathan Ingram (18): 125 apps Rendani Rankhasa (17): 76 apps, 23 goals Lowe finally knocks out a full season worth of appearances so, as you say, he should make it by age 35. Margetson can break the 1000 next season with a good season behind him - he's already declining, which isn't great news so I doubt he'll end up the record holder. Dowling and Rankhasa have a good partnership forming, which is excellent. Rankhasa has been breaking most of Dowling's youngest scorer records and has scored more during his first two seasons than Dowling did. His finishing is almost double figures now... Ingram has had a poor season by his previous standards, possibly because I've moved him to DRC from DC due to Margetson's lowering pace and acceleration. Still, years to improve. Rankhasa has also been called up to the France U20s. If he chooses France at senior level it means I won't ever lose him to the African Cup, even though Lesotho will probably never qualify for it anyway.