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  1. That fixed it. Only lost an hour an 22 minutes of my life, which in the grand scheme of things wasn't too bad.
  2. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Steam and it didn't matter. I uninstalled FM19, then I went in and deleted the file in Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam.AppBundle/Steam.app, and reinstalled steam again. Now I get the option to add back FM19 and all of those apps that had the circle with the slash through them don't anymore. FM19 is reinstalling now, fingers crossed.
  3. I upgraded to Catalina Tuesday, have been playing fine. This morning I get this on Steam: Is there anything I can do here? Is this a Steam issue? A Mac issue? An FM issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's perplexing because it worked fine before this morning.
  4. Hah, you are correct re: the immersive experience. Not sure I could do it any other way. I don't have every player, but with this new Stadia thingy, maybe? I am actually starting my 6th season, and I did figure out a work around for the Champions League final bug, using a 3rd party editor. It allowed me to swap national call ups. And I got lucky that I played Bayern, and Germany is hosting Euro 2024, so the Bayern/Germany players didn't called up. Which also means I would have gotten wiped out without that editor :-) I won 3-1! My system is: MacBook Pro late 2016 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 RAM 4 GB VRAM add-on, in addition to the standard Intel graphics 530 1536 MB **** I also have an iMac from Feb 2016 with 4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 RAM AMD Radeon RP M395X 4 GB VRAM But that's the 'family computer' which I've probably only used for 5-10% of my FM19 play. I should test to see what kind of difference that would make speed wise. I don't travel like I used to. I'd bet I could put the laptop in the kitchen with a monitor and put the iMac in the office, and if I did it overnight, no one would even know the difference
  5. First goal Lookman - throw in about 10 yards from the corner stick. It's headed out from the corner of the goal area, where Davies wins it and blows by Jonjo Shelvey into the area. He passes across the box to Lookman who blasts it across the goal into the top right corner. Then an own goal. Long shot that hits the post and then bounces in off the keeper's back. Third goal, short pass from the top of the area to the running Pellegri and he fires it in from between the penalty arc and penalty spot. Pickford saved a penalty - one clear cut chance. Fourth goal, cross, headed out, and the AMR at the top of the box great long shot into the top corner. Fifth goal, deep free kick, perfectly placed and the AMR heads in. Newcastle's first, great curling far post cross and the DR (Tonali, who is still learning the DR position) just got abused. This was one of their clear cut chances. Their second, a beautiful through ball and the AMC just blew right past the CBs, great powerful finish. Also a CCC. Sixth goal, on the counter, wide open field with the AMR in acres of space and a beautiful deep cross from the DL. AMR nice finish, but it was just he and the keeper. Then the three goals in 3 minutes: 1 - ball pops out of a scrum outside the area and a great long shot from Davies. 2 - another counter, DR cuts inside, dribbles in lots of space nice through ball to wide open AML in the area and nice finish. 3 - another cross field cross, AML running, hits the AMR who dribbles across the box and finishes great. Last goal was the a direct free kick. Man, it was so wide open and fun. Another CCC from Newcastle hit the post. One was a cross field pass taken at the top of the box that could have easily been put in the net. Nice save from Pickford. Their other CCC was a far post cross that Pickford saved. All of their CCCs were really good chances. Pickford had an 8.6 rating despite giving up 2 goals! Cleon played with an Anchor Man where I have the DLP. So had both DBs playing pretty conservatively. My DLP options are all pretty good defenders as well, and when protecting a lead I often switch him back.
  6. So this was kind of crazy. Like I said I rested most of my starters. It was the last game of the season, and I clinched the league a week earlier. I've got the FA Cup Final coming in 6 days, and the Champions League Final a week after that. The big guns got some R-n-R. Players on the bench included Mbappé, Dolberg, Richarlison, Tonali, Aouar, Digne, Upamecano, Ajer, Gravenberch. Chalk, Gabay, Knibbs, de la Torre, Gladrow, Kaiku are all 18-20 years old. Good players, but not world class - yet. So the game started off well enough, Lookman scored at 7' for us. Then an own goal at 15' made it 2-0 and Pellegri punched one in at 18' for a 3-0 lead. That goal cost me £500K as it was his 20th of the season, but I digress. This is why my players love me. Pickford saved a penalty at 30' to keep the clean sheet. He was playing to win the golden glove - he had a 21-20 lead over Allison for the clean sheet title. Then the 18 year old wonderkid RW Chris Chalk scores goals at 35' and 38' - 5-0 good guys! What a cap to the season. So at halftime I tweak some things, go to what I think is more conservative. We give up two goals in 5 minutes (46' and 51'). Bummed on the no clean sheet. But he won anyway. Liverpool didn't even play Allison. So at the point I switch the W-M. From there the flood gates open again! Chalk scores at 53', Davies at 70', Cox 71', Chalk again, his 4th of the game! at 72'. Gladrow punches home a direct free kick at 82' because why not? I won the game 10-2. Despite being out CCC'd 6-1, Outshot 18-17, out cornered 12-4. It was just crazy. It broke the league record for highest scoring match. We missed breaking City's 9-0 thrashing of Ipswitch in 1995 for the biggest win just barely.
  7. 3959 hours on FM19 3059 hours on FM18 1789 hours on FM17 1371 hours on FM16 1818 hours on FM14 2075 hours on FM12 1150 hours on FM11 522 hours on FM10 I guess I am trending up! I leave the game running over night and play super deep saves with every league even youths running the full engine. So my Saturdays in game can take 30-40 minutes to run. I usually time those with getting something to eat or a shower, etc. Also I work at home a lot, so I can have the work and home laptops running side by side and I can do work while the game is simming. I just hit the Champions League Final 2023 bug, and every one of those 3959 hours is sunk into one save, that I've been playing since November. I am beyond disappointed right now after having sunk so much time into this game.
  8. I'll let it go a little longer since it's the middle of the night across the pond right now ...
  9. It is! Not 100% exact. But basically Cleon's with some tweaks. Most of his screenshots are gone sadly.
  10. Some context for fun. It was the last game of the season. I played several kids, as the game didn't matter for final position in the table. 3 different tactics were used by me (Everton) during the game. Newcastle played a defensive 4-2-3-1. I started with that, played it the whole first half. That's the tactic I use to breakdown bus parkers. **** At halftime I switched to this, that's the one I use when playing teams as good as me that aren't parking the bus. **** Later in the second half, I went to a tweak on Cleon's W-M. Everyone is getting tired and we need a break on the intensity tactic.
  11. Anyone want to guess what the final score was in this one? The winner will receive high praise. And I'll buy you a beer if we ever meet in person
  12. From what I can tell you can't make U18's "available to the U23 squad". If you put them in the U23 lineup, they are 'available'. If you don't they aren't. Usually they disappear from the screen when you remove them from the lineup - sometimes it's a little buggy and they don't, but when that happens just switch to a different screen and go back and they are gone. If you don't want to have to manually add them all back to the lineup, save the lineup when the U18s are all in the lineup. Under the "Quick Pick" pull down go to "Save Team Selection". Then when you want them back in just one click there and they should all return. Likewise, you could save the roster there when none of the U18s are in the lineup and it would remove them all when you choose that lineup.
  13. So we know it's a bug. That's good. Seems to happen when you play a player at a different position (though I never noticed it with any of my other players and I move them around a lot). @Seb Wassell does this have impact on development? The constant switching? Or is it only an inconvenience (having to change the player back)? Thanks for any insight.
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