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  1. I have this same issue. Everyone is super happy. 2019-20 at Everton we finished 2nd losing on goal differential for the title. 2020-21 we won the league about a week ago, and made it to the Champions League semifinals. No reason given for why they aren't happy with my management of the team.
  2. @crusadertsar thanks for this awesome thread and series of articles, truly great stuff. Question re: training, did you keep the same training with the latest tactic? Any tweaks?
  3. Wow, I forgot I even did that! Yeah, as I was reading what I wrote, I had to do a double take. I meant that the versatility rating doesn't (didn't?) appear to impact the scouting report note. The note appears to just take into account how many positions he can currently play, not his aptitude for learning new positions. ***** Absolutely, apologies if I wasn't clear there either. I just meant to say I didn't see evidence of seeing scouting report notes on this for players under 22, not that it wasn't being used by the game.
  4. Hi @Uncle_Sam this is a great add on! I've installed for realism even though I am playing in England. I play with all playable leagues and like 400,000 players. Wanted to add this because I'm from the US and wanted my local USL team Loudoun United to be in this with real rosters and match sims just to watch. But one weird thing with the International Champions Cup for the summer of 2020. I was invited, as Everton, after finishing 2nd in the EPL during 2019-20. The schedule is really weird though. It's supposed to run from July 16, through September 2. But all that has been played for 2020 are 2 games, that were played August 22, which was after the EPL season started and actually postponed one of my regular season EPL games. It's now September 12. There are no other games scheduled. The competition just seems to be hanging in purgatory. But all of the 2019 games still show if I tick the back arrows in this screen shot. So it's like the 2019 never finished, and the 2020 one won't schedule the other games besides the two that were played already. Wondering a couple of things - if this will ever finish. If not, is there any way for me to just kill this one competition through the editor? Maybe I'm missing something in how it's set up? Thanks for any help!
  5. I'd add that I just finished 2nd in the Premier League, Everton is definitely higher reputation than West Brom. He signed for just £775 p/w, I would have had no problem giving him that kind of money or even some more. He was not unhappy either. 2 positive happiness things and no negative ones.
  6. I am also having this issue. Just finished my first year at Everton. My top youth intake player was just signed by West Brom. I did get compensation, but the player wouldn't even considering contract negotiations with me. It's June 13, 2020. I received numerous offers that I rejected, including some that offered trials. Went back through previous saves (I was saving every couple of days) and looks like he went from willing to sign a new contact to not between May 27 (Europa League Final) and May 29 (day before Champions League final). Is this a new feature or a bug?
  7. Ah got it! I forgot, this only shows if the recommendation is not "normal". Basically "-" = "Normal Intensity". I holiday'd a week in the interest of science and now these are showing up. Still weird that in the view creator is shows as blank. Maybe I broke that when importing a view from FM19?
  8. Even created a new game and it looks the same. Note after Match Sharpness and before additional focus.
  9. So I pulled in an FM19 view to FM20, which had that column, and the recommendations are all just a dash "-". I removed the column and go to re-add it, and that's when I saw it was gone and asked the question above. But it is there. It is blank in the customize current view list under training options. I know that's it though, because when I add that untitled (in the view editor) column back, it turns up as Physio Recommendation in the view, with all of the "-" recommendations.
  10. I am finally getting going with FM20, and I don't see the "Physio Recommendation" column as an option to add to my views anymore. Was this removed? Or am I just missing on it? I relied on this very heavily in FM19, would be a shame to have lost it. I am at a major club with 5 Physios and a Head Physio, so that isn't it.
  11. I think maybe the 'compensation for training and development' are the small percentages of the fees that you always see, right? Like team X gets 1% of the fee, team Y gets 0.5% etc. Does that make sense?
  12. Thanks @Snorks ... I think I understand how and where it came from - but is this covered in the game? Do we get compensation? How do the mechanics of it work in the game? Has anyone ever received compensation for an eligible player leaving? What counts as an 'offer'? Does negotiating with the agent but then he gives you an ultimatum and then the red message where he declines your offer and it breaks down? If the player won't talk to you, how can you make an official offer? None of this is clear in the game. I've asked for a "Bosman Button" as a feature request in the past, to no avail. I am thinking of a button on the contract screen for an eligible player; where you can just hit it to offer the player the minimum to trigger compensation if he leaves. Now if the player isn't very good, he might just take your offer and you are stuck with him, so it can cut both ways. But I have no clue if I'll get anything for this guy, which seems strange. And also makes me think I won't get anything for him.
  13. Thanks for the comments, this guy is only 20 years old and I did offer him a contract that was better than his existing contract. He refused, and negotiations broke down.
  14. Do we get Bosman compensation for players under 24 who leave when their contract expires? I offered a contract better than existing terms, but the player wanted more so talks broke down. It's January 9 and he has signed with a German club (I am in England) effective July 1. The player is worth £20M, so I don't want to lose him for nothing. I have scoured the internets and cannot find anything related to actually getting compensation for a player like this. I would assume the email announcing his signing would say I'd get X for compensation, but nothing. Did I screw something up here?
  15. That fixed it. Only lost an hour an 22 minutes of my life, which in the grand scheme of things wasn't too bad.
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