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  1. This would be a great competition, but the not being allowed to train during it, so players don't even recover after games they just get more and more tired is a disaster. I love that I get some extra games to relearn the tactics, it's like a head start on preseason. Or it could be if the training aspect wasn't bugged. Also the travel despite playing in the same city is a pretty big bug too.
  2. @vigourtortoise Just saw this, sorry for the delayed reply. I think it could work, sure! One nice thing if you have a big staff is that you'll get experts in each country/region over time. Just high JPA, JPP, and adaptability if they are going to be needed in a country where they don't have knowledge. I guess determination is important too, but I have no idea if it really makes any difference. I love it have a scout or two with knowledge of a ton of countries, even if they don't have the best ratings. Which leads to The best I can find! I care much more about JPA a
  3. I actually liked the hard Brexit better than no Brexit. It was much easier being allowed to register up to 17 foreigners each year. But I could sign the cheap foreign youths without having to wait for them to be good enough to qualify for a work permit. Then after 5 years they would become citizens. I did focus on making sure I had my share of UK players and I would really scout the UK under-18s etc. But there was a lot more flexibility for getting South American youth players in with the hard Brexit.
  4. Thanks! I have no Brexit in this one, playing FM20. I think I've had really good success in the past with players taking citizenship, like literally every player in FM19 in my hard Brexit took citizenship once eligible. And that did open spots up for other foreign players in the 17 limit.
  5. He just handed in his transfer request (August 24, 2024). So I guess there really is no way to keep him? I gather the moral of the story is don't sign non-EU players after July 1. Or maybe give them an extension after their first or second year if they are playing internationally at that time.
  6. Brazilian player signed July 11, 2020. His contract expires June 30, 2025. He'll be eligible for British citizenship July 11, 2025. He won't get a new work permit with a contract extension, he's stopped playing internationally - his last game for Brazil was December 18, 2022. If he stays at the club without a contract in July 2025, will those extra 11 days count towards his residency? I'd like to know if that will work ahead of time. If not, I think I am going to have to sell him. Thanks for any help! Does the appeal process kick back to the normal appeal points proces
  7. 3rd in Group B. 1-1-1 and lost the tiebreaker to Jamaica, +1 GD to 0. Jamaica beat Burkina Faso 5-1, England only beat them 2-1. They both lost to Spain (England 2-4, Jamaica 1-4) In the final group match, England was winning 2-1 when Lewis Baker scored for Jamaica at 90+1. What an England way to go out. Then Jamaica gets to extra time in the QF with eventual champion Germany. It was a great World Cup!
  8. Perfect! Thanks! Here is your 2022 World Cup Knockout Round!
  9. Anyone know how to manually fix this? I love looking at the bracket! Outside of this issue, the skin is great, I really love it. But fixing that would make it perfect!
  10. Glad to help! I have two Macs - it did the same thing on the other one - and the same fix worked - without having to reinstall which was nice!
  11. graphics did not crash it. set pieces didn't either. Taking a big step! filters, schedules, tactical_styles, tactics, and views all at once. We are still good. Now I've got the editor data - which includes the USA mod from Uncle_Sam. I backed up the config.xml file from editor data just in case. Still works! On to Skins! Also backed up the config.xml Still works. Changed the skin to the one I was using previously. That didn't crash it. At this point I am down to the languages folders. Copied that too and backed up config.xml. I still have not c
  12. OK. I use launch options like this: --user_data_location="/users/joeynumbaz/FM20/" on my install. I changed it to --user_data_location="/users/joeynumbaz/FM-20/" (I added a "-" between FM and 20 if that wasn't obvious) and I at least get to the start screen. I've lost (well they aren't in this folder anyway) all my graphics etc. by doing this. So now I'll close the game and add back folders one by one, until it crashes! Or doesn't. Maybe that will help narrow it down.
  13. I am Steam based and uninstalled and reinstalled (though I did not blow away my FM20 directory and this did not fix the issue for me.
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