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  1. I would love to see real stadiums. I don’t care much about the 3D improvement, I’d much rather see the ability for bigger databases running faster and better AI around squad building as was mentioned earlier. But real stadiums in the 3D engine would be kind of awesome.
  2. Joey Numbaz

    Match Analysis Screens Incredibly Slow to Load

    I think I may have figured this out. It's still a bug (IMO), but I found a work around. Changing the monitor back to "Default for Display" seems to have done the trick. Note, when you use "scaled" it says, "Using a scaled resolution may affect performance". I think that's what we are seeing with the analysis screen on 4K monitors when we use a scaled display. Note, setting it back to default does resolve this. Of course, using a 4K display not scaled doesn't necessarily work out that well for anything besides Football Manager. But since I use 2 monitors and the laptop screen, dedicating that one to FM isn't an issue for me personally.
  3. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    That's what I'm talking about! Less than 2 minutes into his return, Pellegri finds the net. It was beautiful. Pulisic as the MR-WPs gets the ball to the right of the center circle. Touré the fullback (on defend duty I might add) breaks down the line, Pulisic passes to Diawara the Regista who launches a long ball for Touré who dribbles downfield, hits Pellegri with a nice soft lofted cross and the header is perfect. Sandro punches in another at 15' while I am typing this. It's not all fun and games though. It's an up and down game and Madrid with their flat 4-4-2 are getting the better of the chances, including a nice goal from the RW Isco. They have 3 CCC and we have 3 HC at halftime, even though we've outshot them 11-9 with 6 on target to their 3. Completely different than the Barcelona game. Maybe against 2 strikers I should make the Regista a DLPd? Isco scores again 55', when they transition sometimes it feels like we are playing with 9 men. But we go up 3-2 with a nice header off of a free kick. Crazy back and forth action here. At about 85' I move Milinkovic-Savic to DM and make him a DLPd. Yeah, that worked out ... here's the icing on the cake. Breakaway and once Donnarumma commits, Davies (AMs) passes it over to Onyekuru (ML-IWs) for the easy winner. The game stats are in that screenshot also. Fun, wide-open game. This is a fun tactic when working. Though the 5 CCC against were a little nerve-wrecking. Passing picture too. Bayern are next!
  4. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    That Barcelona game sure was interesting. For a little background, we beat the holy hell out of Barcelona in the champions league last year. I'm talking 12 CCC in one game beat them. 2-0 at home (outshooting them 37-10) and 4-0 on the road and the 4-0 was the game we didn't play as well in. It's not like they are bad. They won La Liga. So here's the stats from this friendly. Interesting that Messi at 35 was playing as a Trequartista in the STC position. They played a flat 4-4-1-1. And yet we lost, 1-0. On a penalty kick. Oh well. I'm pretty happy with how it played. We could have won 4-1. Barcelona was 0-for-22 on crosses! We had 11 chances, 5 clear cut and 35 shots, 15 on target! 60% possession. 26% of crosses completed. Their keeper Ter Stegen deserves a medal. We had many, many balls over the top. Sergej was playing as the CF and he'd get the ball around midfield and just boot it forward to a charging Sandro. Just couldn't finish any of them. Went with IWs-WPs again for the wingers. I think I'm sticking with that until further notice. 8 offsides. Yikes. Not really sure how to reduce that. I feel like this is a gap in my knowledge from not having grown up with the game. Like there is some simple fix, but I don't know it and can't intuit it. Passing chart looks pretty again. Notice that de Ligt (5) to Sandro (11) combination though. That's pretty cool. Maybe I should make him a BPD ... Sandro has comes deep to get ball also, so maybe that's all it is? So far so good ... and guess what. Pietro Pellegri comes back tomorrow (July 31). He should be ready for opening day. Whew. Three friendlies left before we open up with Crystal Palace. Real Madrid, FC Bayern and Sporting Gijón. I think we're ready, but who the heck knows until we start playing games that count.
  5. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    So that was fun. We beat the snot out of PSG. The score was 5-3, but it wasn't that close. They got a goal on a corner, and another when Seamus Coleman messed up a pass back to the keeper. Although we got one when Sandro stole the ball from the keeper too. We outshot them 20-14, 10-4 on target. 6-2 CCC, 6-3, HC. We each had 8 long shots, but for them 57% of theirs were long, only 40% of ours were. We only committed 3 fouls, they committed 13. Only 28 crosses attempted, which is much more my speed. And this wasn't PSG playing a rotated side. They started Mbappé, Neymar, Eriksen, Mané, Soler, Verratti, Grimaldo, Kimpembe, Lindelöf, Hysaj, and Oblak. We were playing at home, but I'll take it. Feeling much better now. Maybe the boys were just out partying in the States a lot. Pulisic must have shown them some of the clubs around Harrisburg and then they spent the week hungover. Next up, Barcelona comes to Goodison.
  6. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    So we are off to a great start against PSG. Back to our early dominating ways, goals at 2' and 10' and 4 shots, 1 CCC and 1 HC in the first 10 minutes. Another goal to go up 3-0 31' 8-6 in our favor shot-wise, 2-0 CCC, 3-1 HC. 5 on target. Maybe this just doesn't work well at breaking down awful teams that park the bus. But against a great team playing a 4231 not too shabby. This is just beautiful in transition when we win the ball.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request ... feel free to moderate this to the appropriate area if I guess wrong. U23 and U18 games do not seem to count towards partnerships. Right now, I've have guys play on the U23 team together for a year or two, same positions week in and week out and when they both play for the senior team in the same position, no green lines connecting them on the tactic screen. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. We should see partnerships developing on the youth tactic screens, but if that isn't possible from a display perspective, they should still be accumulating and should show on the senior tactics screen once the players are promoted.
  8. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    Interesting that he uses the playmaker in the AMC slot, whereas I was using him out wide. I have had a lot of trouble scoring on this US tour. Tons of shots, allowing nothing at all, but not great shots. That being said, the U23 just played a friendly with AMs for the AMC position with IWs-WPs for the wingers, and won 5-0, outshot the other U23 team 27-0 and had 9 CCC. I guess I should give that combination a fair shake. We are playing PSG next, so that should be a good test.
  9. I would like to see U23 and U18 games count towards partnerships. Right now, I've have guys play on the U23 team together for a year or two, same positions week in and week out and when they both play for the senior team in the same position, no green lines connecting them on the tactic screen. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  10. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    Excellent, glad I stumbled on to that! Thanks for confirming it before I might have stumbled off of it So I finally have a nearly full squad working and we had an awful game at Harrisburg on the US Tour. Pulisic is from Hershey, so it was cool for him to go home (I went to college just outside of Harrisburg, 10 minutes from Hershey) and he scored! But while on the surface, outshooting the other team 29-3 seems good, even if we only won 2-0, only 6 of our 29 shots were on target. Just 2 CCC (5 HC). 11 long shots. Crosses were way up again too, 77 attempts. Harrisburg played a deep Brazilian Box. 4-2-2-2 with 2 DM and MC. For the first half, essentially every highlight was of us taking a corner and missing a header, so maybe that's not so bad. Looking at the shots more ... Pulisic, playing the WP on the left took 8 shots - the only one on target was the header that went in off of a very nice cross from the DW. The Regista didn't take a single shot, so that was good. Here's the chart: Ok, looking at the crossing - the main culprit was Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, playing somewhat out of position as the defensive winger in the first half. 16 crosses, none completed. Alan Hill (an 18-year old wonderkid with 17 crossing already) played the same position in the second half and attempted 33 crosses! He at least completed 5 of them. Checks the tactic ... crap, forgot to turn on "cross less" for that role. Oh damn! I also forgot to flip the CF/AF to get the CF on the same side as the WP. OK, feeling a little better now. For now, I am going to treat this as a one-off, and make sure I set the tactic up properly next time ... but I am concerned about this game. Interesting take. Why the inverted WB when you already have a DM? Not saying I don't like, would just like to understand what the purpose is, maybe I could apply that too. The specific Regista I'm planning to use is Amadou Diawara, who I picked up from Barcelona for a whole bunch of pounds, 68 million of them, plus incentives. He has 16 positioning, 16 work rate, 16 team work, 15 marking, 16 tackling, 14 concentration, 15 acceleration, pace, and strength. He also has stays back at all times (he doesn't in the role, but I think it keeps him back more than a typical Regista). So the idea is that even as a Regista, he is a *very* defensive minded and defensively solid player. I want him to be Pirlo and Kanté all rolled into one. But more Kanté. That being said, I could see myself changing him to a DLPd instead. Thanks! It's fun to try to figure it out on my own, but seeing what others have done helps a lot too. Especially for confirming when I'm on the right track. Anything along the lines of that's right, that isn't is welcomed.
  11. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    So here's an interesting tactical thing. I think of brings ball out of defense as a CB trait, not a FB trait. I am in my 6th season coaching this team and Brendan Galloway, who I've developed into a pretty good FBL. He gets forward and brings ball out of defense. Never before have I noticed him dribbling the ball from the FB position as deep into opponent territory as with this tactic. He dribbles half way into their half of the field, if there is open space now. That is pretty awesome for how this works, and he's doing it with a FBd role duty and the Wide Playmaker on his side of the field. It really helps to jump-start the attack.
  12. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    We start the US Tour, 4 games against second level American squads, as we sell the heck out of Pulisic jerseys. OK, this is getting ridiculous. 1:28 into the game ... Anyway, most of the starters are ready to play finally so if this tactic actually works, we should be winning some games on this tour by big margins. I'll report back later, but couldn't resist getting this up there. For those scoring at home in our 6 friendlies so far we've scored at 1', 1', 6', 7', 3' and 2'. That's just crazy. 17 goals so far and 6 were in the first 7 minutes of the games. EDIT Klaassen just punched in another at 7'. He completed his hat trick at 26'. Fourth goal for him at 32'. Three assists from Sandro, the AFa. Klaassen is the CF today btw, since Pellegri is still 2-3 weeks from returning. Teams had better come ready to play against us as we come out firing from the opening whistle!
  13. Joey Numbaz

    Building a Wide 442 Diamond

    Our last friendly before the US tour, at home against Boca. Another good South American club. Boca played a classic 4-3-3 with a DM and two wide attacking midfielders. At least the offense was back on track early. After slumping the last two games, failing to score until the 6th and 7th minute, we scored in the 3rd minute this time, a clear cut chance right through the middle where the AMs dished it off nicely to the running WPs coming from the right in the box with a nice clean finish. I've been switching the WPs/DWs to either side based on the players playing. When I put the playmaker on the left, I flip the AFa and the CFs as well. Once again, only 3 first teamers started the game they aren't even starters, more like rotation players. The Regista this time is not much of a defensive player, which is the first time I've had that type of player there. He doesn't does have good positioning, but nothing special work rate, marking and tackling. Boca was getting shots off but all from long range. Meanwhile we picked up another goal ... on a long-shot from the 20-year old Regista. It was a nice clean look and his 10 long shots rating was good enough I guess. So here is something I like. Because we play so much on the flanks, when the opponent does win the ball, it's typically out on the flank. Where I've got numbers and they have moved out to win the ball. So even though we don't have anyone in the middle, neither do they. And I still have the DM shielding the solid back line just in case. 32' we pick up another goal off of a corner another long shot this one from the DW, who has 14 long shots. I guess they called it an own goal. At halftime they have They have 10 shots, 9 long, one on target. We have 7 shots, 4 of which have been on target and 1 CCC and 1 HC. They finally had a shot on target in the 40th minute. Our whole team is in the 50-65% condition range at halftime. They are in the 70s. So for the second half 10 new players, and some of our big guns now. Five first team starters come in. The WPs and DWs switch sides so it's a flip of the tactic. I am leaving the cover CB on the WP side, with the Stopper on the DW side. I figure the stopper has the help of the defensive winger and the cover can help on the side that isn't as strong. Does that make sense? Or is my thinking backwards? Since the DW closes down a lot, should I have cover there, with the stopper on the Wide Playmaker side? Very uneventful second half the first 27 minutes saw two shots for Boca and one for us. Then the 20-year old U23 DW tears down the line (hugs line and runs down the right, 17 crossing), he crosses from the byline to the AFa (18 years old U23 squad too) for the easy header and a 4-0 lead. The final numbers were 15-10 Boca wins shots, but we had 6 on target to their 1, and they had 11 long shots, just two half chances. We had 1 CCC and 2 HC and obviously excellent finishing in a 4-0 win. That young Regista I was worried about? He was the man of the match! The crosses were down again as well. Only 30 this time. I think I'm going to stick with this WPs-DWs on the wings until further notice. I really didn't like the 100 crosses with Ws-Ws on the wings. Weird passing chart. Can anyone interpret this? The fullbacks stayed back and the AM and the strikers didn't link up much.