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  1. Ok, some major events from match week 2, at Newcastle. Don't forget in this universe, Newcastle are coming off of strong 7th place finish from 2018-19. They came in tired, having lost a heartbreaker in Europa qualifying 3 days earlier. After losing 2-0 away to Kayserispor in the first leg, they won the second leg 4-3, but it wasn't enough. And they also sandwiched a 1-0 loss at Man City inbetween. We fell behind 1-0 early (4') - a non-transition ball over the top, it was kind of wild, I hadn't seen anything like that. It was borderline offsides but what can you do? But by halftime we were outshooting them 8-2 and instead of giving them grief I told the team to keep doing what they'd been doing and we'd be fine. But I also changed the tactic, I went back to the 5212 Libero. And I brought in two subs. Sandro Tonali and Ademola Lookman. We finally busted through with goals at 58' and 63' (both off of set pieces), and tacked on an own goal at 90+1 to ice it 3-1. We dominated and Newcastle ran out of gas. We struggled away last year. 7-9, w/3 draws compared with 12-3, 4 draws at home. So any road win is a good one. Going back to this 5212 as a change of pace has been a revelation. I am starting to think maybe switching to it as a starting tactic instead of a change of pace might be the way to go. In my last 5 games (Blackburn, Real, City, Chelsea, Newcastle) here's the tactic split: 4-3-3: 424 minutes, 3 chances for, 2 against - 3-1 vs. higher rated teams, 0-1 vs. similar, 0-0 vs. lower 5212: 79 minutes, 2 chances for, none against, 2-0 vs. higher rated teams. We've outscored opponents 5-1 with the 5212 over those 79 minutes. The one goal was the Chelsea corner that salvaged a draw for them. We've been outscored 4-2 with the 4-3-3. I'm going to have to think about this some. But really, I want the 5212 to work, I love Liberos! Also - Richarlison did not play. Reporters did not ask me why.
  2. Opening day was quite an affair at Goodison against Chelsea. We were off to an amazing start as Kasper Dolberg (playing AMR/APs) scored on a wide open header of of a Lucas Digne cross in the second minute! And then we cruised. All the way until the 90th minute when Sandro Tonali gave up an own goal off of a Willian direct free kick rebound. Disaster. But we came right back! Digne bombed a long pass for Bernard on the left wing, he dribbled to the byline and found an uncovered Dolberg racing in the box for an easy goal! However, now at 90+5 we give up *another* equalizer, this time on a cleared corner. The ball found its way back into the box where it was blasted home, Pickford couldn't do anything about it in the top far corner. Jeez. A 2-2 draw in a game that we dominated. Chelsea did have once great shot around 15 minutes into the game after a defensive breakdown, but Pickford saved it. Check out Chelsea's shot chart: Another thing, Richarlison has been a waste of space with his poor attitude after I wouldn't let him go to Bayern. I gave him a chance today and he missed a great shot and generally played pretty badly. Bernard has been great when substituting for him late. So I think I'm moving Richarlison to the bench until he gets himself figured out.
  3. Ugh. Two and a half hours before the transfer window closed, Huddersfield was ready to give me £39M with and £7.5M more after 50 games for Ademola Lookman. I took it and he didn't agree to a contract with them. I didn't necessarily want to sell him, but for that money, including 30% of any future profit should he become a superstar, it would have been worth it. That's a bummer. Two more U18s have joined the club. I LOVE this first guy, Ander Barrenetxea, for £1.8M ]] Here's another, he can be a advanced playmaker on the wing, a or MC. Stanislav Shopov, from Bulgaria. £1.2M ] So now I'm pretty crowded up top on the U18s. I have six guys at least 3-4 stars for the 5 positions. I love what I was able to do in the transfer market to improve the U18 team. Here's the U18/U23 prospects now. Doesn't even count Ajer and Pellegri. 12 of these guys were mine either when I took the job or through the first youth intake. 15 came in through transfer.
  4. On to the Community Shield! 87,193 showing up a Wembley for a meaningless exhibition! I know no one cares about it, but I wanted to make a statement, playing against Manchester City. Everton are about to take the next step. We just smoked Real Madrid in a friendly, and the Premier League is next. Things did not start out according to plan. We did not get a shot in the first half. 33' ex-Toffee John Stones scores off of an indirect free kick, Yerry Mina just completely missed him or something. Then City struck again on the counter, Keane just missed a header at midfield with Aguero and it turned into a De Bruyne goal. 2-0 before halftime. Defending champion City putting us in our place. We did not give up. Stones gave one back as fouled Dolberg making a run into the box and Gylfi fired home the penalty on 58'. But really we didn't do much. Not many highlights and at 78 I had to throw in some subs. Richarlison who had played like crap and has poor morale out for Bernard. Sandro Tonali and Kristoffer Ajer get to make their debuts as well, giving Gana and Mina a breather. Still no spark. At 88' for the first time all year I switched to the libero 5212 tactic, with Tonali as the libero. 90+2, Pickford holds the ball as we set up for one last run. He throws it out to Keane on the left. Keane plays it forward to wingback Digne, who plays a beautiful through ball on the ground to a running Dolberg, alas, Stones breaks it up as Dolberg dribbles into the box. But ... the loose ball finds Bernard running from deeper as the AM ... And into the back of the next it goes! Scores are level at Wembley! Penalties started out well. Pickford saved Dybala. Siggy and Pellegri scored for us, Carrasco for City. Then Fernandinho launched one high and wide to the right and Dolberg made his, after 3 rounds, we are up 3-1! Bernardo makes his, and all we need is Bernard to put it in the net again. Unfortunately Herrerín guessed correctly and we'd have to wait. De Bruyne converts, leaving it all up to Almamy Touré, playing for an injured Coleman. Touré strikes it hard, and into the net. Another trophy for the Toffees. We were outplayed, but it's not like they dominated. They didn't get a clear cut chance, just one half chance. We are still pretty solid defensively I think. The season starts for real in a week at home against Chelsea. I am looking forward to it.
  5. I found two more players for the U18s a DC and a ST that also looks like he could be a good IF. Both cheap, and coming in from Ajax. Nordin Musampa, for £1.6M. He's a no-nonsense CB, 3.5-4.5 stars. A massive upgrade Anderson/Armstrong. He can play HB too. Here is Brian Brobbey ... £2.1M. 11+ for a 17 year old is pretty good. With normal development he should turn out pretty nice. He's also got 11 marking and positioning, which for a kid striker - wow. Work rate 11 too. But 16 finishing, 15 composure, 15 strength! He's got potential.
  6. I finished 6th in season one (64 points). I was given £26.7M pounds as a starting transfer budget (looking in game now), the rest came from selling off the excess. My post said that the transfer budget was up to £52.2M pounds after the season ended, maybe I had some left over from last year? Not sure which number is actually correct.
  7. The U23s Same story, short on DC and a makeshift HB. Gibson is nowhere near as good as USA international Antonee Robinson right now - but he's 3 years younger and still showing as a good prospect. He's got to start developing that dribbling (6), passing (7), and flair (1) though. Tonali is the big one here, brought him in from Brescia for £7.75M. Other transfers in include Palade £2.6M, Ackermann £1.1M, Ferreira £450K, and Schurrle £24K. I like the value, and organizational depth. I hate playing anyone that isn't at least a 3.5-star prospect in my U18/U23 teams. Tonali has been moved to the senior squad for training, but he'll play at lot with the U23s this year.
  8. Here are the U18s I could really use a good U18 DC/DM. Just haven't been able to find one yet. Astley is a decent prospect, but I need someone to pair with him. I also couldn't find a DL who is any good. Daley is so bad, I'm just going to play a DR over there. Gundelund is reasonable on his left foot so I'm not too worried. But he'd be a good HB too if I can find a DL. Ceide £150K, Rovella £1.6M, Gundelund £110K, and Ndubuisi £450K are all transfers. They seem like steals at those prices.
  9. Well, we've made it through pre-season. I signed a couple of kids, here's an update on the transfer business: For those of you scoring at home, that's £104M spent and £99M received. Which means I am in the black finally. We have £4.25M in the treasury. I still have £57.6M in the transfer budget, and a wage budget of £1.984M/week, spending £1.952 right as of right now. I am still trying to get rid of Cuco Martina, I had him shipped off, but he turned down the offer. Bayern came called for Richarlison. The most they would offer was £71M and I told them to pound sand. I still wish someone would do the same for Bernard or Sandro. Richarlison wasn't happy. He wants to play in the Champions League. We are already in Europa, and I told him we are on our way soon, but that wasn't good enough. Martina and Sandro came to talk to me about it, said I was being unfair. I convinced Martina to mind his own business, but Sandro is still annoyed. I don't see this being a long term issue. I have exclusively played the 4-3-3 (game says 4141DM) this preseason. To say it's gone well would be an understatement. We won the inaugural Mother Noblett's Cup! Per wikipedia, Everton's most widely recognised nickname "The Toffees" or "The Toffeemen", which came about after Everton had moved to Goodison. There are several explanations for how this name came to be adopted with the best known being that there was a business in Everton village, between Everton Brow and Brow Side, named Mother Noblett's, which was a toffee shop that sold sweets including the Everton Mint. We outscored our opponents 20-1 over 6 preseason games. The one goal was against Real Madrid - Seamus Coleman ran back to retrieve a Madrid clearance and bruised his ankle somehow. Marco Asensio picked up the lose ball and converted the one-on-one with Pickford. That's it. This defense has been solid as a rock. Madrid only managed 2 other shots the entire game. We had 26. Note, Madrid played their real lineup too. This was a good old-fashioned thrashing. We outshot our opponents 25-1, 28-3, 16-3, 22-6, 19-4, of course 26-3 v. Real Madrid. Position re-training: André Gomes to by a AMR (APs) Michael Keane as a HB for depth/flexibility Bernard as a Mezzala because I have too many wingers as it is and he's more attacking than playmaker. Gylfi as a AMR (APs) to get him playing time - I'd sell him too if someone comes asking Pellegri as a Shadow Striker just in case I go back to the 5212 Libero tactic (no advanced wingers, so Richarlison/Dolberg would be strikers) Dolberg as a Mezzala since Pellegri is going to play a lot of Advanced Forward, and he's better in the middle than on the wing I think. The next posts I'll post the players on each squad and their current ratings in my spreadsheet for the two tactics I play. Although it might just be one the way this preseason is going. Also up next is the Community Shield against City. That will be a good test, and then opening day as Chelsea comes to Goodison. We get Chelsea, Spurs, and Arsenal in the first 5 games.
  10. @Russell HammantI tried two more times, hope it took. It's a 508.1MB file is the size too big?
  11. File is uploading now ... Everton1914-2019-06-16.fm please let me know if you don't get it for some reason. Weird internet things happening here tonight ...
  12. Another thing - my training camp started a week before scheduled pre-season was supposed to. The camp is June 24-July 4. Preseason was supposed to start July 1. I have no options for setting training for the June 24-30 days. But I can set training for the four days of July 1-4. Also, this should probably be in the training bug forum, not dynamics and interaction. I mistakenly put this here, if a mod wants to move it.
  13. All of my ineligible players for training camp registration are being counted as on the training camp squad and there is no way to remove them. So effectively I am only getting 26 players instead of 40. Note many of the names, listed as in the squad are listed as ineligible during the selection process.
  14. Baines will be back for a final season as a bench warmer/tutor. I'll give him £28.5K/week. And he'll need to be retrained as a DM. His pace is down to 9, acceleration 10. Maybe he can captain the U23s!
  15. I am having serious buyers remorse with André Gomes now. I really don't need him. I feel like I need to cash in on Coleman (worth £42M), Bernard (£44.5M), and Gylfi (£36.5M). But selling Coleman would be sacrilege, I am loyal to my long time Evertonian's - I've had him as the EPL Player of the Year in some older versions of FM. Bernard and Siggy ... I'd sell them, but I need to be careful about making them mad, and I'm nervous that there won't be a ton of interest. Not sure of what I'm going to do yet. I might just see how it plays out and who the odd man out ends up being. Depth is good. But I need to raise some cash too. Maybe Moshiri will just dump some more money in and balance the books when the season starts like he did last year.
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