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  1. 2043/44 Margetson (24): 465 apps Lowe (23): 392 apps Dowling (18): 138 apps, 44 goals Hughes has been dropped to a rotation option now, while Dowling managed to play in every single game of the season (helped by lots of subbing to try and keep my other striker happy).
  2. Nearly at the end of another season and Hughes has not improved at all. Looks like this is the end of his 1,000 app challenge. Will still make a good squad player though. Margetson also looks like he's peaked, but he already looks perfect for his role. Lowe is getting better every day and Dowling is improving nicely.
  3. Not convinced that Hughes is actually good enough to keep his place. He's not progressed half as well as the other two have.
  4. If anyone's interested, here's some players that I really regret not going for with this challenge. I can't help but think how good they could have been if I'd given them the game time I've given others: They all look like they could have been good enough to hit the 1,000 apps. There's also a load more at other teams around the world. There's also a bunch I played but then gave up on when it turned out they weren't really good enough.
  5. These were all years ago now. All in different saves.
  6. That's how you unlock the feature when playing the other version of FM irrc
  7. Think I'm on 3 sons in total. One insanely good and two rubbish ones who ended up retiring before they hit 20.
  8. 2042/43 Margetson (23): 404 apps Hughes (23): 400 apps Lowe (22): 331 apps Dowling (17): 71 apps, 23 goals
  9. I believe he'll get a work permit based on the strength of his moustache alone.
  10. I used to go on holiday for each game, but in Fm17 the match engine is good enough that I can watch it without punching things. So the new players I'm adding here have had each match played, but the ones from previous threads will most likely have been holidayed matches.
  11. Also, c'mon you bunch of dicks, join in
  12. 2041/42 Margetson (22): 344 apps Hughes (22): 342 apps Lowe (21): 277 apps and introducing: Dowling (16): 15 apps
  13. 2040/2041 Margetson (21): 284 apps Hughes (21): 279 apps Lowe (20): 222 apps
  14. Margetson and Lowe are both injury prone so they're not quite maximising their potential apps. Margetson has, luckily, only had minor and well-timed injuries. Lowe hasn't been as lucky. This has allowed Hughes to take the lead on apps so far. 2039/2040 Hughes (20): 225 apps Margetson (20): 223 apps Lowe (19): 161 apps
  15. Whenever they're above 90%, they get a game.