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  1. Hey @Seb Wassell - I know you closed the other thread, but I wanted to let you guys know this issue has resolved itself for me now that the season has started. So it looks like the issue is that regular season is triggering the end of the break for the purposes of this page, not players reporting back. I hope this helps you guys track it down. I have no idea if this is just an issue with the first season or if it will happen every season. Maybe you can move this post to that thread so it's all in one place?
  2. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    Opening day is in the books! I won't report on every single match, but this is opening day and my first match. Saturday August 11, 2018, against newly promoted Fulham. We went with Richarlison as the poacher, Cenk Tosun as the DLF, Siggy as the APs, Lookman on the left wing and Bernard on the right. The guy circled is me. As my first match kicks off, in Goodison Park. A sold out Goodison Park with 39,572 in the stands. Anyway, we got off to a flying start. Richarlison had a great half chance 3 minutes into the game, but hit the woodwork. We are dominating play! But then, Fulham's Tom Cairney took a throw in, dribbled across the box, passed it off to Luciano Vietto, who passed it back and Cairney blasted it home for an excellent goal from distance. Talk about a sinking feeling. But oh did we respond. 7 minutes after the Cairney goal ... Cenk Tosun launches a bomb for Richarlison who runs onto it and blasts it home for the equalizer. 13 minutes later, Kurt Zouma heads in Glyfi's corner and we take the lead. We practiced attacking corners Thursday and delivery Friday. I guess it paid off. 10 minutes after that, Schneiderlin, playing DM chased Tierney back almost to the center circle, stole the ball with a brilliant sliding tackle, then launched a bomb to a running Richarlison who had options but tucked it neatly between keeper Spider Rico and the near post for the 3-1 lead. We outshot them 16-1 (the Cairney goal) in the first half. Controlled the second half and were outshooting them 24-1 when Theo Walcott (who had only been on the field for 15 minutes) reinjured his ankle at 81'. I had just used my last sub, so we played down a man to close it out. Which we did. All in all a very happy debut.
  3. In all previous versions of Football Manager, when you sort by age on the squad registration page it sorts the players within the same age from oldest to youngest. So within say the 21 year olds, they'd still be sorted from oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest as appropriate. Now they seem random within a certain age. On the normal squad screen this doesn't happen, players are sorted from oldest to youngest or vice versa, even within players that are the same age.
  4. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    I'll take this for pre-season, not too shaby. We have 7 CCC against higher rated teams, 6 allowed. That's good (they are higher rated teams!). We've also outscored them 9-4. Tactical Familiarity, compared with when players reported to camp. We did well with the injury bug early, but the friendlies were a little rougher. I was hoping match cohesion would be better. We'll work on that some this week in training. Tom Davies has gone from balanced to resolute in this mentoring group! In just over a month!
  5. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    August 3, 2018, the Phil Jagielka Testimonial, vs. Barcelona! Lionel Messi, Sergio of Tea and Busquets fame all come to Historic Goodison Park! Where Apollo Creed's son Adonis Johnson fought Pretty Ricky Conlan back in 2015! Richarlison is staking his claim to be the poach and not the left wing. What a first half for him. Here he is blasting home his first goal off the pretty pass across the box from Bernard. The defense were solid too. Here they are showing Lionel Messi that even when you break the line and receive the pass, we will swarm your arse in the box. We outshot them 15-2 in the first half taking a 2-0 lead into the break. For some reason, this tactic obliterates Barcelona. In another save when I had really good player by 2020-21 or so on FM18, we racked up like 35 shots and 12 clear cut chances in a game against them. However, André Gomes showcase against his primary club (he's on loan from Barcelona) did not go well. 3 minutes into the game he went down with sprained ankle ligaments. He will join Seamus Coleman on the shelf for 2-4 weeks. They did get a penalty at 51' to force us to sweat out the rest of the game. And they stepped up the attack some. But we held on for the well earned 2-1 victory. We outshot them 29-11 and hit the woodwork twice. So here is my tactical dilemma. When André Gomes is healthy anyway. This version gets the best players on the field, all in roles they can handle, once retrained. I really want Sigurðsson on the field. He's great with set pieces, penalties, etc. This is the best combination for all of them - I think. But Richarlison is a poacher man! He's not a left winger. His crossing is 10. His vision is 10, his passing is 12. He can score! He has a nose for the goal. Bernard is more natural as a LW inside forward/winger. But I don't play with inside wingers. I play with wingers. So I want him on the right. I could put Gomes on the wing, Siggy as the APs, something like this: I guess that also works. For now I need to figure what's going to happen while Gomes is out. I could do the top version with Tom Davies as the APs. Or the bottom version with Siggy shifted to the left wing and Davies as APs.
  6. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    Quite the mid-week friendly with Atlético, just 3 days after the Baines Testimonial. We drew double the crowd for this one, which blows my mind. I added this friendly later in the preseason (about two weeks ago). I felt we need the extra time playing together for partnerships and tactical familiarity. I hate having 3 games in 7 days (Barcelona is Friday night) but it is what it is. After that we have 7 days off before opening the EPL schedule with Fulham. Actually the early fixture list should help us ease into things - Fulham, Watford, Cardiff, League Cup, Southampton, international break, Wolves. We play at Arsenal September 22 as the first big 6 opponent. Of course we also have a stretch from October 6-November 3 where our four consecutive games are @City, @United, Liverpool and @Chelsea. So it all evens out eventually :-) We fell behind 2-0 in the first 19 minutes, including a penalty allowed by Kurt Zouma. But then, Santiago Arias was sent off 15 minutes later. At the time, I think we had been outshot 5-1 or something. We completely dominated the rest of the game. Outshot them 25-7 overall. Richarlison only played 25 minutes but curled in a brilliant running shot from range to get us on the board at 60'. We earned penalties at 77' and 90+2', Siggy and after he was subbed, Jagielka knocked them home and we rolled 3-2 to remain undefeated. However, Seamus Coleman went down with a foot injury 2 minutes after coming on at halftime. Turns out, it's somewhat serious, he'll be out 2-4 weeks with a twisted ankle. That's rough, he's so much better than Jonjoe Kenny (13.7 vs. 12.5 by my system). What I might do, is just play Gana at FBRa, and play Schneiderlin as the first team DM while Coleman is out. I've had Gana training there anyway, as his attributes fit the position well. So this might get him a trial by fire. I think that's the answer ...
  7. Joey Numbaz

    Mass edit training intensity, please!

    Being able to right click on a list of highlighted players with the option under training options would also work.
  8. We really need the ability to mass edit the training intensity column. If we could edit this all at once (by having it change for all highlighted players) it would be so much easier to manage. Thanks!
  9. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    I would love to! But it would be a gift job. He's basically useless in my save :-) And he won't accept anything less than being the Under 18's AssMan! He almost scores a 'perfect' 5 on the Manager attributes!
  10. Joey Numbaz

    Quickness training bug

    I am noticing a lot of players complaining about quickness training also. I had 9 quickness sessions during the first four weeks of preseason boot camp. Which is strange, because I had 15 endurance sessions during that same time, and endurance has a "slightly reduced" feature for happiness, while quickness does not. That being said, quickness does have "greatly reduced" fatigue and "greatly increased injury risk"; which endurance only has reduced and increased, maybe players are picking up on that?
  11. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    Training So here is the training as I actually did it. I find I am adjusting training on the fly, often changing it midweek, etc. For example, my team is slowest to learn marking, pressing, and width in terms of familiarity, so I added in sessions like Defending Engaged/Disengaged/Wide (for Pressing/Marking) and Attacking/Defending Shadow Play which help with width. That is pretty super cool to be able to fine tune like that. I LOVE the new training setup. It was a little daunting at first, but it's very intuitive once you get in there a little. It also helps that I made a spreadsheet of every session and what is trained so I can see them all side by side and search for thing I want to train, etc. Another thing I am trying is moving the fullbacks (who have attack duty) between the Attacking and Defending units depending on what is being trained that day. I have no idea if this is good, bad, or ugly. I suppose I should ask on the stupid questions tactics/training thread. This was the initial plan. Or before the Napoli match, the scout report said they have excellent free kick and corner takers. So I added sessions for defending corners and defending free kicks before the match. I also threw in a delivery session - and scored from a corner during the match. The ability to focus preparation very specifically before a big match is also a great addition to the training module. I noticed the goal keepers were turning in crappy training ratings, so I added some sessions for them. My main method to the madness to look at the preset schedule that is what I want - say mid-preseason tactical heavy. Then I tweak the sessions they suggest, keeping roughly the same type of session. Where they have generic physical I may add resistance, since I want to train work rate. Where they have 'technical' I'll add a specific technical session I want to work on. I think this guardrails me against making things too intense or too easy. Also, if I have a rest day planned and the squad doesn't appear tired, I'll throw sessions in. And if they do seem tired I'll throw in some rest. We'll see how this shifts once the season starts. But I think I've got the preseason side of it down pretty well at this point.
  12. Screen under the training overview says "Squad end of season break; training will resume on 6-25-2018". The bug is that it's July 28, 2018 already. It still hasn't updated. Is this just a cosmetic bug? Should something else appear in this space now?
  13. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    The preseason odds came out. The media seem to think it's a big 7, not a big 6 in the EPL, because we are just 9:1 to win the league, though still 7th. That's seems crazy optimistic to me. We are up to July 27, the first of two testimonials this summer, as we honor Leighton Baines. Next week Phil Jagielka has his day. Against Barcelona. I like playing friendlies against good teams. I need to know where I stand going into the season. I am going to make sure Jagielka plays in this one, as well as the English guys, Walcott and Davies. And of course the great Seamus Coleman. Who is on a leadership course and should become the next captain. Digne has the job, but Baines will still get some time as cover for Digne, and maybe a late advanced playmaking sub. We'll see how that training goes. Theo Walcott comes off on 6' with a tight groin. He maybe could have stayed in, but it's preseason. So on comes promising young winger Ademola Lookman. Richarlison bruises his knee right before halftime. Ugh. But right after that Davies launches a great pass down the right wing, Lookman dribbles it nearly to the post and finds a charging Cenk Tosun for the easy goal. We dominated the first half, 10-4 shots, 5-1 on target. Up 1-0 with just 41% possession. A solid 1-0 victory. Getafe had 1 half chance, we had 5. Baines played ok, and got to play his traditional left-back for the second half. I cannot believe only 13,782 fans showed up for this one on a Saturday afternoon. Looks like Richarlison should only be out for 1-3 days with his knee. Walcott's pulled groin is going to cost him 5-7 days. Pickford and Yerry Mina will be back from their World Cup vacations soon too. Down on the farm Fraser Hornby bagged a hat trick in 60 minutes in a 6-1 friendly win for the U23s over Grays Athletic of the Bostik League Division One North. He's still showing as 3.5-4.5* prospect who can play either forward spot. He's got a ways to go though in terms of development and he turns 19 in September. We'll see how it goes.
  14. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    Speaking of scouting, this year you get the report on whether or not he'd get a work permit before 100% scouting. That's great. Anyway, training camp seems to have gone well enough. I might not be working the guys hard enough as I've had one senior injury - Mason Holgate missed 2 days with a tight groin. I've been taking the Physio recommendations on intensity. Anyway, Friendly 2, Electric Boogaloo, v. Napoli went incredibly well. Heckuva goal in transition. Richarlison to Siggy who hit the running Cenk Tosun in stride. 51' The other goal was scored late off of a corner. I mean sure they out possessed us 61-39. Out shot us 19-16. But they had 5 on target and 11 long shots. We had 10 on target, only 5 long. They did get a CCC on a ball over the top, but the shot was butchered. We also had a U23 game where we outshot Burnley 35-2 and lost 2-1. They'll be working on chance conversion this week.
  15. Joey Numbaz

    FM19 - Returning Everton to Glory

    Something interesting. My squad is "Fairly Determined". But not a single U18 player has determination over 9. Every single U18 has a balanced personality. One of my better prospects, DC Ryan Astley just had his determination drop from 8 to 7 and the training report said squad characteristics had a detrimental effect or some such. So I think when I go to transfer in some U18s I need to bring in guys with big determination numbers. And basically cut everyone who isn't a real prospect when I do. None of the training schedules improve determination. You can't mentor U18 players without moving them up to the first team but you can't do that for your whole team. I need to keep an eye on this.