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  1. I can go a little overboard when inspired :-) That and I had a 4-day weekend from work, needed a project! Any thoughts on why I am missing so many chances? Did you notice the footedness of the strikers being important? Any ideas on how I can reduce the headers? I'm thinking turn off early crosses and maybe even turn on work ball into the box. But open to any ideas before I start to expirement. Yes, but you also have a 3-men back line, one of which is the libero, who virtually acts as a quasi-midfielder in possession Yeah you still have a 3-1 or 2-2 defense when attacki
  2. Very interesting about headers being a disproportionate share of key chances. I'll try to keep an eye on this. Player BRA STR JMP HEA ANT HDR% HDRwon90 Key Spahic 10 15 16 14 16 63% 4.67 89 Haaland 15 17 16 14 17 71% 5.90 117 Lautaro 18 14 11 14 17 41% 2.23 54 Ramos 13 14 15 15 15 59% 3.25 62 Spahic and Haaland get most of the headers. i think they are all pretty good here. Martinez is short, but he's
  3. Thanks for all of the insight, it's definitely helping point me in the right direction. Filtering on attackers and attacking mids for the leaderboard I get this - it stinks that they don't remove penalties for this. Or even show you on the page how many penalties a guy had. % Goals Shots 21% 18 82 21% 13 61 20% 16 79 inflated by 2-for-3 on penalties actually 18.4% 17% 15 88 16% 25 151 16% 15 91 inflated by 3 penalties actually 13.6% 16% 12 73 this is Lautaro inflated by 1 penalty actually 15.3
  4. These are two things I actually look for! I pretty much never have a player who is bad in big matches, and I am pretty sure everyone is at worst not inconsistent. I have decided not to buy a 5-star superstar ratings wise, because he's fairly inconsistent. Spahic - dark green consistent, nothing for big matches. But he's still only 21, and I've never seen that on a scouting report before a player is 22 Haaland - dark green consistent, relishes big matches Lautaro - dark green consistent, enjoys big matches Ramos - dark green very consistent, nothing for big matches Gaui
  5. Definitely understand what you are saying here. I think it's probably the headed attempts that's the biggest issue. Any ideas for how to reduce that? Obviously cutting down crosses would help. We had the most headers won in the league 1213, and the highest percentage won 67%. I try to get tall players everywhere. We had by far the most crosses in the league. 487 completed (at 32%). Second place was 386 at 24%, and 3rd was 311 at 22%. So we are great at getting on the other end of crosses. Breaking it down before the 343 formation - 274 crosses completed, which prorates to 434 pe
  6. Oh wow - yes, we are low there. This is combining both tactics, I can't split them out, but (stats don't included penalties): Player Goals Shots % Spahic 16 169 9.5% Haaland 16 182 8.8% (he played Wa in the 442) Lautaro 18 126 14.3% Ramos 14 113 12.4% (he played striker in the 442) Part of the reason I changed the tactics was that I wanted to find a way to get all four of these guys on the field at the same time. In the 442 I was limited to 3 at a time. Ah wait! I can find a save from around the
  7. While they are not perfect, and I am sure there are cases where things like a defender in the way are an issue, this is tough to argue with (CCC-P is clear cut chances not counting penalties, and goals also does not include penalties). That's a pretty good association there. They definitely are not meaningless, even if they are not perfect. It's a good rule of thumb, at least on FM20, that every 5 CCC should result in 2 goals (just from the CCC - you will get other goals too of course) for an average team, depending on the quality of the players shooting, of course.
  8. I think the big thing is that the other great teams in the league, all way outperform their xG compared to the average. Which makes sense since they have they superstars up front. I feel like I should be doing that also since I too have some of the best players in the world, but I am not. I should be converting chances much higher than the average - which tells me something is broken. I do have a lot of headed chances. For sure. That could be part of it. I try to get tall players with good heading but this makes a lot of sense. Even with low crosses ticked. Nothing too crazy in here re
  9. I don't find any evidence of that. CCC very clearly across the entire league is strongly associated with goals. There is no way around that based on the analysis I did in the first post. I think the onus is on people who say they are flawed to prove it. Half chances on the other hand - yes, they don't mean much of anything, other than any other shot from the box.
  10. Sure. Full credit, this is an @Rashidicreated tactic, I may have made a tweak or two, I recreated it from pictures, it wasn't a download. It's fun and way more solid defensively than I ever would have figured. It's not like we don't score any goals. We just score a lot fewer than we should. The PIs I have are stay wider for both CFs. The front three all have close down more, tackle harder, mark tighter. Haaland is left footed, the other 3 up front are all right footed. Spahic is a monster - possibly the best player I've ever had. He was 3rd in the Ballon d'Or Mael Gaudin is al
  11. I know it looks unbalanced, but it really doesn’t play that way. It creates tons of chances, more than anyone in the league, and it is very solid defensively. I gave up fewer goals than anyone in the league. It’s a wide diamond midfield, which is fine, nothing crazy revolutionary, though it is a bit weird to look at. The DWs get up and down and even score some goals, they are basically pushed up WBs. The HB is almost like a combined Regista/DC-stopper. It needs great players for sure, but I have them. It’s 2028 now and I’ve won 4 of the last 7 champions leagues. I change my tact
  12. The four best teams in the league by far were Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City and Everton. There was a huge gap in the standings between 4th and 5th. Manchester United was pretty good and so was Brighton. Both also exceeded their xG. Let's look at how those xG formulas did for the league. Note, I am Everton. Look at who outperformed their xG1 and xG2 by miles! It was the 3 other great teams, and Manchester United did pretty well in that respect also. I switched my tactic halfway through the season to the current one. I broke my team out based on each tactic. There wer
  13. OK why?! Why am I not finishing well? It has been very frustrating. I am playing with a fun tactic that Rashidi created, 3 strikers, an AMC behind and two defensive wingers. The complete forwards stay wider. I have amazing attackers, Haaland, Lautaro, a world class Regen. The AMC is usually Gonçalo Ramos too. And they know the tactic perfectly and their roles nearly perfectly. CFs AFa CFs AMs DWs DWs HBs BPDd Ls BPDd Could footedness be a problem? Do I want the CFs to be on t
  14. FM20 I feel like I am not getting enough goals based on my chances. First the stats (per game) - through 7 games, 5 EPL, 1 Community Shield, 1 Champions League Goals: 2.14 Shots: 23.57 On Target: 13.00 Clear Cut: 2.43 Half Chances: 3.57 Chances Created: 4.71 (interestingly this does not equal CCC+HC - it's the players' individual "chances created" added up) Long Shots: 3.71 Crosses Comp: 15.00 Penalties: 0.29 Penalties Scored: 0.14 Here are the numbers for the rest of the league (average 4.89 league, 1 other game, mostly league Cup, several vs. each other)
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