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  1. And this time you don't even need to drop £500 in order to get access to the exclusives, you just have to double-click a different icon.
  2. Exclusives have always been a thing. Doesn't matter who's offering them, they've always been a thing and they're going nowhere. Thought it was pretty obvious that that was the point I was making.
  3. One of my big annoyances is teams refusing to sign youth players for £0 plus a sell-on fee. When I get a youth I don't feel will make it, I'll offer him out for his value and like 40% and usually get bids fine. However, if no-one bids, I'll offer players out for £0 and 25%. Cue 5 non-negotiable bids a day for the next two weeks of £0 and no sell ons until I give up and just release him.
  4. I've been getting many slightly different offers for players.
  5. It's so unsustainable long term that it's only been going for 40 years so far.
  6. Could've done with more USB slots though, am already full.
  7. Got my updated stream pc set up and its so delightfully fast <3
  8. btw this is the current best ost: (I'm gonna check out the others post in this thread later when I'm able, cheers)
  9. That's why I'm looking for music that was written as background music for games. With the exception of probably Nintendo 1st party titles (though I don't think you can buy any of them anyway), most game music should be fine.
  10. If anyone else is looking, then I couldn't recommend the Binding of Isaac soundtrack more, which you can get from Steam.
  11. I'm looking for background music for my stream and most royalty-free stuff is ****, so I figure I'll go for game music. So yeah, what games have great music, can actually be purchased (either via Steam, Bandcamp or some other thing) and aren't full of pop songs and other stuff that would get blocked by twitch. Tony Hawks/Gran Turismo/GTA etc need not apply as those songs are definitely banned.
  12. Tried to sell off Ryan Fraser and the entire team turned up at my office to ask me what the **** I was doing. Oops
  13. End of Season 4 summer window. 1 unsolicited offer for a senior player, a £50m bid for £35m-rated Tonali, one of the worst performing players in my team. 78 unsolicited offers of negligible nonsense for my promising 16-18 year olds. I think I'm ready to just give up on this version.
  14. You'd need to be three times that to get those players from the AI if the situation was reversed.
  15. I'm also getting tired of nearly daily awful bids for my promising youth of negligible amounts when the AI expects £50m for any similar youth.
  16. That's still 30 goals in the first 15 minutes of your last 50 matches, though I doubt all of them would have been of the 1 shot, 1 goal variety.
  17. Back with the inconsistency in Season 3, but with a good performance regardless. Our highest finish yet. As usual, Wilson destroyed the scoring charts, though Armstrong dropped out of the top 15 this time as he was sharing a rotation spot with newcomer Pelligri. All three rank highly on the goals-per-minute table. Wilson: Armstrong: Pelligri: Final table, with Man Utd and Liverpool being as ridiculous as ever: In (£40m): Summer Pietro Pelligri - Free, AS Monaco Bryan Gil - Free, unattached Matteo Ru
  18. I score and concede more goals in the first 15 minutes than any other time - 30 times combined in the last 50 games. I can't be bothered to go back and check for certain, but a large number of them are from the very first shot on goal from the scoring team.
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