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  1. When starting a new game, I'd like to be able to choose alternate Brexit situations - Realistic (ie whatever actually happens in real life) and everything from the softest to the hardest possible. I know it's not a realistic feature, but it's the sort of thing that would add to the challenge if you wanted it.
  2. Unhiding because funnier
  3. It's pretty essential for a striker or winger as it helps determine the quality of cross/shot/pass they can make while under pressure. Basically, balance is the offensive version of the more defensive strength, like Off the Ball is to Positioning.
  4. Greece was more entertaining because they were Greece. A much smaller team with much less talented players completely nullifying the opposition was way more interesting to me than Portugal doing it.
  5. Wonder if there's a rule about managing one team while playing in another...
  6. Because his extreme selfishness and arrogance as a player on the pitch is what makes him so unlikeable. If he replaced that with the attitude he showed from the sidelines last night not only would he become better, but the team around him would become better, too.
  7. He's undoubtedly a brilliant player, doesn't mean he's likeable, though. It's his constant moaning at everyone else on the pitch that makes me dislike him. Maybe his experience on the touchline will make him realise what he could be on the pitch, because if he starts doing that he'll easily cement himself as the best player ever.
  8. 4 because of Wales vs Belgium.
  9. Think it's time to just retire International Football as a concept. It's just getting worse every tournament now.
  10. Only doing it to get his hands on his trophy tbf
  11. So what were the good matches of this tournament?
  12. Pepe's, unfortunately, always really good. He also looks almost exactly like Andrew_
  13. Fully expect Ronaldo to lift the trophy then run away with it, not letting anyone else touch it.
  14. Why hasn't Quaresma played more in this tournament? Despite the stupid head, he's looked good whenever he's been on.
  15. Ronaldo crying again. Probably because it wasn't him who scored it.