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  1. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    You should just do it yourself. If no one else has to it’s an even bigger challenge!
  2. I felt like very fluid would be the only way to get the compactness of the two banks correct. But rereading the shape section of lines and diamonds I think you are correct. But maybe that compactness could be accomplished with structured but a 4-4-1-1-0 or 4-2DM-3(WM-CM-WM)-1-0? With support, get forward for the wide midfielders?
  3. Taking a crack at Iceland's tactic, based on the Spielverlagerung analysis curious as to what others think. I just rewatched the entire game. Wow Iceland were amazing. It really was something to see. All 10 were defending behind the ball for most of the game. Hell it might be a 4-4-1-1-0. I'm only maybe exaggerating a little. Announcer mentioned there were 5 yards between the back line and the midfielders. This isn't that far-fetched: But let's be a little more realistic I guess. Here's my try. Please point out my mistakes. First, play all the tall players. One 5'10" CM, everyone else on the field was at least 6' tall for Iceland. And it would help to have a great long throw guy like Aron Gunnarsson. I am thinking defensively it was a 4-5-1-0. Team Instructions: Stay on Feet, Much Deeper Defensive Line, Much Higher Tempo, Close Down Much Less, Float Crosses They opened up with a high press, but that didn't last forever. Most of the game they just dropped 10 behind the ball and Gylfi and Finnbogason closed down. I don't think I need narrower team instruction as defend very fluid is already very narrow as you can see above, and Iceland definitely pushed up the wings. Much Higher Tempo (which isn't that high on defend). When they got the ball they didn't mess around and went about their business quickly and decisively. Drop much deeper, of course. At one point they had 9 in the box. Stay on Feet If they crossed at all I'd say float crosses. But they didn't really cross much. Although the goal came on a great series where Gylfi had two nice crosses that were floated. Player Instructions Defensive CB-D who both close down much less. The FBs mark tight on the AML/AMR, sit narrower and close down much less. The three CM's all close down much more, but since the team is closing down much less it's not that much closing down: I thought about making Gunnarson (MCR) a BWM, but he only had one foul in the whole game. Hallfredsson (CML) only had one foul as well. There weren't any cards in the game either. Gylfi, the middle CMa also moves into channels. He has gets further forward by default. The Shadow Striker closes down even more. I could be convinced to move them up. Make Finnbogason a DFd and Gylfi a Shadow Striker? Or perhaps DFd, AMa? I'm open to ideas here. But they both defended behind the ball, and pushed forward when they had the ball. Tough for me to figure out how to recreate that in FM. Finnbogason was holding up the ball too, and Shadow Strikers can't choose that option. The wide midfielders sit narrower, get further forward and cut inside with the ball. Attacking they were more of a 4-2-4 and the Spielverlagerung diagram shows the wingers getting very forward in possession. I could be convinced to drop cut inside, but the heat maps show they did. Like I said earlier, open to ideas for how to make this more accurate. It was fun putting it together.
  4. I prefer a Libero purely because I think it would be fun to make it work! It's purely a romantic fun thing to try to make it work. I'm not worried about the changes ... I meant the overall tactic has a lot of team instructions. 9-12 team instructions is a lot! One more question though. When you say 'don't press and mark the CD' ... do you mean never close down and always tight mark? Or do you mean never close down never tight mark?
  5. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    And they both just received British citizenship. Pretty cool that the game handles all of that for you when it's needed.
  6. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    Ah, so before it didn't even say awaiting paperwork possibly? That would make sense.
  7. Iceland are just amazing to watch. It's remarkable what they've been able to accomplish and obviously pretty tough to replicate in FM. They finished 4th in their qualifying group in the game for me (I wasn't coaching them, just the AI in case that wasn't clear) in the 2018 World Cup, behind Serbia, Austria and Wales. So my question is what type of system would work in FM18 that really takes advantage teamwork, work rate and great mental attributes. Obviously you need some technique and I don't mean to undercut the Iceland players at all. As an Everton guy I love Gylfi! It would be great to see a tactic for an undermanned squad that really focuses on high teamwork and work rate attributes and roles that take advantage of that.
  8. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    Interesting. I could live with that bug :-) Another possible bug that messes with my strategy: Morgan Schneiderlin - 4187 days in England (1825 needed to gain nationality) - Awaiting paperwork. I know the big machine of government can be slow at times, but 6 and a half YEARS for the paperwork and it's still not ready? Gylfi Sigurõsson - 3350 days in England, 4 years and 2 months so far still waiting for the paperwork. Has anyone else seen this? Does it make sense to wait it out. Now that Brexit is coming, will they actually get the paperwork?
  9. Yeah that was great to watch! Would love to see that written up, and it'd be a great close out the game arrow to have in the tactical quiver.
  10. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    I think the main strategy shift, is that I won't be able to develop foreign youth in my system. I coach Everton, expanded the stadium and there is plenty of money to buy a few guys to plug holes in the first team. But they'll have to be pretty developed by the time I can buy them. Can't really turn Everton into Ajax or Barcelona the same, other than what I get by default from the Academy. No one in England wants to sell any 15-17 year olds worth buying unless they are getting a ton of money.
  11. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    And I forgot about the option years, great call there.
  12. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    Thanks a bunch! I wish the game was more clear about how this works in it's explanations. Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  13. Even though it's not supported if it helps you guys, the game was up to using 3.86 GB RAM before I closed it. After closing and reopening it's only using 2.48 GB and it works fine. Also, I believe it's the 3 p.m. window on 12/1 that triggers it. This time it was a Sunday with two league games. The early game simmed fine. The 3 p.m. sim was when I needed to close and reopen.
  14. OK, thanks. And BTW, I jinxed it. Happened again December 1.
  15. Joey Numbaz

    Hard Brexit Strategy?

    Or is it a lifetime exception for the grandfathered players? I didn't think of that. Please say yes someone.