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  1. Btw, if anyone would like to start a new thread and take over this challenge, please go ahead. I'm not around much and can't get into FM18 at all.
  2. Newcastle aren't a bad lower rep team tbh. You can sell the less needed players really easily in order to bring in the players you need, and Ritchie is just an absurdly good player who you can retrain to play anywhere (he's left back for me).
  3. Not really. I switch from Standard to Control and it seems to have sorted out any problems against the more defensive teams. The problem is when I forget to switch it back for the big teams because then they just counter me back
  4. Spurs is where you want to be. Retrain Kane to SV.
  5. Just a string of 0-1 losses or 1-1 draws. Bloody Crystal Palace.
  6. There is, however, one formation this really struggles against, which is this:
  7. First full season results: 3 of the losses and 6 of the conceded goals came in the last 5 games where I was resting players for Champions League matches (and my squad is woefully thin).
  8. My keeper distributes to the fullbacks, but it's only him and the wingers with individual instructions. I pretty much only use defensive forwards these days. They seem to stay more central and work harder with the ball. Finished first in the league during season one rotating silmani and Gayle in the role.
  9. It's not as effective against super defensive teams, but even with a slow build one of the offensive 5 will eventually break through (usually a winger in this case due to their pace), allowing the others to give chase. The formation its up against doesn't seem to make too much difference, but parking-the-bus sides are always harder to break down.
  10. Main setup: (How cool do the links between the central 4 look?) Individual instructions: ML/Rs Strategy As you can see, this is a super compact 451 based almost entirely around overly aggressive counter attacks. Once the team gets the ball it's fed to one of the "offensive" midfield 5. The other four then bomb forward to support and provide options. The attacks can start and end with any of the offensive 5 so if one avenue isn't working there's another four to go. The goals are spread pretty evenly throughout those five positions, with a couple of goals coming from set pieces as well. If you want high scoring defenders, you're not going to get any here. The "Play Out of Defence" instruction is there so they distribute cleanly to the attacking half of the team whenever possible. My first season was a variation of this, except with an actual striker, but felt the counter movements could be better and more exciting to watch, so here it is. Here's the first 6 months of my season using this formation: Everything here is based heavily on the discussions and theories of @Cleon and @Rashidi . Questions, comments, criticisms?
  11. Does it still have the classic "A player with a high corner taking attribute would be a suitable choice for taking corners"?
  12. Considering the picture quality has been poorer on ITV so far this tournament, BBC easily.
  13. Yeah, was the guy 10 feet in front of those two who got the ball
  14. Kane is the only good striker England have tbf. The question people should be asking is why is he playing as a holding midfielder...
  15. Was really good from Dier tbf I still can't stop pronouncing him Dee-er
  16. Not sure passing the ball back to midfield would be much use.
  17. No we haven't. It turns out they're both trash.
  18. The subs had nothing to do with freshness, commentator man, it's because they were awful.
  19. Tomorrow is also an afternoon kick off, so mind out.
  20. It's a completely meaningless match tbf. No-one actually cares about finishing 3rd rather than 4th. This match shouldn't even exist. Especially considering the players involved have a chance at cementing the Golden Boot, despite effectively being knocked out of the competition.
  21. Sterling should not start the second half. He is absolute trash.
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