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  1. I love the new training. I love setting the schedules, tuning it every week. My only request is that we need to be able to save schedules from the anywhere we can edit them. I like to edit them every Monday am when I get the emails. I need a save button right there. I make a good schedule on the fly, let me save it and import it anywhere else, wherever I want. Maybe there's a way to do this that I'm missing? I basically just manually create a different schedule every week for all 3 levels.
  2. Boom. Someone has a new top transfer target I think. I mean that's at least the low bar now.
  3. A final 2020-21 competition summary for the archives: And the U18s had quite the year too a couple of runner-ups. Lost the UEFA Youth League Final on penalties to Benfica.
  4. Well the dust has settled on the season. We have £108.5M in the bank now. Wow! I can spend the entire £73M transfer budget and still have cash on hand. Transfer revenue retained has been bumped from 30% to 100%. £83.56M in profits over the last year, so we get hit with an £18.25M tax bill. We picked up a 4-year deal for £133M in sponsorship with a telecommunications company, wow! Our most popular shirts: Here's something interesting. We sold out every game. 39,572 per. The board has decided to expand the stadium expansion. Originally we were getting 4,000 new seats for £15M. Now we are going all the way to 50,000 seats. At a cost of £37,840,800. And we are going to be finished in 5 months! 11/23/2021. Interesting.
  5. I am untouchable apparently. Time to go negotiate a new contract. I guess showing the post-game analysis may help someone: That's a nice passing diagram. It doesn't always look like that. So pretty. The tactic is nominally a W-M, but it really plays like a 1342 with a slight tilt towards the left. The DC is basically a ball playing sweeper. I suppose you could see a 1441 there too, with the left side pushed further up. And the Champions League Dream Team:
  6. It's in the net! It's in the net! At 89:54 it's in the net! The offsides flag is down. 3 minutes later we are celebrating. Champions League Champions!!! We did it by the skin our arses, with 3 ET wins (including the natural hat trick of away goals, outright win, and penalties!) and a 90' goal in the final but we did it!! Congratulations lads, I'm happy with your performances out there. Enjoy your success, these are the moments you will remember when you hang up your boots. The European Golden Boy, Pietro Pellegri with his two goals, just 2 /12 months after his 20th birthday was the man of the match. I guess that bruised shin didn't matter after all! That's a bug. Or a crappy reporter. We won the Europa League last year. Not the Champions League. Who is this maroon? I'm glad to see this is what the press took from the interviews though. Also funny. Porto coach Sérgio Conceição said we got lucky. I responded he should quit his moaning we were the better team. So he's not my biggest fan right now. C'est the V. Our record in Finals so far: 2019 Carabou Cup - Win 1-0 v. Arsenal 2019 FA Cup - Win 4-0 v. Bournemouth 2020 Europa League - Win 4-0 v. AC Milan 2021 FA Cup - Win 3-0 v. Watford 2021 Champions League - Win 2-1 v. Porto 5-0 and the only goal we've allowed was that mistake against Porto. This team comes to play in the big games. Outscored opponents 14-1 in the 5 games. Of course we split two Community Shields and won the Super Cup, but no one cares about those.
  7. This is where we left off. Oh crap! But Pickford saves the first clear cut chance of the day. Whew. This is crazy! The save went out for a corner. Don't forget Porto is really good at corners. There will be at least 2 minutes of added time. The corner is cleared. We get a counter even. How about that! Richarlison's initial ball forward is headed away by Ristovski, but not in a good way. It goes right to Richarlison. And he's on the run. He's cutting inside and dribbling through acres of space! He crosses it! Is anyone there? Yes, Pietro Pellegri is! I am once again out of megs ...
  8. One nice thing about the Champions League Final - 12 named subs! Since I only have 21 players (not counting the 3rd goalie) on the senior team, that means two kids get to come up. Unfortunately, most of my best kids are already away for international duty. Our 23. We are healthy, other than Pellegri experiencing some minor condition/sharpness issues from his bruised shin. It's game time! Passionately, I tell them, "Go out there and prove to everyone that you are winners!" Pickford, Keane, Digne, Tousart, Ajer, Pellegri, and Dolberg seem motivated. Touré listens passionately. Aouar, Tonali, and Richarlison listen keenly. I tell those four I have faith in them, get out there and make a difference. Now everyone seems motivated. The players are looking inspired and ready for the match ahead. Porto's lineup. They aren't nearly as fit. Maybe that will come into play late. I forgot to mention, Porto is great on set pieces. Both attacking and defending. In the tunnel a devious, but respectful reporter asks about it maybe being Fernandinho's last game for Everton. Really? That's what you are worried about? I mean I couldn't speak more highly of the guy, regardless of what happens during the match he's a wonderful player and I'm lucky to have worked with him, but still. Come on dude. Three minutes into the game Tousart passes to Ajer, playing out from the back. Batshuayi presses him, Ajer fumbles it and a clean finish has Porto up 1-0. Really? This is how it's going to be? Ugh. At 12:14 Touré hits the crossbar with a header off of a great Dolberg wide free kick. We've had the ball 64%. So frustrating. 20 minutes in I demand more. Everyone is focused. Keane so focused he gets a yellow card ... He's told to ease off tackles. Not good. By 29' Aouar is furious, but the rest of the team is fired up, composed, and motivated. 31' Dolberg with a great free kick, Diogo Costa knocks it away, Ajer gets the rebound for a nice chance but it's blocked and cleared way out of bounds. All four of our 'good' key highlights have started with a Dolberg free kick. That block leads to a throw in. Digne hits Dolberg down the sideline with the throw in. A great cross to Pellegri in the box! What a volley from the Italian wonderkid! It's in the net, we are all equal in Amsterdam! Aouar is anxious now. I demand more of everyone. Disaster nearly strikes at 38' - an errant cross is run down by Porto left winger Noah Okafor, and Pellegri drops back instead of staying with him. Okafor races down the sideline, launches a deep cross for running Batshuayi outside the box and Digne completely misplays the header. A point blank half chance is deflected away by Pickford for a corner. Nice job of Pickford coming out to close down the shot. The corner rebounds a little dangerously, but gets cleared. Whew. We've hit halftime, 1-1. I think we've played a little better, but they are dangerous and the stats are even. They are fouling more (12-5) maybe they'll get a red card somewhere. Striker Vincent Aboubaker has a yellow for Porto. This is anyone's game. Assistant Manager Sidnei Lobo says we should challenge them to prove a point. I guess he was right. I tell them passionately that it's time for everyone to dig in and give everything you've got left tonight, we deserve to win this match, let's go and do it. Ajer, who has a 6.2 rating due to his mistake is motivated. Aouar gains confidence. Dolberg nods in agreement and ther listen keenly (Tousart passionately). I was expecting a better response. Keane is told to play it calm and avoid another card. Digne and Tousart (who also has a 6.2 - I guess he and Ajer both got blamed for the mistake) are assertively told I am not happy with their performance today. They are fired up and motivated now. The rest get the you weren't that bad but you can still improve, I have faith in you line. Now everyone is happy and motivated and confident. They are ready to walk through walls! No subs or tactical changes at halftime. At 50' I demand more. At 62' Sérgio Oliveira the MCL gets a yellow card. Our play down the middle right must be working with the STL and MCL both having cards. Everyone on our team is at 80-85%, Oliveira is at 73%, a few others at 78% for Porto. They are tiring more than we are. Still no second half highlights. We have the only 2 shots of the half. No highlights at 70' where Felipe the DCL gets a card. Tonali, Pellegri and Touré are too much to handle on the right. I really don't know what I should do to adjust though. We've added 2 more shots. This is nerve-wracking. Stay the course. If this gets to penalties Fernandinho with his 15 penalty attribute will have to be on the field. Same for Juan Hernández. But that's all I really know right now. Ajer is probably going to have to come out. At 77% he's the most tired and his rating is still 6.2. 76'. Still neither team has subbed. This is very unusual for me. Still no 2nd half highlights. No additional shots either. My first sub. Yerry Mina for Michael Keane. A fresh DC is a good thing I think. Keane is on a yellow too. 85' still no highlights this half. Still 12-7 on shots. Our possession is up to 57%, but we cannot break through. They have not subbed yet. Ajer is up to 6.4, but is tired. In comes Fernandinho. 89' This is the start of the first highlight of the 2nd half. I am just a little nervous after that 4th minute disaster: Pickford out to Digne. To Richarlison who dribbles backwards, then across midfield before his out of control dribble is stolen by Oliveira. He passes it back to Danilo Pereira the MCR. Aouar and Richarlison press him. Digne is racing back because Batshuayi is in the channel and Mina is not. Danilo plays it over to Ristovski, the DR. Richarlison maintains pursuit. Ristovski plays a pass to Otávio, who hits the running Batshuayi, oh crap (to be continued, out of megs ...)
  9. Dang, Wednesday in training, Pietro Pellegri bruised a shin. He's only out for 1-2 days, but that is going to hurt his sharpness. I had him training as a Winger-Attack this week, was hoping it would bump his role familiarity. Bummer. Also Wednesday, Chelsea end up in the Champions League after all. After a scoreless draw over 120 minutes, outshooting Marseille 20-3, in a match that featured 39 fouls and 9 yellow cards (6 in the first half). Chelsea wins 4-3 on penalties. Marseille were in the Champions League already, so everyone wins I suppose. Looks like Chelsea might be willing to sell Raphael Verane, who would be great. But it's like £64M-£90M and he's 28. That's too old. On to the Champions League Final So Porto is the slight favorite. I guess I can see that. They were 46-5 with 8 draws in all competitions. +48 goal differential in Liga NOS. But we are no slouches. 40-7 with 10 draws, +41 goal differential in the EPL. We faced much tougher competition. Fernandinho is going to retire ... but on October 13? What's up with that? He's going to hang around for the first two months of next season then quit? Is that a bug? The press conference is over and we've moved on to game day. 71 US degrees and sunny in Amsterdam.
  10. It is always great to receive recognition, but I could not have done it without my players. You know, the ones I bought and brought here. That's my second in 3 seasons!
  11. I was reading back through some of the old posts it was fun ... one thing I noticed was the post about Jagielka retiring and that being a bummer. I hired him as a coach, and he took the Sheffield United head coaching job earlier this season. I forgot to mention that. They went the other way from real life in this world, they are in League One right now and hired him to help pull themselves back up this past winter.
  12. Thanks! So first the FA Cup Final! I didn't have the time to write it up as I played, but it was a good competitive game. We jumped out 1-0 about halfway through the first half. Dolberg scored on a direct free kick from at least 30 yards out. That's a way to break your drought! We dominated, but couldn't put Watford away. We outshot them 20-5. Outpossessed them 60-40. Finally in the 82nd minute Richarlison floated a nice cross to Pellegri who headed it home for the insurance goal. Ajer tacked one on at 90+1 blasting one from the top of the box that hit the underside of the crossbar and went into the net. Yay us! A nice dominant performance. It was the first time we've had nearly everyone healthy in awhile. I decided to play Dolberg as the striker and Pellegri on the right wing in this one and it worked out pretty well. Keane played DC again, I feel more comfortable with him out there than Mina. On to the meaningless to us Chelsea game. They are playing for the 2021-22 Champions League and are solid favorites at Stamford Bridge. I rested all of the normal starters who were at 100% sharpness. Resting a week is more important for them. I did play Coleman and Gladrow who were both 100/100, mainly because Touré and Digne are the starters anyway. And a yellow for Digne would suspend him for the first two games next year. Here was the lineup: That's not the worst team. Gravenberch and Aouar were at 96% and 97% sharpness, so I started them to get them to 100. Mina was a 90% (I've been playing Keane a lot), so after the game he's at 96% at least. Some interesting stats. We were being outshot 25-4 with about 10 minutes left in the game. Whaddya know, we won 2-1. Bernard blasted a bullet from outside the box across the goal into the top corner less than a minute after halftime to get us on the board. Morata answered 3 minutes later. But that at 68', Tonali made a nice moves to dribble into the box, took his shot and Kept couldn't handle it. They called it an own goal, but I would have given it to Tonali. At that point I switched to our close it out tactical tweak, need to test it before the Porto game: Chelsea got a lot of shots, but most of them sucked. We got the last 6 shots of the game as they got desperate. We each had 1 CCC but we had 4 half chances and they only had 1. Chelsea does get another crack at the Champions League, they play Marseille, who finished a close 2nd (99-93) to PSG in Ligue 1 in the Europa League Final. ******* After the rest, hopefully we have a lot of 100/100 players ready for the biggest game of their lives. Porto is backing into the Final. They ended up losing the league to Benfica, 89-86. They were even, before Benfica beat them 3-0 in Porto in the next to last game of the season. After a 5-1 win over Madeira, they lost 1-0 to Sporting in the Taça de Portugal Final. I mean, it was a fluke, they outshot Sporting 22-6, but only 4 were on target. Oh the Benfica game? They outshot Benfica 17-3 and lost 3-0. LMAO. Neither team had a CCC. That's a tough way to lose the league, wow. They played a flat 442. I am not tactically astute to know if that's a good or bad thing for us. I don't recall seeing that formation much. I am not underestimating them. Before those fluke losses, they hadn't lost a game since January 24, and that was 2-2 on penalties in the Allianz Cup Final to Benfica. Before that their last loss was December 19, at Benfica, also 3-0. Man, Benfica owned them this year. The only other game they lost all year was September 16, their first Champions League Group G game, 1-0 at Red Bull Salzburg. Porto won their group, that included Juventus, who won Serie A. Porto beat them 1-0 twice. They did get an easy draw in the knockout stages though. I mean heck, they played the 14th and 15th place Bundesliga teams in the quarters and semis! Sure I skimmed by scoring 4 goals in 7 games in the knockout rounds (all three games went to ET, so that's a whole extra game). But I played Atlético, Manchester United and PSG. And I only gave up 3 goals against them! Here is their squad: They have four 3.5 star players, DCR, MCL, ML, STCL. Going to have to watch that right flank. Here is ours (notice how much more rested our players are), seven 3.5 star players. They'll play DL, MCL, AMR, MCR, GK, ST, AML. But after that, they only have four 3 star players we have 13. We are a little better at the top, a lot deeper and more rested. But this is by no means a cake walk. Should be a great game, but we will probably be slight favorites. I still have a week to sim leading up to the game. And I might have a lot of trouble playing before the end of the month if I can't get to it tomorrow. Hopefully I can find the time! I can't wait a real life 2 weeks for this. Here's the training plan:
  13. For example, this will get you to part 6, with the images: https://web.archive.org/web/20190511142558/https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/creating-a-tactic-the-paysandu-way-6 It takes some digging sometimes. You may need to know some of the URL. It obviously can't get directly to pages where you need to be signed in to view, etc. But archive.org is a great resource.
  14. Well, the Premier League title dream is over. We'll finish 3rd this year, after a 1-1 draw at Southampton, combined with United beating Chelsea 2-1 and Liverpool beating Cardiff 2-0 to defend their title, 91-90 over United. We'll finish with 85, 86 or 88 points. This makes for an interesting decision May 22. Chelsea need a win to make the Champions League. The game means nothing to us, and we have the Champions League Final a week later. Arsenal are likely to be pretty annoyed by the lineup I run out there. As far as relegation, Bournemouth got their miracle. They went to London and beat Tottenham 2-1, while Huddersfield lost 2-0 to Arsenal. Fulham actually beat Watford, but it wasn't enough. 32-32-30 were the relegated point totals. Previous two years were 25-25-24, and 37-35-20. Seems like the bottom of the league is getting stronger with all of the money coming in. Around Europe: La Liga - Celta is at 79 points through 35 games, and Barcelona is at 78. That would be quite a story. Celta have never finished higher than 4th. Ajax are 12th in the Eredivisie. Napoli are still finishing 2nd to Juventus in Serie A, this year it's 80-74 with two games to go. Bayern still destroying the Bundesliga, up 78-62 on Hoffenheim with one game left. Leverkusen could still get relegated. Up 28-27 for 15-16th place with one game left. PSG could still lose Ligue 1. They are up 90-87 on Marseille. PSG has 3 games left, Marseille 2. They don't play head to head. Should be a fun three weeks to wrap up the season. Time to go and win some trophies. The FA Cup and Champions League silverware would look pretty nice in our trophy case.
  15. We are headed into the Premier League's kind of final day (remember, we play a make up game with Chelsea May 22). Burnley with 27 points has been relegated. It does not look good for Bournemouth or Fulham. 16. 34 -29 Newcastle 17. 32 -21 Huddersfield 18. 31 -37 Bournemouth 19. 29 -28 Fulham 20. 27 -36 Burnley Newcastle plays at Aston Villa Huddersfield hosts Arsenal Bournemouth is at Tottenham Fulham host Watford Newcastle is pretty safe. They'd need Huddersfield and Bournemouth to win, and the and Bournemouth would have to make up 9 goals in the process. Fulham needs a win, and Huddersfield to lose, Bournemouth to draw or lose, and Fulham needs to make up 8 goals on Huddersfield as well. So in all likelihood Bournemouth and Fulham are going down. Meanwhile in the race for the last Champions League spot: 4. 73 +40 Manchester City 5. 72 +31 Chelsea 6. 71 +23 Arsenal City is at Wolves (who are pretty good, 8th place), Chelsea is at United, and Arsenal go to Huddersfield. Chelsea also has the game in hand against us. At the top, we have: 1. 88 +46 Liverpool 2. 87 +64 Manchester United 3. 84 +40 Everton We are pretty big Chelsea and Cardiff fans right now ... all we need is for both of them to at least get away draws while we go to Southampton and win. Easy peasy. As far as promotion goes, Crystal Palace (91) and West Brom (87) are coming up. The playoffs pit: Stoke City (87) vs. Reading (79) QPR (80) vs. Leicester (79)
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