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  1. I have three tactics to choose from, the very attacking 4-3-3, dafuges wide diamond 4-4-2 and the Libero 5-2-1-2 ... trying to figure out what would match up best against Liverpool's 4-3-3 playing at Goodison. The whole season is on the line. Win and we have a 4 point lead with 3 games left (Liverpool does have a game in hand). Draw and we remain 1 point ahead, but they have the game in hand. Lose and we fall 2 points behind and with their game in hand, it's over.
  2. So far so good! I got inspired by the latest Rashidi tactic, his "Liquid 2.0" and decided to tweak my 4-3-3 to match that. It plays on very attacking which is fun. I debating whether or not to play it in the biggest Merseyside Derby in decades for the next match: That's the table heading into today's game! Here is the way we ended up there. The system worked pretty well against Levante and Aston Villa. The first leg and first game we played it against Levante was pretty crazy. Mason Holgate went out with a straight red on 19' with us having a 1-0 lead. He was sent off the same minute during which we scored. Levante scored at 41, but we continued to push and Sandro Tonali blasted a 25-yard shot from above the box into the back of the net on 77'. A great win. We outshot them 16-11 despite being down a man most of the game. I won't have time to play the Liverpool game tonight. Will have to think about it all day! The team is really gelling. It's been a lot of fun, if we could somehow win the Premier League and the Europa League that'd be great. We've already clinched the Champions League berth for next year. I think we are on our way.
  3. I replied the same to your PM, but just in case others care ... also, sorry for the slow reply, I started a new job March 11, and haven't had much time to play, let alone post since then. I hadn't been on the site for a few weeks. You don't 'add' the numbers , you just enter the numbers individually. So let's say you want to weigh the major attributes 2x and the minor attributes 1x. Majors are 15, 10, 14, 12, 18, 7, minors are 13, 17, 9. You'd enter the following numbers: 15, 15, 10, 10, 14, 14, 12, 12, 18, 18, 7, 7 13, 17, 9 - does that make sense?
  4. Sure that would work ... just let me know what to do. My files sizes are huge. 500+ MB.
  5. Sorry, fthy, I haven't revisited this one in awhile. I'd imagine you could tweak it for FM19 pretty easily though. You'd have to move the Libero up to the DC strata, and he'd still have to be in the middle, so I'd recommend someone in the DM strata on the right to compensate. But I think it could be done.
  6. Yeah, it's weird I've been getting errors on upload for the last two files I tried (separate bugs). Something about the file being locked after 20-25 minutes of trying to upload. Any advice for how to get around that?
  7. I feel like I have done a good job keeping the players fit. And I feel like the young guys are still developing and the old guys are maintaining. My secret? It's simple. First, I hire as many physios as allowed, and at this level after the first window, it's not to hard to make sure they are all 19 and 20 rated. But, I think that's minor. The real thing is that I listen to them. Every morning, I make sure these columns are matched up. For the seniors, U23s and U18s. It's a royal micromanagement PITA, as SI still doesn't allow for mass edit (highlight everyone you want to set to the same intensity, then just change one and they all change - that doesn't work). But I guess it's worth the effort. It's part of why it takes me a month or two to play a season too I suppose. Well mostly that's because simming each Saturday takes about half an hour since I have every possible league live and use the full engine for all games in the world, even youth matches . But having to set up the training intensity every day is a pain. @Seb Wassell incredible guru of training, I know I've asked for it before, but just wanted to drop in a reminder as we've had several updates since my last ask regarding the highlight them all option. If that doesn't work, can't SI give us a "set to physio recommendation" choice on the Training > Rest > Training Intensity Scheduling section? It's awesome that we get the physio recommendation. A bummer that we can't use it easily.
  8. Here's some more detail on Aouar ... He is 21, and already the best player on my team (by my ratings) as a DLPd, MEZa, AMa, AFa, APs, IFa, AMs, DLFs. He's perfect for the 433 as a AMR/APs. Second best to Digne on my "Cleon Libero" important attributes scale too. And right now he's 3.5 stars, with 4-5 star potential. Hopefully he's going to get even better! This was a no brainer buy at this price. I am super excited about this.
  9. So here's the full transfer summary for the season. Net outlay was £28M. £171M paid, and £143M received. I like our trades overall. We have significantly added to the talent based and we are now much younger. Sky is the limit from here I think. I only have 15 players to register. Because everyone else counts as a U21.
  10. Yep, that was quick. Found a Polish 18 year old keeper, who could maybe be at least passable as a #3 keeper. I usually scout everyone to 100%, this guy only 55%. Here's the new table. I guess I picked well! He's 2.5-3.5 star potential, and a lot further along than my other keepers. Virginia is being held back by awful communication, first touch, and passing. Also, this kid's name is Wozniak and I am a huge Apple guy. So this is a perfect fit. Only cost £900K and he's making £1.1K/week for four years. Boom! This was pretty funny though. Nope, honest Craig, we've been working on this for weeks. In no way did I just learn this guy's name 2 1/2 hours (in game time) ago.
  11. The other thing I could use is a #3 keeper. Pickford is solid of course, but he does get injured from time to time. Francesco Bardi is a capable backup, but I really need a 3rd stringer just in case. Darren Willets is my top prospect as a keeper, but he is a long way off. He's 16 and fluctuates between 2.5-3.5 and 3-4 star potential. Maybe I can find a prospect who is a little closer to being ready. Maybe deadline day will get a little more interesting here ...
  12. I guess I cannot go a whole window without at least one big signing. Welcome to Goodison, Houssem Aouar! I have signed him at least 3 or 4 FMs in a row. But he's getting expensive. I feel that if I am going to play the wide diamond more - and it's killing people right now - I need a great AMC. A guy with great work rate, technique, passing, vision, etc. He's a key player in this formation on both sides of the ball. It wasn't cheap, but this kid is a star. He is already working with coach Bergkamp on developing his weak left foot*. He's also training as a Libero! He seems perfect for the role. Rashidi uses him that way in his Lyon series as well. Must give credit where due. Fingers crossed on getting rid of Sandro. Southampton came in with a £14M + £5.5M in installments. He'd better work a deal out with them. EDIT: I should have waited to post - Sando took the deal from Southampton. Who we play tomorrow :-) Finances now have us with -£38M in the bank, and a little over £5M in the transfer budget (I only get to retain 30% right now). I have decided to keep Holgate. Pedro Justiniano isn't ready yet and I like using Ajer as a DM or BWM/MC. Holgate is nice to have, especially if Keane or Mina gets hurt. If someone wanted to give me £27.5M for him - sure. But at £6.5M he's more valuable to me as a rotation DC.
  13. City is going to fire Pep after two bad weeks? Really? After winning the title the year before? And the year before that? He put up 94 points last season and only had 2 league losses before the recent cold spell. Which was literally 2 weeks and 4 matches. He would have been untouchable on December 17 in any realistic world having won back-to-back blowout league titles, with only 2 league losses that point (he had 5, not 6 league losses - he was 13-2-2 in the league and in either 2nd or 3rd place on December 17). Then one two week stretch, over the holidays while teams are exhausted running out rotated lineups and he's gone? While still being within a few points of 1st place (if you count the game in hand). If that's not a bug, the expectations algorithm needs some work, IMO. No one is expected to win the league title or get fired every year in a league as competitive at the top as the EPL. Make the Champions League and compete for the title - sure. He's also coming off of a Champions League final, and went undefeated through the group stage this time as well. He hadn't not met the expectations yet at all. This is Pep Guardiola here. Maybe after the season if he had finished 5th. Or if there was a mutiny in the locker room or something. I assume you want the file from before the FA Cup Final where he was fired, posted that as PepFired2020-01-03.fm ... if you need from further back or after the game, just let me know. It might take a bit to upload, the file is 539 MB and I have a slow upload internet connection.
  14. And he rejects Brighton too. This is brutal.
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